‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Red Carpet Airing Live Tonight + New Footage, Images, Quotes And More

Tonight is the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek: Discovery with television premiere of the show coming on Sunday. Today’s update lets you know how you can watch the red carpet, has some new footage, imagery, cast commentary, show details and more.

Watch the red carpet live tonight

CBS announced will be streaming live from the Discovery Hollywood premiere red carpet starting at 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET. The Facebook Live premiere event will be hosted by Entertainment Tonight’s Leanne Aguilera and will feature stars of Discovery as well as actors from previous Trek shows. You can watch at the official Discovery Facebook Page.

TrekMovie will be on the red carpet and we will try to do some live tweets in between red carpet interviews as well. Keep an eye on the @TrekMovie twitter feed.

Martin-Green talks diversity and fighting + shows new footage

In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will air on the Space Channel and their show Innerspace had a visit to the set including an interview with Sonequa Martin-Green. The actress talked about how the show her character of Michael Burnham fit into Star Trek and it’s tradition of diversity, saying:

To see see this long-standing tradition that is Star Trek to now champion diversity in this way, I think is quite radical.

It’s almost it seems – from the environment we are in right now – it seems it’s almost iconoclastic. Here we are in opposition to… oh man, you know what I am talking about. I’m trying to be general, so I don’t get teary eyed. But yeah, I think it is important for us to fight. It is important for us to be in opposition now.

In regards to the action on Star Trek: Discovery, Martin-Green admitted “I love action. I love fighting”

And the video segment from Space also included a few bits of new footage from Discovery.

On hull of USS Shenhzhou Michael Burnham reports in “commencing reconnaissance mission to filed void and unknown object.”

Capt. Lorca (Jason Isaacs) talks to Burnham “You chose to do the right thing, even at great cost to yourself.

The USS Shenzhou comes in close to Capt. Georgiou and Michael Burnham on an alien planet

Shenzhou transporter dematerializes Burnham and Georgiou

Georgiou and Bunham get beamed up

Production “almost done”

There’s more Sonequa video to share. While on the Red Carpet at the Emmys she talked to TV Line about Discovery, including revealing that there are just three weeks left in production.

And Martin-Green was also a guest last night on the Late Late Show with James Corden, where she talked about Discovery is trying to establish itself with “a new identity.”

New series description

The official description for the series has been updated on Netflix.

After a century of silence, war erupts between the Federation and Klingon Empire, with a disgraced Starfleet officer at the center of the conflict

Speaking of Netflix, one of our followers on Twitter sent us this image from Netflix in the Netherlands featuring a nice shot of the USS Discovery.

Discovery uniforms began with TOS colors

The official Star Trek site has a feature on the costumes for Star Trek: Discovery which includes some good tidbits, including designer Gersha Phillips explaining how originally the Starfleet Uniforms were closer to what we know:

“This is sort of where we started with our uniforms,” Phillips explained as she stood in front of a rack of uniforms from Discovery… and uniforms that inspired what viewers will see on Discovery. “We started with our colors. We were trying to honor, I guess, in a way, TOS, The Original Series. So, we had our gold, which is command, and we’re going with this is our red, which is our operations, and blue is science. Then, we went from that direction into a little deeper color.

Discovery uniform on display at SDCC

Georgiou “comes in friendship” – Lorca “takes no prisoners”

A pair of interviews continues to highlight the differences between the two captains of Star Trek: Discovery. In an interview with CBSN  Michelle Yeoh, describes Capt. Georgiou:

“She’s an explorer by heart. She loves the universe, but she is a war veteran but now is a time of peace in the Federation. She is one who still has hope for humanity. She believes very, very strongly that there is goodness out there and we will always work from that point of view which is one of Starfleet’s principles. We do not stick a weapon out there and say “We come to take your territory.” We come in friendship. We work for equality, freedom and cooperation.”

Speaking to IGN, Jason Isaacs had this to say about Lorca:

“The Federation mandate, as we discover in The Original Series, is much more peaceful, and they might have been steamrolled,” he says. “But luckily, this is pre-them. I’m in charge, and I take no prisoners. So I have a relatively clear-cut view of [the Klingons]. The story, on the other hand, delves deeply into what the Klingons are thinking and feeling, and their different culture. And that’s one of the ways this iteration differentiates itself from previous ones. That everybody has a point of view, and our real world and our Star Trek world is a complicated place. No easy choices.”

These two captains have very different outlooks

More BTS from Ted

Co-executive producer Ted Sullivan continues to share behind the scenes images from his trips to the set of Star Trek: Discovery, here are the offerings from this morning.


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I know reviews are embargoed, but I’m really hoping at least for some “unofficial” impressions of what people see tonight.

The embargo is on reviews, not whether someone liked it or not. So we’ll probably see tweets tonight like “Can’t say much, but Discovery’s premiere is a delightful fresh of breath air. Audiences are going to love it.”

Or conversely, “Can’t say much, but Discovery is everything the irrational knee-jerk reactionary conspiracy theorists feared. Still not as bad as Orville, though.”

On a related note, The Orville remained strong in week 2, down just half a point from week 1 (that’s a very impressive number, especially when you factor in football overruns and the Emmy’s).

Live +3 numbers will be available by weeks end.

Week three should bring things into focus for the remainder of the season.


Especially with the change of nights. That almost always has some kind of effect at first.

That is not a related note.

Talk about Orville on another story, maybe one that is about Orville. It’s annoying enough that Trekmovie has essentially become an Orville website, at least keep the discussion on that show contained to stories about it.

Unless you’re going to trash Orville. That’s fair game.

@Ety haha yes, we should keep Orville to the Orville threads. Quite right.



You brought it up first and then whine when someone else does the same thing!

Which one of your Uncle’s works on Orville?

“Still not as bad as Orville, though.”

Hey, you opened the door.

Uh, but you bought it up. And then tried to slam it.

And TM can put up whatever they want. Its not a law saying they only have to put up things that are offical Trek projects or else none of the fan films would be discussed as they also are.

“Talk about Orville on another story”

Unless you’ve been made a moderator, that isn’t your call.

Denny, feel free to talk about Orville wherever you want to.

I’ll try to keep the chatter to a minimum…

Interestingly the numbers adjusted down. i wondered about that but assumed they’d adjust up. I guess when you brag in other threads about the ratings going up, you should wait…lol

Still very strong. What is it, 2 million down? Thats a lot of eyeballs but the premiere was always going to be big. Plus, didnt football push it by like 40 minutes? Thats nuts.

Hopefully for Orville’s sake, people remember to follow it to thursday. it will be really interesting to see where ratings go.

I maintain that there is a market for the Star Trek spoof but Orville is so uneven and bipolar. Im wondering if it wont alienate both audiences its chasing.

Exactly. There’s always drop off from the premiere, how big a drop off is either encouraging or worrisome. In this instance it’s a positive since, as you note, it was pushed back over 40 minutes (and it had to contend with the Emmy’s). If it retains most of episode 2’s audience when it moves to Thursday it will be an encouraging sign. Time will tell.

The final number for Sunday’s episode will be known by the end of the week.

A sideways snarky comment is not fair game to get into a ratings discussion.


Again, like Arggggggh & others have said, this isn’t your call to determine what people should be discussing or not.


As TUP and PEB have said, this isn’t the place for Orville discussions. Keep it in your pants where it belongs.


The second episode of The Orville is really good, the ratings were great as well considering the delay from the football.

You should watch it right now!

Sorry, Ahmed, Orville is not my cup of tea. I won’t bemoan you for enjoying it, but I have never enjoyed anything McFarlane has ever done. Orville is no outlier. I found the premiere (or what little I was able to stomach) unfunny in its humor, and pedestrian in its plot.

I for one will not be “hoping it gets better.” If I hear through the grapevine that McFarlane left the series and it turned into a legit drama I might tune in.

For now, I will happily look forward to Discovery, but I will be equally harsh a critic– I have high storytelling standards.

@Denny C — yeah but last week it was being compared to EMPIRE. EMPIRE went up considerably the second week following its premiere, NOT down. And they went up particularly in the key 18-49 demographic. So there’s NOT ALWAYS a dropoff. ORVILLE went down, despite another huge lead-in. And yes, time will tell, as it always does. The thing about ratings is they really don’t mean anything about the future of the show, and rarely the quality. It’s also being compared to THE MICK which viewership dropped off dramatically after its premiere. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

There’s always an expectation that numbers will dip after the premiere. However, when a show is a breakout hit those numbers don’t budge and will often rise. That’s typically the distinction between a hit and a successful show. Empire was a breakout hit, Scorpion on CBS is a successful show.

And, no ratings don’t reflect quality. In the cable landscape in particular a low rated show can run for years if the numbers remain steady and the network owns the show (and there are a lot of great shows that fall into that category).

When it comes to television you can have your cake and eat it, since the metric for a successful show varies by network and platform.

@Denny C — but we’re not discussing different platforms. We’re discussing the big four broadcast networks, and ad-based rating results — which are the same metric in this case. And these ratings reflect a strong marketing effort by FOX to attract Seth MacFarlane’s fans, promoting the show as FAMILY GUY in space, which it is decidedly not, though the pilot much more so than episode 2. These ratings also have to factor in two major football games as lead-ins, and viewers who simply didn’t change the channel. Since we don’t have the half-hour ratings, we have no idea how much of the tune-in audience fell-off after the first half-hour — a very important metric to advertisers.

As it turns out, FOX re-ran ORVILLE ep. 2 Tuesday night in the 9PM slot for THE MICK and BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. As a result, the ratings were reported in half-hour blocks, and we have our first look at how audiences behave. The episode started at a .5 (18-49), and 1.69 million viewers, but it dropped to a .4 and 1.65 million viewers at the half-hour. Now many things could have accounted for that, but it’s an interesting look none-the-less.

So we’ll see how this continues, but there’s a lot of variables here that don’t guarantee anything for the long-term success of this particular show, where they might be significant for any other show. Add to that, there’s a clear effort by some to use these ratings as an indicator of the quality of the show as a replacement for Star Trek Discovery — so much so, that I can hardly wait to see how much negative spin they apply to what are sure to be excellent ratings for DISC on CBS Sunday night.

Any other network but Fox, and the show is in trouble. If it holds audience opposite Big Bang Theory over on CBS, or even slides a bit, it’ll be considered a win. A 2 on Fox is a win. Besides, it’s not like Orville is siphoning eyes away from Discovery, both programs can exist in their relative media and be successful.

Yeah, there are enough Orville threads on this site to comment on. Considering both programs are airing through unrelated media, it’s really not relevant, anyway.

There’s a reason why sites like TrekBBS have separate sections for each series, and then other sections for non-Trek related topics, even completely unrelated stuff.

Because if a user comes to a site to discuss something– in this case Trek– it can get onerous having to sift through articles and pages, and discussions threads, and topics, to find the one relevant to what they want to discuss.

I think articles about Orville are fine. It’s a Trek spoof after all, so relevant to this site. But I think deep discussions about it within a Discovery article is off-topic. I don’t think anyone should be banned, I don’t think moderators should enforce it, but I think it’s something every user should accept: that discussions stay generally on-topic.

Even this discussion about it being off topic is annoying.

Thanks for the laugh. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the impressions (or, ultimately, the reviews) don’t wind up being just that binary, love-it-or-hate-it, given how different by design this is from the Trek we’ve known for the last fifty years.

I’m also reminded of driving all the way up to Ventura County to see a special sneak preview of the first half of the BSG season 2 finale, which turned out to be well worth the trip. Hope this is likewise worth all the hope so many have invested in it.

I would have made that drive, too.

“…delightful fresh of breath air”???? Lol.

Funny it took so many comments for someone to notice my dyslexic error!

@ Tay: That’s the air you breath out. Depending on what you ate before it may be more of less fresh.

Sonequa Martin Green pronounces the Shenzhou as “Shen-joe”. Nice to hear it for the first time.

Yeah and Michelle Yeoh pronounces it as “Ssen-jo” (like “Saint Joe”, actually…) and I guess that’s what one should be going by.
Even though I have no way to gauge whether Yeoh speaks with a strong Malay accent when pronouncing Chinese words, I’d guess that given her background in HK cinema her Chinese can’t be too bad.

I’ve tried finding a definitive source online, but even dictionaries seem to provide multiple “acceptable” pronunciations.

Lorca sounds like a really cool character. Seems like Isaacs is the perfect guy to play this edgy, militaristic captain. It’ll be like watching the Patriot in space! Which is fine by me

Yep! I agree! Really looking forward to the complexity that seems present in his character.

FYI, the link to Trekmovie’s Twitter stream takes you to the Star Trek Discovery Facebook page.

Less than an hour to go!!! I’ll be watching it for sure.

Just wondering if anyone in the U.S. can watch the event yet? Im in Canada and the link to the Facebook page will not show anything. Wondering if its region locked.

@The Chadwick,

I’m from Canada and was trying different links but it seems that the Facebook page is indeed region locked!!

And the Facebook page has crased lol! Yeah I can’t get on it now. Looks like quite a few people are watching….the ones who can get on at least.

Is this an omen for the All Access app?

But it’s a good thing if there is interest, at least.

It is a GREAT thing that there is interest.
That gives me hope.

We shall see in 5 days. But yeah kind of worried now lol. I’ll be watching the first episode on TV though.

I was thinking about hat, but I think I might just go all in and watch both the pilot and the second part on CBSAA

Facebook is not an All Access app. Different companies, different platforms, different technologies. Why would it be an omen?

Because it shows how fickle online reliability can be, no matter what the platform is. Facebook Live tech has been around for a while now and it still has issues sometimes.

OK I got on!! Just saw the interview with Martin-Green! Its happening people! We might hear the first responses of the pilot in a few hours!!!!!!!

Trekmovie, why did you take the article down on the red carpet????? I wanted to hear your thoughts on it since most of us either didn’t see it or only saw a little of it.

That wasn’t a real article, it was just a placeholder that had live stream info for folks as it happened. A proper article is forthcoming. Our people are still in LA, now they’re in the middle of the screening of the 2-hour premiere.

OK I gotcha! I was just wondeering. It seemed odd since you were letting people comment on it but I understand now. ANd I didn’t realize TM is actually at the premiere itself. I figure the red carpet line, but I didn’t realize you would be watching the screening. Thats exciting! Can’t wait.

The placeholder article is about to be reborn as an article with first impressions from social media, stay tuned.

I have an ex-colleague friend working in LA that is there. He just texted me the following 2 words: “Awesome!! Impressive!!”

Whats wrong with talking about The Orville?


On an article about Discovery? You figure it out.

I think its fine if you are making a legitimate comparison to something on this show. THats just natural. But yes if you are just brining it up to down Discovery or vice versa then just leave that crap somewhere else.

Well said. I agree.