BREAKING: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Renewed For Second Season

Following many hints that it was coming, CBS has now made it official that the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery has been rewed for a second season. In a statement CBS said that the Discovery has driven new records for subscriber sign-ups in a single day, week and month.

CBS Interactive President Marc DeBevoise stated:

In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first premium version of this great franchise. This series has a remarkable creative team and cast who have demonstrated their ability to carry on the ‘Star Trek’ legacy. We are extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished and are thrilled to be bringing fans a second season of this tremendous series.”

CBS also announced the news with a new video promo on Twitter.

And Netflix, who carry Discovery outside the USA and Canada, also shared the news via Twitter.

The sixth episode of the 15-episode first season of the streaming series debuted just last night with three more scheduled for 2017, wrapping up the first “chapter” of the first season on Nov. 12. The series will then take a hiatus with the final six episodes of the first season picking up again in January 2018. CBS has not announced how many episodes will be in the second season, nor if it will be split into two chapters like the first.

A new season with a new arc, but maybe not until 2019

Production on the first season of Discovery wrapped less than two weeks ago, with post-production still ongoing. There is no official word yet on when work on the second season is expected to start, but co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman recently told TrekMovie the team had already decided on a new arc for season two, to follow the Klingon War arc, which will be resolved by the end of season one. Kurtzman had has also stated the second season may not debut until early 2019. 

UPDATE: Cast and crew react

Art Director Matt Middleton.

From the writer’s room.


Producer Aaron Baiers (President of Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout Productions)

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star TrekDiscovery news at TrekMovie.

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You got that right.
What wonderful news to wake up to!

Not surprising but I’m happy it’s official now!

Fantastic news, never in doubt of course LOL

@AV — the only downer is that we may have to wait an entire year for it. Unless Nick Meyer really has been off developing another show to run during the dry spell between DiSC seasons. I hope against hope, but somehow I think that’s wishful thinking. But in my own fantasy world, he’d be the guy to give us the Chris Pike years on the Enterprise (and would certainly help explain the Spock fixation in DISC).

I really hope if there is another show they look beyond TOS at this point. The show is good but it only feels like TOS in name frankly.

My main concern is that I hope they don’t do an In To Darkness where all the momentum and good will evaporated because of the long down time between films while the “Supreme Court” did lame “passion projects” and then after 4 yrs the “best” (lazy) story they could come with was a fake khan (even tho the film was visually exciting).

I don’t think that can happen because CBS will be lighting a fire under the production staff and writers to keep CBSAA afloat. A lot of subscriptions are going to get terminated in the downtime and they’d totally want to minimise that.

A Meyer show would definitely be another incentive for more consistent subscribers

@ Amulius: Other TV shows have long breaks between seasons. Sherlock may be the worst. However, I suspect that CBS will want this out as soon as possible.

@Dignon — yup, but the BBC has a lot more going on, not to mention being subsidized by every citizen!


Some do and in my opinion it is a detriment to the show.

I think if it was a detriment, they wouldn’t do it. Most networks prefer to make money. It might be a detriment to the viewer though. I hate when The Walking Dead takes their mid season break. I’d love to have the whole season air in one shot. But I understand why they do it.

Is there really “momentum and good will”?

Nobody is talking about Discovery and it’s social media presence has been somewhat muted. As a matter of fact most of the social media traffic has been quite negative due to the platform CBS is forcing viewers in the United States to watch Discovery on.

There are no ratings available to gauge how Discovery is doing, but I suspect that it isn’t brining in legions of fans to CBS All Access

@ VOODOO: From the president of CBS Interactive: “In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first premium version of this great franchise.”
So either he’s lying (but CBS renewed the show despite that) or CBS seems to be happy with the reaction they got.

If they were developing another series to run between Discovery seasons we would have heard about that by now. Just look at how long preproduction and production took on Discovery. They would have to be shooting now to have that ready in early 2018.

@Dignon — there’s no way they could have it ready to go by the Spring, but they could still have it ready to go by Fall, which is still at least 6 months sonner from the premiere they’re projecting for DISC. In the meantime, they’re planning three new series which will debut next year as well. It may or may not keep Trek fans subscribed, but as long as they’re replaced by someone else, at least subscription levels will be constant.

Congratulations to Discovery on its renewal. I am personally looking forward to seeing something other than the Klignon arc in season 2. Maybe the focus can instead shift to the classic idea of meeting new life and new civilizations. I also hope that they are able to iron-out some of the wrinkles they have been having with the serialized story-arc. As second seasons usually bring greater cohesion regarding storyline and character developments.

Excellent news this morning!

Now I’m just waiting for everyone who said it would be cancelled after one season to start saying it’ll be cancelled after the second season.

Evolution of the naysayers:
“This show will never see the light of day.”
“Discovery will NEVER be renewed”!
“this show will never get a third season”!

…hahahahaha!!!! thought the same thing man!!!

Remember when Beyond was being released & they said they had greenlit Star Trek 4? People said it was Marketing to suggest confidence in Beyond.
When is Star Trek 4 being released?

Just like the 2016 election. Up is down.

Not to mention the ones that said it would never make it on to the air period.

I do wonder how many people signed up for the app, and by extension how many will keep the app going even with the break between seasons 1 and 2…

I am actually really really happy for this news!

@Matt_P — I’m planning to let my subscription run through the holiday break, probably binge the first 9, then cancel as soon as the last 6 air, unless CBSAA programs something else that interests me in the meantime, which I’m not expecting. I have no interest in the Will Farell sitcom, which I believe is next up. But the success of CBSAA at this point is not entirely dependant on keeping year round subscribers — all they need is enough seasonal subscribers to keep the numbers so signet throughout the year until they have enough programming to build on those numbers. But they’re a few years away from that.

I’ve recently cancelled Hulu, am thinking about canceling Netflix until a new season of the series I watch comes on, Amazon has built-in perks I’m already using. Since I’ve cut the cord, I’ve found VUDU and Tubi with lots of free movies, as do abc, nbc, fox, and PBS apps.

CBS knows what they’re doing, and fully expect people to sign up and cancel as needed. If they didn’t, they would have forced subscribers into packages like cable, phone and satellite companies. That day may come, but he irony then is they will likely have enough programming by then so that such measures won’t be needed.

The show is 100% funded by Netflix international. So it really doesn’t matter what CBS subscribers stick around. It’s esentially a “free” show for CBS in the US.

@Luke — yeah, but CBS has to pay for CBSAA, whether or not the content is paid for … They’re in this for the long haul. Any Trek will eventually make money, even NEM.

It certainly will matter as leveraging Star Trek and other properties is a major part of their plans for All Access.

Nothing else to watch? There’s always classic Five-0 eps to revisit, etc.

@AT — yup, I can’t wait to see the episode where Ricardo Montelban plays a Japanese character again … So embarrassing …

I’ll do what I do with Netflix, if there isn’t anything I need to watch, I’ll pause my subscription. That being said, I watch “The Good Fight” on CAA as well, which I’m guessing will premiere in the Spring after Discovery ends its first season. So I’ll keep it for that show as well

I’d wish “The Good Fight” would be distributed internationally via Netflix as well… bummer.

Yes, the Good Fight is a great show!

More telling is how many will stay subscribing in the in season break and at the end of the season. I think it likely there will be no public release of those figures. Which I’m guessing will be a substantial percentage of subscribers.

@Kirok – have you watched the show yet? You had indicated that you hadn’t before. And you previously indicated that you felt streaming was a lousy technology. Have you managed to stream it successfully?

It will come as no surprise to CBS that some people cancel. There are people that cancel their cable regularly too and/or bounce back and forth between competitors. Its called churn. They expect it.


I have seen it. I’ve posted my thoughts of each episode on the review pages. It’s late because I got a late start but I’ve seen it. But, again you attribute something to me I never said, I have no issues with streaming tech. It works adequately for a few years now.

I would hope that cbs expects a certain percentage to cancel for show breaks. But their hope of course is that as few do that as possible. My guess is that far more will do that with CBSAA than for other streamers. You are mistaken that people cancel and start cable all the time. That’s just not typical. Such a thing really hasn’t been true of Netflix from their beginning either. I’m sure some do it but not many.

I could have sworn you mentioned previously that you were waiting until a certain episode to get All Access so you could binge them all on preview or something. Maybe Im confusing you with someone else.

Am I thought you used a previous name here as you’ve said many things almost word for word. Again, my apologies if that is not true. But we should be honest to our previous remarks.

It really doesnt matter to you or me if people cancel. People who keep tooting that horn are exposing their irrational dislike for the show or the platform. I doubt the churn will be any greater than for any other OTT service of comparable quality.

I will probably keep it for a while. First to rewatch season 1 during the hiatus, and also to catch Madam Secretary, the only other CBS show I watch (since I don’t tend to watch TV when it actually airs, and I don’t have a DVR, CBSAA is good for that).

Cancelling and renewing between breaks is probably a sure fire way of getting a second new Star Trek series greenlit and may bode well for other popular CBS shows getting spin offs or revivals. I’d be quite happy if they developed a Jericho continuation.

I most likely will. I’m finding I use it a lot more than I would. (outside of DSC)
I’m enjoying the Twilight Zone and other shows. I do recommend the commercial free version.

Live long and Qapla’!

Live long and be successful!

Great! Love the Disco!
Now bring back Firefly damnit! :-)

Great news. It’s a slow burn for me, but I’m getting hooked. Looking forward to more.

*longest yeah boy ever*

Are we sure this true? I only ask because anonymous posters claimed this would never happen. lol

OF COURSE it was renewed. It was never in doubt. I believe I predicted after the 5th episode. So I was off by one. Darn it.

Good now that they have established their own footing can we get a Shatner episode?


Correction from you Phil it should be NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Correction, it should “Nooooooooooo, dont make us wait for Shatner, cast him right now!!”

I have been digging Discovery so far. Is it perfect? No, but with every Trek spinoff it has taken a couple of seasons to get its legs under them. It’d be nice if there were a couple of Star Trek series going so that when one is in hiatus another would take over. If there can be 47 different Real Housewives shows I think there is room for 2 Star Trek series.

Very Very Very awesome. Even if Season Two does not happen until 2019 I would be okay if they keep the current quality. That is I will wait as long as we get quality episodes that focus on character development,broad philosophical arcs and good production values.

My thoughts exactly. There were rumours a while back that the mystery project that Nicholas Meyer is involved in is an event series focusing on Khan so perhaps they will go down the anthology route after all.

I really, really hope this is not true, Corinthian7

Super. I’m looking forward to more dull stories that used to be told in a single episode now being dragged out over 6 and being termed ‘epic’ because of it. Who will bitch and shout at who next! The drama!

Please feel free to visit the board of a franchise you’re actually a fan of.

I am very much a fan of the franchise. Just not this particular version of it. And even if I wasn’t, since when do we live in a world where only positive comments are allowed on a website’s topic?

Is it really that difficult for the show’s detractors to explain their reasons for their dislike intelligently and thoughtfully and not resort to childish sarcasm?

YES! :)

Could last night’s Vulcan “logic extremists” be the seed for season 2’s arc? So they can keep up their theme of isolationism vs. internationalism even after finishing the Klingon arc…

It’s possible. The issues brought up in Lethe definitely can’t be dropped. Though I kinda hope it’s not the main focus just because we got a lot of Vulcan-Human stuff on Enterprise.

@Vulcan Soul: That sounds like a great theme for season Two. This series is definitely looking at a world that is in desperate shape (on both Federation and Klingon sides) and trying to find a way out. If it continues with that general theme ,how do we make our worlds better, then that is real Star Trek

Congrats. I had faith that this show would be everything I’d hope for a new iteration of Star Trek. It presses all the right buttons for me, and I can’t wait see what the new season brings to the Star Trek Discovery saga and family.

Here is the real issue about the so called record subscriptions, the fact that there have been record cancellations too. The CBSAllAccess app is a mess as a streaming application. Definition quality is all over the map. It fails frequently and has come under strong criticism for being unable to handle delivering a 42 minute show without multiple stops and restarts while the horrid app “loads” the content you are trying to watch. Which may or may not be crystal clear or grainy from load to load.

It is not worth the price. For example the older versions of Star Trek CBS has on offer for your money are not even original generation much less remastered versions. They are the old scratched up blurry tape dubs sold to syndication back in the past. You’ll have to “pay” for another service if you want to watch clean high definition episodes of all but the latest Trek series for your investment in CBSAllAccess.

I’ve already cancelled my subscription, but of course I still have it for a second month. Because in response to dissatisfaction with the app CBS immediately put out an offer on getting a second month at half price if one would forgo canceling the subscription in the first month. I’m so unimpressed with the app and the price for it, I went ahead and cancelled my subscription the second my account paid out half price for a second month. And I won’t renew the app again for the second half of the season when it comes back in January. I suspect many other people won’t either.

Assuming that the series does not return for a second season until 2019, how much does CBS think their subscription will be worth? I suspect that we will see a drastic change in pricing for the app. Because in my opinion there won’t be a whole lot of people willing to continue to pay Netflix level pricing for so little content with CBSAA. The fact that they are going to stretch out the development of this show so slowly and with such gaps between seasons means CBS did not really think through their plans very well.

I won’t be paying to see STD again unless it is as part my Netflix subscription. And since Netflix basically paid for this show’s production and has power to call shots with STD? I hope to see the second season of the show appear there rather than on this failure of an app and platform called CBSAllAcess.


I have been experiencing some of the CBS AA issues you are having through Chromecast. However those are technical issues that can be solved if the success of ST:DISC can be leveraged to provide more resources to fix these issues. So I think the renewal may be a way for CBS AA engineering to get more/better resources to fix this issue. However I am not sure that the gap you are talking about (2019) is so very large. If ST:DISC finishes at the end of Feb 2018 then waiting until 2019 (Jan or Feb) is not so bad IMHO.

My first experience with multiple load failures was actually during last night’s episode. Prior to that I was only hearing about it from friends and reading about it online. It was quite annoying and frankly at the price being charged, CBSAA should have all that figured out going into the game. Not expect me as a consumer to fund their poor foresight and technical preparedness.

Technical issues with the delivery of content from the platform aside, the price of the app is still not worth the content being offered. For example, the aforementioned bad tape dubs of old Trek series from the syndication era.

I think CBS is going to find out that expecting Trek fans to wait a full year between seasons and still be paying for their expensive technically troubled application/platform during that time period is one tall order. That won’t get filled. In my humble opinion. ;)

@Dman1701 — people keep assuming that CBS expects subscribers to stick with CBSAA during the hiatus. Why? CBS isn’t expecting that at all. No streaming platform is based on that model, they all know subscribers jump the minute they’ve seen all they want to see, that’s why they keep original programming coming. CBS had to start somewhere and now they’re off, with all the struggles, and setbacks, any new streaming platform needs to take off.

I’m not assuming anything, I’m going by the public comments and articles quoting Les Moonves and CBS regarding what the plans and hopes for the app were. As well as journalism about the app and the shortcomings with it, CBS’s emergency roll out of a half off offer, etc, etc. There is also the emergency meeting CBS had about the matter, Netflix’s dissatisfaction with their partnership and the product delivered not matching what was sold to them for their investment.

The whole situation is quite a mess for CBS, even without the application being a disaster of a platform at roll out. You’ll pardon me for saying that the assuming appears to be on your end.

@Dman1701 — I haven’t read any of that. But I’m sure someone will be along to post links to this accusations you’re making, to help educate me on the matter.

The only “accusation”(if that really was one) I have made was you were yourself making assumptions. As for sources, there are numerous ones and I find it hard to believe you really need them spelled out for you. Variety, /Film TrekMovie and numerous Trek related websites and blogs/vlogs support the points I brought forward. If you wish to challenge a specific one, then by all means do so. I’ll be glad to explain myself and my sources.

Of course I’d ask the same of you. Particularly since it appears you have decided that you will argue in defense of the CBSAA app. Which is fine, but you’ll have to source your claims that CBS expected these early drops offs in subscriptions/cancellations and having to roll out half off offers not to cancel the subscription before the first month of the show had even aired.

This is why I pointed out that is certainly not what CBS said about their plans for their app. That is not what Les Moonves said about their plans. They were looking to it to act as a springboard for new subscriptions. Not having to immediately offer half off specials within weeks of rolling out STD.

Given that you just insisted that the newly remastered versions of TOS and TNG with remastered effects are being offered to CBSAA customers when they are not? And you have already resorted to one ad homenim, I’d suggest you reexamine your commitment to defending the app. As it has lead to some rather ironic but fairly common internet behavior on your part. IMHO.

Netflix is so upset they partnered on a season 2 renewal.

I wonder who Dman used to be that probably got booted from here. You keep making up things to support your irrational attacks on CBS. You cite no sources. If everyone was talking about this, surely you could post a link? Nope? Then knock it off.

Your “ad homenin” attacks on CBS are tiring. haha

Your paranoid theories about the moniker “dman” in an internetz setting don’t actually make you Sherlock Holmes. Though I guess one could say he did have a certain sense of paranoia you might appreciate?

Wonder away. Koo koo too choo too.

As I stated earlier, what particular comment did you want to challenge? By all means, unplug the paranoid-o-tron and plug in your brain. If you do and can manage to come up with some sort of intelligent comment or challenge? Please do share! As risque Vulcans like to say, I’m all ears!

TOS is not old tape dubs. It has the new fx. They’re just streaming it in standard def, not HD.

@Hollyweird — and I suspect that is contractual as part of the deals they made with other streaming platforms. Eventually I expect CBSAA to take it all back, such that they’re the only streaming platform where Trek will be available.

@Cadet – didnt the original announcement about Discovery include the fact they were taking all of Trek away from Netflix? And then the deal with Netflix obviously resulted in that platform retaining their streaming rights…

@ Hollyweird,
You are incorrect. The version of TOS being offered is not the remastered new special effects version of the show that has been available for years. I just checked again and this has not changed. That aside, your other comments tend to bolster my argument about the essentially poor value the app offers. A premium subscription with the “no commercials” option is $9.99 a month but they are not offering high definition streaming? Just charging high definition streaming prices? I rest my case. ;)

@Hollyweird — you are correct: I just confirmed some of the TOS version being offered on CBSAA is the remastered version. But most aren’t. However, they all appear to be HD transfers. Some might say the original FX are a plus though ;-)

@ Holyweird
I’d suggest you ignore Curious Cadet’s falsehood. None of the remastered high definition with new effects episodes of Trek are currently available on CBSAA. Ironically he referred earlier to CBS’s current streaming relationships with other services as the these are not available on CBSAA. I guess he forgot.

Of course one could simply ask him, which episode of TOS is it you are seeing in high definition and with the remastered effects? Then activate your CBSAA app and watch in amazement as only the bad old syndication era dubs with blurry images and transfer artifacts plays.

I’m not sure why CC is so invested in defending the universally panned app, but he is. Now to the point of dissembling. Curious indeed.

Mostly because its not universally panned. For a guy who cries everytime someone disagrees with him, you like to make up false facts to support your shaky narrative. You’ve done it several times.

Just for shiz and giggles since you seem to be as you say “his lawyer” why don’t you also share with us the episode of TOS available that is not only in high definition, but features the remastered effects?

Are you his roommate? This could explain much, you are both sharing the same special set of truly special spectacles which allow you both to view programming none of the rest of the world can? That would be one eplanation. Try me sir. I can think up a few more.

As a Star Trek fan, I’m always amazed when Monty Python characters that normally reside under bridges pop up and think they are pithy! Bravo!

I bypass all of that by not using the app.
I use my laptop and have no problems.

@Gary 8.5 — I had no issues with CBSAA until last night. Always flawless service and amazing picture, no buffering, stutters, or glitches of any kind. Last night my Apple TV 4K seemed to be a factor, as I was able to stream it via my smart TVs built-in Android app with no problems at all. The picture wasn’t as good as my Apple TV, but no streaming issues. Since it seems some other streaming boxes had issues too, I’m going to assume it was a problem on CBSAAs end, which they’ll have to work out. However, if this keeps happening, then it’s a problem, and I’ll contact CBSAA for a credit.

Of course some people would prefer to view the show on their large screen televisions than over a laptop screen. But then again, with the problem being on CBS’s end, just because you are watching it on your laptop does not mean you won’t have the exact same problem as with your TV. ;)

@Dman1701 — and good luck with holding out for Netflix to handle all of your entertainment needs. Disney is pulling all of their content in 2019, and other studios will follow. Netflix even acknowledged as much in their quarterly earnings report, that they will be increasingly relying on original content in the future. Netflix needs Trek as much as CBSAA does, they have no power over CBS who likely Has a limited distribution deal with Netflix and can simply threaten not to renew and go with other services who were reported to be just as eager to get Trek for their own platforms.

Who said anything about Netflix handling all of my entertainment needs? Not I, nor do I really care about what Disney is doing as it is not germane to any argument I have made.

Netflix paid for STD and they have certain contractual expectations of CBS. Ones they feel are not being met and there is some very good reporting about all of this. And what I am familiar with does not jibe with your take on the matter. Which once again, seems to be based upon a series of assertions predicated upon assumptions made by you.

@Dman1701 — if you don’t ink Disney is Germaine to your argument, then you clearly have no idea what you’re debating. Best of luck to you.

@Curious Cadet
Your ad homenim aside, you presented a lot of assumptions while initially posing a question about why people were making assumptions. As you offered up some assumptions you have made that don’t jibe with what has been reported on and available in the public domain. I don’t think luck has anything to with this circular logic hole.;)

New drinking game. Everytime Dman avoids a direct answer by accusing people he’s engaging in discussion with of an “ad hominen” attack, take a drink!

@Dman Where is it reported that CBS is not meeting their obligations to Netflix? Did you just make that up?

Nope, I follow numerous sources of information. Which claim of mine is it you wish to dispute? I mean if you are done with your delusional paranoia elsewhere about my identity which apparently will serve as an excuse for you to consume alcohol.

Who is this group you are appealing to with your brilliant drinking game?


I can fully emphasize with your frustration. My experience with CBSAA thus far has been less than stellar. The video continues to pause on its own while the audio continues for a few seconds. Then the video catches up. The worst thing happened Sunday when I was watching episode 5. At least 5 times during the course of the stream it would completely on its own stop the episode then start loading episode 6! I have to go back to the menu and select episode 5 again. It asks me if I want to continue where I left off. I click “yes” and it starts from the beginning! This sort of situation is 100% unacceptable. We are PAYING for a service and should expect a minimum functionality and we are not getting it. I actually found a CBSAA phone contact and after being on hold for a good 25 minutes got an answer. They told me the video issue was a “known” problem and was being addressed. They had not heard of the problem of the show stopping and loading the next episode but that it should be fixed when the known video issue was repaired. Not once did they offer me anything as compensation for them failing to deliver their product as promised after payment. It truly is BAD customer service. I’ve called Netflix with issues on rare occasions and they bend over backwards to compensate for their shortcomings. Not CBS. This entire endeavor has been a failure to customers from the start and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop anytime soon.

Your experience mirrors a great deal of complaints I have seen from dissatisfied CBSAA customers. I am hopeful that the rumors about the second season possibly not being tied to the CBS app come true. I know this is what Netflix would like to see happen.

@Kirok – your account is in stark contrast to previous things you’ve said in regards to Netflix not working for you and how you think streaming as a technology is crap. Are you now experiencing wonderful streaming experiences with Netflix?

Really? This is nothing but yet another ad homenim post aimed at the poster and not the subject. It addresses the topic of conversation not at all. Obviously you have some kind of personal issue or past beef with an opinion expressed by this poster.

Who cares?

Kirok is NOT the subject of discussion. Got anything that is not trolling another poster to say? Maybe something about the subject? Why one should not expect a service that cost in the same league as Netflix to at least operate as well as it? Much less offer as much content? See these kinds of details get lost in ad homenim personal attacks on other posters that you’ve a petty complaint with.

Beam into the conversation Scotty, not squatting under a bridge.

@Dman – None of your business. Im glad you stumbled across the term “ad homenim” and are anxious to over-use it, but identifying when a poster is trolling by pretending to feel a certain way that is in stark contrast to prior statements is relevant.

If someone claims they never use streaming, hate it and dont believe in it. And then later claims they have always used streaming and Netflix is wonderful but this All Access is just crap, does that not cloud their motivation of their post from a reasonable discussion to a biased attempt to force a narrative?

I asked. if he answers, great. if he doesnt, so be it. Either way, unless you’re his lawyer, get off your high horse. There are lots of nasty posters here you can preach to if you need.

You’ve got me! I’m not only the poster deflating your ad homs but the one who apparently consumes your paranoid delusions. Koo koo ka choo.

These problems you are describing sound more like your Internet connection speed and stability that with CBS servers.

@ Luke Montgomery
You reached this conclusion by ignoring the well sourced and reported problems with the CBSAA app based upon what again?

Renewal was pretty much a given. A ton of money on the table and way too much at stake not to renew it. The question is how many episodes and if they can afford to wait until 2019 to bring it back.

Any news about the cast?

Of course not. I’d expect more fatalities before season one ends….

In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the “first premium version” of this great franchise. Interesting that quote “first premium version” more series to come?

I think it refers to the fact that previous Star Trek TV shows were shot on tight budgets. For example, Marina Sirtis often speaks about the fact that her wigs on TNG were cheap $60 dollar nylon ones. Several cast members have also stated that Discovery is the first high-budget Trek TV series.

“Premium” is referring to the platform.

I’m so excited! This show is already one of my favorite incarnation of Star Trek. I feel like a kid again when Star Trek: TNG first debuted. Every week new delights and wonder. I’m doing my DISCO happy dance!

Have you actually thought past the explosions & pew pew pew’s to see its poor writing & about what the show is about?
it’s moral issues, what its characters represent, how it pisses of Star Treks history & ideals & philosophy & is basically a right-wing pro-war hi-jacking of Star Trek as just another Dystopian BSG Star Wars in an attempt to popularise it with the lowest common denominator mainstream audiences & alienate/dispose of the fan base & appeal to the general public instead?

This is fantastic news. Discovery is such a great show with so much potential. I want a premium Star Trek show so I will continue my All Access membership in order to support it. To take it a step further, CBS should offer the fans a chance to direct the action by sending a dollar to vote for what I think a particular character should do next. Just like those books where you chose the outcome. That would be so cool.

That was expected given the amount of investment in place & the importance of CBS All Access.

They need to get better writers for their second season & expand their focus. So far they’re spending too much time on the Discovery itself & not much of the outside universe.

Six episodes in, I am sure that they will expand their focus.


From my point of view they spent far more time and money on the production values than they have with directing editing and writing. The show LOOKS great. But thus far leaves a lot to be desired with pacing, plot and writing. There is room for improvement but given how streaming shows work with short seasons and the fact that they pretty much wrap the season before the season ends (or in this case very soon into the season) there is no time whatsoever to make in season adjustments.

There is always room for improvement.
Now, they have the time to improve.

I do hope we get better nebulae next season. The one from “Lethe” simply looks like strobe lights down at a disco.

The pacing, plot and especially the writing is great. You have to look at it for what it is and not for what it isnt. It isnt episodic bottle TV shows so the pacing and plotting are going to be quit different. Many complaints here seem to relate to not understanding some of the nuances that are purposely left as threads to be picked up later or feeling its going too fast

That’s right. Because if anyone criticizes any aspect of the show or production it HAS to be because they don’t understand what is going on. I mean, no show ever has contained season long story arcs before, right? Most viewers just don’t know how to handle something so new and innovative….

@Kirok – no, most people do. Its just a few of you that seem to be struggling.


I understand that sarcasm in the written form can sometime be missed. So to clarify, the comment you responded to was oozing over with sarcasm.

So was mine. You’ve made mention of gaping plot holes but provide no examples. It seems that most people complaing of plot holes simply didnt get the story being told.


Forgive me but even with you after the fact claiming your post was sarcasm even with that revelation it is difficult to see it that way. But I’ll accept that it is possible you intended it to be sarcasm.

I’ve mentioned the exapmes back in my posts in the appropriate episode threads. Just because you have not seen them does not mean they are not there. I did not list them here because I already mentioned them in a more appropriate setting and it was not necessary to write them all out again.

And lastly, not that you will acknowledge the behavior but you once again blamed the person for not understanding things as well as you do. Which is a very arrogant comeback and as I said elsewhere a tactic that derails the original discussion and places the original poster on the defensive. You do that quite a bit and will not further engage you in any post where you implement the behavior.

It abandoned stand alone stories but hasn’t delivered quality writing over multiple episodes.
It’s not innovation its just poor writing which appears to appeal to people who like to make excuses for things.

@Trekboi – you’ve not demonstrated that you’re actually watching and given the general tone of most of your posts, I suspect you arent. The writing is far deeper and more nuanced than most Trek has been with elements covering multiple episodes.

While the writing has felt uneven and rushed at times, this is a very good cast and I’m happy to see the show get another season. It will be interesting to see what the show looks like by the time we get to season 2 in terms of cast, costumes, hardware, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if season 2 ends up looking and feeling pretty different from season 1.

Given the apparent popularity of Discovery, CBS would also do well to consider maybe launching a second show in the Trek universe some time in the next couple of years. I for one would love to see an anthology style show as a companion to Discovery, which of course was Bryan Fuller’s original idea, and from a business standpoint it probably wouldn’t hurt to give the Trek fans, who seem to be a pretty big part of All Access’ current success, something else to stick around for,

Nicholas Meyer has already hinted that he is involved in a second show.

@AAPA — wishful thinking at this point IMO. But I’d love to see it. With any luck they could go into production in the Spring in time to have something on the air by August, take a break when DISC comes on the air, and then back during DISCO’s hiatus. I’d love to see a Chris Pike series, and Meyer would be the guy for that one.

Chris Pike or even Robert April. A brand spanking new Enterprise…

See my comments to TonyD below, I’m really interested to see cast announcements about season 2. Particularly given that supposedly the actors were never signed for a second season in the first place.

We’ve yet to learn what the secretive “other” Star Trek project Nicholas Meyer was working on is. Speculation has been that he was working on season 2 of this “anthology” series, because when this series started it was intended as a one off. A one season anthology tale on a series that would move onto a new story line and cast each season. Bryan Fuller’s original pitch. But apparently that went out the window somewhere in the production timeline about episode 6. That is when they brought in “cannon” guards to help with the story and supposedly began retooling the show to be more than a “one off” and to appease the CBS board and Netflix.

It is all really quite fascinating, pardon the pun. I for one can’t wait to read the book or article about all the behind the scenes stuff that has happened around this troubled production.

By the way, the “other” season by Meyer is rumored to have been about Khan’s years on Ceti Alpha V between when he was dropped off there and Wrath of Khan. Personally, I’d rather any “other” series please return to the prime time line post Nemesis. I’ve had enough with prequels and all the anachronisms they lead to.

By the way, I’m still not sure this series IS in the prime timeline. It may not have been intended to be all along, scuttlebutt is they retroactively worked hard across the second half of the season to write themselves out of any corners the ‘one season one off’ approach created.

I’m very interested to see how this all shakes out.

A few years ago I read a book by Greg Cox called To Reign in Hell; it was a novel about Khan’s time on Ceti Alpha V between Space Seed and TWOK. It was a good read but also a really depressing one. Personally, a mini-series about a group of super humans stranded on a hostile planet doesn’t feel particularly Star Trekky to me and I don’t know if it could sustain interest for an entire season. If that is what Myer was pitching I can understand why the network execs might be hesitant to go that route.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they bring Discovery’s story to a conclusion and go with a completely different ship and crew for season 2. Better that than extending Discovery beyond a point they ever intended to reach. I’d prefer a series of short, tight, season-long adventures that don’t wear out their welcome than another 4-7 year run with one crew or ship. But that’s just my preference.

I read that book too and agree with your assessment. Of course this concept by Meyer was being executed when the series was still publicly put forth as an anthology series, so it would have been another 13 to 15 episode season. And I agree that would not feel like a Star Trek show to me either.

If they retool the first season so that it leads to a multi year series about the crew of the discovery, I’ll be pleased to watch it. But it would not bother me if they went in another direction either. I guess we’ll have to hold on until the end of the first season to see what they do.

@TonyD — I’d be down with a series that followed the crew to other ships. imagine following Kirk from graduation at the Academy through first assignment to the Farragut, to the Enterprise. That’d be a journey I’d love to go on. But impossible before the series concept was understood by audiences in the 1960s. Over the years, I’ve been told by various producers and writers that such a concept was impossible due to cast deals, and audience building — fans get invested in characters and don’t want to lose them, not to mention that every new location the lead actor moves to, necessitates hiring guest stars at much higher rates, rather than committing to a long term deal. But these little 10 episodes series shake up that model. It also puts a lot more burden on the lead character to remain enough of a draw to keep the audience following just that character, and relegates recurring cast to guest appearances, assuming they are even available. But it’s a lot more feasible now than ever before.

I thought the same thing, seeing Michael move on to a new ship. But the series is called Discovery…

My personal preference for a time frame of a Trek series, not that it matters in the larger scheme of things, is to put it 25-30 years after Undiscovered Country. To me that is a period rife with uncovered stories.

I’m not too adverse to prequels but I think a mere 10 years before TOS is just too close. Enterprise worked better for me because of how much earlier it was.

And again, this show still reeks of the Kelvin timeline no matter what the producers say about it. Until I’d see on screen evidence to the contrary that is how I am viewing it.

So far Discovery is about 10000 times better than Enterprise.

We do not need more than one trek show at a time. Let Discovery breath and improve-this is important.

Agreed. Unequivocally.

@DataMat — we? Don’t speak for me, especially if they keep up the mini-series model. It’s a big universe and plenty of room for multiple Trek narratives, and more than enough fans. Have you taken a look at the DC comics universe over at the CW and FOX? There’s no reason Trek can’t be as rich, and indeed it already is.

@Curious Cadet
Given your predilection for outright fabrication? Plus ad homenins and poorly sourced assumptions? Don’t presume to speak much less take offense on behalf of well read posters with a 3 point IQ. Funny how often you have done that in just this one thread.

Awesome. I knew this was coming because the show is just so good.

Happy to hear. Now we can all relax and finally celebrate Star Trek’s return to TV.

No we have to wait to hear if Orville is renewed too! lol

Where is the Star Trek show?
Discovery is trying to be Battlestar Galactica


I wouldn’t say they were “trying” to be BSG. But it does have that feel, doesn’t it? I’m not 100% sure such an angle works for Trek. I think the jury is still out on that for me.

Where is the Star Trek show?
Discovery is trying to be Battlestar Galactica

I’m glad. With the exception of TOS, every Star Trek series gets better after the first season. Since Discovery started out great, it will be interesting to see how it can get even better in further seasons.

Started out “Great” OMG I can’t understand you people, what show were you watching?
Watch it 2 or 3 times & analyze it intellectually & you will see its flaws & want better if you have any standards.

I really don’t need to see the episodes two or three times to see the plot holes. They have thus far been rather gaping. Each episode so far has felt like there were very important scenes left on the cutting room floor. For a series that doesn’t have to conform to time slots and commercial breaks I find that odd. Apart from a couple gratuitous F and S bombs it feels like CBS is treating this show like it is on the over the air CBS television network.

Only in the premiere did I feel like they left something on the cutting room floor.

There are no plot holes otherwise. Every time I’ve seen someone complain of a plot hole, they either refuse to be specific (because they just want to complain and are making it up) or when they provide examples, others correctly explain what they missed.

This is indeed good news. Despite my dislike for some of the more graphic details aggressively catering to nowadays’ audiences, I found about 85% of the show to my liking. I love most characters (minus Lorca), I love the uniforms, the ship, the FX, the overall plot… So yeah, I’m glad the show will go on and give me more time to finally adapt to this updated version of Trek…

If it just wasnt for expressions like that…

“huge global fan interest for the first PREMIUM version of this great franchise”

“Premium” has become a stand-in term for gore, blood and “adult” depictions… it is used for cable TV shows such as GOT or TWD, and that still evokes some very hostile emotions within me.
“Premium” is the euphemism of the century…But then, there’s just nothing I can do about any of that. Who am I to argue with television history…

“Premium” is defined as “relating to or denoting a commodity of superior quality and therefore a higher price.”

Good grief. Give it up man.

“The Walking Dead” is not classified as a premium offering since it’s available on basic cable, not part of a subscription service. “Premium” here is specifically referring to the platform it’s available on.

You’re confusing premium with simply not being subjected to the rating sensibilities of network TV, which continue to evolve. Im not sure anything beyond the F word would be edited out for Network broadcast.

There’s been no sex and very limited violence. Yes, gory but not more than some network shows have shown. If it aired at 9pm I dont think any cuts would be needed.

Good news, everyone! (Please read in Professor Farnsworth’s voice)
Well, here’s hoping that the writers will give their stories and characters a little more time to breathe this time around. A little less heavy-handed expository dialogue, a little more confidence in the audience’s intelligence, that’s pretty much all I wish for. Well and maybe not some TOS namedrop in every single episode… that’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Brilliant news! Well deserved

YEAH. Thrusters on full.

Can’t wait for next Season.

Gee, what a surprise….

Not a surprise, but necessary for future success.

I see season 2 with the Klingon war over Discovery goes back to being a ship of Discovery but its Captain has issues. He is a war captain and not much for the exploration but he wants the chair. I think season 2 surrounds this conflict and that Star Fleet will bend a little for cowboy diplomacy a.k.a Captain Kirk as we build closer to the TOS timeline.. Season 2 will be 9 years before Kirk… it would be nice to explore the Andorians … they are very interesting…

I reckon he’ll be killed off…

I couldn’t watch it last night. The buffering was terrible. 8 seconds of play 30 seconds wait till the next burst. Wasn’t my internet. Checked it , everything else worked fine. I saw a news story this morning about CBS and it’s platform issue. I have another to see Discovery. I have to wait 24 hours to see it, but at least it works. I only subscribed to support Star Trek. If it’s not fixed soon I’m out.

As you can see here and elsewhere online the CBSAllAcess took a particularly bad crap on the carpet last night. I’ve had bad variations in picture quality on the app on almost every use. But last night was my first night to have the exact same issues you just shared about. I ended up not watching until this morning, at which time I still had a couple of loading waits. This just solidifies why I cancelled my membership.

Thanks for that link, interesting, and makes me feel even better accessing it on Kodi if I need to.

Why? Because 5% had an issue? lol Pretty small.

Read the comments section of the article. I suspect that the claim of that 5% to be a ruse.

Furthermore, that is certainly cbs putting as positive a spin on it as they could. It very well could be that they only got calls and responses from 5% of their subscribers. Which would be amazingly high as the vast majority tend to not contact the provider when this happens. It’s more likely it affected way way more than that.

The fact of the matter is that CBS started offering half off the price of a second month subscription for their monthly subscription service within two weeks of the premier of STD. If one would simply not cancel their second month subscription while only two weeks into the first month of the same.

No its far more likely they measure the 5% by virtue of knowing how many subs were impacted by the particular delivery partner than counting comments and phone calls.

People dont generally call networks to let them know the channel or service worked. Only when there is an issue.

Or of course given how well reported and joked about Sunday night’s streaming problems with the CBSAA app are at this point? Maybe it is time for you to plug in your brain rather than brainlessly defending an inanimate application for the sake of internet stupidity and argumentation? Or perhaps you want to get back to scintillating ad homenim bomb throwing ala internet troll school 101? And let’s face it TUP, you had to go out and look up what ad homeinim meant didn’t you?

Was it hard from under your bridge?

@Schadenfreude — nice to know CBSAA reported issues. I presume this is he first time you’ve had this issue? I’ve had nothing but perfect service on every platform I’ve tried to access it. I cut the cord a few years ago, and so I’m fully prepared to stream to my TV in any number of ways — from my MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or built-in Android TV app. When I ran into these issues last night on my Apple TV, I thought about streaming it to the TV from my MacBook, or iPhone, both of which worked perfectly but then tried the Built-in Android app on the TV and it worked perfectly. I was getting really angry at Apple until I read about the problems here, and your post is reassuring.

So nice to have options though, it’s a brave new world we live in …

As far as CBS is concerned, if this happens again, I will contact them and ask for a credit. It’s no different than all the years I missed shows I couldn’t stream later because of cable outages and satellite issues. As far as I’m concerned this is at best a minor inconvenience.

I don’t mind waiting a year so long as Season 1 doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.

It probably will ;)

Good news. But to be very honest and as a 40 year Trek fan, The Walking Dead started back up again last night and I totally forget about Discovery. And, since I’m hearing so many streaming issues with CBSAA, I’m kind of glad I did.

Not sold on the show yet, but it’s early. Another thing, I signed up for CBSAA for a month commercial free, then immediately cancelled, and they’re still giving it to me without charging me. Since everything else on the platform is pretty much junk (to me), getting it for free sounds like a plan….

@Danpaine — whatever you have to tell yourself to justify your theft.

The true measure of a person is not what they do when people are watching, but what they do when people are not.

…and somehow I still manage to sleep at night. Interesting you say that, though, as this is my first foray into the world of said ‘theft.’ At 51 years old and never cited for anything more than a speeding ticket however, I think my soul is still rather intact compared to others.

I’ve made it pretty clear from the get-go here that I find CBSAA to be a shameless money-grab by CBS. And with word that this paid service actually breaks down – and only people in the U.S. have to buy into it? I’m ok with seeing DISC cost-free.

Nice quote though, Cadet, and I agree with it. Morally though, I’m ok with this.

If they screw up and give it to you, so be it. But thinking All Access is a money grab is really weird. In what way is asking a consumer to pay for content a money grab?

Is Netflix a money grab?

To some, maybe. But not to me, no, TUP. Netflix is a global concern with a ton of good programming on it, for the same price as CBSAA commercial-free option, which has effectively one or two decent offerings on it. With shotty service.

I happily fork over my $10.59 a month to Netflix, and my wife and I watch it almost daily. The content is almost endless, with many great originals, imo. Very much worth the price. CBSAA? Not even close. So I think them coming out of the gate at the same price point as Netflix is quite arrogant.

And the fact DISC is available on Netflix everywhere in the world (except where you live and the U.S.), to me, makes CBSAA even more of a rip-off. Just my opinion, of course.

And to be clear, this is not a jab at DISC at all. I do enjoy the show, it’s growing on me. Happy to have some new Trek in my life.

Well said Danpaine,
CBS is charging in the same price range as Netflix but minus the constantly new and changing content. It remains a poor value for the amount of money it costs for the content they offer, to say nothing of the poor performance of the product technically.

@ Curious Cadet
What is it with you and the repeated ad homenims and personal attacks on other particpants? The only way Danpaine is guilty of “theft” is if he was actively stealing something. If CBS has decided to not turn off cancelled subscriptions (aside from yet more technical incompetence, the only way he could still access the service) this is only emblematic of the fact CBS is aware they have a stinker of a subscription service on their hands.

Of course as we can see from your comments today, you are here more to defend the CBSAA app and of course troll those trying to engage in an actual conversation or dialogue about the merits of the CBSAA app. Noted and reported.


Yes, there seem to be a couple of people who feel the need to make baiting posts and personal attacks on anyone who dares question the show itself or the platform chosen to deliver it. The standard responses are “you don’t understand” or “you are stuck in the old way of doing things and not accepting the new”. Moving away from the comment presented and focusing on the poster. Thus placing the poster in a defensive position where they are more likely to stave off the attack rather than discuss the issue presented.

Thus far the types we are speaking about don’t seem to understand the level of knowledge intelligence and articulation that is a hallmark of Star Trek and its patrons. We tend to be detail oriented. Rather than ad homenim based. And able to spot an ad hoc utterly BS “internet” behavior pattern at a distance.

Then its’ NOT a money grab because you have the option of not buying it.

So was Netflix a money grab years ago before it had the catalog, quality and service it has now?

Calling All Access a money grab implies some impropriety or malicious intent on CBS’ part. That is not true at all. They create content and ask you to pay for it. There are people outside the US that had to sign up to Netflix for the first time to watch Discovery. Does that make it a money grab? According to you, no. What’s the difference?

It airs on SPACE in Canada. Some people had to sign up for SPACE. Does that make it a money grab?

If I want to watch a series on Amazon, is it a money grab? Of course not.

Its really a warped perspective. If I want a $9 steak, so be it. If I want a $40 steak, thats not a money grab. Its my choice.

I wasn’t going to even bother answering, but in an attempt to make myself abundantly clear, I’ll try. I’m up for some constructive disagreement.

On a monthly basis, I pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime Anytime and purchase seasons of shows like The Walking Dead from ITunes. I pay for my home entertainment to the tune of about $150 a month. Because I find all those channels to be worth the cost, because they are reliable services and offer plenty of content I find compelling (well, Showtime not so much, so I may cancel that). I am not out to screw anyone over in the entertainment industry, the thought is ridiculous to me. I am no ‘pirate.’

That said, CBSAA is not terribly reliable, DISC is the only show on the platform I like. Unless you want to see shows that aired decades ago, some in SD. It is not a bargain. So, as another poster said, if their app/mgmt. is so bad they can’t even remember to charge my credit card for this ONE show every month, that is on them, IMO. Just because Star Trek is on it does not make it a good service.

So you guys don’t like the term ‘money grab,’ fair enough. But my opinion is, CBSAA is overpriced, not worth the money or frustration. To be clear though, I am No Freeloader.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

@Danpaine — then I assume you will not be watching CBSAA anymore, and won’t be further discussing DISC with us, since you are not paying for it? Because otherwise you are stealing — the taking of something which you did not pay for, whether the owner of said product accidentally left the door to his storefront unlocked or not. The competency of the owner has no bearing on whether or not you take advantage of it.

No, I think I’ll stick with it, thanks.


I don’t know… If I cancel my newspaper subscription and am no longer being charged but the delivery guy still tosses the paper on my poach am I now expected to take the papers back and tell them? I think not. It feels 100# legit to just take the paper and read it so long as it is still being delivered to the home as the subscriber has done the due diligence to cancel.

@Danpaine — I work in the entertainment industry. Have made my entire career in it. And it matters when someone takes intellectual property for free. However you chose to justify it, taking something for free, due to an oversight by the provider is stealing. Has a clerk ever given you the wrong change in your favor? And what did you do? Give it back, or pocket it as fair for the slow service you received? Just because you don’t agree with someone’s policies does not give you liberty to take advantage of them. A person can lie by omission, just as it’s stealing to get free cable, after you’ve ordered the service cancelled, and continue to take advantage of their mistake.

Now, I can see the argument if the cable company gave you horrible service and fought with you when you were in the right, and never refunded your money, taking advantage of their oversight. But your justification seems to be that the legitimate and legal copyright holder does not have the right to do with its intellectual property as it chooses, that somehow your self-ascribed entitlement to it as a fan justifies your theft?

And you further twist the truth to support your position — yes the service breaks down, just as my internet goes out, cable service goes down, and satellite goes off. As long as the company providing the service credits me as CBS is doing, then there’s no problem. And not only people in the US have to buy into a service to get the show. in Canada they have to subscribe to a premium cable channel, in the rest of the world, they have to subscribe to another streaming service. So like I stated, tell yourself whatever you need to sleep at night. I and my many colleagues in the entertainment business will be the ones who ultimately suffer. Real people, employed by the owners of the copyrights you’re stealing.

Reads just like not only another ad hominem personal attack? But a tortuously rationalized one. From the same poster who claims that the episodes of TOS available on CBSAA are in fact ” sometimes” the high definition remastered ones that this same poster highlighted as not currently available on the CBSAA app earlier. Given the admission this poster works in the entertainment industry, one has to wonder what stake he has in CBS and the pathetic CBSAA app.

But congrats on doubling down upon ad homenim personal troll attacks (now coupled with an “anecdotal” relations) not such a curious but by route cadet. Bravo.

This is good news!
I’ve watched the episodes multiple times.
I notice subtleties that I miss with the first go round.
Well done, cast and crew of Discovery!

Money is the deciding factor in a renewal. Don’t mistake quality story telling as being the primary reason for a second season. What season is the Kardashians on now? Or American Idol?

In yesterday’s episode, Burnham mentioned Constitution class and the Enterprise. I wonder whether we’ll see it in this show, either just the class or the Enterprise itself.

I have to believe we will. If it was me, I’d try to restrain myself and only show it in the series finale, whenever that might be. Perhaps Michael seeing her “brother” Spock off as he is promoted to first officer under Kirk (she specifically mentioned the path to the Captain’s chair going through “assignment to Connie like Enterprise, First officer…”

Since we know Spock is on the Enterprise, that also makes it make sense why she’d say that. It would be in her mind. And she served on Schenzhou which was admittedly “old”. She maybe envy’s Spock’s cushy assignment as science officer under Pike,

Well Spock still has 4 years of academy to go through. Probably ending his first year now. Kirk is a freshman in High School most likely and as a playboy probably takes him 5 years. And Kirk still has to go to his first ship to save his Captain and crew to get promoted to return to the academy for training to command level advancement. That is supposedly where Kirk meets Spock even in the pre-Abrams timeline.

You have to keep in mind these events are 10 years prior to the original series. Kirk is most likely a Freshman in highschool now, and Spock has 4 years of Academy to go through too. Then the Pike as Captain of the enterprise and those events lead Spock to return to the academy as an instructor even in pre-Abrams timeline.

@Dave — you’ve got the timeline wrong. “The Cage” was 13 years before TOS. This is 10. Spock has already been on the Enterprise at least 3 years already.

In 2258, Kirk was either a Lieutentant on the Farragut or an instructure at Starfleet Command (he was on Farragut in 2257 and an instructor in the late 50’s).

Spock was science officer on board the Enterprise under Captain Pike, who completed his first 5 year mission in 2258 (Im going to head canon that it ended when the Enterprise was needed for the war effort…or its in deep space and not near enough to be involved).

They better step their game WAY up.

Great news and congrats to all involved! May Discovery LLAP!

Wow this is very surprising…said no one lol. Great news! It was never really an if, especially after how CBS bragged so much of how well Discovery did on their site against everything else. It would feel weird to actually cancel it.

But so happy for this! I have always said the show is going to get 2-3 seasons minimum due to how everything is baked in for the show but my guess is it may end up being a real hit and go 5+ seasons. I imagine on Netflix alone this thing is a huge, huge hit.

With the new success of Discovery, I have a feeling that the Abrams-verse Star Trek IV movie (or any future movies) may not be going forward anytime soon.
There was not much movement on another Trek film anyways here recently…so the Paramount excs must re-evaluating the franchise “again” and therefore might be reconsidering whether or not another film is worth the risk or not. Its a shame, the chemistry of the new Enterprise cast was beginning to take shape after three movies…
Only time will tell…

Excellent news. Happy.

Looks like there are a lot of pages to that Season 2 Folder!

Am I the only one curious about the contents of that Season 2 folder?

There was very little chance they wouldn’t get a second season. I’m surprised it took them this long to announce it.

Ha, Just like Star Trek 4 was greenlit before Beyond was released?
When is that coming out? Oh, that’s right. Never.

“renewed” for a new season with a different arc read story/cast & maybe in 2019 lol
This is a joke- who’s going to pay for it? the subscription bump was mostly free trials & even they wouldn’t finance the series.

Announcing a project that is in development is different from greenlighting it into actual production.

CBS will pay for it
I wouldn’t start thinking season 2 isn’t going to happen.
I heard lots of people predict that about season one and we are almost halfway done with that right now!

You’re trolling hard today arent you? I suspect your post accusing this site of selective deleting was a preemptive effort to chill them from appropriately dealing with you and your nonsense.

So you’re on record now as saying there wont be a Season 2? Care to bet your continued presence here on that? lol

Netflix is on board with Season 2. They pay a fee to CBS for the show. Case closed.

I find it suspicious that there is noone left on this site criticizing Discovery, just dillusional people who refuse to see the low quality generic sci-Fi show in front of them- I suspect the site is selectively deleting posts or blocking people to favor STD.

I’m just making this comment to see it it is still here tomorrow.

Wow. Paranoid much?

There are plenty of people who still express irrational hatred of a TV show for no apparent reason. There’s even a guy who is paranoid about it.