BREAKING: First Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ Season Extended Plus Aftershow Announced [UPDATED]

This afternoon in New York, CBS held their annual ‘Upfront’ presentation to affiliates and advertisers. During their presentation they showed a brand new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery, the first with actual show footage since production began in January.

Region-locked trailer for USA from CBS

UPDATE: Netflix variant that should work outside the USA

Obviously there is a lot to analyze, so check back later for a TrekMovie deep dive into the trailer.

Season 1 extended to 15 episodes, ‘Talking Trek’ announced

Besides the trailer, the other big news item from the Upfronts is that CBS has upped the first season episode order from the originally planned 13 to 15. In addition CBS announced a new aftershow called Talking Trek. There are no other details available at this time on that show, such as who will host.

Still set for fall

As for a premiere date all that was said is what we have already heard. The show will premiere in the fall with the pilot airing on the CBS Television Network and subsequent episodes will be available on the CBS All Access streaming service. However, we still don’t have a specific date.

UPDATE 2 – New photos

CBS has released a new poster revealing the tagline “At the edge of the universe, discovery begins.”

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: James Dimmock. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

There are also a couple of new images from Discovery, in addition to the first one released this morning.

Pictured (l-r): Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru; Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Pictured: Chris Obi as T’Kuvma. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.


Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the Star Trek: Discovery News.


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And i’m in Europe ;P

Wish they would put it on youtube already – the playback quality on the CBS site is pretty poor.

Really does bode well for CBS AA

Great stuff!

It looks awesome!!!

I… I don’t… what?

So, this is real?

What even is a Klingon anymore?

I know, right?

I’m assuming there is an in universe reason for their look. Wait and see

The most plausible reason is that they are an updated version of the TOS era Klingons. Quite clearly you couldn’t depict them with 1960’s make up and DS9 and Enterprise both canonised the fact that Klingons looked different during this period.

I read a Twitter post from one of the writers or producers saying “The Empire is a huge area of space, these are Klingons, just not the garden variety we’re accustomed to.” (Not exact quote, but it gets the gist of it) Basically, they wanted to make the Klingons look totally different, and they had the means and an excuse to go with it. In all honesty, the quote from Bashir comes to mind: “*Those* are Klingons?!”

Aside from that issue, the show looks…okay? Too soon to tell, but at least they changed the ship.

Considering that the Klingons are a space-faring race that conquers other species, whose to say what the ORIGINAL Klingon species look like? You know, breeding with the victims? If Klingons or Romulans conquered Earth today, a hundred years from now there would be a people who are a mix of human and alien people.

Kahless, 1,500 years ago, looked just like the TNG-era Klingons… or the TOS-era Klingons, depending on which source you accept.

Good enough explanation for me. I never needed one why they look different TOS to the films and TNG era other than make up advanced and they have bigger budgets. Now that said I don’t LOVE the look of the new Klingons and I think now its kind of a god send that picture was leaked months ago because I think people would be fainting if they saw them for the first time lol.

They look largely similar to TMP Klingons. Nobody fainted from seeing TMP Klingons. :-)

I don’t recall what Klingons looked from the TOS to TNG was ever questioned.Like you say who cares.People are just looking for somthing to bash about.Its the internet lol

William they did not change the ship, that is the Shenzhou, seen as a wireframe in a the behind the scene trailer. They did not show the Discovery in the new trailer.

So you mean to tell me that they’re keeping that design look from the first trailer?


This is the way they look in this show. That’s all that matters.

Canon is always such an afterthought, isn’t it? A hassle. Nobody cares if a franchise is inconsistent, right? Oh well. Everything does look great, I just want some in-universe reasoning. Because so far, Discovery is flying in the face of decades of established canon. At least Enterprise gave the retcon a shot, and it at least gave a reason. This will bug me until we get some kind of reason, and I don’t really see us getting one. “Ten years before Kirk” only works if you can see them being a part of the same universe…

Been saying for months now it was going to be a reboot. I mean this has been obvious LITERALLY since we first saw Discovery. And then the Klingon pic. And the look of the uniforms, etc. It was always obvious it was not going to fit into TOS anymore than it was going to fit into TNG. Its like the KT films, its own thing basically but with nods to remind us what period its in like the communicator.

This whole canon thing is dumb anyways.Was TNG canon? In some basic things ,yes but they added as the story lines came up,then someone said ”Canon”!!Same with DS9 and Voyager.
The question is in a industry where making money is Number 1 to them if you don’t move forward your left behind.Star Trek needs to start breaking the Roddenberry rules in order to get ahead of the pack.I believe for a writer canon can hurt a story ,not help.Star Trek needs to do 2 things 1.leave TOS in the dust and 2.let canon go.Talk about being stuck in a time loop Star Trek is stuck. Hopefully Discover does just that.

“Star Trek” that breaks the “Roddenberry Rules” isn’t Star Trek. Moron.

The reason is they put looking cool above cannon, logic & everything & don’t care about what we think.

Some sort of Skyrim daedra

I know, I don’t understand- why use a character/race in name only- why not just create a new race?
Totally original not just destroying the old- how do we accept klingons that are nothing like 50 years of Klingons & how does anyone watch Klingons on any of the other shows after this?

You could make the argument that different regions of the Klingon empire have noticeably different looks, both genetically and in terms of what they wear *shrug*. My only issue is it feels like they leaned too hard on Egyptian design for inspiration, right down to the sarcophagus, which seems kinda cheesy.

LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!! Not Star Wars at all. Not Battlestar Galactica either! GREAT LOOKING TREK!!!

Nor should it. It SHOULD look like Trek and it does which is fantastic.

Other than all the bits that look like Star Wars and BSG

Such as? Nothing jumped out at me as being BSG or SW.

Which is everything.

Totally disagree- have you seen star trek before?

Those ancient Klingons look sick!

Second this motion!

“Sick” as in they appear to have a disease? If so, yes.

Try this link (worked for me in Europe):

Thanks for the link.

Thank you!

This trailer is superior to the Netflix one.

Still looks like a fan film trying to duplicate the JJ Verse look. The CGI sets are terrible. The space CGI is acceptable.

So, Commander Mike is part Vulcan it seems, or is it just a tease?

Where are you getting that idea?

Sarek tells the young vulcan her tongue is too human to learn Vulcan and they dissolve to Michael….

ya…i get the same feeling you do…she’s half Vulcan…

Looked like a boy. Maybe that explains the name.

Frikkin Vulcans. So judgemental

She was clearly being schooled in the Vulcan ways, even had a Vulcan haircut in those glimpses of her childhood.

From the scene where apparently Sarek or someone is telling a younger Mike that she’ll never be able to speak Vulcan as she doesn’t have the tongue for it. At least that’s how I saw it from my one time watch of the trailer.

Yeah, I just rewatched it and realized I’d missed her haircut in that scene. Thought they were juxtaposing unrelated scenes, but now I see what everyone’s talking about. My bad! :)

From the trailer, which makes that pretty clear.

Love the idea of half human, half Vulcan but human side dominate this time.

Yeah the opposite of Spock. Chances are she was raised on Earth vs Spock who was raised on Vulcan.

I got the impression that she is human. Raised on Vulcan or educated on Vulcan. Perhaps she is the daughter of Amanda or a foster child or student of Amanda’s.

This is what I’m thinking too. Just raised by Vulcans.

That would make sense if not for the line “your tongue is TOO human.” If she were only human, would Sarek not say “Your tongue is human”?

Assuming it’s not about the physical tongue but tongue as in language, i.e. spoken too ‘human’ for too long perhaps.

That seems a bit of a reach. I would sooner infer that the writers didn’t think through the implication than that they intended that reading.

So Spock is her Half Brother`?

I had that thought too. Maybe not half. But like a fraction. Or she was raised by vulcans?

The poster sure seems to indicate this. That is her giving the Vulcan salute correct?

I have the feeling Lt.Cmndr Burnham was actually adopted by Vulcans? Something that hasn’t really been done properly, except for Worf. But now it could be the other side around: A human adopted by a Vulcan? And, is the actual Vulcan Sarek?

Yes it is Sarek, the characters inclusion in the series was announced a while back. Harry Mudd is also going to be in the show.

We Discover Spock is Transgender ?!

She’s Spock’s unknown half sister Syboka. Why no mention until now, nobody asked of course.:}

Syboka :)))) Spat my coffee out

lol now that’s funny!

Non-region locked stream:

Thank Section 31… *shifts eyes*

Awesome – Thanks.

Just seen it on YouTube (via a VPN from U.K.). I have to say it looks incredible. Still now actual Discovery ship in there – just the Shenzhou as far as I can tell – with a window viewscreen.

Pretty sure that is the Discovery in the desert planets atmosphere.

It’s the same ship, just inverted.
Apparently they put bridges on the underside of the ship now instead….

comment image

comment image

retcon retcon retcon retcon

that’s the Shenzou, Michelle Yeoh’s ship

Should get some nice views from there.

Wait aren’t you the same guy moaning how going back to the past is boring because its all been done before? Then when they do something DIFFERENT with it you still complain? Classic whiny Trek fan lol.

comment image

This shot looks amazing. I love the wide screen view. Nothing been done like that since DS9.

Have you seen the netflix version? They might as well just cue up “Faith Of The Heart”

Obviously they haven’t learned from the first-Star-Trek-beyond-trailer-debacle. It needs orchestral music.

Now that i’ve seen footage– i’m not sure how to feel. Not enjoying the performances, though. Acting seems very stiff.

Visually, I am okay with new and different, but will just take some getting used to.

I disagree. I don’t think the acting seems stiff. I think it looks serious.

I’m not too worried, because it’s only a trailer, but the performances I see don’t convince me. A little wooden in my opinion.

But serious is a good word I was just thinking of– because this doesn’t look “gritty” (and that’s a good thing)– it looks, if anything, more DRAMATIC– a bit more SERIOUS.

Hopefully, this placates some of the naysayers who feared something like Battlestar Galactica or True Detective In Space.

I thought Patrick Stewarts acting was incredibly stiff in season 1 of TNG lol.

Yes, and Shatner was terrible for all of TOS… your point?

The only point is that it seems to be a phenomenon. The casts seem to loosen up more as you get through seasons.

Fair enough. I’m definitely open minded, and looking forward to how the series unfolds. The studio must really like what they’ve seen, and have a lot of confidence in it to green-light 2 additional episodes, so that’s pretty encouraging.

Shatner like Stewart was a Shakesperean actor from Canada. He was Christopher Plummer’s understudy. Shatner was a product of his time and gave dramatic TV performances for the time. His acting assertive performance was very good epecially Season 1. Later that style became associated with him and he used it as a schtick. It is also clear that Abrams Trek has changed the way Trek looks for the forseeable future.

Stewart wasn’t from Canada. But that style was kind of the house performance style at Stratford, the major Shakespeare theatre in Ontario. Other Canadian actors of the era had that kind of big, stagey, borderline hammy thing, plus Shatner did Broadway where playing “big” was an asset.

Agree. Not seeing any charisma in the acting.
The final scene was spoken without any impact. Hoe that alien character does die though – the makeup is terrible.

The cinematography looks too digital. I don’t want lens flares but I do like a little grain and realism.

Took the cast at least 1-2 seasons of 24 odd episodes to settle in to their characters.

12 episodes doesn’t bode well on that front, which is exactly as I said it would be.

If you’ve watched Doctor Who you’ll have seen how Matt Smith went from a bit awkward to totally amazing within a span of a few episodes.

I didn’t get that impression. You want stiff, go compare to encounter at farpoint ha 👍😊

Acting is fine. Hard to tell in trailers but SMG did a great job in TWD.

Acting is fine? Wow. Just….wow. Don’t get around much in the real world I take it?

I agree Torchwood. The acting (particularly Michelle Yeoh) seemed very wooden. I was super excited for this show, but the CBS trailer left me a little empty. However, I really liked the Netflix trailer (I know some people thought it was corny!). Perhaps I liked it better because it featured less dialogue and just more moody shots. Still hard to get a grasp on what the show’s central story will be, but they have only filmed two or three episodes at this point so obviously it would be hard to create a trailer for a whole season based on the first two episodes. I love the look and feel of everything though and am looking forward to watching some full episodes. Bring it on.

“This show is a genuine prequel to The Original series”

*Watches trailer*

**Looks more advanced than TNG**

I have to admit that I was expecting cosmetic changes and a more updated but familiar look. I was fine with that. I didn’t expect it to look like a 51 year old show. totally understandable. I actually was supportive of a reboot. However, since CBS made the announcement it was going to follow the original time line I didn’t expect it to look like the following: A re-imagining, the JJ universe or anything this extreme.

I’m still interested in the show, but I feel like I was lied to by CBS.

I’m really not trying to be that fan here, but when you say it is going to adhere to original timeline, I expect you to at least make an attempt. and no one on here can make the argument this follows the timeline, though I haven’t seen an episode yet so I should probably chill out and not jump to conclusions.

So maybe I don’t know what to think?

Confused? yes.

turned off a bit, admittedly yes.

Excitement level 5/10

Nobody lied: the producers were very clear that visually/aesthetically it would be very new and different, and not necessarily like what we’re used to.

Frankly, I can’t see how anyone could expect it to be consistent with TOS, visually, given how dated and hokey it all looks to modern audiences.

Not necessarily. Look at the Defiant bridge in ENT’s In A Mirror, Darkly. It might’ve been overly colorful, but beyond that I don’t think it looked dated or hokey at all.

This trailer leaves me confused though as it looks like some weird cross between the Kelvin Timeline and a genuine TOS prequel. I’m left….confused on how much to anticipate this. The bridge reminds me a lot of a shinier Kelvin, which technically by itself is fine since the Kelvin itself is SUPPOSED TO BE Prime Timeline. But that 10 years before Kirk, they’re still using the window/viewscreen hybrid and so many other JJ design cues (the computer displays/fonts, the console panels resembling that of JJ’s Enterprise)? I’m a bit….unsure.

I remember that episode. It was corny. Fun in a way, but still corny, and a bad idea for a new series.

Ultimately it will be the story that decides whether this is good or not. The visuals will take some getting used to, no doubt about that.

Torchwood is right. The bridge in Enterprise was good for a single or couple episodes but wouldn’t carry a show.

I disagree it couldn’t carry a new show but that’s beside the point. You know what the show should look like for every time period and if you’re unwillingly for whatever reason not to replicate it to the best of your abilities how about this: Don’t put the show there! Easy.

@Da Trufe- how about this: judge the show for what it is, rather than if it’s visually consistent with your favorite 60’s kids show? EASY…

@Da Trufe

I knew this would happen. They made a ‘prequel’ but it looks nothing like TOS era. Hell it looks nothing like TNG/Voyager era. It looks really advance. More sleek but it was always going to be this way. Thats why I wanted the show post Voyager. Honestly if they said the show took place 50 years after Picard and Sisko instead of ten years before Kirk and Spock I doubt any of us would’ve blinked. Especially with the uniforms (although some are saying the look a bit like the Kelvin uniforms).

But thats how they wanted it so I’m in!

You know, when I first read the comments about matching the look and feel of TOS, I thought folks were being nitpicky and obsessive. While I’m not one of those people who cares so long as the story is good, I now think, why wouldn’t the CBS execs want to please the die hard continuity fans out there? They could have had the same bridge as they had in this preview, just painted with the old TOS colors. That’s all they really needed to do. It would have been fun to see the ‘same but different’ look. Oh well.

@scifibrony, the original Cage bridge appeared to have a view screen/window on the exterior of the ship. It’s not a bad idea, and one that can easily be incorporated as a retcon even in current canon. The ship does not appear to be the Discovery, but possibly an older ship, pre-dating the construction of the Enterprise, thus it still has features of the earlier Kelvin era. This is the least of my concerns about this series,

Look back to Enterprise. It’s final had blue screens and throughout the series it had a blend of panels and buttons just how this bridge is. Heck even the Kelven had a similar design. oh and btw if you watch TOS and really pay attention to the model from the “Cage” it has a Window for the view screen. :)

It actually does look fairly consistent with the Kelvin Timeline. Which would be fine with me. However, they wouldn’t be able to do that without paying a lot more for it since Paramount owns the Kelvin Timeline.. So maybe they’re getting the look similar enough to provide some consistency there without actually saying that that’s what it is.

It was always going to look similar to the KT stuff because thats been the ONLY new Trek for 8 years now. People have to remember for a lot of new fans thats all they know. They are trying to capture THOSE people along with the old school Trek fans. Its funny now how people were actually bothered over silly things like the arrowhead symbol and if there will be buttons or not. Yeah thankfully the people making the show decided not to turn it into a 60s nostalgia romp. It was always going to be the case they wanted to match it to the most advanced look they have just like the Enterprise is in the KT films.

And its crazy we haven’t even seen the Discovery yet and rumors are thats suppose to be some advanced ship. I’m actually excited to see what that will look now.

I think the bridge of the ship had the Enterprise NX-01 feel to it.

It did :D

LOL did anyone SERIOUSLY think they were going to bring back the bridge from TOS??? Yeah hokey, old and cheesy that would’ve been. It looked great in the 60s and when we saw glimpses on it on TNG, DS9 and Enterprise but no more than that.

This looks like something out of the 24th century. It basically something you see out of the KT films which, yeah, should’ve told people long ago when Abrams Enterprise looked like the Apple store. Star Trek HAS to go forward, even if its going back to a tired timeline. But for me this is, sorry, the best of both worlds. Old school Trekkies get the TOS era but people like me who was to see Trek evolve gets a completely different look and feel of it. This was the right way to go. No one under 50 wants to see the TOS aesthetics.

Speak for yourself Tiger2… I’m 31 and I can appreciate the TOS aesthetic. I’m a big fan of retro-futurism. As an engineer, I certainly look for realism and functionality. But as an artist I also appreciate style, and I like when there’s a nice balance. Look at ‘art deco’. Especially the more streamline stuff. It was a unified style that was in everything, purely for the sake of the aesthetic, and it didn’t sacrifice function. Wonderful industrial design in my opinion. If a pre-TOS Trek series happened to incorporate a very art deco aesthetic to make it look retro, I’d love the hell out of it, and I wouldn’t care if it sacrificed realism as long as it was still plausibly functional. I think some people try too hard to make Star Trek real, when they should also appreciate the artistic aspects of it. That’s how I can still enjoy and appreciate TOS. It doesn’t have to look real to be fun.

All that said, I don’t mind that it doesn’t look like TOS either. Or that it appears to be more advanced. I can accept these changes because I like to see what other people come up with. I don’t think it tramples on anything that’s come before it.

Well said. Aesthetics are everything. Individual style accounts for a lot of the fun in a series. Especially a series based on a speculative future. Forgoing art for the sake of realism, in a fictional series meant to entertain, makes no sense. There should always be a some common ground, somewhere in the middle.

There IS common ground. Everything in the trailer still looks like Star Trek, just its own version of it. I don’t see Star Wars or BSG, I do see Star Trek there. Taking risks is how franchises grow. Discovery isn’t doing anything other than trying something new with an old template. Like the KT films, all the stuff that reminded you of Trek is all there, its just another version of it. If people want the same ole same ole, you have literally 700 hours of reruns you can watch.

Yes but you’re in the minority Ashley. If JJ Abrams for example decided to make his films look like something out of 60s TV show and not something based on the actual future those movies would make a fraction of what they did.

When you are spending MILLIONS on these projects you have to get butts in the seats and the ONLY people who even want to see a TOS aesthetic are, guess what, the people who watched TOS. THATS the issue and what people are missing. To you, its fun nostalgia, to a 15 year old its outdqted and hokey. Moonves said a week ago they want a younger audience, people in their 20s. Sure older too but its clear they want the college kids too. Art Deco is great in some instances for sure, it doesn’t jive well when your show is about the galaxy however.

People want ‘strange new worlds’ thats what Star Trek is suppose to be. No one wants more space hippies lol. TOS was a time of its era, but that time has been over a long time now.

I mean, I agree with you… While I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the TOS aesthetic (was making this argument for the sake of it), I know very well that you need to sell the series to a wider audience. This was oddly part of my point that I was debating with you in the other thread about setting a series farther into Trek’s future. Only the existing fan base cares at all about it being set farther in the future. Out of that, not everybody has a preference if it is or not. Out of that, some want totally new and somewhat rebooted, while others want strict adherence to canon (which again, has it’s own issues). Out of either of those, there’d still be no solid acceptance of a new series at all because this fandom nitpicks so much. So who is really getting anything out of that? Very few people, which certainly aren’t footing the bill. Trek needs change, not continuing the same. I’m fine with it being set farther in the future, but I think it needs to ditch the constraints of canon. And in that case, it can be set any time that is convenient to the stories that are being told. Trek isn’t real, it’s a vehicle for storytelling. Setting it in the pre-TOS or TOS era has it’s advantages both in terms of familiarity to a wider audience and is set a bit closer to now, so retains that human element. In my opinion, Trek shouldn’t be bothered so much with building upon canon, as evidenced by how much it’s driven people crazy around here. Instead, it should just keep resetting/rebooting. So I’m certainly fine with this.

People are only saying to set it farther in the future because then this wouldn’t contradict TOS which is the problem. Lets face it, its NO WAY this design is suppose to be something 10 years before TOS. It looks waaaaaay too advanced for that. I think it bothers people because its basically wiping TOS from existence. Obviously its not but for a lot of people thats how it seems reading other boards.

Imagine for example if TNG was placed 10 years before TOS instead of 80 years after it but they tell you this is a real prequel to TOS? People would be livid and rightly so.

Again this is the issue. If you are going to set it around TOS, then maybe you should make it look like TOS to some degree? But yes as I said, its no way that would be realistic so they put themselves in this odd place. And for many people, especially old Trek fans whose been watching the show from the beginning its more like an assault to TOS, not honoring it. How do you honor it when you change literally everything in it?

So in some ways I agree with you too but its also why they should’ve just went forward in the future. At least after TUC. It doesn’t have to be in the 27th century but what’s wrong with placing it in a period people know very little about?

Here is my point. Take Rogue One for example. That is definitely a prequel to A New Hope. They took endless care to make it feel as authentic as the first film. Obviously they took some liberties in places but they were minor. RO felt like it was in that universe. It was the type of retro you were talking about earlier.

In this instance though they wiped every familiar thing about TOS (minus the communicators lol) and redid it all. And to make it clear I’m fine with that. I think change is good like you but reading so many boards I can see how much it upset people who were told this was going to be a prequel to TOS in the prime universe when it reality in terms of aesthetics looks more like a prequel to the Star Trek 09 film. It would fit perfectly with that.

Again NONE of this surprised me personally. I been saying this for months now. Its a soft reboot. You are obviously fine with that and so am I. But I can’t blame others for being upset about it and why they should’ve just put it in a completely new timeline instead erasing the old one. I just find it funny LIKE the KT films instead of making the TOS fanboys happy by having it in this period they are only upsetting a lot of them so what was the point?

I’m not sure any of this really breaks canon yet, and so doesn’t ‘wipe out TOS’. The story and plot elements are what matter, not the aesthetic or PERCEIVED technological level. It’s the same as having a different actor playing a part. You’re supposed to just accept that they represent the same character even if they look different. Some people can’t accept that though. But going forward, there is so much established that you could even inadvertently break canon pretty easily, and it’ll still drive people crazy. I personally don’t want more TNG, VOY, and DS9. I know a lot of people that want to extrapolate from there, but I’ve heard some awful ideas about that. The same kind of people that embrace tech like the emergency mini transporter thing in Nemesis. I wouldn’t want half the stories being built around the solution of the contrived magical tech du jour. This is the biggest problem I have going forward. And sure, you could go into other centuries but it’s not like with the jump to TNG where the future was actually wide open. There were big changes and they’re only connected to TOS because people worked backwards and filled in the gaps. In this case, TNG and onward has already established what the future would be. You have the 29th century time fleet, the 30th century stuff with Daniels, the 26th century Enterprise-J and the battle against the sphere builders, and other minor events throughout that have dotted the timeline. If you make anything set in between, you’re just filling in gaps. One of the reasons they should have avoided plots that went into the far future. If you aren’t going according to that stuff, you’re pissing off some loud ragey fans shouting ‘CANON VIOLATION!’. Do you ignore that stuff because it’s not as established and because events are spread out more? I think regardless, you still need to make changes, break some canon, and piss off some fans. So I’d prefer it happened in an era where technology doesn’t solve everything and humans are still realistically the focus (and thus the story remains an exploration of humanity as well).

I don’t disagree too much but I think for a lot of people it does break too much from TOS. Mostly because yeah, it just has to. The show is just too outdated. But same time its obvious they are just going a different way because they want to. Again nothing wrong with that on its head for but Trek fans and especially hardcore TOS fans yeah it does feel its too much I guess.

I just personally think it would’ve been better to replace it in an advance time period and they could do anything they want. I don’t think it would be a big deal to avoid some of the stuff thats been established in the future because it was so little of it in in the first place. And this thinking makes no sense to me because if you can just totally ignore the look and design of TOS thats been the bedrock for 50 years then I’m sure you can ignore a few things they mentioned in post 24th century.

We’ll just agree to disagree on this but I do think this was a bad idea. That said I’m personally excited about the show in general though.

I think the problem is. The old look Trek styling to fair looks pretty shit and naff and doesn’t transcend to this era. I think it’s hard to design a series in canon with ideas that now look very dated. I know Star Wars has managed to maintain their look to an extent but I think the look of the ships and aliens is pretty irrelevant it’s more the story, where it sits in the time line is more inportant. Remember the klingons in the original series and movies changed based on budget and technology and that’s how the ship has evolved.

Star Wars benefitted from both 2001 and Space 1999, both of which benefitted from the mistakes Trek made in the 60s. That’s why SW holds its look much better 40 years later than Trek does. Even Space 1999 holds up pretty well visually if one can get past the bell bottoms and hairstyles.

I think your premise and statement is flawed and inaccurate, mainly because the word you used, mistake, is off base. By your own words Star Wars had Space 1999 and 2001 to emulate. Star Trek only had Forbidden Planet which was made way back in 1956…1956!!! It wasn’t a mistake at all, merely Trek had nothing to model after except a product from an earlier time frame, which of course is not going to look aesthetically and contemporarily as well designed and pleasing as later productions would.

Also bigger budget. TOS was genius considering the budget. Also it was 10 years earlier.

Good points.

They’ve said it is set within the original timeline at no point have they suggested it would adhere to the same production values. From day one they’ve been clear that they would be updating he look.

Im the biggest “Must follow canon” guy and I see nothing to be concerned about from those trailers.

Trailer looked great as far as I’m concerned.

Me too! Did you see that robot looking character. That looked so cool! Star Trek is back!

looks pretty darn good to me!

Wow…. this is very different from anything we’ve seen in TREK. Very much looking forward to seeing more.

Question is, given that it is SO new and different– will the fans who didn’t want a prequel be happier?

The whiney fans who complain about everything will never be happy. Even if it was set in the year 5000 with the reanimated corpse of Captain Picard, they still wouldn’t be happy.

To be fair I wouldn’t be happy if it was set in the year 5000 with the reanimated corpse of Captain Picard but I am loving the trailer for Discovery!

I love the trailer too.

I think the show has all the potential in the world. Talented cast and productions team. None of that looked and felt like prime Trek. In fact it all felt very much like JJTrek (which I also love).

If you want to do prime Trek then do Prime Trek and to for me at least (if you want to do a prequel that falls in between two established shows) that means being a slave to at least a few things. It felt like a total reboot.

JJ’s Trek is still part of the same continuity it’s just an alternate timeline so it makes sense to try and bridge the aesthetics.

Its a fair point. And what people need to remember is the Kelvin from Star Trek 2009 was PRIME universe. There is nothing in this trailer that tells me that the technology shown is more advanced than what would expect from a series 20 years after Kelvin.

I agree. It’s annoying to hear all this whining. This looks amazing. I love everything I saw. I was somewhat disappointed in the TOS prequel idea, but if it’s done well, who cares?

I believe in respecting canon too but you can reimagine and still stay true to canon. It’s absurd to think they would create a 60s style show. It would look ridiculous. I think the new Klingon look is a great update. It’s not really that big of a departure. They still have ridges and look angry.

I am on board 100%. Exciting!

Exactly! I’m 100% on board. I just loved everything about it. It just look amazing and I have a feeling they won’t even follow story canon that closely. I have a feeling like Enterprise they will make some changes and I’m fine with that as long as we get a great story out of it.

I’ve complained a lot about the JJ films. I always try to provide well-reasoned justification though. Ive not seen any rational complaints here.

Those that dislike it, watch it. If you dislike the writing, then by all means tell us. But to be whining about Uniforms and ships when, if you think for 3-4 seconds, you’d understand, it just doesnt make sense to me

no….they won’t

I been one of those guys who hated it was a prequel but looking at this I have to say I’m SUPER excited for it. I was just worried that the look and tone would try to be TOS but thats clearly not the case. It looks like its going to do its own thing. I can’t imagine William Shatner’s Kirk in this and thats a GOOD thing. To me its like trying to fit Michael Keaton’s Batman in the Nolan Batman films. You just want different approaches thats all. This Trek feels somewhat like the KT films but it still feels more harder edge than that. There is a serious tone to it like how DS9 was. It doesn’t mean it WILL be but based on that trailer it does feel like its something different but the same. So no I’m not bothered its a prequel. It might change if the stories are too TOS focused but again nothing in this trailer felt like that at all.

I honestly still think they could’ve just put the show post Voyager since it does look so different and advanced and make some fans less upset about it but I’m personally fine with this approach too. :)

Well, no question: it LOOKS great! Very cinematic.

– Sarek feels more like JJ-Sarek than TOS-Sarek
– The uniforms: I’m not that happy with them all being blue like on ENT. I had hoped for the three-color pattern.
– The Klingons: OMG! That will definitely cause some controversy. Klingon Mummy? Well…
– The alien who can feel “death”… hopefully he isn’t foreseeing a sudden end of the show :-)

I was pleasantly surprised by Sarek. Thats a tough role. Quinta looked like Nimoy a bit buy couldn’t pull off the voice or the acting. This guy looks suitably Vulcan but Sarek was a pretty special character. He’s acting non-emotional but really, Sarek looked mildly annoyed all the time. I’d have directed him like that. No overt emotions…but look mildly annoyed. lol

But he seems fine to me.

Looks gorgeous. Especially excited for Doug Jones’ performance. A little worried that all the Klingons shown are bald. I hope that the Klingons will still feel like Klingons. Best wishes Team Discovery!


I’d love some feedback on the following:

1.) With the exception of the cadets, I’m very impressed by the casting. However, I just cannot take 1990’s-born actors/actresses seriously. I just cannot see them as anything but preteens/tweens/teens and the snowflake generation.

2.) I really don’t care for these uniforms. Why no “The Cage” uniforms?

3.) I really hope that full Vulcans (And full Romulans if they appear.) don’t just look like caucasians with pointed ears. That’s one thing the first six films and the Kelvin Timeline got totally wrong. They have green blood and ENT/TNG/DS9/VOY and the TNG-era films got the skin tone about right.

4.) I would really prefer if makeup/prosthetics and/or CGI was used to keep already-established characters (Sarek, Harry Mudd, Garth, etc.) consistent with their original performers.

Dude, not everyone from that generation is a snowflake.

The cage uniforms aren’t that great.

Agreed about the Vulcans.

NOOOO CGI!!!! Sorry, I can’t agree with that…

1. Can’t help you with that. It’s your problem, not theirs.
2. Why the Cage uniforms? They were horrible then, and worse now. Besides, TOS already established older uniforms co-existed with the current uniforms. The same is likely true here. These are a direct evolution from the ENT, Kelvin ship uniforms, still in service despite the new “Cage” uniforms being worn on the ENT.
3. You need a better TV, Kelvin Spock looks perfectly pale and tinted to match his green blood.
4. That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Spock is half-human.

I agree Curious. The uniform works. Once they decided not to go with The Cage, they seemed to have taken care to show us a reasonable evolution from Enterprise. I dig that. And I’d suspect we’ll see some “TOS” era uniforms show up eventually.

Re: “Cage” uniforms, they say that the series is set ten years before Kirk. We could be looking at the uniforms at least a year before the change in uniform design.

Actually the Cage was set 13 years before Kirk’s ship so yes cannon wise they would already exist.

You lost me at “snowflake generation”. Broad brush you like to paint with there.

1. Look at any service today, the vast majority of them are 17-25. No reason to think Starfleet wouldn’t be a haven for the young.
2. Consistent with Enterprise.
3. Haven’t lost a lot of sleep over green blood and skin tones. Really wasn’t a fan of the TNG shows adding lumps and bumps to the foreheads of the Romulans.
4. For my money, CGI Peter Cushing in Star Wars was as convincing Peter Griffin. Not the slightest bit interested in seeing dead Trek performers get the CGI treatment.

I am extremely excited, and it looks fantastic! That being said, I think that stylistically it doesn’t really fit 10 years before TOS. I love the way it looks, but I think it just looks too futuristic. I also don’t understand why the Klingons have ridges, and look pretty different from any we have seen before. Perhaps there are good reasons for both of these things that will be explained in the show, or perhaps these are just areas where they have decided to take some creative liberties. As long as the show has great characters and stories, I can certainly deal with a few canon inconsistencies.

The Klingons might have an explanation, but if i were a betting man, i’d say the aesthetic visually is a creative liberty. Being forced to look TOS-era would have been a TERRIBLE decision.

I doubt it. I just have a feeling there is an in-universe reason for the look.

Maybe but don’t hold your breath too much. My guess these are just suppose to be Klingons.

That would disappoint me. And surprise me. A series that seems to take pains to make the props and ship designs look “correct”, the Vulcan look and act correct…and then completely alter the Klingons?

Yeah but they clearly changed a lot already. Maybe they will explain the Klingons but Fuller said it months ago the show is a reimagining and that just like the uniforms look different just because thats how some of the aliens would look.

Again they might explain it I just have a feeling this is simply a soft reboot like the KT was and fans have to accept that.

These are ancient Klingons that have been in stasis for who knows how long. They are not evolved to the Klingons of TOS or even Enterprise era. That is why there is a difference I think. Excited to see if they show different eras of Klingons differently.

Where’d you hear about that?

For a while there was speculation that Discovery would encounter an older sect/tribe of Klingons. This looks like em.

To me it is looking also as if the “Discovery” is that they have found ancient Klingons, which could totally support the look. As the Klingons arrive from warp, I doubt they will look TOS era, but they could be JJ or TMP in appearance. Of course if the rest of the Klingons are TOS -era in appearance, it may be these ancients who bring about a Klingon rebirth in appearance and society.

I can’t wait until we get past the generation of Trek fans that need explanations for things like Klingon’s ridges.

Yeah it does look too futuristic but thats a GOOD thing IMO. I been saying this show shouldn’t be looking at the 23rd series with a 1960s filter but with a 2017 filter like the KT films did. There doesn’t have to be a reason, it just is. That said yes, you placed it post Voyager no one would blink. This is basically a soft reboot of the franchise. I’m fine with that, none of the other shows will disappear.

Not a hater here at all… but honestly, this looks really terrible. Visually, it’s trying to hit all the same cues as the trailer for the first JJ Abrams movie did… but with a really low-grade, fan-film sort of feel – lens flares and all. If the storytelling is compelling, it will probably make up for the slack… but really disappointed.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! I have watched many fan films and their accompanying trailers. This looks SOOOOOOO much better than any of those.

Really does make the days of physical studio models look far more realistic

What?? Fan film?? C’mon. This looks amazing. I’m sorry you’re disappointed but to me this was all great. you can watch it in any country

Definitely interesting. I really don’t care if it’s rebooting anything or inconsistent with canon. I’m pretty excited. ONLY problem I have with it right now, is the damn lens flares, lol.

I noticed the lens flares too. Not as bad as JJ though lol.

You people are high! This looks absolutely ridiculous. There are fan films that look better than this dung heap. CBS should have just bought the Anaxar Film and turned it into a series. This is suppose to be in the Prime Universe—10 years prior to the events of TOS? I’m sorry, but I’m not watching this crap, especially not paying to watch this crap. Designs look too much like Andromeda—too much like a bad SyFy channel movie. CBS has lost their minds, and probably just killed the franchise with this garbage.

Are you Enter Prize????

Without a doubt.

He/she wishes.
Trying to compartmentalize differing opinions from multiple people as the same person is exactly the same delusion the wider audience has come to expect from you fanboys.

It really does look like the JJ reboots, clearly cashing in on that audience, and then Beyond flopped.

Enjoy your gritty CGI sexfest, and that’s coming from a VFX artist.

Personally I hated how Anaxar looked and glad it died. It has all the bad qualities in gleaming polish that some fanfilms have. I’m going to give CBS a chance.

It’s your money. I saw Axanar as decent “fan film,” nothing more. The visual effects are well below par from any trek TV series—ever, and Discovery seems to be only slightly higher than Axanar’s level, but only slightly. I’m sure the story will be slightly compelling, but—no. I’m not sure this crap show will not last long. For all you true Trekkies out there, I’m sure you understand.

Below par? Did you watch the video in 260P? It is much higher in visual fidelity than any previous Trek.

There is no consistency anymore. It’s probably going to turn into another CBS liberal propaganda show, I have no problem with the crew diversity, the crew is fine, but hologram Sarek? Flashbacks? What’s up with the Klingons? The Discovery Design? Interior and Technology Designs? Special Effects and CGI? Is this a time ship? Isn’t definitely not Pre-TOS era stuff—hell not even decent Post-ENT either, especially if it’s set in the Prime Universe. It looks bad—very, very bad! No one is going to take this cheesy mess seriously. I could produce a better show than this! CBS just needs to sell the franchise to Disney and get it over with. If they are planning to make any real money off of it, they might as well sell it, and work out a deal to keep syndication shares or something. This makes me hate CBS even more just watching this. I was skeptical of ST: Enterprise when it came out, but at least its visual aesthetics were never this appalling!

“It’s probably going to turn into another CBS liberal propaganda show”

you mean it’ll be Star Trek?

This was, after all, the show that featured space hippies.

Star Trek was not liberal propaganda. It taught us that mankind would move beyond petty political squabbling, it taught consequences for actions, and tolerance, and humility. Today’s liberal “progressive” movement is regressive and full of intolerance—and definitely not humble. I’m not going to start a debate with you. You want to get nerdy—the Prime Directive was not a liberal ideology. Starfleet didn’t go around “dictating” to the rest of the galaxy their way of life was the best, they were all about freedom of local control, and respecting customs and traditions—they didn’t spread the equality BS that the liberals today are blinded with, instead of preaching everyone was equal—they embraced diversity and discussed the importance of respecting the cultural imbalance as a way of life. Notice how evil the Borg were? They wanted everyone to be assimilated and be “one” with the borg. Individuality was a key point to the show. The “conservative” values are what made the show a guide to live by. It addressed world views and current events, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a liberal show. It faced liberal issues with conservative solutions.

Clearly you saw only what you wanted to see in TOS, Beaux. I suggest you do the same for Discovery, if that makes you happier.

Beaux, I hate to agree with you, but you have a point here. The world of Trek more socialist/egalitarian. There’s no need for political correctness because everyone is equal. But casting today has to deal with our present world, where we have incredible inequality. It’s impossible to depict that future without coming across as PC. But individuality was not greater than the common good, as you suggest. That is more appropriate a description of the problems of today, where the freedom to say/do/be anything is more important in the abstract than taking care of our fellow humans. I say in the abstract because really we don’t have those freedoms, only the very rich and/or privileged do, and we turn down opportunities to take care of each other in favor of this fetishized individuality.

Herbert, TOS was TOTALLY PC! How else do you explain a black woman, Asian guy, eastern European, American and a Scott all working together? Do you think that was a common thing in the 60s? You think that was just blind casting? Why do people get this bizarre idea Star Trek didn’t believe in PC and diversity until after the internet came around. Today we actually DO live in a more egalitarian society Star Trek was preaching but back then?

Can you imagine if the 60s had the internet and the heard of Star Trek for the first time? Where segregation was still legal in certain states, America just got out of one Asian war 20 years prior only to be in another one while the cold war was full on and you had THAT cast? Wow to be on THAT message board lol.

That’s not really what “politically correct” means. Acting “politically correct” means “acting in accordance with the current establishment politics”.

According to the 1960s viewpoint, original Star Trek was as ANTI-PC as it could afford without being pulled off the air. In the 60s, the equality movement was an ANTI-establishment thing; today, on the other hand, it is something that’s taught in the schools and enforced with draconian laws. The idea of equality has been co-opted by the banksters and criminal elites… It became the official establishment doctrine, it *became* a PC thing. In the same way East India Company was a PC thing back in the 1700s Britain.

The current “equality” doctrine is also very different from the 1960s ideas of equality. In the 60s, equality was about self-determination and advancement, about achieving and excelling. Today, it is mostly about getting free hand-outs while sneering at the white heterosexual man. And you know why? Because the banksters don’t want educated and empowered minorities; they want everybody equalized to the lowest common denominator.

You know what I mean Paul. TOS was about the ideas of class warfare, anti-war and equality, all the issues of the time and the same thing the yahoos are yelling about in the new show. Roddnberry was the original SJW. Your phrase ‘free hand outs’ and belief white men are now some victim class says it all. Are you suggesting thats what is happening on this show? Or are you connecting that to your bias of the real world?

Again if the internet exploded in the 60s it would’ve exploded like a show with Star Trek on. Its amazing how you people constantly try to spin it it wasn’t REALLY about trying to have a show where people of color or women or equal or didn’t try to make great points about it. This is the show that literally had Abraham Lincoln show up, the guy who freed the slaves, and question Uhura’s place on the ship so she can tell him (and the very racialized audience at the time) they now live in a place where she can be who she is and no one can take that away from her.

I’m just shocked Roddenberry didn’t make her look directly in the camera when she said it.

Beaux have you ever watched TOS??? Here:

Yes thats Kirk minding his own affairs by plunging an entire planet into a war because he didn’t agree with their idea of war. Kirk was dictating how others should live every 3 episodes lol.

You’re confusing him with Picard I think. Now that was a guy who believed in the Prime Directive but even he broke it a few times. But there was nothing conservative about Picard’s view point either. He wasn’t a hippie but he certainly wasn’t Trump or Bush.

You mean it will be Supergirl?

You ask a lot of questions but aren’t willing to learn the answers by watching it yourself.

There have never been holograms in Star Trek before? Haven’t they been around since the TOS films? Clearly its just being used as communication. Flashbacks? Haven’t that been part of Star Trek for decades now too? Ok the Klingons I’ll give you lol.

But again, this shouldn’t be a shock to ANYONE. Fuller called the show a ‘reimagining’. Thats just a fancy way of saying soft reboot. Again I agree it looks TOO advanced in this era but I think the point is its a reboot, they are simply advancing it for TODAYS audience. This is the thing people have to pretend like TOS doesn’t exist and what I mean by that is yes the story line is in tact but if you are making new Star Trek from this point on it will all look and feel very different. Again WHY I wish they just put it post Voyager so this won’t be argued to death for years on end like the KT films, but here we are.

Now if you just don’t think the visuals are good, where thats something else entirely. But if it mainly bothers you as oppose to its time period then people have to just get over it. I HATE its a prequel but I’m willing to give it a real chance. It looks like they are trying to take a risk and I applaud them for that. TNG was a risk, a BIG one at the time. DS9 also a big risk. Difference being none of those were prequels to other shows so they could be their own thing. This is why prequels are hard, but hopefully it will work out.

Glad you’re not watching it. Which means we won’t be hearing from you in future comments about this show. Thanks.

Axanar was a backwards looking homage to the original series. That’s fine for a fan film, but they’re never going to do that with a big-budget, tent-pole, service launching show. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. This looks more like the already re-imagined Prime universe from the beginning of Trek ’09, which in my book is just fine.

No credibility for people whining about the quality of the production evident in this trailer. Find something else to complain about.

Agreed. I like that it looks like the KT film era. This is just common sense. Now in another FIFTY YEARS I suspect if they made another Trek show in the era it would look something else entirely from Discovery and the KT films but for an audience today this a more realistic view of the future. It doesn’t mean its the ‘correct’ view, just a more realistic one for our time.

The problem with sci fi in general is that eventually it all gets dated and TOS is really, really dated now. Everything you see on that ship today we have already surpassed just a few decades later minus transporters, phasers and warp drive of course and thats because those things probably 5-1,000 years away of existing if it EVER exists. Also why I always laugh how people say being in the 23rd century is more ‘closer’ to our time when in reality most of it is stuff we already surpassed or stuff we would be nowhere near by the time we get to the 23rd century ourselves. That stuff could take place in the 28th century and its no closer to reality.

Visually it looks fine, aliens look interesting (though one is a Babylon 5 Soul Hunter ripoff), acting seemed OK to me.

Still, it is always jarring to see something that ostensibly takes place 10 years before TOS looking instead like something that takes place after TNG.

I really wish the producers would just have had the guts to do a complete reboot. It would have freed them so much from a design and story-telling standpoint while avoiding all the inevitable complaints that it “doesn’t look right” or “that violates canon”.

I think this pretty much is a full-on reboot if you ask me. Saying it’s in the prime timeline is basically just lip service to placate obnoxious fans.

Agreed, Torchwood… and some of those fans are in here right now. Honestly, there are only two things that are truly impossible: traveling faster than warp 10, and pleasing Star Trek fans.

Preach it brother.

If that’s the case then it was a stupid choice. The fact that it looks and feels so different from the prime universe was going to make the “obnoxious” fans even worse.

It is always important to see the TOS universe re-imagined with a million dollar budget and then apply a ten year prequel concept to that idea and you get Discovery. Remember it is a bandaid explanation to the reason why Klingons had no makeup beyond a painted face…the real reason is lack of money in the 60s.

This looks compelling, and I will definitely check it out. I suspect this will be very good. I disagree with the decision to make it a prequel, though. This is clearly more advanced than TNG and should have been placed in the proper context of time.

Except then you couldn’t have the Klingons as adversaries.

I think the writers could be creative enough to create a new antagonist or otherwise work around that. And I am sure the essential elements of this story could have been told without tying it to that point in time. Honestly, it is more believable to see this as a prequel to the Abrams Star Trek movies than a prequel to the original series. However, I suspect that this is going to be really good and am excited for the Fall to come.

Not at all. It looks appropriate for a series that takes place 300 years in the future from the technology I use now. However, it’s limited by canon to the functionality of the technology from around TOS. Thank god they don’t have to deal with emergency self-contained transporters the size of a quarter, which Nemesis last introduced us to.

That wasn’t a transporter device, it was a transponder to activate the ship’s transporters. Same as tapping a comm badge and ordering an emergency transport.

I don’t think the ships transporter was working at the time. Data had to do the “Space Jump” to get over to the Romulan ship in the first place. So this gadget/pin had to be a transporter.

I’ve long given up on cannon being consistent. Too little understanding by Paramount/CBS of what a gem they have and how to keep it shiny over the long term.

I believe that I’ll be sitting this one out, just like I did Enterprise. This series is already looking way too politically correct for me. Of course, it has to feature an Asian female as its captain and a black female as its first officer. No doubt they both are lbgt also.

Not sure how you get that at all dude. I am a staunch Christian and hate when LGBT stuff is shoved down my throat in films and TV, and I didn’t get that vibe from this trailer at all. As for you sitting out Enterprise, that is your loss as it was incredibly good, especially the last two seasons.

Are you on twitter?


I didn’t know being Christian and being anti LGBT were associated. Jesus preached love not bigotry. Give it a shot sometime!

Hey TUP, we have this thing nowadays called independent thinking, it’s kind of a big step forward from blindly taking over dogmas and believing in fairy tales, and it doesn’t even necessarily make you a worst person either! Give it a shot sometime!

@Raffie, so you are lecturing me about independent thinking and then referring to fairy tails. So you mean YOUR thinking.

You also pegged me wrong. So try thinking before posting. And while people have the right to think what they want, and bigots can hide being religion to justify their perspectives, it doesnt stop the rest of us from pointing out the hypocrisy.

So yeah, THINK before you POST.

What a refreshing point of view. At least the Discovery captain is there to white things up and bang some girls.

Why are you even a Star Trek fan?

Don’t tell me, you just like the pew-pew-pew.

Including all kinds of humans and aliens is what Trek is at it’s core. The Captain is not Asian or female or black they are Humans. This should have been learned from the Cage in 1966.

Well, to be fair, “including all kinds of humans” is the doctrine of the left-extremists. There’s fiction, and then there’s a little thing called reality, and if things were left to certain human races, the 24th century would look more like the 24th century BC than anything else.

You’re last name isn’t “ass” by chance is it? Because I’m getting that vibe.

@JackShit, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. So TOS and TNG, which had two white guys as captain and XO, were perfectly fine, but two women are “politically correct”? Your prejudice is showing, and it ain’t as cute as your Calvins.

This is the one thing that made me smile: The first time we ever had a female Captain AND a first officer, and both women of color. Someone pointed that out on another website. I didn’t even think about it until I read that. We obviously know that won’t last (since Micheal ends up on the Discovery at some point) but the fact that dynamic is there makes it super cool for me.

And its sad people can’t deal with it? I’m a black male I’m happy to see any diversity be that race, gender, sexuality, etc, because we live on a diverse planet. Star Trek is the future where diversity is just part of the every day fabric. And where these silly arguments no longer exists, thankfully.

Sadly we are still a long way from the 23rd century.

@jack What you need is a producer that will Make Trek Great Again, the way it would have been if the Confederates had won the Civil War.

For god sakes, The Cage had a female first officer, a black female comm officer, the films and post-TOS era included female captains, Asian captains, Indian captains, alien captains, and episodes that confronted racism, gender inequality, homosexuality– what the hell is people’s problems with this here?

Whether you agree with liberal/progressive ideologies or not, how do you get offended by an Asian captain and a black female first officer? Are you that threatened by women in power?


I’m going to watch this trailer probably 50 more times, but first impression, looks like it belongs ten years after TUC instead of ten years before TOS. Other than that, looks good to me…

Sorry, but they’ve got this all wrong. Why even bother saying it is Pre-TOS when it looks more advanced than TNG? The lens flare and set design is horrific.

Sorry, but it doesn’t look more advanced than TNG. Moreover, it looks like what I would expect 300 years from now, not some arbitrary look conceived in the 60s or 1980s.

One could argue that you can definitely blend the old with modern design.

I know right? I can’t believe they made the bridge of a starship look exactly like the bridge of a starship.

It also upsets me that the show uses a design that is futuristic.

Be snarky all you like..but, if you’re going to place this show 10 years before TOS then at least make it fit that established aesthetic. This looks like JJ-Trek..lens flare and all.

Wow, the amount of people hung up on it looking like the cardboard sets designed in 1966 really baffles me.

Exactly these people will never like a new show or movie and I keep saying this – stick to your crappy fan films. You’ll never be happy with anything else because official Trek will always be different going forward. Always.

It’s set in the future…why shouldn’t it look futuristic?

By the way if that was sarcasm I apologize.

I look forward to the torrent.


Way to be an a”hole. As a indy filmmaker, nothing gets my goat more than scumbags not paying for a film or show that is clearly worth it. Grrr…

It’s only worth what people are prepared to pay.
Netflix already did, so a torrent fest is highly likely for you US people.

Cry more, still going to download it.

“As a indy filmmaker, nothing gets my goat more than scumbags not paying for a film or show that is clearly worth it.”

To me it’s worth $0 until proven otherwise so that’s what i’ll be paying. If it turns out to be good, which from this trailer it won’t, i’ll consider paying for it. It’s not $9.95 a month good. It would have to be among the best things i’ve ever seen.

Not digging the now confirmed look of the Klingons. I don’t see any reason for changing the style of the bumpy foreheads. I do appreciate that it looks as though they have spent some money on the production, but just like Enterprise and JJ Trek the design choices just rub me the wrong way. The devil is in the details. For so, so many years all Trek fans had was to obsess over all of the little things in Star Trek: the uniforms, Jeffries’ designs, what we knew of how Starfleet and the Federation operated, who Spock was in terms of Vulcans in Starfleet, etc. In other words, lots of pre-conceived notions about the lore and look of the future. Ever since Enterprise we have been asked to radically change the way we have felt about it for perhaps decades. I guess its cool that Trek is now for a new generation and not so much me but I still just don’t feel enthusiastic about it anymore.

Sorry you feel that way. I am 34 and started on reruns of TOS and TNG and have loved every Trek movie and show to date. Sure, I love some more than others, but they all have something to love and admire from design to story line.

I’m 52 and I started watching in the 60’s. I don’t say this to elevate my status as a fan, only to give some perspective on how long I have had to form my own particular notions about what I like about Star Trek. Of course I love great storytelling. But I don’t see why we couldn’t have had great storytelling set in a time period after Voyager. You could have embraced a new design aesthetic and not had to conform to any “history” within the framework of the “canon”. This is now the third time in a row that Star Trek has gone backwards in the timeline to tell stories and each time it has not seemed to have worked out so well. We have yet to see how this series will be accepted and I certainly do hope that lot’s of fans enjoy it. I’m just not enthusiastic about what I see. As someone said, I still have all of my DVD’s to watch and a whole slew of science fiction on TV to enjoy.

About the same age as you, THX. What seems odd to me with this is that if they’d altered the viewscreen/display design aesthetic to de-JJ-ize it, they could have had the rest of the same designs, uniforms, and even ship, just putting it a ways past Voyager.

Even messing with the Klingon design could have been accomplished in-universe, with any number of options presented in a way that doesn’t get in the way of younger fans who don’t really care how well it matches canon. (The augment thing was ultimately unstable, or it’s another species in the Klingon empire, or it’s Some Other Thing that the Kilngons do not discuss with outsiders…) They could have made it the first contact in decades with Klingons who had been withdrawn into their Empire, and in the meantime something obviously weird happened to them, which may or may not be explored in this series…

Just set it post-Voyager and a lot of the complaints evaporate.

Agreed with everything you said THX-1138

Its actually funny how much I predicted turned out to be completely right. I been saying for months now DON’T expect it to look anyway like TOS, it was going to be as modern and advance as they can get it (within limits). But same time like you I wondered if they were going to go that direction (which they clearly have) why NOT just put it in a post Voyager time period? New Trek fans don’t care, all of this is new to them anyway. They are trying to capture older Trek fans but, again, if you change EVERYTHING around anyway, how are you pleasing them? The KT films did exactly that, gave them Kirk and Spock directly and they still moaned about it because it was *too* different for them.

And yes as I also predicted, people would be upset about it (although not TOO bad reading the various boards but definitely a lot of complaining). You move this past Voyager ALL of this goes away. The ship can look however it wants. The Klingons will still look out of place, but they wouldn’t look so out of place as they do here (but there may be an in universe story for that).

And like you said they tried TWICE now to go backwards and both times not great for them. That said it doesn’t mean Discovery will make the same mistakes or won’t learn from them, at least from Enterprise being a full time show. But yes I don’t understand why they are so determined to go back just to change it all up? My guess is story wise they will (try) to stick to the timeline, but its clear aesthetically its really something else entirely. Its no way you can look at that trailer and think it belongs before Kirk and Spock time. The Cage this is not. ;)

But hopefully it will be a good show regardless. I have more hope now at least.

It may not have worked so well in your opinion…

Honestly, Enterprise being a prequel isn’t really what got it canceled. The show started out pretty weak, and only was really good by the final two seasons.

By then it was too late. The show got canceled due to low ratings.

I wouldn’t blame it on the time setting of the show. Also the last three films weren’t really prequels because they were set in an alternate timeline, so none of that stuff really matters anyway.

Enterprise being a prequel isn’t what got it cancelled. Its pilot got 12 million viewers, clearly people were curious about it. I agree with you, they didn’t take full advantage of its premise.

BUT that said others did have a problem that it took liberties in its premise which put some off. I don’t think that got it cancelled but I DO think doing a prequel is hard, especially one like Trek where canon is so important.

But to give Enterprise credit it did try hard to be a true prequel to TOS or the franchise as a whole. Discovery is really just a prequel in name only. I’m fine with it personally but its rebooting the franchise and I see why its bothering people. Some are suggesting it should belong in another universe entirely. I’m fine its considered prime universe but lets be honest if they said this took place in another universe or time period NO ONE would blink. IN fact it would make a whole lot more sense.

@THX-1138 Too bad for you. I’m not hung up on the look of the thing and I’ve been watching Trek for half a century. In fact I think it looks great. The main thing is that it’s believable for what technology will look like 300 years from now, and that will matter to new viewers. The only major criticism I have is that I don’t like all the shiny gold trim on the uniforms, but that doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm in the least for this, or to find out more about what they have in store.

I actually made a concerted effort to just express my feelings without being condescending towards anyone. Why do you feel the need to be dickish about my opinion?

I’m glad Trek is changing and I love the JJ movies. Even as a kid and teen watching the shows and movies I never cared it something didn’t line up perfectly or if canon was followed religiously. What mattered was the characters and the stories. I don’t give a damn about Kirk’s locker combination being different from one show to the next or if the Jeffrey tubes were the same size and shape. That kind of obsession would ruin any show or movie.

You lost me at “love the JJ movies”. lol

I don’t love everything about them. I can see their flaws certainly. I do like and appreciate the cast and the world they tried to create. I’d still like to see what a fourth movie can bring before I can adequately decide if I’m done with the KT-verse.

IMHO the producers have been very clever with this trailer. They’ve only shown us the Shenzhou, not the Discovery/Issacs. They’re teasing us.

I thought that was Discovery in the planets atmosphere…

That looks/seems more plausible to be the Shenzhou.

There is a rumour floating around about the Shenzhou/Discovery relationship…

What, are they dating? Damn paparazzi, show’s not even out yet and they’re already stirring up dirt! :)

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that horrific Discovery ship design was canned when Fuller was canned. It has virtually the same design lines, only 200 years more advanced than it should be.
Retcon retcon retcon recon

here, have some lens flares piss all over the franchise with my shewee.

I don’t think it was canned. Have a look at the Live Long And Prosper poster. The ship in it doesn’t look like the one in the trailer.

Holy hell, this looks AMAZING.

And to the continuity doomsday naysayers, I say… eh. You’ve got 500+ hours of the original series and its spinoffs that you can rewatch to your hearts’ content (I certainly have).

I love TOS and DS9 and TNG and ENT and yes, even VOY, but the youngest of these series premiered over fifteen years ago and most are more than two decades old. It’s time to bring the 23rd century into the 21st century and tell new stories for a new millennium. LLAP.

I still can’t believe Voyager debuted 22 years ago. INSANE!

I know, right? DS9 is almost a quarter-century old. TNG premiered *thirty* years ago!

I love Star Trek and all of its spinoffs (and most of the movies) like my own children, but if CBS went with a visual style circa “The Cage”, DSC wouldn’t make it past the first season. Could I do with fewer lens flares? Yeah, sure. (And who knows, those flares might have been added on by the trailer editor.) Does the new transporter effect look a bit cheesy? Maybe, but I’m willing to give it a chance. Does ANY of this detract from my excitement at the prospect of Star Trek being back where it belongs, on the small screen? Heck no!

At the end of the day, as long as they tell compelling stories with a side order of adventure and excitement, I’m all in. Beam me up!

Netflix has a different trailer

Can we get this on a site view-able in the US???

Which isn’t available in the United States. :( Oh well, now I know how you guys in other countries feel when you can’t watch US-only videos! LOL

For the first time, I think I prefer AXANAR…

I prefer Axanar to colorectal cancer, but that’s about it.


LOL so glad Axanar is dead.

No thanks.

Axanar actually looked and felt like Trek, whereas this…. I don’t know what it is trying to be. :(

Fake fans who watched ENT as it nose dived in ratings saying “no” to Axanar, the fans they should be listening to that would result in a good show (much like how Disney listens to Star Wars fans) saying yes to Axanar. That’s how I see it. If this show dives into cancellation those same ENT fans will say “yes” to this show. They would say yes to Ford over their recent Pinto purchase as well.

Like the overall feel of the trailer, a bit disappointed with the Trek ’09 inspired bridge shots. Looks like we’re getting the window style bridge viewscreen. I’d say this is more inspired by the Kelvin-era look than the Prime-era look. Luckily, the Kelvin sequences from Trek ’09 are my favorites from the reboot movies.

USS Kelvin-era = Prime-era


I’m a proud owner of every series from Star Trek… and this is how you thank me!!! Hu’tegh! Petaq!!!

This is looking so much better than anything I’ve seen to this point. Now I’m getting excited.

Why does this look so much like the new Series on FOX .. Orville?

Well, everyone is saying Orville looks a LOT like classic/90s Trek, and given that it’s a pastiche of the franchise, maybe that has something to do with it.

This looks nothing like Orville …

I would have been fine with this had the production design looked period correct. It all looks sooo generic/Post-BSG.

Thank goodness it doesn’t. That would be insta-fail for all but the old core Trek fans …

Agreed, it looks like any generic SyFy show. They really could have gone to town with that period look and uniforms..but we got JJ Trek. I’m sad.

Period looks can only go so far. It won’t attract many new viewers that way. I for one like the refresh. Keeps it more in line with Kelvin and the series ENTERPRISE.

I rather have JJ Trek than some retro/nostalgic looking design that look like it belonged in the 60s.

Star Trek: Reboot
Just as predicted. JJ in TV version.
Explosions, violence, heavy CGI.. Basically all action, no substance.

Enjoy your car crash TOS fanboys, you’re going to be mighty pissed.

And you’ve personally watched the first fifteen episodes and can vouch that it’s nothing but pew-pew-pew?

You and “jack” upthread would get along swimmingly.

Don’t feed the QQ’er

Sorry, you’re absolutely right!

Haven’t seem a lens flare yet. There’s hope

@Zaid – The trailer is FILLED with lens flares. Looks like Abrams was holding the flashlight himself.

“Filled” is a bit of hyperbole. I for one, think that some use of lens flare is cool. JJ tends to overdo it, but if used here and there, it can definitely be something visually interesting.

Nothing hyperbolic about “filled.” Most shots in the bridge have them. Several times, the flares almost wash out characters. Several shots have multiple flares. This trailer is filled with lens flares. It’s fine that you like them, but that doesn’t alter the volume of flares visible in this trailer.

@PaulB. Do you know what “Filled” means? Clearly not.

It’s essentially the Knoll’s Light Factory lens flare plugin for After Effects using the screen preset.
When done well lens flares are awesomely dramatic and add huge dynamic range to a given scene.

When applied universally to a scene based on lumin alone, you just end up getting nasty horizontal blue stripes on every bright pixel. It’s slap dash implementation which shows very poor control of post production reflective of the experience of the artists involved.

Tone it the fook down and use the tools properly as they were intended – to augment digital images with analogue imperfections, not to blast everything in to a smearing of colour where it would not, with any camera rig actually appear.

Shoddy and unprofessional.

Pre production isn’t much better here either. Why the hell has every pull and pan got the camera rig twisting from one side to the other? It has Bad Robot’s hallmarks all over it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they are involved.

@Enterprize– they ARE involved. Alex Kurtzman is an executive producer. Way to pay attention.

To be clear Bad Robot is NOT involved, Alex Kurtzman parted ways with BR a few years ago, Kurtzman’s own production company called Secret Hideout is producing Discovery.
Orci has nothing to do with Discovery, you can see his tweet here:

Checked it again. Ohhhh, I see it

Shut up

It’s new and different just like you wanted. This is proof that no matter what they did you wouldn’t like it. So predictable.

It’s a prequel, it’s therefore of no interest to me as I have no interest in the show it is a prequel of.
You simply can’t grasp that can you?! Approaching 1000 dislikes to the trailer now, I suppose they are all me with 999 other YouTube accounts yes?

If it doesn’t interest you, move along. I don’t go around complaining about your mom.

As for Youtube downvotes– how many are just downvoting it based on it being a prequel, and not because they actually dislike the content? Big difference!

How many time does this guy get to troll everyone before he’s given the boot?

You confuse trolling with having a differing opinion. Best not to get the two confused, it makes you look like a jackass.

Enter Prize,

You confuse having a Lazaristian holy cause [See: THE ALTERNATIVE FACTOR] from which no new data will deter you with having an opinion which can change.

Enter Prize, Oh there is a jackass here, but it isnt me. You have not made a single rational relevant mature post. You’re being a contrarian as a gimmick. You’re a troll. And eventually you will be gone.

Enough good (epic scale, great looking visuals) to keep me excited, enough not so good (Michelle Yeoh’s line deliveries — yikes!) to keep me anxious. Still, it’s a work in progress. Bring it on!

Yeah, her line reads are really atrocious. I hope she’s killed off quickly so Number One can take over.

Sooo, pretty good bet that Mike knows Spock from her younger days. Any bets on how long it takes (season-wise) for Spock to drop in and help out with something?

Looks great, can’t wait to see more.

Lieutenant Saru (science officer on board the USS Discovery, a new alien species):

“My people were biologically detereminded for one purpose alone. To sense the coming of death………..And I sense it coming now!”

Thís quote will define the ‘feel’ from the 6th spin-off TV Series if you ask me. And it excitse me completely! I am thrilled to see “Star Trek: Discover” this September on Netflix (here in The Netherlands).

Moreover, season 1 will have not 13 but 15 episodes!

That line has to be the worst I’ve ever heard honestly…like what does that even mean? Biologically determined to sense the coming of death? That is soooo dumb. So is this guy gonna predict every potential death so it can be avoided? That one line honestly kinda ruined this trailer for me…

Another busybody like Deanna Troi isn’t what any new show needs – Yuck.

Sort of reminds me of Odo (DS9) he was made up to be someone mythical

and mystical prior to the premiere of the show but he was as exciting

as last weeks oatmeal in the old folks home. Get me a pillow already.

I liked most of the trailer, but yeah, that line is pretty cringy haha.

This line feels like something that Brannon Braga would have written. And that is not good.