Latest ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo Goes To Red Alert With Some New Shots

CBS has released another new web promo this morning for Star Trek: Discovery. This one is action-packed with red alert klaxon blaring, weapons firing and things generally going boom.

NOTE: Video is region-locked for USA only. Click here for the region unlocked version on Instagram

The new promo features some new dialog, notably Sarek telling Michael Burnham:

You are gifted. Gather your strength. Find a way to help those who need you.

There are also a couple of interesting new shots of Klingon ships.

This appears to be a new take on the Bird of Prey

The mysterious Obelisk unfurls


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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I am LOVING this huge info dump today, TrekMovie! My cup of synthehol runneth over.

Hee! Cute. :-)

Has there been footage yet of a Klingon ship that looks even vaguely familiar? Don’t mind the new stuff, but some continuity with what’s gone before would also be nice.

@Michael Hall,

“but some continuity with what’s gone before would also be nice.”

Why? Since the first trailer it’s clear that ‘Discovery’ is a visual reboot.

To a degree yes. Does the federation Star Ships not look familiar to you? Probably not…lol


Very funny!

Does the Klingon Star Ships not look familiar to you? Probably not…lol

As TUP stated, the Federation ships look familiar, if different. The Klingon ships, so far, are entirely something else.

@Michael Hall,

Well, the Klingons are the villains of the show and since Alex Kurtzman is involved it’s to be expected for the enemy to have a BIG BLACK SPACESHIP!

Which makes sense. Ahmed just cherry picks to supprt his negative narrative. Which is funny since he is attacking anyone anti-Orville as doing the same thing.

But we all have our opinions. Many people here rise above bias to present reasonable perspectives though. he just isnt one of them.


So while talking about ‘Discovery’ as a visual reboot in relation to the Klingon ships, you come along and point to the Federation starships as evidence it’s not? Then you have the nerve to lecture about cherry picking & rising above bias!

What’s a “Klingon Star Ship”, Ahmed? Never heard of that term before… not familiar to me.

Reboot, that’s the problem.

I’m certainly lamenting the loss of the once-upon-a-time, signature “star Trek” look. The clean lines, not cluttered, smooth design aesthetics of the ships has clearly given way to the Star Wars school of thought. These strange, fat, cluttered up Klingon vessels aren’t the least bit threatening or visually appealing.

I feel your pain, but that smooth, ‘clean lines’ look has been AWOL from the Trek universe for decades, including those Abrams movies you like so much. No use trying to lay it off on the DSC producers.

Oh you’re right, no argument there…the Klingon ships have been an abomination since TNG’s “new” blocky take on it. At least the movies used the D7 style…albeit cluttered up with star wars-ish textures all over, as well as the Bird of Prey, which…other than wrongly adopting the whole Romulan warbird theme, I liked, for a smaller vessel. I think JJ kept the Enterprise streamlined and sleek. Outside of the over sized nacelles, no real problems there. Loved Spock’s jellyfish as well. Hated the Klingon ships and Nero’s Romulan pointy thing…not sure what the hell that was. It’s a style the powers that be have adopted. It sucks, but it is what it is…Trek’s unique stylized identity has been trashed in favor of design sensibilities that set it apart from absolutely no one.

The J.J.-Prise is an abomination, and not just for the oversized nacelles. Shifting the neck back on the engineering hull throws the entire profile off; the curved nacelle struts are stupid, and the windows were never even rescaled on the CGI model to match the ship’s theoretical increase in size. And that’s just the outside!

the Bird of Prey adopted the “whole Romulan warbird theme” because the antagonists were originally intended to be Romulan in Star Trek III. For some reason, that was changed, but the Nilo Rodis design was so striking it was kept, and simply changed into a Klingon “Bird of Prey.”

The klingons and romulan birds of prey are totally different types of space vehicle the truce between the romulan and klingons had the romulan forced bt treaty to purchase a lot of klingons vessels

Nero’s ship was a mining vesselect capable of drilling to the Co of the a planet if required surely they’d need to be able to manipulate the planet sized debris I imagine that’s what the pointy bits were for grabbing and holding stuff in a vacuum saving energy for thrusers and tractor beams while they were crushed drilled or what ever

I strongly suspect this is the ‘ancient Klingon’ look and we might see ‘modern Klingons’ at some point as well…

I’m guessing you’re right about that. Hope so, anyway.

If these klingons ships represent the klingons religion wouldn’t they look different to a D7 or bird of prey perhas these klingons have been searching for kah’ les for hundreds of years and that explains the difference between these and the down and dirty klingons warship look

In the july trailer around the 1:20 mark, what looks to be the Shinzou is firing on a ship that’s decloaking. It’s a real quick flyby but it’s got a crescent moon appearance to it. A
Klingon shape with big swept forward wings and a long extended neck.


I am waiting for the wait to be over!

Taking bets on whether hand phasers will emit beams or bolts. Please, Great Bird of the Galaxy, make it a beam weapon. Also hope the color palette won’t languish in the murk.

Based on the phasers from the ships it’ll be bolts possibly. They fire a lot like the ships in the Kelvin time line. I prefer the original style of phaser tbh. But I’m mega excited for this show. Love everything about the new look and feel.

I really wish it was beam weapons also. Just for scientific reasons alone they make more sense. However, I think they go for the “bolts” because it seems more contemporary and looks more like a gunfight. With bolts you can miss. With beams you really can’t. Just move the beam to the target.

Yes!!! Looking awesome and exciting!!!! Purchased Space in Canada just to watch this, cannot believe I am paying for Discovery.

I’m paying for it with Netflix, so we’re all in the same boat. :)

Looks like Trekmovie filter is back to its old tricks!!

Man,I would really, really love to fully enjoy these trailers and look forward to seeing this. But in each and every one of these, the TV-MA rating disclaimer continues to be a major buzz killer for me.

I know, I know, I’m in the habit of repeating myself lately, but I still can’t get over it and probably never will… because this could really devastate my enjoyment of Star Trek as a whole.

You know, even when some favourite old Star Trek theme tunes or quotations pop up in the back of my head – earworms and classic lines I have enjoyed and cherished as dearest memories for decades – all I can think of now is:

“Don’t hum that tune… Don’t quote that line… It’s Star Trek… and Star Trek is about to be sullied forever by this TV-MA rating of Discovery. Trek is evil now, so delete those memories!”

I know this is stone-cold crazy. Rationally I tell myself to keep an open mind, but emotionally I’m torn… This could really turn out ugly!

Dude, it’s a TV show. It’s not 1989, either. It’s not like someone is holding a gun to your head to watch it. Or, are they? Honestly, grow up. TV-MA #SMH. How do think babies are made? And so what if someone utters the F-word. They’re people, flawed people who swear and bang and poop. Life is messy, gloriously messy.

Devastate your enjoyment… Mayberry may be missing you.

The crazy thing is that smike has stated repeatedly that he watches several other TV-MA rated shows. Only Star Trek is suddenly evil for doing it.

Smike wants Star Trek to stay in the past because being in the past is all he and other fans like him can be.

Thats a good point Dusty. Some of these people can’t let go of the past. I have always been a person who thinks change is good, which is the entire reason why I don’t like prequels. I want to look as forward as possible. But I’m happy the show looks like it will take chances and do new things.

Its not going to be the same Star Trek you watched. They are trying to shake it up a little. If you can’t stand a little nudity and words on a TV screen, how do you get through real life?

Change for the sake of it is NOT good per se! Forever changing the very nature of Star Trek for the feable hope to win over a couple of million viewers from GOT or TWD is incredibly greedy and short-sighted.

I’d rather have Trek as a niche low-budget counter-programming fueled by the few fans who reject this modern-day wave of TV-MA gorefests than see Star Trek contribute to the moral downfall of pop culture as a whole.

This is not “shaking it up a little”… This is ripping out the very soul this franchise has been lived on for 51 years!

“If you can’t stand a little nudity and words on a TV screen, how do you get through real life?”

Real life? In my life there ahs never been and probably will never be any “nudity”… This may be the reason I’m having these difficulties now and yes, Trek played a major part in this self-isolation from “getting laid”…

But as long as the “nudity” isn’t part of further (sexualized) violence, I’ve decided to be fine with it. Unfortunately, I expect them to go full Species, Lifeforce or GOT on this if there was ever any nudity.

I want Trek to change not for its own sake, or for the sake of winning over a million or two GoT fans. I want it to change because I want it to excel by the standards of 2017, not those of 1967 or even 1987. TV has made enormous leaps as an art form in the past decade or so, and the only way Trek will remain relevant in any lasting sense is to aspire to the same level of excellence as GoT, or The Expanse, or BSG, and to do so while not sacrificing the hope and optimism that made it so beloved in the first place. Not the easiest needle to thread, but I think it can be done.

“I want it to change because I want it to excel by the standards of 2017, not those of 1967 or even 1987. TV has made enormous leaps as an art form in the past decade or so, and the only way Trek will remain relevant in any lasting sense is to aspire to the same level of excellence…”

Whether TV has “evolved” over the last 15 years is questionable at best. Yes, it has become more cinematic visually, and the serialized nature has turned a TV show from a collection of short stories to a giant motion novel. But is has also degenerated by losing its inherent innocence, by grossly relying on blood and gore when in comes to TV-MA outings.

I know, I know. Gross depiction of violence is more honest than toned-down self-censorship. But does it really elevate the product? It’s done mainly on the market’s demand, not solely for art’s sake! The terms “adult” and “mature” are marketing gimmicks for the most. I so much wish I could think differently, but I just can’t!

Smike, then it sounds like the show isn’t for you then. Just move on. Let me guess, you won’t be moving on, you’ll watch every episode and put your hand on the bible if someone shows too much arm. I don’t know what to tell you.

And you never been naked in your life? Still a virgin? I don’t what you’re saying, but yes that would explain some things.

“and put your hand on the bible…”

The Bible??? Tiger2, you obviously don’t read my (admittedly xtensive) posts. I am NOT religious in ANY conventional sense. I don’t care about what Jesus would say or the Holy Mother Mary for what it’s worth. But then, I don’t think I have to be religious to reject the idea of gallons of fake blood on my screen on Star Trek! Why is it people always believe you have to be a religious retard to care about decency?

“Still a virgin? I don’t what you’re saying, but yes that would explain some things.”

Yes. You got it right. And it explains a lot. But not everything! My reluctance to watch boobs on Trek may be explained away by that sad fact, but not my reluctance to witness gross acts of violence. But then, I’ve already elaborately explained my issues further down. It#s got to do with media politics in my country…

“…if someone shows too much arm.”

Quite wrong! I’m a tank top fan! Please show as much “arm” and “armpit” as you like, as long as you cover those booby traps… :-)

“Religious retard?” A curious description for this fan group. Sadly, “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” has a very myopic definition for some of us. Smike, you’ve managed to insult both the religious and the differently-abled with two words.

Yep. I don’t need to see TOS all over again. The main reason I’m looking forward to this show at all is to see how the Trek format works with modern long-form storytelling, and the more relaxed standards with respect to adult content you can get with a show that doesn’t air on a network. Star Trek is 51 years old. Why some fans insist on the same thing over and over is beyond me. Every time Trek has been great it’s been because it dared to take risks.

“and the more relaxed standards with respect to adult content you can get with a show that doesn’t air on a network.”

I wish I could share your enthusiasm about adult content. Sometimes I wonder why “adult” and “adultery” are part of the same word family :-) But then, again, I’m not religious at all, and I don’t care what people do with their sexuality as long as I don’t have to watch it!

But when it comes to violence, my mind is quite made up by my freakin’ cultural upbringing I’m unable to overcome! When your country (which also happens to be my employer) tells you that the depiction of gross fictional violence is a “crime against human dignity”, it is really, really hard to break free of these moral chains, no matter whether these movies and shows are now rated 16+, 18+ or still completely banned in my place!

I truly wish I had an “American” mind set… Gross violence is fine… but f-bombs…for Christ’s fake…

Unfortunately, it’s the other way round over here… language is a non-issue, whereas the distribution of certain violent movies could get you in jail…

@Dusty: yes, I want Star Trek to stay true to its legacy of the past. It never was a TV-MA / R-Rated show / movie series. Therefore it has to stay that way. It can change within the framework provided by the original rating, but as soon as it “evolves” beyond that, it stops being Star Trek.

What do you want, people? All future Trek shows beimng rated TV-MA? Every new movie rated R? Nope? If not, why do this to Star Trek in the first place? Why devastate this beautiful world beyond repair?

It never had a TV-MA before. It does now. You guys sound so stuck in the past. My god, how did Star Trek get as far as it did?

Discovery is not your grandfather’s Star Trek. If you can’t deal, then you just have to move on. The other five shows are on Netflix and Blu Ray. Just keeping watching those.

“You guys sound so stuck in the past.”

If it was only that… Stuck in the past? I’m stuck in my place! Stuck in a country that has stigmatized violence in movies for decades! You cannot even imagine what it’s like to have home cinema releases on DVD and Blu-Ray being CUT for an 18+ rating, with the uncut editions being outlawed and confiscated for decades! You cannot imagine what it’s like to be fed on the idea of cinematic violence being an major crime against “human dignity” for decades, legally and morally! Unrated Blu-Rays like in the US? Forget it! Either you get your age certificate or you’re f’ed!

And now that times, even here, are slowly changing, but with these gross laws still in place, I have to come to terms with a hard-on Star Trek show probably on par with TWD or GOT, two legal shows so similar to those unlawful, illegal movies it hurts! How would I ever be able to deal with THAT? It doesn’t compute, it doesn’t make sense, it’s just a mess of epic proportion! And I have to stand for that as an employee of that state!

If you guys lived in a place in which the 18+ edition of all seven SAW movies was cut by 70+ minutes to be legally granted an 18+ rating, you’d understand! Graphic violence is demonized here. They had the uncut version of “Phantasm” banned for decades! The banning of “The Evil Dead” was a national holy cow until recently.
It’s not religion on my part, not in the slightest. It’s the state-induced brainwashing! I was taught to believe on-screen violence is not just pure evil but also “VERBOTEN!” (prohibited). The works of Herschel Gordon Lewis, George A. Romero, Lucio Fulci, you name it, banned, outlawed and morally stigmatized for a heartfelt eternity. Not even talking about Rob Zombie or Eli Roth here…
Unrated releases…pure American luxury! Without a rating label, you are put on index or banned… I’m opposed to that, but still it haunts me! Because while you’re able to get all of that stuff online, you still have to feel ashamed…and it’s done on purpose! Sometimes I wish I had never been born in that country!

“The crazy thing is that smike has stated repeatedly that he watches several other TV-MA rated shows.”

Watching and enjoying / approving of those shows are two different things. Of course I need to watch every relevant genre production there is.
Let’s take GOT. Despite being a great show thematically, I disapprove of GOT when it comes to graphic violence and nudity. I can only do so by having actually watched it. I can enjoy the fantasy aspects and some of the plot twist, but the graphic execution is well beyond anything I could ever approve. But it’s an different world, so I’m fine with it being over the top.

But do I want this on Trek? Nope, with all my heart, I say no to this! I don’t!
Will I watch? Of course! It’s not as if I had a choice! But will I like it if it is anything even close to GOT? Nope. And none of you can force me to…

@ smike: Sorry but you are not making sense. If you don’t enjoy a show then don’t watch it. It’s simple. You don’t need to watch a show you don’t like just because it’s from a specific genre.
You are right that none of us can force you to like Discovery. However, no one is forcing you to watch. You do have a choice.

Sorry but YOU are not making sense here. Why would I be writing about a show I haven’t even seen yet for hundreds of pages and hours on various websites, if I didn’t care so much about it and the entire franchise to watch, even if it tears me apart?

Yeah, I could cease watching TWD, I could stop watching GOT (if I wanted to, which I don’t in case of GOT), but with Star Trek… stop kidding me! The very reason I am emotionally outraged is because I care about it. So no, I don’t have a choice.

If I’m alive on September 25, I will watch it, even if my worst nightmares come true. But whether I like it or not, is up in the stars at this point.

@ smike: You seem to have setup yourself for hating the show by expecting the worst. I hope that you can watch the show with an open mind on September 25th and then decide whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, preconceived notions are often hard to get out of your head.

“You seem to have setup yourself for hating the show by expecting the worst.”

Nope. Not in the slightest. I am just desperately trying to deal with my culturally and parently induced demons here. If you are legally and culturally led to believe that fictional on-screen violence is a major “crime against human dignity”, you eventually start believing that.

If I had been born French, Austrian, Dutch or Swedish, I would easily be looking forward to this long-expected return of Star Trek! But here, in this forsaken country, you’re raised to subscribe to the idea that violence in movies is pure evil. It’s not just a moral implication, it’s the freakin’ law!

And when that system finally begins to crumble under the weight of its own irrelevance, you begin to question everything you’ve been led to believe. For me, a TV-MA Star Trek show is exactly that moment of rapture… but I still need time to fully adapt…

Umm did you even watch Star Trek?

Once or twice, yes.

“Dude, it’s a TV show. It’s not 1989, either. It’s not like someone is holding a gun to your head to watch it. Or, are they? Honestly, grow up.”

Star Trek has always been a lot more than just a TV show for me and for many, many other people. It’s been a moral compass, a lifestyle, a surrogate pseudo-religion of sorts. This may be not the case for you or anybody you know, but for me and lots of my friends, this is the case!

And within that semi-religious context, turning this show into another GOT or TWD is just gross! I didn’t sign up for that, but still I’m not able to stop watching. No, there is no gun pointed at my head forcing me to watch it. But I force myself…

Sounds like you have taken your “fandom” much too far. You know members of a cult sometimes need to experience something really terrible to allow them to break free. I’m beginning to wonder if it would actually be beneficial to you in the longer term if Discovery turned you off TREK for good.

It won’t turn me off for good and it is no “cult” I’m worshipping.
The true “cult” here is the modern “New God” of violence and sex being “adult” and “mature”. And that cult has got many, many followers…

You sound like you live in a convent. And people like you are just ridiculous. You will sit and say how it goes against your morale fiber because someone might say a curse word, but you will watch it anyway.

Why don’t you just not watch it? Oh right, then you can’t complain how its destroying your moral fiber.

Sex and violence has been part of TV for decades now. It even happens in real life from time to time too.

“You will sit and say how it goes against your morale fiber because someone might say a curse word”

I’ve said this time and again. CURSE WORDS, bad language, f-bombs or any other verbal innuendo doesn’t bother me one bit. That sort of sensitivity was never part of my upbringing and I couldn’t give flying *** about those issues. Those R-Rated flicks based on language alone are rated 12+ in my place!

The problem is graphic violence, which to this date is somewhat legally banned in my country – but rather inconsistently lately. Please scroll down to “sit through” my extensive elaboration on that legal issue. I don’t want to post all of it again.

Bottom line: there are (almost) universally acclaimed classics such as Fulci’s Zombie or the Romero zombie movies that are still banned, confiscated and outlawed by the laws of my country as “crimes against human dignity”. I’ve been brought up on that thesis and I’m having a hard time adapting to the “brave new word” of 2017. Only have a year ago, “The Evil Dead” was finally unbanned after 30+ years of legal confiscation. Shows like TWD or GOT have played I pivotal role in rehabilitating some of those classics, but I’m still struggling with all the implications.

Language is not one of my issues…never has been, never will be! Nudity is a bit of a mixed bag. Im personally repressed, but it’s not a legal issue in my place! But gross violence… I don’t even know whether I’m legally supposed to like it or not. Scroll down for further fully elaborated details…

Smike, loosen up! Get a life! Or as the Joker would say; “Why so serious?!”

Really, a lot of people grew up with Trek to whom it provided that same moral compass and thought provoking influencer in their lifestyle. With the content and tone of the series shifting or changing doesn’t mean it can’t uphold it’s core values! The vessel is changing but I believe Star Trek will stay true to it’s core. They may bring it in a different way but the message will still be the same or possibly even more, enriched or better then what it was. Just be open to that possibility.

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations my friend!

“Smike, loosen up! Get a life! Or as the Joker would say; “Why so serious?!””

It’s a long story and the easiest way would be to tell you to scroll down a bit. But let me cut a long story short:

1. Due to an incredibly backward law that is still in place to this very date, lots of early “adult” genre classics such as Zombie or Dawn of the Dead have been banned for 30+ years in my country on the accusation of being “a crime against human dignity”. Lots of movies such as The Evil Dead have been rehabilitated lately, but still dozens are banned, confiscated and outlawed by the state of Germany on a federal level.

2. I have personally seen lots of these movies (which I am allowed as an individual – whereas sharing them would be a major offense!) and all I can say that most of these confiscated movies are on par or even far less disturbing than recent TV-MA shows like TWD or GOT.

3. If those movies in questions are confiscated for moral standards and the equally disturbing TV-MA shows are not (anymore), the presents an awefully complicated schism for me. I am made to believe it’s morally inacceptable to be a fan of Fulci’s Zombie while at the same time TWD is okay? Total, utter, entire moral confusion!?!

4. Now Trek is TV-MA, probably on par with GOT or TWD, shows I consider to be on the same level as some of the movies banned and confiscated by my country!?! Can’t you see my moral dilemma, my conflict of interests?

It’s not that easy for me. Most people in my country wouldn’t care either, but then, most of them wouldn’t care for the traffic lights! I’m different. I need a clear moral standard. It’s selective autism, you know!

“Evil?” Man, that’s really over-the-top.


Certainly not egalitarian, hopefully nor inspiring.

““Evil?” Man, that’s really over-the-top.”

Yes, it is! It’s not even what I want to believe. I know, there are counterpoints to my ranting. Yes, I know that the Xindi, the Borg or the Dominion have already killed BILLIONS within this fictional world and “evil” – as a plot point – has always been part of Trek. Blowing up starships for cool action’s sake or blowing up entire worlds like Vulcan… not entirely utopian either.

But when it comes to the graphic depiction of violence (and sex for what it’s worth), there used to be a clearly defined boundary.
The Death Star killed billions on Alderaan but they only dismembered up to ten people in a SAW movie. Still, the Saw movie would be rated R or Unrated whereas Star Wars is a family-friendly franchise. So clearly, the fictional bodycount isn’t it. It’s the way those killings are depicted and Star Trek – despite all the implied violence – always was on the “good” side (aka family-friendly side) of the genre.

Now it’s finally crossing over into “enemy” territory, catering to the same adolescent voyerism and low-life bloodlust that used to be reserved to slasher movies and niche hard action flicks. These graphically explicite contents are rapidly becoming mainstream and that’s what’s bothering me.

I’m fine with five million people liking hard-on horror movies or R-Rated action flicks. But I’m worried sick by FIFTY MILLION people watching GOT, TWD, Logan or Deadpool, often with their tweenage kids, who are able to watch it anyway.

Yeah, it’s not 1989 anymore. But that’s my issue to begin with!

“Evil” is over the top (as smike acknowledges in the original comment), but I’m kind of in the same boat. The main thing for me is that it immediately changes this from “show I can geek out about with my kid” to “show I’m going to have to screen first and possibly deny her permission to see it.” That places it into a completely different category for me, as someone who has raised her on Trek. At the very least, it’s pretty disappointing.

““Evil” is over the top…”

Yeah, it is. It is an emotional reaction that is a bit over the top. I know that dealing with evil within a fictional story is not the same as evil itself. Therefore I am fully content with mature THEMES tackled on any show.

But TV-MA is not just about the themes (NuBSG was as thematically mature as it gets and got a TV-14 rating!), it’s about how those themes are handled! Graphically handled! And that sort of graphic violence, gore, nudity etc. is driven my sheer voyeurism and greed…

Not a single show would need a TV-MA rating if those mature themes were handled tastefully and decently. But audiences demand blood and more blood and greedy rights owners are happily delivering the goods. It’s a vicious circle unleased by upcreeping tendecies for decades. But now it has gotten out of control. Turning Star Trek into a TV-MA zombie is the point of no return.

“show I’m going to have to screen first and possibly deny her permission to see it.”

Unfortunately, you are no longer in control anyway unless you deprive her of any internet access, smartphones or technologically up-to-date friends. That’s the worst thing about it! I don’t have kids, but if I had any, I would be worried sick 24/7 not being able to shield or protect them from that stuff…

I have no opinion about this – we shall see if they are tasteful on Star Trek Discovery. But you might enjoy this documentary.

“I have no opinion about this”

Good for you. I’ve got more opinions about this than anyone can handle :-) At least two. You know, all that rambling on my part, my darn moral crusade of late, is only half of what goes on in my mind. All of your points are valid! Trek needs to evolve. The world of media has evolved around it and Trek needs to grow out of it like a baby! There is a certain honesty in graphic violence so desperately missing from toned-down PG-13 outings. All of this is valid and my other half knows that.
If only I could overcome my preconceptions, my regrets, my second thoughts. If I only I could fully embrace adult entertainment. I so much wish I could. But then, there are these other aspects. Voyeurism, sadism, nihilism, in every TV-MA outing! Are they intruguing? Yes! Are they innovative? Yes! But do I want this on Trek? For Trek’s sake, I JUST DON’T KNOW!

@smike – You’re joking, right? You are not really having such a ridiculous reaction to the TV-MA rating, right? I mean, HAHAHA, this is funny, good joke, well played! But if you are serious, you need help. Mental-health help. That’s a twisted, obsessive reaction to something as meaningless as a tv-show rating.

Not joking. If you seriously are having thoughts like your “Don’t hum that tune” stuff, you need to talk to a mental-health professional. That’s dangerously obsessive/confused thinking, not normal fan obsessiveness.

Either way–comedy fail or mental issue–good luck!!

^This PaulB guy needs to be banned

@albatrosity – For what? People here attack each other, spew right-wing bigotry, and insult with freedom. I did none of that. I responded to a comment that reads as a warning sign about obsessive behavior. Disagree? Fine, tell smike how you are equally obsessed with something so minor. But ban me for…what, exactly?

Better idea: Ignore me as I usually ignore you.

@PaulB: Why would anyone would want to ban you? Your opinion is as weöcome as anyones and I do not feel offended by your statement in the slightest. I know I’m borderlining to say the least. But it is not “something so minor”… The TV-MA rating, probably translated 16+ or 18+ in my country, stigmatizes Star Trek in a way that’s never been seen before but with TWD and GOT alaredy having changed the world of TV, Trek won’t cause any more damage. It only damages itself…

welcome / already

just saying, you gotta tone down your…tone. calling people mental patients, really? my god man, you could at least act like you have respect for others

@albatrosity: No, leave PaulB alone. For God’s sake! It’s okay for me if he calls me a mental patient. In a certain way, I am. I should be able to deal with the complexities of rating systems, youth protection and legal implications of adult entertainment.

The reasons I’m not are so complex, I cannot expect any sort of full understanding. How? I cannot even fully understand myself on these issues! Is it because the legal intricacies of my country that I had been brought up on? Is it because I have never been laid? Is it my selective autism? Is it because I just don’t want to grow up like Peter Pan?

I don’t know, man. But I know that I deserve to be adressed on these issues. Paul B has every right to speak his mind on my condition and I’m grateful he does! It’s okay, man. Please…

oh ok well as long as you’re cool with it! It’s just asinine to this poster, makes this site seethe with unnecessary hate

Obviously you’ve never watched Star trek.


An attempt at comedy it is not, not in the slightest… and you’re probably right. I’m obsessed with this rating – and the consequences this could have for future Trek – well beyond anything healthy. Losing too much sleep over that issue is never really healthy.

But claiming I am the one who needs psychological help is a tad too much. There are MILLIONS of people out there ENJOYING shows like GOT or TWD, enjoying most grizzly scenarios, enjoying the blood, violence and gore as part of mainstream success… Logan, Deadpool, John Wick… you name it!
From where I’m standing, it those people who need help. A society that encourages this sort of disgusting pop culture is sick. I may be obsessed with those emotions, but I’m not the one who is in need for “help”…

Some of you sound like you have the most coddle existence ever. Grown people on a show might say bad words and have sex? What would Jesus think?’

Get a grip. Or just don’t watch the show if you are that sensitive to adults being adults.

Jesus doesn’t interest me one bit!
But I simply reject the idea that current-day voyeurism and exhibitionism has got anything to do with being “adult”…
You know, adults have been around for quite a while but never before has there be this sort of exposure to graphic violence and nudity.
Maybe because people used to be religious, but I am not religious in a traditional sense and still don’t want to enjoy fountains of blood, piles of chopped-off heads and naked boobs hiding behind every star.
The ongoing pop-cultural lust for bloodshed and graphic nudity isn’t “adult” at all, it is at best adolescent drooling or childish curiosity. From where I’m standing, I may be very well the only true “adult” in this forum. There is nothing adult or mature in these shows or movies. Otherwise, they’d be decent and dignified enough to spare us that sort of graphic bloodshed instead of giving in to the lowest instincts in paying viewers.


Re: …adults have been around for quite a while but never before has there be this sort of exposure to graphic violence and nudity.

Indeed they have and you need to study the history of the second longest lasting civilization that existed on this planet to see you hold a fantasy that those fictional flickers exceed what the current civilization’s ancestral one achieved in visceral graphic adult entertainment. The Roman civilization offered all that and more in their extremely bloody popular arena entertainments.

And on the dramatic stage in their amphitheaters, only males played the speaking female roles!

You’re right about Roman history. It was even worse back then because they slaughtered actual people in the arenas. But you know, even that does NOT compare to nowaday’s situation because none of these events could be recorded in FullHD and distributed digitally without any control.
Theoretically, if a Roman father didn’t want his sons to see those bloodsports, he could still keep them at home. Today? Two klicks and you got access to all of it within seconds…


I’d sure like to know the community where grew up that you’ve never heard of children sneaking into the movies or the circus?

I grew up in an initial 200 unit suburb surrounded by farms and woods in The South. And because I was a straight-laced nerd bloodied regularly by bullies. LEAVE TO BEAVER was an ideal that I longed for but my 50s/60s reality was closer to STAND BY ME.

I do understand your disappointment in the ratings change. I went through it when the Trek movies went from G to PG and then PG-13.

But as I reflect back on those young years, I have to say my life was endangered more from the well-meaning ignorance that my elders promulgated thinking that it would somehow magically prevent me from the dangerous realities of my world which it did not.

“I’d sure like to know the community where grew up that you’ve never heard of children sneaking into the movies or the circus?”

Of course I “heard” of it, but it was far from common in Germany, to the point of being impossible for most kids.

The youth protection system was and still is incredibly strict and before the internet, you really had to have an older mate or brother to get a hold on any movie you weren’t supposed to watch.

For what it’s worth, I’ll briefly explain the system over here.
– Most PG-13 movies are rated 12+ and can be watched by younger kids when accompanied by parents.
– Some PG-13 movies and a fair amount of R movies are 16+ and that rating CANNOT be turned over by parents in theatres
– The rest of the R-Rated movies are 18+ or worse! Yes, 18+ is not the end of the line in Germany. A huge number of movies rated 18+ are actually CUT. The uncut versions are then either put on an index or completely banned and confiscated by a court.

These confiscated movies are almost completely illegal. They may be owned and watched by a single adult but as soon as you watch it with an andult friend, let alone minor, you are basically a criminal. These movies are regarded crimes against human dignity by the law and this may be one of the reasons I’m so torn apart by the TV-MA issue.

Look, among those banned and confiscated movies are early zombie classics such as Romero’s Dawn of the Dead or Fulci’s Zombie. They are arguably on par or even less extreme than your average TWD episode.

TWD has never been banned over here, probably because it’s far too popular to be controlled anymore. But the moral stigma created by the long-term ban of other genre movies somewhat clouds my perception of TWD and GOT.

And now, Star Trek is joining the club. A club of TV shows arguable worse than movies that are still legally banned by the very state I work for, for reasons of violating human dignity. You see one of my issues?

These age restrictions are not limited to cinema or TV broadcasts, but also relevant for home cinema releases. They are ounched in your face by huge warning lables destroying the cover art of any DVD or BD.
18+ movies are sold seperately in different sections of a store where anyone knows what you’re looking for. There are also strict regulations for which time of the day a movie may be shown on TV.
None of this really matters anymore due to the fact that kids got smartphones, but the state still upholds the stigmata implied in those age restrictions, giving us adults a bad conscience about even watching that stuff.

I hate that system to the fullest. I’ve argued against this completely over-the-top youth protect system for the better part of my life. But even on websites promoting the abolition of that very system of censorship, there are still people posting who believe in it. This causes utter confusion.

Even being an adult in my place doesn’t mean you are supposed to watch everything other nations watch. You’re still patronized and worse, you are expected to patronize others along the way! Being 18+ years of age, being that sort of “adult”, doesn’t mean I am legally allowed to watch a show like “Spartacus” in uncut form with others. I am granted the right to own it for myself, but only on a bad conscience because the moment I accidentally hand on the wrong DVD set to an adult friend, I am a criminal… That’s the situation over here, my friend! Hope I didn’t bore you to death.


While I don’t envy you your country’s different level of censorship, I do envy that in your country the victors didn’t allow the defeated, their ideas, and history to be “reinvented” and worshiped as something they never where.

My country feigns worshiping freedom of speech, but it has NEVER been legal in this country under a doctrine called “inciting a riot”, i.e. endangering the public well being by speaking to cause a deadly panic, to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater where none existed. And yet, somehow we are constantly told that groups that openly advocate murdering wast swaths of humans MUST BE allowed to speak and you shouldn’t shut them up for inciting riots with such drivel?

“but it has NEVER been legal in this country under a doctrine called “inciting a riot”, i.e. endangering the public well being by speaking to cause a deadly panic, to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater where none existed.”

File it under fake news! This is REALLY, REALLY funny! Wow! You know, the law that keeps hundreds of movies banned in my place (§131), was actually a paragraph about FAKE NEWS until the mid 70s, i.e. not inciting riots by publishing untrue facts.
They just rebranded it to suppress the upcoming wave of American and Italian exploitation movies back then.

“And yet, somehow we are constantly told that groups that openly advocate murdering wast swaths of humans MUST BE allowed to speak and you shouldn’t shut them up for inciting riots with such drivel?”

Yeah, you know, I guess the concept of “freedom of speech” is handled quite differently in our countries. Over here, it’s a crime to speak positive of a crime, to persuade someone of committing a crime etc… But when it comes to feal life, I’m quite happy with these laws… But movies? I could have really done without that life-long brainwashing that is now in my way of fully appreciating a new Star Trek show!

The only question that remains: Why do I really care about that drivel? Why can’t a be a good old Roman enjoying the (fake) Killing Games in the arena?


You are way off on Roman parents. The romanticized protected childhood that you are nostalgic for, was a far more recent invention, and its inventor was Charles Dickens.

“You are way off on Roman parents.”

I know. This is why I wrote: THEORETICALLY, they could have kept them from joining them in the Colosseum.

And I fully agree that the “romanticized protection of childhood” is a huge problem, especially in my country. But I was raised that way and I am now expected to uphold and support this system in my job, which, honestly, is slowly leading to a personality disorder.
On the one hand there is that part of me advocating freedom of censorship, on the other hand, there is that voice that’s been ranting and rambling up and down this very site, trying to protect his own childhood memories of better days long gone. I’m really sorry for that, but this is tearing me apart!


I understand. I don’t want to paint my Dickensian childhood moments as uncherishable or the world as ALL bad. They were fun and I enjoyed them, but this is the tortuous world that existed before my time with my alcoholic grandfathers:

and such monsters have always existed which is why I have always advocated balance in dealing with children. And why I won’t lie to a child when I feel I can provide a useful answer to a direct question in a beneficial way. But I do try to tailor the data to the individual child’s capacity to best learn from it and use it in their daily life. And I most definitely hope that any answer I provide would help them find the courage, when necessary, that that child found to extricate herself from such a horrible circumstance.

Thanks for your understanding,
but even the most “Dickensian” childhood experience in the US South is nothing compared to state-induced child protection in Germany back in the 80s and 90s when it comes to violence in media.
Back then, movies like Terminator, Total Recall, Predator etc had been put on the index, stigmatizing them even for adults. They’ve all been “freed” by now, but still, there was some nasty hostility towards any sort of over-the-top movie violence in place back then, and I’m still recovering from that upbringing. My own father wasn’t able to sit through the original Alien movie at the age of 60, so much had this generation secluded itself from that sort of “adult” entertainment.
But it took until 2017 to see movies like Starship Troopers or Phantasm to be finally put off the index. Other classics remain to be restricted or even completely banned until this very day while at the same time, they are watched by kids online like in any other country. This schism is what turned me into a borderline schizophrenic, I guess.
There’s a part of me that is grateful to shows like TWD or GOT to have finally put an end to these dogmata. Authorities have to deal with it now, and one by one, movies are removed from both banning list and index. But the other parts keeps telling me, all of this is “a crime against human dignity”. Not because I want to believe it, but because it had been taught to me for decades…

BTW, Tiger2: “Bad words” are certainly not an issue of mine! The American obsession with f-bombs, innuendo and other language issues are so completely irrelevant in my country, most R-Rated comedies are rated 12+.
But when it comes to violence, authorities are still stigmatizing contents. PG-13 horror movies are rated 16+ over here and there are still hundreds of movies being restricted (“indicized”) or completely banned even for adults.
Maybe it is this German sensitivity towards violence that somewhat turns a harmless TV rating into a moral dilemma for me. On the other hand, there are millions of fellow countrymen who wouldn’t give a thing about any rating decisions. So yeah, it’s all my fault. I care too much about those issues and should get a freakin’ grip. If I only knew how to…

Why does being an adult have to involve the approval of grizzly gore and graphic violence in a mainstream franchise in the first place?
Man, I own hundreds of bloody horror movies and action flicks. And am watching most TV-MA shows despite all that gore. But is it too much to ask to shelf this stuff under “bad stuff”, guilty pleasures catering to the lowest insticts we all have? Like Roman arena killings, only this time with fake blood?

As long as this was isolated, standalone stuff I had been fine with it for decades! But now, it has infested the mainstream cinema and TV, let alone Star Trek, all being available 24/7 for kids and teens to “enjoy”…

That was when I started emotionally moralizing age certificates. Because unlike in the 80s or 90s, it can no longer be hidden from minors, it can no longer be shelved under “bad stuff”… It’s generally accepted mainstream now and that’s driving me crazy!

And not just me: most people I’ve talked to about it fully agree that Star Trek should not have embarked on that journey. I meet with 10+ Trekkers on a monthly basis and all of them are very skeptical towards this. Colleagues are so, too. And YouTubers are complaining in large numbers as well… No, it is not just me. I may be the loudest, most resilitant voice at the moment, but I’m not alone…

“resilitant” :-) Typo… sorry… but a nice unintentional neologism that nails it: “resilient” meets “militant”

Look, I get your POV, but I don’t subscribe to the idea that concealing human activities accelerates the phenomenon, which is what your endless yet heartfelt ramblings amount to. Succesful Star Trek is a mirror, and it has always had adult content filled with violence and sex. The man who created the lore was a philanderer, let us not forget. Smike, your wish to shield someone from reality, our reality, will be your greatest misstep.

Smike wrote, ” In my life there ahs never been and probably will never be any “nudity”… ” [sic]

If you’re asexual, no nudity must be great. If you’re not. I’m really sorry. Maybe that’s the problem. ;)

Finally, you can pretend the Star Trek’s mythos is pseudo-religious and beneficent and utopic, but young adult to old aged people there are exactly like people here. Flawed. Greedy. Sexual. And all the rest. Messy. Messy. Messy. You know why? Because we are animals. Animals act animalistic. Even the seeming altruistic.

“The man who created the lore was a philanderer”

I agree to some extend. Gene would have approved of sex and nudity on Star Trek back then. Back then, I myself would have agreed. In the early 90s, I wanted Star Trek to do exactly that because it felt necessary to push this boundary.

25 years later, the internet has already pushed that boundary 50 million times or more and that has resulted in some of the grossest materials people like GR wouldn’t have imagined back in the 70s or 80s. From my present-day POV, the least thing Star Trek and the world needs are more naked boobies.

But when it comes to graphic violence and gore, GR would have never approved. He was a contemporary of Herschel Gordon Lewis or George A Romero. If Gene really had wanted to have that stuff on Trek, he could have done it back then!

“If you’re asexual, no nudity must be great. If you’re not. I’m really sorry. Maybe that’s the problem. ;)”

It is, no doubt about that ;)

“but young adult to old aged people there are exactly like people here. Flawed. Greedy. Sexual. And all the rest. Messy. Messy. Messy. You know why? Because we are animals.”

See, and this is where old Star Trek and modern-day televised nihilism differ. Trek presented humans as rational and striving humanitarians. Flawed, yes. But not beyond redemption. The worlds of GOT and TWD show the complete opposite of that. And that is what the four letters TV-MA represent for me… a cynical humanity beyond redemption. TV-MA – on the viewers’ part – is a major backlash to uncivilised times: pure voyeurism and sadism…

There was a positive vibe to Trek, more than to any other genre production. That optimism, hope and spirit simply cannot be realized under TV-MA conditions. The worst thing is that this new Trek backfires on older incarnations BIG TIMES.

Roddenberry definitely would have approved of some more bare flesh in Trek back then. I know this for a fact, because I heard him say so.

“Roddenberry definitely would have approved of some more bare flesh in Trek back then. I know this for a fact, because I heard him say so.”

And I would have agreed with that without any second thought BACK THEN. Because back then it really mattered. Now, it’s just more of the same for the internet generation.

You know, to fully understand my sentiments for Trek, let me tell you a story. Back in the 90s, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, I used to be a pretty naive Trekkie. I believed that Star Trek (among other progressive tendencies) was about to bring peace, justice, equality and tolerance to the world.

Then there were these horrible genocides in former Yugoslavia and in Ruanda. I asked myself: “How could that even be possible, 30 years after the first broadcast of Star Trek???”

I only answer I had back then was: “Well, those people quite obviously must have never seen Star Trek!”

And now look at this! A TV-MA Star Trek, deprived of all its inherent, yet naive, positivity and spirit. An excellent blueprint for further genocide.

That’s how I feel about it compared to my good old escapist Trek “religion”…

I disagree that TV-MA is analogous to nihilism. There was nothing rational about any being on the bridge of the USS Enterprise circa 1968 at one time or another, none of them. Believing that TV-MA means it cannot be optimistic or positive is a lack of creativity on your part, perhaps a “benefit” of shielding yourself from reality that your anecdotal tale implies. Your supposition that a genocidal blueprint is manufactured by TV is laughable.

Redemptionlessness is projection. We live in one of the most civilized times in the history of human existence. Does that mean shitty, awful, abominable things don’t happen? No. Why? I wrote it earlier, but you seem stuck in a loop, which brings me to my final assertion. Your tight grip is your undoing. Only a sadist would hold onto something that burns them. Let go. Let go. Let go.

Strike sadist, I meant masochist.

“…but you seem stuck in a loop, which brings me to my final assertion. Your tight grip is your undoing. Only a sadist would hold onto something that burns them.”

I know that I’m stuck in loop. I’ve been in that sutuation for almost half a year now and with each day getting closer to Discovery it becomes worse. It’s nightmare of epic proportion.

My major problem is that I tend to moralize age certificates and ratings. It’s maybe due to the censorship system in my country that still bans lots of genre movies like Dawn of the Dead or Zombie for being “crimes against human dignity”.
IMO, series like TWD and GOT are equally disturbing. So while they are not banned themselves, they are stuck in that very loophole of mine created by this freakin’ state I have to serve for a living. If they’d only abolish that law for a change! Maybe I could learn to embrace “adult” movies and shows without feeling guilty or responsible…
Or maybe, it’s not that and I’m scapegoating by prijecting my own confusion on an obsolete law that doesn’t really matter to anyone but me anymore… No idea… Stuck in a pretty loophole…

“Your supposition that a genocidal blueprint is manufactured by TV is laughable.”

Laughable. Ludicrous. Ridiculous! Don’t you think I don’t know that. And yet, that real-life genocide committed by our ancestors in Auschwitz and other places led exactly to that very law banning hundreds of genre classics, branding them as “crimes against human dignity”, thus indirectly stigmatizing the entire adult branch of genre entertainment!

Those politicians and judges over here really continue to believe that watching certain movies increases the likeliness of such crimes to be repeated. Therefore, they’ve done everything to keep a whole generation of zombie movies from adult viewers.

Only more recently, rating authorities are slowly beginning to liberalize their policy. Only a couple of months ago, they have finally rehabilitated “The Evil Dead”, which had been illegal for decades. Those changes have got a lot to do with the success of TDW and GOT.

But having been brought up on the premise of such stuff being unlawful crimes against humanity, I am having a hard time adjusting. Let alone that Star Trek is now about to embark into that dark place, too. I am morally confused to say the least.

I have “discussed” this with myself in a fictional 74-page dialogue between those two “parts” of myself, and yet, I cannot pick a side.
I showed this “dialogue” to a friend and he agreed with both factions, because both of them are right to some extend… I dunno. It’s just the way I am at the moment…

Not sure if this would be considered a spoiler but if you’re here, you’re just gonna have to accept it. But some people have put rumour together with some blurry pics from the magazine shoot to determine that the Discovery class of ship is Crossfield Class. Presumably for Albert Scott Crossfield which would be a theme with the Shenzhou being a Walker Class ship.

I thought that might be a Romulan vessel…

I had the same thought. It looks Scimitar-ish to me.

Looks stunning, but, boy, they love flogging that “coming of death” line. It’s just terrible, and the fact they seem to think it’s great makes me nervous. I hope it says more about the trailer editor than the series itself.

Literally all of the dialogue makes me cringe. “Detected warp signatures,” “We have engaged the Klingons,” it all has amateurish delivery. It feels like a fan film sometimes….and this is coming from a DSC proponent.

That poor reissue of the Scimitar and the Narada is just as deplorable as just about everything else about the DIS-“Klingons”. Everything not related to the “Klingons” has to be awesome for the series to be watchable.

Weird Klingons in and of themselves won’t even remotely come close to making this series unwatchable for me and, I suspect, for a lot of other people.

You can watch Family Guy in Space, Michael, it has that 90s look you want.

I think you meant to respond to the other guy. If not, you sure didn’t understand my comment.

Sorry Michael… I did mean to respond to Bernd. I replied to the wrong comment and just scrolled up to type the name thinking it was you.

Or Orville, the real Trek reboot.

If this show wishes to premiere tonight it may do so 8.5

The non region locked versions are like postage stamp size, shit quality and you can’t make them full screen. This is 2017 not 1998 ffs

I can’t wait for Star Trek Orville.

Looks awesome!!!! Star Trek is Back!!! Please just leave if you are one of the negative trolls in a basement typing complaints about everything in these comments. You’re boring. :/

I’m so ready to see just one full scene. Please? Looking forward to the show, but these fast-cut, no room to breathe trailers and teasers are no longer doing it for me.

Is anyone concerned that all of these trailers are at low resolution? Not even posted on youtube, but through twitter? Is it me, what’s up?

Sounds nicer than anything Sarek said to Spock in “Journey to Babel.” I’m jealous on his behalf. :-)

Instagram videos doesn’t seem to support fullscreen playback (and are actually missing any controls other than play/pause). Can anyone tell me how to view these promos in proper fullscreen outside of the US? I’m sick of the stupid region-locking. Kudos to TrekMovie for linking to Instagram at least.

If you get the Opera web browser you can use its internal VPN functionality to pretend you are in the US. You could also use a dedicated VPN service but those usually cost money. Other than that you can also find a lot of the clips on Youtube but you have to search for them.


“If you get the Opera web browser you can use its internal VPN functionality to pretend you are in the US.”

Thanks for the tip. I’ve never used Opera before but I might give it a shot now.

Thanks for the hints! Though the VPN didn’t work for me. I just watched what I could on YouTube and the rest on Instagram.

You have to switch on the VPN functionality AND set your virtual location to the US. The default is probably to use a server close to you.

I think a fair question is where are the D-7 battle cruisers?!? And can we please before the end of the series finally see a Constitution class cruiser take one on for more than 20 seconds complete with boarding actions, etc? The Enterprise is out there during Discovery, right?

Hopefully we’ll see a D-7. As for the big E, I speculated in another post that we might see it eventually, but it would need to be updated to fit in with the Discovery aesthetic, looking no more like the original than the actors playing Pike and Spock will be identical in appearance to Hunter and Nimoy. Now, that wouldn’t bother me in the slightest–I’d find it fascinating, actually–but I’m sure the producers suspect that it would offend a huge subset of fandom and they may be shy about opening that can of worms.

It might sound like only a little thing, but I’m so happy we’ve got the old red alert klaxons back. They should add a suitable level of excitement to times of danger for the ship. DS9 and Voyager’s muted nothingness were a giant fail when it came to trying to build a sense of drama.

I agree. Another thing I’d like to see them try again is the cacaphony of voices reporting in from various parts of the ship, especially during an alert. The Enterprise never felt more alive, and like a real place.

That was the Berman doctrine that the spoken dialogue was SO magnificent that nothing could possibly harmonize with and add to it. All sound, light, music, everything and anything that might possibly distract the audience from the spoken dialogue must be nullified of whatever might dare make it interesting by transforming it into something not possibly the least bit interesting so as not to risk distraction from the lines being spoken.

This conversation thread is…. a lot. LOL.

The new Klingon ships are interesting, but not at all Klingon besides the one we saw crashed on the planet from the first trailer.

Weekend movie news spent a decent amount of time crying over horrible holiday weekend results, and the worst box office summer in the last thirty years. They all arrived at a similar conclusion, that stupid, repetitive sequels really can’t compete with high quality product now available on streaming services. If ST:Discovery does great for CBS, this is the future for Trek, our generation (I’m over 50) had better get used to it….