Star Trek Timelines Game Adding ‘Discovery’ Content With New 3.0 Update

The mobile and PC game Star Trek Timelines – which features characters and storylines spanning Trek history – is launching their 3.0 update this week with with a number of new features and improvements. These are all leading up to integration of Star Trek: Discovery.

According to Disruptor Beam, the new Discovery characters, ships, crew, and storylines will make their way into Star Trek Timelines as the series airs. Players will get a sneak preview of this Discovery content starting this week with an updated introductory storyline featuring Commander Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Saru. Thursday, October 5th will kick off a month-long MegaEvent, “Discovery: A New Anomaly.” The Mega-Event will consist of 4 individual weekend events, introducing crew such as Captain Phillipa Georgiou, Gabriel Lorca, Ash Tyle and Harry Mudd. 

Star Trek Timelines is free to play and available to download on Google Play and the App Store, as well as on Windows PCs through Steam and desktop computers everywhere on Facebook and Facebook Gameroom.


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Yeah, for some reason I’m still playing this “game”. I Guess because it’s something to do while I run long builds or spinning up my local instance of a massive program.

In other news, did you guys see the new Alexa/Amazon dot feature? It’s pretty cool, just say “open Star Trek” – it’s Discovery oriented but you get a decent TOS/DSC trivia game and commentary from the cast.

Is it Sunday yet!?!

Star Trek Online added the Discovery uniforms for free for a limited time. I’m sure the ships will end up in a lockbox sooner or later.

As a console fan, I’m looking forward to the uniforms and the ships which I agree will be in a lockbox I’m sure (god I hate the lockbox ‘game.’ Took me forever to get the JJprise).

Such a mind numbing game. Just makes me feel like I’m a worker drone in a cannery or something.

Anyone who plays Star Trek Timelines is welcome to chat with us in the Discord app. The Timelines Discord community is a home for all who love Trek and want to share their in-game achievements with others. We’re full of advice, strategies and indispensable resources to help you track your crew or farm difficult items. We’ll also be hosting a livechat the night of the Discovery premiere. We’d be happy to see you. Here’s your invitation code: Discord is a downloadable desktop client or mobile app, but can also be used in a browser with no download necessary.