Dress, Play, and Brush Your Teeth Like a Discovery Crewmember

With Star Trek: Discovery came a whole new look and feel to Starfleet in the 23rd century. And that means not only a lot of new products inspired by props seen on the show, but also some props inspired by real-world 21st century products you can actually buy! Read on to learn how you can deck yourself and your home out in Discovery fashion.

FOREO ISSA Hybrid Sonic Toothbrush

Before your next checkup with Dr. Culber, you’ll want to make sure your oral hygiene is up to Starfleet snuff. Why not use what Discovery crewmembers use to brush your pearly whites? The now famous black toothbrushes used by Trek’s first openly gay couple, Culber and Stamets, in episode 5 are actual real brushes you can buy today: the FOREO ISSA Hybrid Sonic Toothbrush. And, they are surprisingly futuristic.

Culber and Stamets show off their futuristic toothbrushes and matching pajamas

Anthony Rapp, who plays Lt. Stamets, describes the silicone brushes as “some kind of high-end electric toothbrush that probably has some kind of laser beam or something.” Sweden-based FOREO tells us that, while the real things don’t have laser beams, the ISSA toothbrushes “are innovative and high-end electrical toothbrushes combining Sonic Pulse Technology and a revolutionary silicone design for brushing like no other.” The real ISSA’s do have bristles (which were removed for shooting on Discovery).

And, FOREO is totally onboard with Starfleet choosing the ISSA as its official toothbrush. Through Monday, trekkies can get 25% off the toothbrush, which retails for $150, by using the discount code STARTREK at checkout.

The FOREO ISSA Hybrid toothbrush is 25% off through Monday with discount code STARTREK

Oh, and for the matching pajamas? We’re told the tops are from Lululemon, but this particular shade of maroon cannot be bought in stores. Still, except for the color, you can get pretty close.

The official DISCO tee shirt

Want to dress a bit more casually to head to the mess for a late night snack? Why not do it in style with an official DISCO tee shirt, which will be seen on screen for the first time in episode 6 of Discovery, premiering this Sunday.

We got a preview of the DISCO shirts this summer, thanks to executive producer Aaron Harberts who wore one to San Diego Comic-Con. But, last week on After Trek, we learned that the shirts are officially canon during a sneak peek at next week’s episode.

The DISCO shirts are canon!

You can now buy your very own DISCO tee shirt on the official StarTrek.com store. They retail for $26.95.

Buy your DISCO shirt at the Star Trek store for $26.95

Your very own Ripper to navigate your home’s mycelial network

Okay, so full size giant tardigrades don’t really exist. But, you can get awfully close with this very adorable tardigrade plush from Hashtag Collectables. This plush will keep you safe so long as you keep him happy by feeding him lots of delicious spores, and it retails for $39.99. You can also buy a mini-plush from third party sellers for around $16.

Buy your very own Ripper plush on Amazon for $39.99

Discovery uniform boots — in shoe form

The official costume boots worn as part of the Starfleet uniform in Discovery feature a very special sole, named the Starfleet sole, which was licensed non-exclusively to CBS by Sully Wong. The company won’t be selling Starfleet boots, but trekkies will soon be able to buy a very special shoe made with the Starfleet sole.

The “Starfleet sole” by Sully Wong is part of the official Discovery uniform boot.

Sully Wong tells us that fans will be able to buy the shoe, dubbed the SW Orbitur Sole, on their website starting next Spring. A company spokesperson told TrekMovie, “Fans can then alternate the upper boot portion with a black soccer sock and shin-guard and voila! the most accurate Star Trek cosplay outfit in history!”

No word yet on the retail price of the SW Orbitur Sole.

The SW Orbitur Sole will be for sale starting this Spring.

What about sneakers for off duty?

When you’re not exploring strange new worlds, you can relax a bit with these comfy screen-used Nike sneakers seen in the episode 6 preview on After Trek.

These Discovery crew sneakers are actually made by Nike

This shoe is actually a slightly modified version of the Nike Sock Dart. Normally, the shoe comes in white, but you can “design your own” on Nike’s website and choose blue, or whatever color you desire. You can even put a personalized message on the shoe’s tongue. Ours say “TILLY“. The Sock Dart retails for $120, or for a range of prices depending on size on Amazon.

The Nike Sock Dart retails for $120 on Nike’s website, or a range of prices on Amazon depending on size

Stay tuned to TrekMovie.com for all your Star Trek: Discovery news.

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I’d rather buy a rugged looking thermos and pretend it’s a plasma containment unit, just like back in the day…

I feel like in 300 years there will be something besides toothbrushes for far better oral maintenance. And if there still are “toothbrushes”, they surely will be much smaller …

Nothing cleans like nanobots!

I think by then, we would simply take a special tablet or something that you chew for a minute or so, which litterly cleanses your teeth.

Stamets needs a whitener.

@DataMat…..I like your tablet idea! As for the accessory choices, my vote goes to the Nike’s. That may be because I could see myself getting a lot of use of them while the rest seem more like speciality purchases.

Do you think that teeth brushing scene was shade from the writers on his bad teeth?

Yup. Kinda odd that an actor who has an impressive IMDB list hasn’t had caps or something. Lord, Cruise’s or Aflek’s teeth are terrifying white… and huge!

What about that Mendolshon (cant think how name spelt?) actor from Rogue One. His teeth are hardly hollywoodified!

De Kelley had smoker’s teeth, too.

Most actors had smoker’s teeth in those days. Some had their upper front teeth capped, or were just blessed with good ones. Nimoy’s lower front teeth are not at all attractive, while the upper fronts look pretty decent [unlike smoker’s teeth].

It’s interesting to contrast the old days with the new, innit. I’m just thinking Hollywood has over-corrected with the artificiality, body-wise.

I’m getting pretty tired of Chiclet teeth, they’re too noticeable and call attention to themselves. I’m not against straightening, etc., but pearly whites are much nicer-looking than neon whites, which seem to be the default these days.

“I can’t see, his teeth are blinding me!”

I dont think they will be smaller. They already could be smaller but fitting palm size has priority over compactness…

It would still have to be big enough to hold and go in your mouth.

You know what would sell better than all this – TOS looking props updated for Discovery, a stuffed D7 battle cruiser that looks like a D7 battle cruiser, etc. Might get a “Disco” gym shirt, kind of Star Trek VIish I suppose.

So that I still have Money, I think that I will stick to the books.

any Voq or Saru masks?

Just ordered a Disco t-shirt. I needed it, or so I tell myself.

+1. I just convinced myself of the same thing ;)

Really, I just wanted a lunchbox.

Well, and a real starship.

If you find one of those real Starships, let me know.
I would like one myself.

If we can find a way to cryosleep for 300 years and then wake up may well be about then presumably if the planet has destroyed itself by then and a few privileged left on a long term voyage

Where are the matching Starfleet PJS?

Why would the shirts not say the whole name of the ship? I mean, on the Enterprise do they have shirts that say “ENTER”? Just seems kinda weird to me.

peep – “you may enter now”

Imagine how the underwear would look!

@DaveCGN ! Hahahahaaa! I want mine to say “Where no man has gone before.”

nicely done:)

This is an old naval tradition. Nicknames for naval vessels go back for centuries. The USS Constitution is “Old Ironsides”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_warships_by_nickname

TrekYards shortens Constellation Class to Connie to such a degree that it is a bit overboard.

the Enterprise carrier was Big E

Someone on the ship has a sense of humor. I think Tilly is a Redditor.

Maybe crew members shorten the names of their ships in non-official conversation, out of affection or wanting brevity, say, “‘prize” if you were on the Enterprise. I dunno, b/c I didn’t serve on a ship. Mightn’t the crew of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN call her “Abe” for short? Most likely, “LINCOLN,” but you never know.

We shortened everything: Comms for communications, Phoncon for telephone conversation, OpCen for Operations Center, CINCPAC for Commander In Chief Pacific [USN], PACAREA for USCG Pacific Area Command, CGD12 for Coast Guard District 12, &c.

I did hear a reference to “DISCO” in radio comms in one of the episodes, which piqued my interest.

OTOH, excuse to sell T-shirts?

I’m pretty surprised they aren’t selling the boots; some prosperous fans or intensive cosplayers would shell out a few hundred bucks for them. They look comfy, but there is absolutely no point for me to buy boots where I live! [Except Wellies, for hurricanes.]

The Plush Ripper is cute but the tips for cosplay with the shoes seemed condescending

An important rule of cosplay is to not give a F* about what others think or if they’re being condescending. Do sports fans that paint their faces/bodies and wear jersey’s of their favorite players care what others think? Nope. Wear your love for trek with pride and let the haters wish they had the courage to be as passionate about something.

Except Tardigrades don’t have huge eyes. And where are its claws? Soft pointy things would not be out of order.

This Tardigrade predates the show, it is just a happy coincident that it is available to satisfy Trekkies’ desire to pet Ripper. I’m sure at some point some sort of “officially licensed” version will appear with all those details you mention.

Do those shirts have “VERY” printed on the back?

Nomad, Hee!

Wouldn’t that make it DISCO VERY?

I love the sneakers. Reminds me of the very modern-looking sneakers they wore on Enterprise

Man… Hawking toothbrushes now?

I’m sure there’s more to this series than product placement, but jeeeez….

With the photos and the headline, this article looks like a straight-up advertisement.

At least dim the lights a little, if you take my meaning.

In my house we used to cook a stew of meat and noodles that we called Cardassian stew. It never occurred to me to put it in a tupper and sell it as Star Trek merchandising.
“Guiso Cardassiano, amigos”


If someone gets the DISCO shirt, let us know about sizing and shrinkage. I usually take L but depending, might need XL.

Really odd that there’s a “tm” after “DISCO” on the t-shirt. Disco is not trademarkable. It’s a dance style. Hell, “Discovery” on its own isn’t markable either. The font used isn’t copyrightable. With the exception of the arrow heads, you should be able to make and sell that shirt yourself.