‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Communicator Revealed

The communicator has always been an iconic piece of equipment from Star Trek. Like many aspects of the show, Star Trek: Discovery will have its own spin on props and this afternoon, CBS tweeted a new teaser video clip showing off the new communicators that will be featured on the show, with the text “Two to transport. #StarTrekDiscovery premieres September 24 on #CBSAllAccess.”

A closer look

The new communicators match the sleek modern look that we’ve seen so far for Discovery, but it is clearly a riff on The Original Series communicator. Overall, the construction seems a bit more sophisticated, with clean lines in brass accents and a glass display screen. The circular display (which was a rotating moire pattern on the TOS communicator) includes a detailed light-up readout with the Starfleet logo. It also features three control buttons or knobs along the bottom.

While today’s video gives us our first good look at the inside, we actually saw these communicators before in the first look trailer released in May.

The new communicator featured in the first look trailer, operated by Captain Georgiou

Our very first look at the DSC communicator in an image released just before the first look trailer

A new take on an old design

The new Discovery communicator picks up on many elements from the the communicator seen in Star Trek: The Original Series. Beyond the overall form, many details are similar, such as the three circular buttons along the bottom, reminiscent of lights and controls from the TOS version.

Original series communicator

The mesh cover itself is brass in color, similar to The Original Series design, but actually looks more like the Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan variant in form.

Wrath of Khan communicator

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US. See our Discovery info page for more details.

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It’s a thing of beauty! 🖖🏼

If you look close enough, you can see ‘Casio’ under the bezel.

The more and more I see the details of Discovery, the more and more I think it’s supposed to be set in the period between The Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation, just like the initial rumors. This “clip” confirms that for me…

I wish

If DSC was set after the TOS movies, I’d actually be thrilled to see it.


That opinion proves you have no sense of reason.

Your opinion that I have no sense of reason because I don’t share your opinion says quite a bit about who does and does not have a sense of reason.

Superman, he means you are not thrilled based solely because of the time period. That is why you have no sense of reason.

Your opinion of my opinion proves you cannot reason.

Bingo TrekFan67. That dude not only can’t reason, he can’t understand basic logical discussion points.

The best thing would be if the premiere opens with the year displayed on screen indicating ten years before TOS and is mentioned several times throughout the episode and then afterwards, Kurtzman, the writers and the actors all take to social media to confirm the year.

And people will still come here and say “nah, I think it’s later”.

Agreed, Supes. Dramatically, that era is the one most fraught with potential. You have a politically paranoid Starfleet and Federation, going by SFS and TUC, plus aesthetically you have the best era of bridge design looks, and you’re still a good ways away from the TNG-era blandness of design and storytelling (DS9 largely excepted, of course.) Most importantly there is still a ‘frontier’ feel to Trek at this point, which disappears with the Berman TNG era.

The only way I’d want to go postNEM is for a fall of the Federation show, to tear things down a bit. But I guess Wolfe already tried to do that and we wound up with ANDROMEDA.

Agreed, both kmart and Superman. I’ve been saying that here ever since that rumor came to light. Post-TUC, pre-TOS there are 70 years to explore…and they could have still had Sarek in it, too. And go nuts with new ship designs, new tech, etc. I agree with those who say there ‘must be a reason’ they’re setting it in the time period they are, but is it a GOOD reason…time will tell.

“Agreed, both kmart and Superman”

god, i love the internet…

@Tom — why? Because of a prop being updated to look like something we’d expect to see 300 years from the technology we currently have today, which was unheard of in the 1960s?

…which it isn’t, since it’s set in 2255, a year after “The Cage” and 10 years before TOS.

…which is why it doesn’t work. If it follow Star Trek canon, this is what starfleet communicators looked like during “The Cage” era:

comment image

In 2017, THAT doesn’t look futuristic. In the 60s it did.

That’s why it was a mistake to produce another prequel.

How is a crappy looking prop from the 60s make it a mistake to make a prequel series? That makes no sense. If you are so hung up on how things should look like it was made in the 60s, then you really don’t care about the story or the acting… you want it to look like it was made in the 60s so it can look like it came out of that era. I… am many others… are THRILLED that they are updating the look. I love TOS. I grew up watching TOS. But the sets and props look dated. I really don’t want to watch something kitchy like that in a new series… it’s fine for the fan productions like Star Trek Continues and Phase II, but not for something new.

I completely agree. No idea why people want the look and design to be that of the 60s era! Do they want the shitty 60s style FX too?

Because they are stuck in the 60’s.

We should be able to see strings attached to the spaceships because canon! :) ….. actually, was this ever visible on screen or was that just rumor/myth?

I think the only strings we ever saw in TOS were the ones used for the Sylvia and Korob alien puppets in “Catspaw” (non-remastered version, obviously). Ship models were all photographed on pylon supports.

If it’s a reboot or reimagined then it doesn’t matter . If you’re going to shout it from the hilltops that you’re sticking to Canon and going to place this series in the already established prime universe, then yes, it does matter . Star Trek’s pre-TOS aesthetics are already established on screen. You don’t get to go back to the 60s and change the look of the Rotary telephone and turn it into a touch screen just because you want to IF you want to protect the integrity of the history that you’ve established . If you choose not to do this then just call it a reboot and call it a day ,

If, in the 60’s, they made a TV show that takes place in 2017 and the telephone is a flashy futuristic but huge box with a large cord and big buttons, then yes, you’d change that to an iPhone if you made a companion series that takes place in the same era. It would be foolish not to.

This series would be dead in the water if they used the 60’s era props. And its ridiculous to even pretend otherwise.

Agreed AusTrekker!

For me, THIS is the problem and why so many of us didn’t want another prequel, because EVERYTHING is automatically compared to this period. Its all analyzed to death of how well it ‘fits’ and not just viewed as its own. This is always the issue with prequels. Sure sequels have that problem too of course, you can’t make it too different either direction but sequels get more slack with the idea time has just progressed. In prequels though once you go backwards, its like time stops and everything is now judged from that period.

I think the new communicator looks great and its only common sense to update it. But the fact people are arguing a communicator looks too advanced says it all. Sure some are just nit picky fans but you also know you have to serve those nit picky fans so why make your jobs harder? I don’t get it?

We NEVER saw the ENTIRE Federation during TOS or any other series. So, there very well could have been parts of Starfleet that looked like this. Head canon = done.

What´s funny about that design is that the switch inside the communicator can still be found in electric guitars today. (That switch has been used since the 50s) I immediately recognised it when I saw that scene the first time. :- D

comment image

THAT didn’t look futuristic even in the 60s. THAT always looked like a piece of perspex with some spare radio components glued onto it.

Admittedly, with some slight redesign, it MIGHT look futuristic even for today, in both design and function – sort of like this: https://www.concept-phones.com/cool-concepts/glass-smartphone-tablet-edge-edge-devices-totally-transparent/
However, THAT would look way too out of place in the context of Star Trek.

Due to low production values of early Star Trek, prequel has enough wiggle room. However, sooner or later we’re gonna get a post-TNG series and we’re gonna have to deal with the awkwardly antiquated TNG technology. Now *that* is gonna be fun to watch. ;)

I am a bit of a purist myself but that Cage Prop has always been terrible. Then again I guess Captain Pike never invested in an OtterBox case.😉

@BillyBoy — prove to me by canon that the Starfleet communicator still looked like this 3 years after THE CAGE. And further prove to me that even if the Enterprise communicators looked like that until Kirk took command, that all the other communicators in Starfleet looked identical. Even if I agreed with the ridiculous principle that everything in a production produced 50 years later, must look exactly the same to take place in a period era prequel — which I don’t — there are ways to justify the different look, if only because THE CAGE shows the briefest window into Starfleet as it existed at the time. This whole argument is ridiculous.

The Cage isn’t canon anyways! It never aired! The Manegerie is canon. Gesh! :) Or did The Cage air years later at some point?

The Cage did eventually air, as part of a television retrospective special in 1988.

And it’s the only TOS episode i can stomach, both because it’s Shatner-less, and because it plays more like an episode of Twilight Zone.

Discovery props are the 4K version of 60’s era SD visuals. Think of it like that.

We have more advanced tech today than the way that looks….. and it also looks like its either ready to break or already breaking/unhinging. Bad design.

We have more advanced tech than that now? Let me guess, your iPhone, which is larger is more advanced, right? How many interstellar ships to your communicate with through your iPhone?

In fact, can you communicate across the street in your iPhone if there was no cell tower?

Not anymore. Now they look like what was shown above (the Discovery one). And if Discovery happens upon the Enterprise, Captain Pike will have a communicator just like pictured (Discovery version).

This is the new look of Star Trek, TOS-era.

Agreed, this is the new look of Trek in that era. I think if we bump into Enterprise, Captain April will wear these uniforms, carry these communicators, and the ship will be retconned to a different look.

And I for one am all for it. Even as someone who grew up on TNG, I wouldn’t;’t mind a visual retcon of that show, either. That’s not the stuff I sweat.

It seems to me the show runners and producers are spending time focusing on making a great show, with a great visual look, than on how it will fit into the narrow canon of Star Trek.

Even if they’d set this post TUC, or post VOY, do you really think these same fans wouldn’t have the same problems?

They claim they wouldn’t, but these fans seem determined to hate something, and they’ll find any reason they can. They’d say “how did we go from that to this so quickly? Why do the Klingons look different– hope they explain it! I don’t like the way the bridge looks– bring back the TNG style!”

If not those things, something else. The internet was born as a playground for angry Trek fans, and clearly that hasn’t changed.

Certain things, like the uniforms, feel almost too sacred to “record over”. But actually, if you look at Enterprise – Kelvin – Discovery, the uniforms seem like evolutionary cousins. The TOS PJ’s look out of place.

You could even make a case that the TMP jumpsuits and the tremendous “trilogy” uniforms work in that evolution and right through to TNG.

I’d love the writers to respond to some of the whiners with throw away lines. Like one line, barely acknowledged things that effectively wipe out canon with nary a care.

Such as, a TOS (or Cage) style uniform hanging in someones quarters and a line about “proto-type ‘casual’ uniforms” and how they really hope they dont become wide spread because they are so silly and have someone retort “the way Star fleet works, it’ll be ten years before every ship is using them”.

And then never mention them again.

It’s beautiful

Holy crap… I’m in love with this communicator now. They did a great job updating it but still keeping it retro. Way better than the JJ comms.

I’m having an anxiety attack waiting to see the phasers up close. They look very similar to TOS, that utilized a palm-sized phaser, or connected the palm-size (phaser #2?) to the larger pistol grip (phaser #1)
It’s my favorite ST phaser. Although I also love TNG phasers…

I approve.

I really hope Nicholas Myers is working on a post Nemesis series. One that continues the exploits of the Federation into the 25th century.
It would be a dream come true to create a Star Trek series like that. I have written several drafts of story lines that could be suitable for Trek’s future. One story I’m working on is so exciting to me that I’ve removed all references to Star Trek, and I am replacing them with new ideas. I thought it would be easy, but It’s not. Star Trek broke ground in many places, and the terminology can be very set in stone.

There should be a web site where you can privately submit your Star Trek spec scripts, and even get feed back from pro writers. I’ll bet the site would crash from all the submissions.

That is the way 50 shades of gray came to be, but as a fan fic of Thos vampire movies,… Sorr for the comparison. 😅😣

I always find it funny that people like you think the creators & writers of Star Trek care about what you/we think.
They don’t care about fan fiction.

Nemisis Bombed & no-one wants to touch the 24th century- that’s why they went back to Kirk & Spock in the films & what they should have done for Discovery- nobody cares about Discovery- Kirk, Spock & the Enterprise is Star Trek & with only 86 Cannon stories (not counting the Animated series) they have plenty of stories left to tell.

I know a lot of people are pining for a post-TNG series. IMHO, science fiction is more about the time it’s made than the time it’s about. The world of today would be unrecognizable to people of the world of 80 years ago, yet the 80-years-post-TOS society of TNG is basically the same, just with the tech amped up a little. It’s more about the 1990s than it is about the 24th century. Set the next series pre-TOS or post-TNG, it’s still going to more about 2017 than any time in the future.

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Love this comment so much I wish I could get it pregnant!

I agree 100%. TOS mirrored what was going on in the 60s. TUC was a perfect example with the fall of communism in the real world. In the end, it’s the stories that are important.

It’s also why 90s Trek (TNG/VOY specifically) felt so bland. There were no wars or major geo political events going on. DS9 invented one, one that turned out to be rather prescient.

Thats a good point. and while you wont agree, I actually enjoy TOS more than TNG. Although some TNG episodes are much more enjoyable than the best TOS episodes.

But TNG seemed very much an 80’s TV show. I think the reason it got good was because everyone got comfortable with their roles. So the acting was a lot better, the writing was a lot better and even the worst episode was like a snapshot of relatives you really liked.

DS9 was off the charts in terms of everything. Aside from Patrick Stewart, the DS9 cast was head & shoulders above every other Trek series and its not even close. The war story gave the series a focus and direction and was great.

I’ll agree that the stories on TNG could be rather bland. They stumble upon a benevolent alien race with a problem they have to solve, or a benevolent alien world with a backwards belief and the crew must educate them on the better way. Sometimes both.

But what makes that show far more enjoyable than TOS for me are the characters. TOS may have been great for other contemporary kids shows, but TNG’s cast and characters felt like real people to me as a kid, whereas TOS felt like a stage play with cardboard cutouts.

I’ve always said TNG was more character driven, while DS9 was more story driven. TNG characters could elevate a weak story, but put the DS9 characters in a bland tale and it’s unwatchable. Thankfully, most of DS9 was incredibly well-written, the best written of any Trek series.

That’s not to say I think one is better than the other, but I love them in different ways. But my nostalgia goggles for TNG which I grew up on makes it the one I consistently enjoy more, and can revisit even the weaker episodes often.

” …but TNG’s cast and characters felt like real people to me as a kiD”

Didn’t get out much, eh? :)

I agree that TNG characters were good. I’d say the chemistry of the cast was the best thing. I think DS9 actors were better but I think the weaker episodes might be the writers trying to force a character story when the characters shone the brightest when the story was great and the characters were just there…because it made sense due to how well they were acted.

The scenes of OBrian and Bashir or Odo and Kira etc were natural when they were scenes in an over-all episode rather then forcing the issues as THE focus of the episode.

But TNG cast had some tremendous chemistry, helped a lot by Stewart’s ability to raise everyone else up a few notches.

I’ll have another Trek. Classic flavor please.

Pop out your DVDs. I’m afraid you won’t get any new Trek that closely resembles the old.

You can watch the fan productions if you want the 60s style show again, complete with 60s style set and acting!

Now that’s a solid update. Recognizable but modernized. Let’s hope the Discovery bridge hews this closely to its inspiration.

As much as I am against this show as a whole (based on what Ive seen AND the pay for yet another channel aspect) this is the ONE design Ive seen thus far that I think was well thought out and executed. Im still not going to pay to watch it but I like the design

Seriously, not only do they use the worst Enterprise design rejected in the 70’s but they use the worst elements of the Worst Communicator (Star Trek II) the”Lunch Box) design.

This site would be so much better if there weren’t so many negative whiners who clearly aren’t Trek fans.


Hopefully when shatner dies he takes all these whiners with him.

Funny but still wrong.😉

Funny is all that matters!

Torch, How do you reconcile my great love & respect for Shatner and my obvious brilliance when it comes to understanding Star Trek with your own hatred of the man but clear love & respect for me?

Not everything can be reconciled. But if I had to guess, Bill Shatner is your dad.

Wow, you people just lap up anything Paramount/CBS puts in your dog bowls don’t you?

The ST II Communicator was thrown together last minute with hardware store Junk because they wanted one for ST II but ST TMP had no hand held Communicators, That’s why it was an ugly Silver Box with no consistency with any of the other communicator designs that they used & they did a proper design for ST III.
So it should not have been used at all but I suspect it was because of the Wrath Of Khan connection.
The got the inside right its Juts the ST II “Lunchbox” grill that is the problem.
They got the Phaser right thank God.
1 design right for the whole series.

Trekboi, man, I just gotta laugh at you sometimes.

Yes, those of us that have written novels about the issues with the JJ films simply lap up what Paramount/CBS throws at us. You must be correct.

A better summation would be that we are reasonable, logical and have common sense. And while you’re certainly entitled to an opinion, to extrapolate such negativity about a show none of us have seen based on props is ridiculous.

Especially when the props show a commitment to capturing the look and feel of the era it takes place in and are clearly very detailed and well made.

Whine, whine, whine. Don’t watch the show if you don’t like what you see. Just stop complaining about it.

Yup all the “i hate it and wont watch” crowd will be back here after the premiere to whine about how right they were. Look, you already hate it, why bother watching. Save us all the torment of your self fulfilling prophecy.

Question: what happens if (outside of Trek fans) this thing is critically praised, and universally loved, Ala Westworld, Game of Thrones, Fargo, etc.?

Do they begrudgingly admit “show is great, but it’s not Trek” or do they dig in their heels and insist it’s terrible?

Of course, I have serious doubts this show will be A+ quality. The trailer didn’t win me entirely over, but I’m “cautiously optimistic.”

Frankly, if it’s halfway enjoyable I’ll be very happy.

If its loved and high quality, the people that already hate something they have never seen will simply say the series had to betray everything Trek to be a hit.

Which ofcourse leads to the question of, would you rather it looked like the 60’s and last two episodes or be updated (with great care taken to respect the look, clearly) and be a hit?

The reason Im so dismissive of the drooling haters is because I know exactly what will happen. They are so dug in, none of these guys have the guts to admit they’re wrong if the show is really good. So whats the point even having them here?

Whereas, if the show sucks, believe me, Ill say so.

“They are so dug in, none of these guys have the guts to admit they’re wrong if the show is really good. So whats the point even having them here?”

Exactly. I am happy to acknowledge when something is crap (I am a VERY harsh critic)– but I am also very fair to everything I consume, and will give it a shot, and won’t pass judgement on something I’ve not seen.

But I will not make excuses for things that truly matter: acting, writing, directing, story, and character.

So far, I’m not sold on the story, acting, writing, directing or character. The visuals look good, it looks well produced, slickly designed, and convincing as a 23rd century starship.

Whether they fall in line precisely with previously shown visuals is not at all a concern. They could make Klingons blue, and put fins on their heads and it would not bother me. How they’re characterized is far more important.

If its a great show but not Star Trek, yes that’s what we will say.

Don’t watch. You’ve already judged it. Watch Star Trek Continues if Discovery bothers you this much. Whine, whine, whine. Yawn.


I’m not sure about that. You’re position has proven you lack reason, logic, or humility, so why would I expect that response just because it makes sense?

This is very nice. They should have let this person have a crack at the ship itself.

Would you be shocked to learn they were from the same designer?

Ralph MacQuarrie?


Im still not sold on the ship. The latest picture looks too animated. Have to see it in its “real” glory. Hopefully its as detail orientated as the props. And I’d kill for a TMP style fly by, obviously not 12 minutes but can we get three minutes of flying around the ship to truly appreciate its detail and scale?

You didn’t answer my question, Kev.

He did actually, albeit sarcastically. (I had actually considered making the same reply myself, but decided it would probably turn into an extended debate, so … )

No he didn’t. I was asking for a yes or a no, as it plainly was put forth.

Your ‘question’ read like rhetorical to me then, still does days later.

So when will Billy Bob Thornton appear in this new series?

Looks cool but not canon. When do they go on sale?

As far as looks go, I always thought the TWOK communicator looked like handmade crap. You can’t beat the classic Wah Chang TOS communicator. I even like the clear Cage communicator, although I do agree if were you to use that design (i.e. be true to canon for that timeframe), you would want to spruce it up a bit.

Agreed, the TWOK unit was, as I recall, what Modern Props was TOLD to do, rather than what they wanted to do, and was some kind of VietNam era radio with a hinge and plating added. It just looked like a big rusty metal toy from an older era to me. This just looks like they polished that turd.

And what a beautiful turd! I’ll pull that out of the toilet and mount it on my wall!

Could do without the delta logo. The signal strength display on the original design looked a bit better.

However, I *love* how they copied TWOK design. I think we’re safe here, prop designers certainly know their Trek.

negative comments on whether this design is futuristic enough, (while still being made to appeal to a fan base) seem to have no idea that we all have no idea what the physical needs of a communication device will be that’s made to make work on not just one but many other planets. They could go back to telephones!

Do some people think its not futuristic enough?

Its sort of like those people that argue against buttons on switches because we have touch screens now. But NASA still uses switches and buttons because its more practical. We can extrapolate that a physical device you hold in your hand is practical.

The wrist communicators make sense too but who wants to wear one all the time? We can assume these are high range devices. This isnt like your iPhone which can lose signal in a garage. This is communicating across great distances.

Makes sense and looks awesome. The Phaser does too.

I love it! If they get the phasers and communicators right, it’s a good sign for me!

Finally something that looks like they actually tried.

LOVE the new communicator!!! 60s style with a modern twist! “Beam me up!”

Discovery is doing with the designs what I WISH the Bad Robot films had done. I still like the films but this is really how you update a classic design. When you hold the prop next to the TOS prop it really does look like a modern take on it while not losing what made it classic-looking. Even the grating on the cover looks and feels like they thought about it. I’m sure too many fans will still complain that it doesn’t look retro enough…

Exactly PEB. The way to modernize designs held back by 60’s era technology is to respect the look while updating the details.

Given the cell phone tech of today, this looks reasonable. Of course, some will say, why would we use hand helds at all in the 2250’s. Well, you cant have everything be ultra-futuristic or you lose some of the practicality of a TV show. Plus, these arent cell phones.

Its almost like TOS was SD and these are 4K. If you could see the detail of what Kirk held, it would look like this. Thats the way I see it.

And you can modernize the Enterprise in the same way. Respect the look, modernize the details.

And in 50 years if they choose to set another Trek show in the same era, they’ll update it again. Fine by me.

Mesh cover? I always thought that was an antenna????

It is. That’s how Wah Chang designed it. Some folks around here just aren’t as informed. lol

Jesus…what a bunch of little girls trying TOO DAMNED HARD to sound c000l. Wankers.

I love the nods to both the Original Series communicator and the Wrath of Khan communicator. Bravo!

[Makes high-pitched squealing sound, rushes to Amazon to pre-order toy]

You’d think these (very cool) nods to “classic” 23rd-century design would please the everything-should-look-like-1956 crowd.

You’d be wrong.

You’d think these Discovery staffers swearing up and down they will follow “canon” but want to make everything look slick and modern and follow the visual style of the JJ movies would simply set the show in the a time period Star Trek fans HADN’T seen before, so they CAN’T compare it “canon” episodes that already took place in the era.

You’d be wrong.

That is not what they are doing.

Styrofoam rocks are not canon anymore. I bet a robotic voice saying “working….working….working…” is not canon anymore. A 30’s era ray gun is not canon anymore.

Look to Enterprise as a precursor. And look at the Kelvin from the first film. I dont think Discovery is purposely copying JJ’s films but if they are committed to canon, they would certainly look at the Kelvin and make it work. Just like Beyond looked at Enterprise when making the Franklin.

Sorry, but certain aesthetics are fact. They just are. You don’t have to like it, but we know what the NCC 1701 from the 23rd century looked like. We just do. Not because it was in the 60’s. Because we saw the it in TNG. We saw the Defiant in Enterprise…which DID manage to make the old design look futuristic, in contrast with the sets and jumpsuits of Archer and company. It reflected a completely different aesthetic which, in turn, depicts a completely different technology. Enterprise used existing witches and buttons. TOS invented and created controls. They are more unique than the touch screens of TNG in that, regardless of how they were made, they are the only instance…anywhere on film, where those types of “controls” are found. So. the tech of TOS being innovative or “cheesy” is all a matter of perspective. And it has been depicted asmatter of fact. Just as Entperise recognized the history of it’s on-screen universe with the episodes aboard the Defiant and TNG clearly acknowledged the history of TOS with Scotty on the holodeck, Star Trek did so with it’s record of Pike’s ship in The Menagerie. This wonderful lineage of a fictional timeline has now been contaminated with Discovery. They should have just left it in the Kelvin timeline where it looks like it belongs. And it should’ve been a Pike series with Bruce Greenwood. But that’s an argument for another day!

Unfortunately for people committed to the idea that a 60’s aesthetic is the end all & be all, its simply not so anymore.

What weve seen of Discovery cannot exist side by side with TOS. And since TOS also looks out of place within the reasonable evolution of Enterprise – Kelvin – Discovery, we give the nod to Discovery.

This is new norm for TOS era.

Nice…I like it. They should have skipped the WOK antenna though and went with the punched brass of TOS and the Cage. That WOK communicator was a hideous mess.

I am loving it and a nice tribute to TOS.


The number of Treksters who think anything set around the Rand era or the Boyce era or the Balok Imperium era should be OFF LIMITS unless they make it look just like the 1960s or 1950s is stupendously hilarious. (And naturally, NATURALLY, if any Star Trek is set in the year 2236, it MUST look like 1936 – ESPECIALLY with Ronald Colman mustaches.) This is the aspect of Trekdom that needs to be explored in Denise Crosby’s ‘Trekkies 3: The Grousening’.

Breaking Update!

Here’s the new Phaser Rifle