First Details On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Comic Series And More IDW Releases For October

IDW October comic - Chris Pine's Kirk

As we previously reported, the first Star Trek: Discovery novel tie-in arrives on September 26th and now we have details on the first comic book. Today IDW revealed their plans for all their comics for October, which includes the first Star Trek: Discovery comic book.

The new series will be titled Star Trek: Discovery and the 32-page first issue (priced at $3.99) will be written by long-time IDW Star Trek comics writer Mike Johnson and Star Trek: Discovery TV writer (and Trek novelist) Kirsten Beyer. Veteran artist Tony Shasteen (Star Trek: Boldly Go) is doing the artwork and cover.

Here is the official word from IDW:

Warp into adventure with this new comic book series that ties into the new Star Trek television show premiering in late September on CBS All Access in the U.S., the Space channel in Canada and Netflix throughout the rest of the world! Details remain secretive so we can’t show you covers yet, but we can tell you that you won’t want to miss this very special KLINGON-centric series. Be prepared for action, adventure, and Star Trek at its best!

Each issue of the Star Trek: Discovery comic will feature a “ships of the line” cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire which will offer a “first look at the new ships of Discovery.” Issue #1 will also feature a photo cover and a variant cover by fan-favorite artist J.K. Woodward (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken).

IDW did not release any cover images for Star Trek: Discovery #1, but TrekMovie will provide an update as soon as any are available.

More Star Trek comics for October

Star Trek: Discovery #1 isn’t the only Trek comic for October. Here is what else we can expect.

Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken #5 (of 6) (32 pages • $3.99)
written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton with art by J.K. Woodward

With the newly stolen I.S.S. Enterprise-D caught between the forces of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and a trio of Imperial warships, Jean-Luc Picard finds himself in unexpected territory. Which will crack first, his untested vessel, or an untested crew?

UPDATE: Final art for Cover A by J.K. Woodward (final cover will have trade copy)

Cover B by George Caltsoudas

UPDATE: Final art for variant cover A by Rachael Stott (final cover will have trade copy)

Star Trek: Boldly Go #13  (32 pages • $3.99)
written by Mike Johnson with art by Tony Shasteen

Part 1 of a 6-issue mega-event: I.D.I.C! Scores of realities collide as “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” takes on a new meaning for Captain Kirk and his crew… with the fate of all realities at stake!

Cover A by Tana Ford

Photo cover

NOTE: Star Trek: Boldly Go #13 variant cover by Yoshi Yoshitani not available at this time.

Star Trek: New Visions: What Pain It is to Drown (48 pages • $7.99)
written by John Byrne with photo-manipulation by John Byrne

Pulled down to a world made entirely of water, the Enterprise is in danger of literally flooding — while Spock and McCoy discover a sinister purpose behind this bizarre planet.

Cover by John Byrne


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Before anyone freaks out, “action and adventure” is just a phrase marketers use to get people to order the comic book. Trek comics have always had action and adventure.

The 80s/90s TOS DC comics did Trek right. The first 10 comics of the new series DC comics set post Star Trek V (movie era Enterprise-A heads into the unknown while the Klingons want Kirk because “there shall be no peace as long as Kirk lives”, RJ Blaise protocol officer assigned to Kirk because of Star Trek III, bounty Hunters, peace mission gone wrong, new races, Starfleet in chaos – the Trial of James T Kirk) would have made the most fantastic mini series of all time.


My first thought on seeing that Byrne cover was that it looks like a giant Alka Seltzer just got plopped in a glass of water! :)

Yeah. I think this is Ol’ Johnny’s rebuke of the opening scenes of Star Trek Into Darkness.

When I saw that picture of Kirk and read “First Details On ‘Star Trek:Discovery’ I was like what is Kelvin Kirk doing in Prime timeline and 10yrs in the past of his original 5yr mission? Then of course I actually read down the article and found out it was for a different comic book… lol