Watch: Sonequa Martin-Green Brings Two New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Clips To ‘CBS This Morning’ [UPDATED]

Following her appearance last night on Late Night With Stephen Colbert, this morning Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green appeared on CBS This Morning. This longer segment featured Martin-Green talking more about the show’s secrecy, diversity, and craftsmanship. The actress also talked more about her character Michael Burnham being raised as Spock’s adopted sister, saying:

I appreciate how courageous this story is and I appreciate how they have woven me into that family, because Spock is an institution…I am 100% human. My parents were killed when I was very young and it happened at a Vulcan outpost, so they took responsibility for me. And I was commissioned to Sarek and Amanda’s care, so I became their surrogate daughter and thereby Spock’s [sister].

And once again Martin-Green brought a new clip from the show. This time we see more of Michael Burnham and Captain Georgiou on an alien planet.  And if you watch closely, they show another new clip at the 4:00 minute mark, although with this one the hosts and Martin-Green continue their discussion. You can watch the full segment below.

UPDATE: A closer look at the new clips

Clip 1: Not exactly a circle

The first clip shown gives us more insight into the scene that kicked off the first trailer released in May with U.S.S. Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) on an alien planet with her first officer, Michael Burnham.

Michael Burnham and Capt. Georgiou on an alien planet

Georgiou asks Burnham what she would do if stuck on the planet

The two discuss what they would do if they were stuck on the planet for 89 years, which seems like a very specific amount of time. Perhaps the planet is only accessible every 89 years? The dialog also reveals a bit more about the nature of these characters.

Burnham says as a xenoanthropologist she would try to “fit in”

Georgiou reveals she would try to escape

The pair then come upon their own footprints.

Burnham thinks they have walked in a circle but Georgiou says “not exactly a circle”

This comment about not exactly a circle is mysterious, so how did they walk? A good guess is Georgiou walked them in a familiar looking pattern, perhaps as a way to signal the U.S.S. Shenzhou. In the trailer from San Diego Comic-Con we saw the ship departing a planet with a Starfleet delta in the sand.

This shot from the SDCC trailer is likely the ‘not exactly the circle’ pattern Georgiou made

Returning to the clip shown on CBS This Morning, the pair hear and then see the U.S.S. Shenzhou emerging from the clouds with a bit of the classic Star Trek fanfare.

Look, up in the sky

Here comes the Shenzhou

Although it appears the ship is coming in for a landing, we saw in the first trailer that the pair actually call up to the ship for a transporter beam out. It is possible that you have to get very close to your target to get a transporter lock on this alien planet.

OK, that is pretty close for a beam out

Clip 2: Michael goes for a space walk

The second clip is shown over Martin-Green’s discussion with the show hosts, but you can see it reveals more of the segment when Michael Burnham goes on an EVA recon from the U.S.S. Shenzhou. Presumably this is the same recon mission that ends up with her encountering the Torchbearer on the Klingon Obelisk (from the clip shown on Colbert last night).

Michael Burnham in her EVA suit readies to go on recon mission

Captain Georgiou observes from the bridge of the U.S.S. Shenzhou

We get a look at the functionality of the EVA suit’s magnetic boots as it releases Burnham to go on her mission.

Red for magnet engaged

Green for magnet off

Burnham now floats free

We then see how with the bridge of the Shenzhou is under the saucer, what is up for Captain Georgiou is down for Michael Burnham.

Georgiou sees Burnham head off on her mission

Georgiou seems pleased with her first officer


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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