Watch: New Video Reveals More On Michelle Yeoh’s Capt. Georgiou Of USS Shenzhou

Today CBS released another character video, this time focusing on Captain Phillipa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou and commanding officer of Michael Burnham (see yesterday’s video for more on Burnham). It includes interview segments with actress Michelle Yeoh and producers from Star Trek: Discovery, along with some new clips.

New Images of Klingon/Starfleet Battle

A smaller Starfleet ship is hit

The action pulls back to the HUD on the viewscreen on a ship

Now the camera follows the Shenzhou as it swoops in the help out the smaller ship


Yes we know the videos are region locked to the USA. Please don’t spam our comments about it.



Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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Gave me the biggest smile to hear Michelle giving coordinates to helm during the battle. I cannot wait for Sunday!!!

Nice TOS-like photon torpedo sound during that battle scene.

Region free version is here:



I loved it!

No bother @Spock Jenkins! (First thing I do when there’s a new video on the CBS feed is check Nación Trek – they tend to be quickest to repost it) Really looking forward to this; even my 6 year old has caught the fever – though in her case she just likes to do ballet to the theme music! Little by little, eh?

That’s wonderful! I hope your little 6 year old enjoys the show just as much as you ( and the rest of us – hopefully )do!

I momentarily misread Trekmovie’s tweeted link as “Captain Georgiou Michael”, lol!

Can’t wait! Those scenes felt like actual scenes, I could get a feel for how the show is shot and will look, and the feel and look are excellent! Combine this with the very positive mini-reviews on Twitter and I think they might just have a hit on their hands. We’ll see.

Michelle Yeoh may just end up being my favorite thing about Discovery. Not necessarily the best thing; just my favorite.

God, I still get the feeling that Captain Georgiou will bit the dust in the first ep, will will spur on Burnham ( PLEASE don’t let it be so )!

I hope not, too. But someone here suggested that her character could still live on in the occasional flashback, which could actually be a poignant and effective dramatic device for the series, if handled correctly.

I’m getting a serious Qui-Gon vibe from her. Like she’s being built up to be torn away from us, and we’re all going to hate that she’s only in the first episode.

If I were writing this thing, she would absolutely die in the last few seconds of the pilot, and the rest of the season would be Michael trying to overcome her mistake that led to Georgiou’s death. Ah, ramifications…. how I’ve missed you in Star Trek.

That’s how I’d write it too ( and GOD, I hope/know the writers are far, far, FAR better at it than me, lol ).
If they have a way to keep Captain Georgiou around and in an important capacity I’ll be over the moon – but I too envision that must surely bite the dust. Even some of my friends who saw the trailers thought that Georgiou MUST surely die.

Seeing that ‘the captain’ is no longer the main focus I would suspect every character incorporating that role to be a potential casualty.

Loving the scenes here on the Shenzhou bridge, especially Capt. Georgiou. Michael Burnham asking if the sarcasm was necessary reminiscent of scenes with Kirk, Spock and McCoy when Spock not understanding the concept of humour.

Am I the only one who doesn’t like Michelle Yeoh?


Hmm, “doesn’t like” is a little harsh, isn’t it? I don’t really like her accent, but since she’s malaysian, that’s understandable and to be expected… Still like her performance very much, though!

..i thought it was gonna be good…but the more i see the more i think its gonna be epic..!!

Anyone notice the rear view of the the USS Europa when the Shenzhou blows the Bird of Prey up with a photon torpedo?

Dear TrekMovie, instead of writing, “Yes we know the videos are region locked to the USA. Please don’t spam our comments about it” which comes across as slightly dismissively rude and not taking your outside-the-States visitors’ needs seriously, maybe write, and do, something different. You could perhaps say, “This video is region locked to the USA by CBS. If you have a link to an International version, please post it our comments and we will post that video in the article for everyone to see. Thanks.” In Star Trek’s bright future, there are no silly nation states to divide us. What better way to start creating that future than by intentionally making this site and content it posts and reports on accessible to all around the world?

I think the concern was that every article about a video contained a discussion about the video being geolocked. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise anymore after the first couple of times. Plus, non-locked versions always become available shortly after. It starts to feel a bit like Cause & Effect.

Bingo. In the past we’ve phrased it nicely and tried to post official links that are unlocked when we can find them, and the disclaimer has been ignored each and every time over the last few months (if anyone is curious, you can go look at past promo articles and their comments for yourself and see).

With this harsher phrasing, the influx of comments has stopped. Perhaps it’s a bit too harsh, but the point finally seemed to have been made.

Posting here about the region-lock accomplishes nothing, and it floods the comments with a lot of noise. We have no control over what CBS does with their videos.

If people have issues with it, they should be writing to CBS Corp. and the company that has the DSC license for their region (Bell Media for Canada or Netflix for all other regions).

Posts and discussion about Orville also floods the comments with a lot of noise, just saying.

Yes, if something like that happens again the comments will be removed for being off topic. We can’t police things day and night, and by the time I noticed, the subject had died down.

Or, y’know, don’t get offended over such a tiny thing.

Oftentimes a little bluntness goes a long way towards getting a point across…