Watch: ‘Star Trek Continues’ Latest Episode, ‘What Ships Are For’

The series’ ninth installment, “What Ships Are For”, guest stars “Q” actor, John de Lancie, and Anne Lockhart, known to genre fans as “Sheba” from the original Battlestar Galactica. 

Plot details have been scarce, but for those that are wondering, de Lancie is NOT playing “Q” in this episode, but rather someone he describes as “a character not unlike many of us.  He has recognizable human traits and deep-seated prejudices.”

The episode had its premiere at Florida Supercon on Saturday night, and is now available online.

The Enterprise comes home this fall

The series will conclude the Enterprise’s five-year mission this fall with a two-part finale. There will be a sneak peek of part one at the New York Comic Con on October 8th, with the full episode premiering online October 18th. Part two will bow on November 13th, with a sneak peek to be screened at an event TBD. 

For more information about the series, click here.

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So sad this is ending. It feels more “Trek” than Discovery does at this point.

What a SURPRISE! Total recreation of 60th tv series looks more like that 60th tv series, than 5th continuation of the same show, coming more than 50 years later, and trying to gain some kind of new viewers. Just SHOCKING!

Hardly a fair comparison when all you’ve seen of Discovery is a trailer or two, compared to multiple full episodes of TREK intended purposefully to emulate TOS.

@SJ — I’m starting to wonder if this is even intended to parody TOS. I found myself cringing throughout at the campy writing and effort to work in every stereotyped mannerism and comment from the original. The after-the-fact inside joking to pander to the core fans is exactly what any new Trek series should avoid like the plague …

I’m not a fan of these, but for those that are, I understood that this was part of the charm. While it’s not necessarily a spoof by any stretch, I always assumed they were lovingly mocking the bad production values, and even the ham-fisted style of acting.

That’s also why I wonder why anyone would say this looks “more Trek than Discovery.” It’s intentionally (but respectfully) lesser quality, whereas Discovery is intended to be modern and serious and high quality in the same way TOS was for its day.

They weren’t “bad” production values at the time. Star Trek was a very expensive show to produce for the 1960s. At the time of the Original Series, they were absolutely state of the art and absolutely stunning.

Additionally, the same can be said for the “ham-fisted” acting (Leonard Nimoy was “ham-fisted?” Even Shatner had many moments of restrained action). Compare Star Trek with any other television drama at the time — and that’s the key — and you’ll find it holds up today much better than its contemporaries. The acting may seem stylized by today’s TV standards but it was reminiscent of Shakespearean stage acting (which with Shatner’s background would make sense). That could be considered “ham-fisted” today. But it’s just a style. And one I enjoy.

And it certainly wasn’t “camp” particularly if you are to understand Susan Sontag’s definition of the word.

Torchwood: although it is campy, I believe, based on Vic’s comments, that he is merely trying to emulate TOS as closely as possible.

It was indeed a cringefest. It really detracted from any chance to enjoy it.

Discovery has nothing to do with Continues so don’t bring it up.

Rekha Sharma is nothing? ;)

You haven’t yet watched Discovery, so you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Despite the comments to the contrary below, I could not agree with you more. The love of TOS is always evident in the episodes of Star Trek Continues. With respect to intent and purpose behind the creation of the show I can only imagine that Discovery (and many more shows) can only pale in comparison.

There’s a difference. Fan shows like ST Continues are intended to literally continue the original show via replicating its style and production value. ST Discovery was intended to produce a show that appeals to a large audience thus generating a profit.

Hell yes. This is REAL Star Trek, not the JJ-verse nonsense that is Discovery.

Very good production value. Looks exactly like a 69s episode!

I was waiting for Delancey to say in his final closeup, “Oh, Ph-eew!”

The usual outstanding job. The moralizing was about as subtle as those in the original show which applied to then-current events, which may or may not be a good thing. Nevertheless, I shall miss it.

Isn’t having a moral (or moralizing, as you put it) the core of what Star Trek is?

In this case, not very subtle. I enjoyed the show but obviously it slanted toward no walls or borders. Vic and the others danced well trying not to offend and diplomatically made their points. Good job all around. At the risk of giving away my age, I remember the 60s shows that I watched as a teenager, my folks cringed a bit on some of the episodes as that was a different era. Keep up the good work guys and I would like to see at least one more geared more toward a theme like the Changeling or Planet Killer for fun. However, I know you are too far into post production of the last 2. Ashame we can’t have more.

Please watch or re-watch ST TOS “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”, and deny the obvious moralizing. Gene Roddenberry himself said that he viewed Star Trek as Wagon Train to the stars”. I learned so much from these shows as a child of the 60’s.

I loved the use of color in that episode and the performances were awesome

That was what I also liked about it, the way color was capture in this episode.

In particular, all the color looked like different kinds of mis-adjusted 1960s color TVs.

AMAZING! Brought tears to my eyes.

This one really felt like one of the original episodes. The acting is top notch, led by John de Lancie. At this point, I have no idea what their final episode will be, but I’m looking forward to it.

@Kevin — it’s hard for me to see deLancie as anything else but Q in connection with Trek. And I hate Q.

It’s really interesting how opinions diverge on certain ‘TREK’ issue. Personally, the appearance of the ‘Q’ character was one of the few highlights of the NEXT GEN show for me. And I always looked forward to John de Lancie’s excellent portrayal of him/it.

@Cervantes — true. But, I think the character was a mistake, despite the fact I think deLancie played him brilliantly. Berman milked the popular character far too much through he franchise, thank god he didn’t turn up in Enterprise, though he really couldn’t and maintain canon. The mistake is having such a seemingly omnipotent being that has no controls or boundaries. Trelane was a child, but in general once his parents appeared that was the end of that. Q just popped in a created havoc, fake situations where there were no real consequences, since Q could fix any mess he created. One episode of that was enough … Maybe two. But instead, way too much involvement with lower beings — it just made no sense whatsoever. Anyway, I don’t really want to get into a debate as I know that there are many ways to look at it, but I never bought into it. I think Q was probably a much more interesting character for kids who discovered Trek through TNG, just as Harry Mudd from I MUDD was much more interesting to me as a kid than as an adult, and I liked Roger Moore far better than Sean Connery when I was kid, and now he reverse is true.

Have to agree to disagree I guess but I loved Q in nearly every appearance…except his last one on Voyager. Thats the only one that truly sucked!

Q2. DeLancie was having a laugh taking the paycheck with that one.

Aren’t you glad he is not playing Q in this episode?

Clicked the video frame expecting to see a teaser. Ended up watching the whole episode. Realised I hadn’t watched “Continues” since… episode 4 or something. Definitely have to catch up on it before the last episode is out.

I thought this was a remarkably nuanced approach to this topic, and a brilliant use of color. Kirk had to grow as a person, his preconceptions were challenged. I appreciate that. Great performance by DeLancie. I’ll be sad to see Continues go.

Brilliant episode. 100 percent pure STAR TREK.

It’s a pity the fallout from the Axanar debacle has put a premature end to CONTINUES.

Better than I thought it would be. 7/10. However, if THIS is what “fans” would prefer over Discovery, then I thank the TV lords you’re not in charge. All my housemates walked in while I watched this and they LOL’d. Plus I was slightly embarrassed to be caught watching it. Whereas they saw the Discovery trailer and got excited.

No need to be embarassed. STAR TREK CONTINUES is exceptional.
That said, I am thoroughly excited by the prosepct of Discovery and hope it was be a wonderful torchbearer for the Star Trek brand. Once it comes out, we’ll know if it’s truly good or bad, though nothing I’ve seen makes me pessimistic.

Oh Star Trek Continues is indeed good. It’s good for us. For the “not us”, it’s confusing and awkward to say the least. If Discovery looked and told stories like this, it would be laughed away by all except those loud Trek fans offended by anything new.

James, good point.

This is a great point, James. Without exception, every person I’ve shown STC to who isn’t a serious, hard core Trekkie has had the same reaction: laughter, followed by disbelief and, finally, derision. Yet, the Discovery haters are so delusional they think this can compete with GoT and the other premium shows out there today. It’s really quite ridiculous.

I think this is the kind of story telling many fans would prefer. Perhaps if your housemates understood the context of the show they would understand a bit better. Any new show never should look like this show does but seeing as how STC was made as a 4th an final season to TOS its look and production is as it should be.

No more or less embarrassing than watching the original show on Netflix. Unless of course they’re jerks then there isn’t much to be done about that.

Umm, yes, it’s FAR more embarrassing. Try showing an episode of STC to anyone who isn’t a hardcore Trek fan and see what happens. Remember, they aren’t laughing at you. They’re laughing at what you are watching.

John de Lancie is epic as always. A pretty good story, too. Nice, too, to see Anne Lockhart! (btw, had to check… June Lockhart is 92 and still with us!!)

I’m not sure that any world with enough mass to support two-meter bipeds would be as irregular as the asteroid we’re shown. Nature likes spheres. But, that’s a nit to pick.

Vic… step away slowly from the eyeliner.

LOL I thought it was excessive(dat eyeliner). YES, it was a very good episode. 10 out of 10 Halflings. It is interesting that there even less Connie’s in service (with the two vessels mentioned as sidelined). I hope the last episodes dove tail into, perhaps, the why TMP era designs came about?

~Pensive’s Wetness

It’s interesting to see how much Anne Lockhart looks like her mother as she’s aged.

IKR?!?! It’s really remarkable.

…nice to see that STC gets the red carpet here, but Axanar got thrown under the bus =(

The producers of Axanar did it to themselves an ruined it for all the other fan series.

…as witnessed by STC “continuing” to make normal releases [eyesroll]
(sorry, i won’t engage the old haters vs. axanar thing…) =P

Did you even read what the conditions were? Any current productions could continue to finish what they started. ie. A work already that started a production. Then afterwards, they would have to adhere to the new policy of a 15 minute episode. They cannot charge for their productions, etc.
Anaxar producers decided to kickstart their production for studio space for which they would do other productions for profit or rent out the space. Plus all the other little side stepping of policies.
I’m not hating on them. I actually really enjoyed PRELUDE (a little long in parts but a really good job overall).
You can read all about the judgement and what they did.
Star Trek Continues can still makes episodes… but they chose to wrap up. It takes a long of time to pull off a fan production of that scale. Other fan series are still going on but with new rules. Anaxar can still go ahead but have to stick to the new rules too.
So stop with thi “haters” thing when I’m not a hater. I love all the fan series.

Apparently. you haven´t read the guidelines. There is no grandfathering. Fanfilms that were done completely and were on the net at that date were safe, everything else is do it at your own risk. And STC violates about every possible guideline. But I applaud them for that.

Actually I have. You are correct… there is no grandfather clause, I just simple the actual agreement… films already in production could continue. And it was on a case to case basis. Amy future web series would not be allowed to have the name Star Trek in their title. Much like Renegades could not continue their series allowed was for example. They are still in production but removed all reference to Star Trek and it’s characters. CONTINUES was allowed to finish their productions already in progress. Like I said, it’s a case by case basis.

“I won’t engage the old haters vs. axanar thing…”

he says directly after engaging in it. Nice one.

Okay Alex, you can drop the fake screen name…

There is no Axanar to get the red carpet, although there was an empty studio with nicely carpeted offices.

Axanar deserves every milliliter of opprobrium thrown its way. He Who Shall Not Be Named threw every other fan film under the bus with his nearly limitless arrogance and greed. And I say this as a former supporter of the series.

I love STAR TREK CONTINUES as a web based fan series. They do a grea job of bringing back the nostalgia of the original 60s TOS. Watching CONTINUES is my guilty pleasure. I love the campiness of it. But I am so happy that this not what they are doing for DISCOVERY. It just won’t fly on TV these days. I love CONTINUES and the other fan films… on the web.

Perfectly stated….anyone who thinks Continues is acceptable quality for TV in the 20teens is crazy, but I love their passion and ability to recreate TOS’style,lighting and sets.

@Alan — I second that.

It’s too bad these “purists” don’t see that. I grew up with TOS, it’s my favorite series… but I don’t want to see a 60s style tv show on the air in 2017.

Innocent question, and let me stress I have nothing but respect and admiration for the folks behind this effort, but doesn’t this fly in the face of the established guidelines for fan films? If I recall, they’re not allowed to use Star Trek in the title, it can’t be a series, and can’t use pro actors, or actors from previous Trek shows.

Again, all respect, but just wondering how they’re allowed. Maybe they were grandfathered in?

Ah, just saw someone’s comment that “Any current productions could continue to finish what they started. ie. A work already that started a production.”

Very kind of CBS and Paramount to allow such completions.

Definitely grandfathered in. They didn’t want to end it out right and they had been okay with fan production right until Alec Peters crossed the line for them. If he had played by the rules, everything would have remained status quo. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to seeing Anaxar… PRELUDE looked great. Oh… for anyone thinks I’m hating on Anaxar and Peters… to be clear, I am not. I’m just stating the facts.

There is and was no grandfathering. It´s a myth spreading around.

Torchwood: The CBS/Paramount guidelines I read a few months ago do NOT allow grandfathering for more than the “film” currently in production. That means only one episode, not 11. Regardless, I am happy to see that they are not going after STC at this point.

I’ve always enjoyed this production, but I couldn’t stand this one. In fact, I just shut it off. Nobody’s perfect.

Agreed. I love everything about STC… but this episode was not written well. Just a preachy dogma piece.

I totally understand and shook my head more than a few times (I did watch it all however). We are from a different era and I am trying hard to listen to both sides. I expected some of this to surface since they are having to stop production soon. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the great guest actors were a bit wasted as they seemed like fish out of water in these roles. That said, I do appreciate the hard work trying to recreate the series.

Star Trek Continues once again produces what was promised to those who contributed funds to the production. How refreshing when compared to the debacle of Alec Peters’ Axanar failure. Peters had over $1.4M and pissed it away.

I’ve loved every episode so far, and the production value has always been something to be admired. This particular episode took its moralistic preaching to the level of a jackhammer rather than the Original Series’ gentle application of social analysis.

Way too preachy.

Star Trek Continues has done a superlative job in what they set out to do: complete the five-year mission. Their recreation of TOS stylistically is exceptional and only New Voyages/Phase II comes close.
They aren’t trying to show what can be done in the Star Trek universe using today’s available technology… Let Discovery do that. It was never the point of Trek.

Trek is ultimately about telling stories that make a point.. in depicting how a possible better future *could be*. It’s what Gene intended, and Trek Continues is carrying the torch. Doesn’t have to be your cup of tea, but I believe that it’s indeed worthy of being called Star Trek.

I’ll give Discovery a chance at that as well, even though what I’ve seen and heard so far gives me some hesitation. ;)

I came close to shutting it off a few times but I do respect what Vic and the gang are tryig to do and the huge effort to get this done. I do wish they hadn’t wasted such great talent as John is best when vitrolic and his role just didn’t fit.

Paramount would be wise to abandon Star Trek Discovery. It’s already trying to be Lord Of Kings or God Of Kings or whatever it’s called. Star Trek Continues
has everything the Original series had. The actor portraying Captain Kirk is excellent. Chris Pine is way too young and not convincing at all as Captain.

Sorry, the captain here is way too old and the voice is way too high, like Shatner on helium. Kind of loses that commanding presence a starship captain needs. Not working for me.

I feel the same way. A resonant voice like Shatner’s is part of Kirk’s character. Pine’s able to make it work, but without that kind of voice, the character loses too much gravitas.

I like Vic Magnogna’s characterization, but his voice is way too high. I found it pretty distracting for the first few episodes, then got past it. His age didn’t bother me, though.

That was pretty damned good, IMO. The production, sets, acting, story line, all of it. And Vic can channel his inner Shatner like nobody’s business. This one could have been a top 10 2nd season ep. Kudos all around. Damn shame they’re shutting down.

I remember, centuries ago, when David Gerrold reviewed THE WRATH OF KHAN for Starlog magazine. He concluded, “There’s a lot to like, and a lot to dislike,” which pretty much sums up my feelings about this show. In the best tradition of TOS, “What Ships Are For” ends up addressing some powerful themes of contemporary import, but you have to wade through some pretty stilted dialogue, questionable humor, and sizable plot contrivances to get there. Critics of TOS will merely shrug that off as a feature, not a bug, but that’s really too easy. Much of first two acts plays more like a parody of the results of being forced to use a couple of sets and a few actors to represent an entire planetary culture, which in reality TOS usually managed to do much better. Further, key points of the story beg explanation. Why is there no record in the aliens’ history of the entire population losing its ability to see color? Were the parents of Kirk’s love interest–*yawn*–first-generation refugees themselves, and if so, why would they risk detection by returning to their homeworld? Why was the entire crew on that mission killed, when they were only offering assistance?

It’s a shame that all of this wasn’t worked out better in advance, because this episode has something valuable to say about how the opposing forces of rational fear versus compassion must be reconciled by civilized people, and that its preachiness didn’t prevent John de Lancie’s character from calling Kirk out on his hypocrisy puts it one-up on TOS, at least in that respect. (And say what you will about de Lancie’s predictable willingness to dispense with a long-term, loving relationship over purple hair, at least he never equated sentient beings with poisoned candy.) From my perspective, “What Ships Are For” definitely has its heart in the right place. If Vic Mignogna does in fact consider himself to be politically conservative, he’s my kind of conservative.

Kirk was called out back in TOS’ first season if you’ll recall – “Errand of Mercy.”

Boulevard Denim

Yeah, good point.

None of the plot issues that you mention really bothered me much. The story is obviously structured for the purpose of unfolding the main theme of the story, which is very much in line with the style of many TOS episodes. “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” comes to mind. Sure, TOS was at its best when the episode’s overarching theme sneaked up on you, as in “Is There In Truth No Beauty,” but this STC episode makes up for its plot contrivances with the twist on its main theme (played out in the brilliant scene between John De Lancie’s character and Kirk).

The reasons why the shuttle crew were killed, how the aliens were able to integrate into the society on the other world, etc., none of that seems implausible on its face. Hence the specific causes of those effects don’t seem all that important to me. But, I suppose it wouldn’t have hurt to offer a few lines of explanation.

“Why is there no record in the aliens’ history of the entire population losing its ability to see color?”

I’m late to this thread, but I just saw the episode and wanted to respond to this.

Before widespread electrification, the natural sleep patterns of humans’s wasn’t 8-hours-a night, like good ‘ol Chief O’Brien needed. It was instead a block of about 4 hours, or “first sleep,” followed by an hour or two of interlude, and then another block of 4 hours, or “second sleep.” People would use the interlude to socialize, visit neighbors, or yes, have sex. Light pollution put an end to this pattern pretty much by the end of the 19th century, or the very early 20th century. You no longer fell asleep naturally when the sun set. (I wonder whether rural populations in third and fourth world countries still sleep this way.)

Today, very, very few people know about first sleep and second sleep. The vestiges are there. There are references to “first sleep” in Shakespeare and Cervantes. There’s also the not-uncommon “problem” of waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep. And yet it took professional historians to rediscover the concept, despite the fact we’re only a century out from it.

In this episode, the loss of color perception occurred over a millennium, much longer than our loss of the idea of segmented sleep. So I thought this point was realistic.

Hmmmmm….. Baffle plate ruptures on 2 starships? Whats going on?

Sounds like a warranty issue. We’re gonna need a total refit!

The only thing truly campy is the actor portrayals of key characters.

Get past that and STC could easily fill the void of what Star Trek actually

was. This show is coming into its own and will be ending. To discontinue it

at this time makes no sense at all. An exception (continuation) should be

allowed. Those at CBS – Paramount listening and know what they have and could

easily bank on IF it was allowed to carry on? Apparently not – Wake Up!

Completely agreed.

I really liked this episode today. Thank you for continuing the Enterprise TOS missions.

Holy “anti-Trump” episode Batman!

This was a not veiled at all attack on building the wall, kicking out immigrants, etc. Not that I have any problem with that, it was a good message, but everyone got that right?

I liked this episode less than some of the others…the humor seemed more forced and didn’t seem to fit the theme of the episode well. I thought the main actor’s did a great job though DeLancie and Lockhart’s acting felt stilted somehow…as if they were aping a more theatrical acting style that would have worked on 1960’s TV but feels anachronistic today. Having a ship’s counselor is a nice link from the original series to the Next Generation series.

I did like how DeLancie’s character had to sit through Kirk’s moralizing then threw it right back at him though it makes his shock at his lover’s skin color somewhat forced. The writing felt less nuanced than usual though Trek wasn’t always the most nuanced show.

Having said all this, I’m exceptionally happy that new episodes continue to be made though I’m saddened that the next two are going to be the final two for Star Trek Continues.

As always, I liked the episode. They’re great entertainment and feel about 90% authentic on average. I do feel that this particular episode seemed to be emulating the established shortcomings of Trek TOS too closely, such as the anachronistic sets and costumes depicting an alien world, consisting of one room in a stock footage castle. The moral message was telegraphed strongly and anyone who didn’t know what this episode was about after 15 minutes or see the twist ending coming wasn’t paying attention. The capper was DeLancie’s orange skin tone! I’m a Trump supporter and I still found it hilarious! I do like that, unlike current storytelling practices, this episode did air both sides of the argument. It didn’t say “you bad, us good” but listed the reasons for and against maintaining the quarantine. There is certainly prejudice but there are also valid economic, cultural and safety reasons for border security. Like a few other classic Trek episodes, Kirk didn’t solve the problem but rather exposed it for them to work out for themselves. Sadly, as we’ve seen in the former Soviet Republics or more recently Iraq, Kirk’s actions may result in all out civil war turning this once peaceful world into the new Sarajevo. The episode does not necessarily suggest that mass migration is the solution since Kirk has now repaired the star, meaning both worlds can cure the disease, restore their crops, feed their people and create hope for the future. Where there is food, safety and hope, you don’t have a refugee crisis. you have economic prosperity and just possibly mutual respect and cooperation. So this episode isn’t really isn’t so much about forcing diversity and multiculturalism, or immigration and security as it is about empathy, understanding and helping your fellow being. Unfortunately, here on Earth the parable doesn’t really fit because much more of the problems of the common person result from greed and violence and eternal squabbles for power by warlords, generals, cartels, dictators and elected officials of all stripes. If only true and just governments would protect and foster the basic needs of their people and allow them the chace to succeed, the entire world would benefit, but hey, that’s another fairy tale.

Please leave out Trump, we get enough about Tang boy already :)

Holy cow, that was pretty awful–terrible acting, terrible writing.

Watched it last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it as if it was a professional production as I have with all of the episodes continues have done.

Bravo! Loved this episode and the entire series.

I’m not quite sure where to start off on this comment as there are so many things I want to say.First of all,I will greatly miss this series as it rapidly comes to an end.It honored the original series greatly and was obviously a great labor of love for the actors and production crew.It is FAR better than the most recent Star Trek movies.I liked episodes 1 to 4 a lot.Episodes 5 to 8 I wasn’t particularly thrilled with,even though I watched them.Now with episode 9,I felt that this show returned to the level of the early episodes.I felt that this was one of the BEST episodes,if not the single best.It was very reminiscent of some of the original episodes,two of which come to mind being Let That Be Your Last Battlefield and The Omega Glory.I can see why some people would have been turned off by the “preachiness” of this episode and how it could be perceived as an “anti Trump” episode.
There was definitely a very strong message of that type present here.Fortunately,I am EXTREMELY anti Trump so you can be certain no offence would be taken by me.I did keep waiting though for John de Lancie’s character to say that they would make the aliens pay for the interplanetary defense system !!! I especially liked the musical selections for this episode.Being a VERY long time Star Trek fan,I can usually remember what original episode I had heard a musical segment in.This was a really enjoyable series and I felt like a kid who woke up on Christmas morning with some unexpected presents of 11 new Star Trek episodes.I would put most of these episodes on a par with,or in some cases,better than the original episodes.I will probably end up watching the new CBS series somewhere along the line but I am in no rush and I will certainly not be paying extra for the dubious privilege of watching a most probably inferior product.But I will give it a shot.Thank’s again,Star Trek Continues.You were a lot of fun and I can always watch your reruns.

I have zero problem with this being an “anti-Trump” episodes. Trumpendejos who consider themselves Star Trek fans need to ask themselves what series they’ve been watching.

This is BY FAR the best overall episode they have produced. From acting to direction to editing to effects to pacing to a clever twist on a very contemporary issue, this episode fires on all cylinders. I’ve enjoyed the others very much as well, but there is usually one element that makes me wince with embarrassment (usually, the acting). Not this one. It’s on par with the original series.

Ah Trek, it’s always been hilariously naive. I am going to miss STC.

Excellent effort and tribute.

Excellent episode and tribute.

I’ll miss these. Sure, the acting is pretty awful most of the time. The plots are so so. I admit, sometimes I have a hard time getting through an entire episode. However I thoroughly enjoy witnessing the love and passion these fans put into this. Such a wonderful, loving tribute to TOS. I’ll hate to see it end.

If it wasn’t for the distractingly suspension-of-disbelief-disrupting obvious anti-Trump / anti-Brexit propaganda it would’ve been perfect…

(And I’m actually sincere in that review; aside from the ideology being laid-on too thick to the point that I felt like I was being hit over the head with the episode’s “message” like an Antifa college professor hitting someone over the head with a bike lock in a sock, it was very nearly the perfect Star Trek episode…)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this was the first episode where the STC crew used their new planet-of-the-week set.

Great job, Star Trek Continues! I will be oh so sorry to see you go, so I am savoring these final voyages with your crew.

Great effort! High production values, the FX shots even seemed a bit more “organic” than the remastered TOS offerings. Sorry to hear that the 5 year mission is coming to an end.
By the way, does anyone know if the final “New Voyages/Phase II” episodes, that have been in post production, or even re-shoots, will ever see the light of day?

This episode is both a great achievement in adding to the Trek universe in terms of quality and presentation… but once again, heavy handed storytelling that was transparent from it’s earliest moments. Challenging Kirk in the Prime Directive, however, was a great twist…

But still, Kirk decided he knew everything, while really knowing nothing. TOS Kirk would not likely make such an obvious mistake… and in the end is far too preachy…

What could have been…

This episode is very well done, and well written. But it has an ideological problem inherent in liberalism. Only liberals equate culture and race. Only liberals see preservation of a country’s culture as “racist”. The secret aliens here are sympathetic (and right) because they ASSIMILATED. They left behind the culture, religion, philosophy, and attitude that conducts itself so savagely. None of the traits I mentioned are inherent in RACE. Thus the comparison to current events (e.g. limiting immigration from a culture/religion/philosphy/attitude that is openly hostile and REFUSES to assimilate cannot be drawn. In fact, in real life or Star Trek, welcoming mass groups who DECLARE OUTRIGHT that they do not intend to conform to your values is SUICIDE, whether they are purple green, brown or two-tone.

If you bothered to WATCH the EPISODE, you’d have seen that the hostility wasn’t due to CULTURE or RACE, but food and resource shortages. The weird radiation affected the second asteroid earlier than the Hyalini, so the second asteroid’s agriculture industry evaporated and food became scarce. The Hyalini would have suffered the same fate. So the breakdown of society was about structural factors, not CULTURE or RACE. (Nice use of argument by capital letters, by the way. Extra credit for that.)

Enjoy your post-UK Brexit. That was a Cheng-He level of national suicide for the UK. At least in the US we can un-elect Trump.

Some cheesy bits in this episode, especially at the beginning.

But, once the main theme starts to unfold, the episode gets really good.

The twist on the main theme, played out in the scene between John De Lancie’s character and Kirk, is brilliant. This episode makes Kirk more of a heavy-handed moralizer than TOS Kirk, and then puts him back in his place (with the aforementioned John De Lancie scene). This twist on the main theme makes the story more real, more true-to-life, more illustrative of the human condition. In reality, political and economic issues are rarely entirely one-sided. And when the people on the high horses get pumped up with self-righteousness, they can stand to learn a lesson at times from whose whom they indignantly moralize——they can stand to learn some humility, as Kirk does from De Lancie’s character.

All in all, I have to rate this episode a success. Good acting all around, great production (goes without saying at this point). Some cheesy dialogue, and Kirk’s love interest comes from out of nowhere, but that, too, is typical of TOS.

P.S. Thank you, Vic Mignogna and everyone at STC. Really outstanding work all around with the series.

Although I really like STC, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” of ST TOS comes to mind, where Capt. Kirk says to one of the aliens that they look alike to him, and one replies that: he “is white on the right side”; hopefully teaching all of us that what appears innocent to many of us may contain a deep prejudice for another being, and perhaps giving us the insight to combat it.