T’Kuvma Vows To Fight To Remain Klingon In Latest ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo

CBS has wrapped up a week of Star Trek: Discovery web promos with one focusing on the Klingons. The new promo was posted to Twitter this morning.

CLICK HERE for Netflix international version

Unlocked Instagram version for others

It features T’Kuvma played by Chris Obi. The voiceover dialog seems to be in response to the Federation “We come in peace” promo from earlier in the week.


They are coming. Atom by atom they will silence us. Cell by cell our souls will become theirs. We must fight to for one thing above all – to remain Klingon.

The visuals of this promo feature a lot of sparks and embers, which again tie into the fire theme that seems prevalent with the Klingons on Discovery.

Chieffo going native with the Klingons

Mary Chieffo plays Klingon Commander L’Rell on Discovery, and the actress has truly taken her role to heart. After the Klingon promo was released this morning she got into a Twitter exchange to share some of her pro-Klingon views

In our STLV interview with Chieffo, the actress demonstrated she knew her stuff when it came to Klingons. This morning she also showed off her impressive collection of Klingon study materials.


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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I count SIX nostrils on T’Kuvma. Certainly is an interesting addition to the Klingon race.

Looks like some genetic manipulation took place. Ironic, he can no longer remain Klingon with six nostrils. I’m sure he breathes well, but gets one hell of a sinus infection. Probably picked on too…by the regular two nostril varieties.

It’s kind of like the nose ridges that the TNG era Klingons have but these are separated.

I think T’Kuvma is going to be one of my new favorite Klingons. Stand aside, Gowron.

I want to know why evil Klingons are always portrayed as black. This is racist IMO.

who says he’s evil?

You’re either making a joke or just a modern safe spacer. Either way, I chuckled.

Whether you’re kidding or not, I did a quick count just for the entertainment of the group:

Brota (Brian Evaret Chandler)
Ch’Pok (Ron Canada)
Klaang (Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr.)
Kohlar (Wren T. Brown)
Koral (James Worthy)
Kornan (Rick Worthy)
Kozak (John Lendale Bennett)
Kurn (Tony Todd)
N’Garen (Gabrielle Union)
Toq (Sterling Macer)
Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn)
Col. Worf (Michael Dorn)
K’Ehleyr (Susie Plakson)
K’mpec (Charles Cooper)
Martok (J.G Hertzler)
Doctor Antaak (John Shuck)

Total: 16 “Good” Klingons, 11 black actors (one playing 2 roles), 4 caucasian actors

Drex (Obi Ndefo)
K’Vagh (James Avery)
Thopok (Phil Morris)
Morag (Reg E. Cathey)
Morak (Paul S. Eckstein)
Nu’Daq (John Cothran, Jr.)
T’Kar (Tim Russ)
Kor (John Colicos)
Koloth (William Campbell)
Kang (Michael Ansara)
Kras (Tige Andrews)
Krell (Ned Romero)
Kruge (Christopher Lloyd)
Klaa (Todd Bryant)
Vixis (Spice Williams)
Koord (Charles Cooper)
Chang (Christopher Plummer)
Duras (Patrick Massett)
Lursa (Barbara March)
Betor (Gwyneth Walsk)
Korris (Vaughn Armstrong)
Konmel (Charles H. Hyman)
Gowron (Robert O’Reilly)
Ambassador Kamarag (John Shuck)

Total” 24 “Bad” Klingons, 7 black actors, 17 caucasian actors

Any questions, class? :D

Was Maltz a bad guy (John Larroquette)? Did Mark Lenard’s character in ST:TMP ever get a name?

Maltz was pretty much a bad guy but a pretty hapless one, so I forgot him. Lenard’s Klingon never had a name.

It still freaks me out knowing Gabriel Union played a Klingon lol.

Nice work

“I want to know why evil Klingons are always portrayed as black.”

That’s not even REMOTELY true. You’ve just shown a bizarre lack of knowledge of casting.

It is racicst to assume that there cant be a species or culture that is mainly black.
There is only a very very small amount of klingons who are not black.

Klingons though, are mostly black. good or evil it doesnt matter. And no, Klingons are not always evil…. but as you are a “former star trek fan” you should know…


Re: Klingons though, are mostly black

I’m not entirely certain how you are drawing this distinction? Certainly, Michael Ansara, John Colicos, J.G. Hertzler, William Campbell, Vaughn Armstrong, etc. were not black and certainly didn’t attempt to imbue their performances with anything that I’d identify ethnically as such. And if you are merely trying to make some sort of blanket statement on the color of their characters’ skins, I just don’t recall any black as empty space Klingons at all?

“This is racist IMO.”

…pretty hilarious statement. I suppose you’re ‘offended’ too.

I did not know the the Klingon soul existed directly inside their cells. They should call them midiklingorians

Hehe, and once again Mary Chieffo apparent devotion to her role brings a smile to my face. I officially like that lady.

So T’Kuvma is a Remainer?

No. He’s a Klingon.

The opposite, clearly.

This may be the biggest reveal yet about the klingons in my opinion, but i could be missing some previous notes that were maybe addressed previously. The whole remaining klingon and coming after them atom by atom. Maybe this really is a klingon form that pre-dates the forms we are used to, and something happens to make there appear like they have in previous series and movies.

Kahless pre-dates these klingons and looks just like the ones we know from TNG and TOS. So that wont jive.

Kahless had 2 looks… TOS and TNG eras… which one are you referring to?

Trek fan 67,

The TNG version was a manufactured clone, so he looks however it was politically expedient for them to have him look.

A clone is an exact copy of the original. But which was the true image of Kahless?

Unless you go by Jurassic Park clones, which were not exact copies. Maybe they needed to splice Kahless DNA with contemporary Klingon DNA.

Trek fan 67,

Re: A clone is an exact copy

No clone is an EXACT copy. That can only be nearly achieved if an EXACT copy of his mother’s egg can somehow be manufactured or obtained. In cloning, compromises have to be made, like using an available egg, which leads to choices having to be made. These choices can and will influence the end product, ergo politically expedient decisions like making the clone’s looks align more with popular iconography are easily possible and likely to occur.

I always thought the TOS Kahless was how humans imagined he looked while the TNG version was how he actually looked. At least, that’s what I told myself to make the two vastly different versions coexist within the same continuity.

Jibe, not jive. They’re not the same word.

I noticed the “atom by atom” and “cell by cell” lines as well. This would certainly jibe with canon if this series acknowledges the augment virus that was created in Enterprise. You could have these separatist houses that have isolated themselves from the spread of the contagion, and now are ready to fight back against the Federation, which they may blame for the virus and the disfigurement of the Klingon peoples. One could certainly say that a virus that reconstructs a person at the genetic level would be subverting a people “atom by atom” and “cell by cell”.

That’s exactly what I was thinking

@JamfoFL — wow. I truly hope not. The sooner we forget the fan pandering story arc from ENT that set out to explain why Klingon’s look different from TOS to TNG, all because Odo and Worf had a stupid conversation that pointed it out in yet another fan-pandering episode of DS9, would be a poor motivation and basis for anew multi-million dollar series.

Canada is a big country, right next to yours. It’s the country where Star Trek Discovery is being filmed. Why can’t we watch either version of the trailer?

Yea. If I decided not to serve foreign tourists in my shop, I would get fined to the stone age – yet somehow, it is perfectly legal thing to do on the internet.

All you can do is demand your government to outlaw geolocking as a form of discrimination. Meanwhile, download Opera browser and change your location with two clicks using their free built-in “browser VPN”. You get to pick between US, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore exit points, that should be enough to access most of geolocked content.

First, I don’t like geoblocking either, so don’t get me wrong. However, your analogy is flawed. If something is geoblocked to only be available in the US, I can watch it just fine as a foreign tourist as long as I am currently in the US. On the other hand, any US citizen who is outside the country also cannot access it. To break it down to your shop analogy: You probably cannot decide not to serve foreigners in your shop but you can decide that you only serve people in your shop and don’t do delivery. So you can refuse to serve anybody who is not IN your shop. If you do offer delivery, you are allowed to restrict the destinations you deliver to. Geoblocking does not block people based on where they are from but based on where they are currently at. It’s still very annoying and goes against the original idea of the internet.

Bell Media has the distribution rights in Canada. I have no idea whether the distribution contract forbids Netflix and CBS All Access from advertising in Canada but both seem to limit their promo to the locations where they will show Discovery.

I worked for CBC, we got outraged Canadians complaining all the time that thet can’t watch CBC videos (mostly hockey and Coronation St.) while in the US (“I pay my taxes! I should be able to watch wherever I want!”)

Look on Space for Discovery stuff.

I can’t get used to this guy as a klingon. He looks like a totally different species to me. He kinda looks like a cross between several of the species seen on VOY.

His funny nose and lack of hair are the only parts of him that don’t look Klingon to me.

Ugh. Can someone please give me a promo that doesn’t sound forced…like an over-the-top high school drama… in this instance, written and read just like a good cliched bad-guy should read it. I’m jittery, but it’s not in anticipation. And I’m totally scared of the Klingons…just not in the way they want me to be.

I have to be honest, I don’t understand what the big deal is about the new looks on the Klingons. I took one look at this guy and I knew instantly he’s a Klingon. Okay, they don’t have their metal band long hair anymore but really is that so critical ? The point has always been that they look like badass warriors, and they look more like badass Warriors now than ever, just like the “new” Klingons we first saw in Star Trek TMP looked more badass than the original Klingons from TOS .

“I have to be honest, I don’t understand what the big deal is about the new looks on the Klingons”
Then you’ve been blind for 50 years and have no understanding of continuity or canon. TOS ridgeless was for a good real-world reason.

Yeah, but they didn’t have to redesign the Klingons for TMP. They chose to, because they had a higher budget and access to better make up.

Legate Damar,

Re: …they didn’t have to redesign the Klingons for TMP

I recall an article I ran across where Roddenberry gave an interview (I think it was in San Diego) explaining they HAD to upgrade the Klingons and the ship so they wouldn’t look ridiculous blown up on the “70mm screen” as I believe he put it.