STLV17: Denise Crosby Has A Plan For ‘Trekkies 3’

At Star Trek Las Vegas the focus of much of Friday was a series of panels with stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation, including one with Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) and Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar). One bit of info that came out of that panel was discussion of the third entry in the series of Trekkies documentaries about Star Trek fandom co-produced and starring Crosby.

Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden and moderator Scott Mantz at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

The first Trekkies doc came out in 1999 and Trekkies 2 followed in 2003. Since then she has stated at events and in interviews she would like to make a third, and on stage in Vegas today she sounded even more optimistic about it:

I have an idea. My partner and I Roger Nygard have a plan. It is at least a year away.

She also offered some details on what she would like to see in a Trekkies 3:

We definitely like to go to some places in the world where we haven’t been. I think also fandom has changed quite a bit since I first did Trekkies. So I want to explore the changes in attitude and the changes in all of that has taken place. And check in with all off J.J. Abrams crew and the Discovery crew and go back and see my dentist in Florida.

Crosby didn’t go into details on if there were any talks underway with CBS or Paramount who would have to be involved in any new film. Paramount released the previous two documentaries. She did implore the audience to “keep good positive thoughts” for a Trekkies 3.

Crosby talks about her plan for Trekkies 3

A lot to cover

Crosby is correct that a lot has happened since Trekkies 2 came out 14 years ago, not just in the world of Star Trek and Trek fandom but with documentaries. There are fewer theatrical releases, especially from Paramount Pictures. It seems more likely that any new documentary would be released on TV or possibly through a streaming service. It even wouldn’t be surprising if Crosby looked to crowdfunding, like what was done successfully for the upcoming What We Left Behind doc on Deep Space Nine. For now, we will continue to wait and see.

And if the Trekkies documentaries are from before your time, here are the trailers for both.

TrekMovie will have more coverage of the Star Trek: The Next Generation panels from Friday and more coming soon from Star Trek Las Vegas.

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Stay tuned for additional coverage coming all week long.




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Just as long as it’s not condescending like the first one.

Agreed completely.

And now I’m glad I’ve only seen the 2nd one

Did the ‘truth’ hurt?

Condescendance did.. Was my post too complicated for you?

This is entirely unnecessary and pointless.

I’m unfamiliar with the in-and-outs of exactly why she left, so forgive me, but I understood that Denise Crosby was unhappy with her role in Star Trek:TNG and thus left during season one.

But she has established quite a healthy career to date, based around Trek and its fandom, and has maintained a closeness to the property ( even appearing as Sela in TNG ) – did she ultimately regret her decision to leave then?

I watched pieces of her first two movies; they made me cringe. They really didn’t do the fans justice, preferring instead to wallow in embarrassing scenes. I recall one with a bunch of fans dressed as Klingons going to a McDonalds and making a spectacle of themselves while other people gave them long looks. Embarrassing.

1997? I watched this on opening day in May 1999,so I’m curious to know in what form it was released in 97. I went to a movie theater in MD,where I happened to be at the time,and I had a good laugh,as did the elderly couple who were there too,with their dog. And I’m certain I even heard the dog snicker from time to time,lol! Yes,it doesn’t exactly do any favors for the fans,since they said later they went for the obsessive and out there fans as the more casual or regular Trekhead would be boring to watch,apparently. But watch these as a comedy and you’re good,lol!

And they should totally make things like this with SW,Whovians,superhero fans,etc. They’re just as obsessive and mad,lol! Or passionate,as some prefer to call it,lol!

Honestly woman, you made the decision to walk from TNG, all those years ago. You’ve said it was a mistake, the fans know it was a mistake, but there it is. Live with it. Stop trying to cash in with appalling, disrepectful documentaries about followers of the franchise. Haven’t you got another single line casting call for ‘Evil Hag 3’ to attend to on The Walking Dead?

No need

Denise was unhappy with her character (I believed she originally applied for Troi) and did what she thought was best for her career. No one knew if the show would be a hit or not, and plenty of the first season scripts were terrible. She had no idea how her career would go after leaving either.

I don’t think you can blame Danise for wanting to make a third film when the others are so well known. They’re also a good balance between being involved on the Star Trek community and working on something independently. She probably gets asked about it a lot and the comparison of oldTrek and nuTrek fans will be interesting. Hopefully we will also get a follow-up on the stars if the former documentaries.

Are the films really disrespectful? They explore a wide range of fans and what Star Trek means to them without being judgey. They even allowed the women involved in the court case to give her side of the story about why she was removed from the jury.

Just where the hell are so many reactionary trek fans coming from?
I was expecting this from vídeo game modern warfare fans not from trek fans