Latest ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo Features New Footage…And Depeche Mode

To mark the two-week countdown to Star Trek: Discovery CBS released a brand new web promo on Twitter. This one features a few bits of new footage along with music from Depeche Mode’s “Where’s The Revolution.”

NOTE: Video is region-locked to USA only. We will update when international version becomes available.

New moments

There are a handful of new bits in this latest promo.

The Klingon Sarcophagus Ship and a whole lot of other ships face off with the U.S.S. Shenzhou

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) identifies the ships as Klingon

Sarek (James Frain) speaks to Michael Burnham saying “You are gifted. You are brave. Find a way to help those who need you.”

Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), hands raised, looks concerned


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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Two weeks to go! It’s been a long time, getting from there to here.

It’s been a long time, but my time is fin’lly near

I will see my dream come alive

…at last…

I will touch the sky

And they’re not gonna hold me down no more

no they’re not gonna hold me down

No, they’re not gonna change my mind


I’m going where my heart will take me!


OK, that was cool.

And people say they didn’t like the show because of the song. It perfectly encapsulates what the show was about.

I wonder if one of the Depeche Mode members could do a cameo? They were touring in Canada last week.

Depeche Mode!? Wow. This might be the first thing that completely deters me from watching this series! Haha

I hear that.

Are you serious? Sure, Trek is traditionally orchestrated but nothing is more sci-fi than synthwave!

And Traditions is everything…. :( FUCK!

How dare they try to get people that haven’t watched Star Trek to watch Star Trek! Harrumph!

I don’t mind the previews having songs like this and the one that was in the longer trailer. When you watch the clip of Burnham coming in contact with the Torchbearer you hear that it is very nicely orchestrated. After hearing that very little bit, I got excited that this soundtrack is going to have a bit more feeling than the other Trek tv series TNG through Enterprise.

Enjoy the silence.

how sad is it that these Klingon ships look like ill defined blobs on screen. They have no character.

I have wondered here about it before. I cannot imagine that final 4K deliverables will look his muddy. They have to be holding back until the show is broadcast. Maybe they did a study and maybe it proved that high resolution and clear images is what will get people to subscribe.

You are correct.They look cutlery and barnacles…

Sounds exactly like Klingon design. Or are we supposed to have a fleet of nothing but D7s?

Well one D7 or D7-like design thrown into the mix wouldn’t hurt.

Yeah, have to agree with that. New is fine, but some continuity would be nice. I think that’ll happen, though, eventually.

The D7 design still looks fresh and intimidating even 50 years later. I have no problem new designs; the problem is that the look of these new Klingon ships, from what I can make out in the clips, just plain sucks – they all look like over-detailed blobs.

The special effects clips I’ve seen so far all look pretty muddy, dark and generally hard to make out. The odd ship designs (especially the Klingons) really don’t help either. Hopefully it will all work better in the finished product but from a pure aesthetic standpoint these new Klingon ships to nothing for me and the FX compositions really make it hard to follow the action.

Love Depeche Mode, certainly better than the Enterprise theme! ☺ Strange to think that Discovery using an 80s song for promotion is the equivalent of TNG using a 50s song to do the same (which I’m fairly certain they never did). Makes me feel a bit older than I’d like.

That song came out this year

Ha.😁 Shows you how much I keep up with music releases. I hear Depeche Mode and I immediately think of the 80s and 90s.

Everything these days makes me feel older than I like, especially the calendar.

It’s promotion strategies of the modern era. A friend and I were talking about the use of modern music over trailers for fantasy films and period pieces. It’s just what’s done today.

Not only Depeche Mode’s “Where’s the Revolution,” but the very interesting Algiers Remix of the track (one of the only decent remixes released for the song). This is a bizarre combination of things to me. I’m a huge fan of both Trek and DM, but I never considered them crossing paths at any point. Very strange…

Here’s a couple more DISCOVERY vids –

Meet the crew –

Bridge set –

(truly an ‘alternative universe’ setting as far as I’m concerned) ;)

I’m outside the U.S.A. so haven’t seen (or heard) the ‘Depeche Mode’ promo above yet…but the only music I’m keen to hear will be the show’s actual ‘main theme’ – after the lackluster choice for ‘Enterprise’, I’m really hoping this show will have a great orchestral opening this time around. And hoping for a lot of equally good incidental music throughout too.

Not sure if you can see the clip that was released where Burnham meets the Torchbearer but if you can, take a look. you can hear a little bit of the music that’s actually used in the show.

WOW! Thank you for those links too, I’m in love with the bridge. Some won’t like it because of it looking far more advanced than anything in TOS but that’s definitely a Trek design. I look at it like this. It’s a ship that’s in the same family line as the NX01, The Franklin, and the Kelvin which would all be prime Trek. So I don’t have a problem with explaining this to myself. But yes, that bridge, and those displays…BEAUTIFUL stuff.

A little cluttered for my taste, but I still like either bridge way better than the Kelvin stuff.

At first viewing, the Kelvin bridge seemed a little too cluttered to be a Federation bridge but it grew on me quickly and I fell hard for it.

I hope All Access fixes their stream quality. It is awful. I was trying to watch episodes of TNG and Voyager and the quality was so terrible and the picture so dark, it was unwatchable. The episodes look fine on Netflix, but are terrible on the CBS service. Not sure I want to pay for such terrible quality.

That’s definitely not a good sign. I still say that come season 2 of Discovery it’ll be available on Netflix even in the US. I just don’t see All Access working out.

Thank you for that update, Trellium. If the service isn’t up to par, I’m not even going to consider buying into it. There are other ways to see it.

Star Trek AND Depeche Mode!!? That’s too much awesome for one commercial..

Those aren’t Klingon ships those are Trump voters. Well at least that is what we were told by the creators of Star Trek Discovery!

Freaking unbelievable!


What are you referring to?

Sarek to Michael Burnham: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

And I suppose there is no way they would use Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.”

Maybe Michael will carry a tricorder with all her mom’s favorite songs on it, that her mom recorded for her before she died…

OK! Proof! This is not the Prime Universe! Sarek is giving compliments!

They got Sarek’s hair wrong.

“Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), hands raised, looks concerned”

He must be seeing the same trailers as we are!