‘The Orville’ Renewed For A Second Season

Today Fox announced that Seth MacFarlane’s space adventure series The Orville has been renewed for a second season. Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn said in a statement “Once again Seth has struck a powerful chord with viewers. He has delivered a series full of optimism, drama and his trademark humor. We want to thank him and the rest of the talented cast, as well as the producers and crew, for an incredible first season. We can’t wait to see where The Orville travels in the second.”

Fox is also touting how The Orville’s premiere reached over 14 million viewers across various platforms, making it the network’s most watched and highest-rated series launch since the 2015 debut of Empire. According to Fox, The Orville ranks among the top three new dramas for the fall season “with an average 2.5/9 Live + 7 Day rating, a +67% lift from Live + Same Day, and more than 10 million multi-platform viewers, +108% vs. Live + Same Day.”

Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki in The Orville

Many Star Trek fans (including the TrekMovie team) have embraced The Orville as it has delivered on MacFarlane’s promise to create an homage to the Trek franchise, and especially to the look and narrative style of The Next Generation. To accomplish this MacFarlane brought in a number of Trek vets including writer/executive producers Brannon Braga and David A. Goodman, directors Jonathan Frakes, Robert Duncan McNeill, and James L. Conway, and cinematographer Marvin Rush.

Jonathan Frakes on the set of The Orville in May 2017

Jonathan Frakes on set of The Orville in May

MacFarlane thanked fans for their support following the announcement.

New episode tonight

Airing tonight is a new episode (“Into the Fold”). Here is a synopsis:

Ed (MacFarlane) and the crew set out to save Dr. Finn (Penny Johnson Jerald), her two sons (guest stars Kai Wener and BJ Tanner) and Isaac (Mark Jackson) after their shuttle gets thrown into uncharted space and they crash-land on a moon that is light years from The Orville.

And here is the trailer:

Orville lands in UK in December

The wait is over for the UK as The Orville is set to premiere on the Fox UK channel on Thursday, December 14th. The announcement was made via Twitter, earlier this week.


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YES. *drinks the tears of STD buck dancers*

You might want to look more into the origins of the term “buck dancers.”

That`s something a buck dancer would say…….

I don’t know whether LOL or SMH is the right response here (though you did give me a good chuckle).

Anyway, I tried to give you the benefit of a doubt. Admittedly, I was mostly posting for others, not you. LLAP.



That is if we even have a second season. With Disney in the final stages of acquiring the television rights from Fox, would the bean counters at the mouse factory allow it to continue seeing that its ratings have not been stellar? You tell me.

Stop trolling.

We get it, you hate DISCO.

Move on.

I highly doubt there are tears….

Currently imagining the looks on the faces of people who said it would be cancelled after one season. Heh!


It’s how I imagine Discovery haters looked when the show began and when they got their second season. Yay, more content for everyone.

Outstanding. Love what MacFarlane is doing here.

And it’s possible and acceptable to enjoy both this and DISC, everybody. No harm, no foul.

For real.

I am unconditionally happy for those fans who wanted to see a second season. There’s nothing worse (TV wise) than loving a show only to see it suddenly end.

Speaking as a DISC fan, I just didn’t get into ‘Orville’ the one time I tried to watch it. It feels like a purely nostalgic exercise that was so, so tonally awkward. But maybe if I gave it a second chance, I’d like it more.

But that said, I never wished it or its fans ill will. And do not see the point of those who try to create a divide that doesn’t need to be there.

Most importantly, the mutual success of this show and DISC proves the resilient popularity of Trek in general. And that makes me very, very, very happy!!

Its really quite terrible. In MY opinion. Though I certainly admit being utterly perplexed that 4 million people like the show enough to watch it live every week hahaha

But hey, doesnt effect my life to have it renewed. It was always expected Seth would get lots of rope by FOX.

I have a collegue at work who’s trying to get me interested. He’s convincing.

I’ll just say, from my admittedly limited point of work/home/friends view, I know a number of people who watch and love The Orville, including my wife. As to Discovery, I’m the only one I know that watches it – including my Trek friends. And my wife usually leaves the room when I put it on. Now granted, she was a big TNG fan, so that makes sense.

So, with the exception of people on this board, I am able to discuss Discovery with no one.

I’ll definitely give Orville a second chance at some point. I love that you feel you can discuss DISC here–the reason I appreciate this site is that its one of the few places online where people can be relatively civil (and trolls are repeatedly called out by the community). This is my go-to Trek site.

Here too, Danpaine. I personally know no one who watches Discovery. Not even the two people I know whose tv content is nothing but streaming. They had no idea there was a new Trek show and when I told them neither had a desire to add another streaming outlet. Whereas I know plenty who watch Orville. Mrs Kirok doesn’t watch but isn’t a fan of sci fi. My daughter will watch Orville but has shown no interest in Discovery. There are people at work who would be interested but have flat out told me they don’t want to buy CBSAA. And I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t either but I’m such a trek nerd that I jumped through the rings of fire just to watch glitch ridden new Trek.

Exactly the same experience here, Kirok. My fellow Trek fan-friends wouldn’t even consider buying into CBSAA. But, like you, I’m such a Trek geek I’m drinking the CBS Kool Aid as well, grudgingly.

Its not a huge surprise that non Trek fans would not watch Trek. And they were definitely not fans if they never heard of a new Trek series. The marketing was very strong.

Its like “Hey I have several friends and they have never watched Law & Order, just no interest. Shockingly, they didnt know there was a new Law & Order and they didnt watch it either”. Ummmm yeah. lol

If your stream is THAT glitchy have you tried reaching out to your ISP? Others report little to no issue. Its seems odd you have such trouble.

Personally, a couple years ago I started having issues and to my surprise I was on an Internet package from like a decade ago (something you never think about). It was 10MBps or something. Moved me up to 30 and had zero issues. Coincidentally, they just bumped everyone up to 80 at no extra cost.

Something to consider so you can enjoy. Its not JUST the app that needs to be good…you have to have the means to stream it, meaning strong Internet.

I would say it would depend on how much you like Trek would determine if you even heard of the show. CBS did market it some on their over the air network. But if you don’t watch cbs or don’t have cable it would be difficult to know it even exists. There is no advertising over Netflix and the other streamers. I know a lot of other Trek fans who don’t peruse Trek related sites like this one. It is actually completely reasonable that there are Trek fans who have no idea this show existed. Although the longer it’s o the stream the more word of mouth might spread. And it really seemed that’s was what cbs was mainly relying on. Word of mouth.

Regarding the glitches, in case you missed the other posts where I said this I contacted cbs who told me it is a know problem and it was being worked on. Also the other streaming service I subscribe to does not have this issue. Nor do I get it when streaming the free stuff out there. It seems to be CBS specific. And as said from their own tech people, they are aware. Funny thing, streaming the free content from their site doesn’t have this problem either. It’s just their pay service.

And finally, you complain a great deal about Orville yet you still comment every week as if you are still watching. I find that odd. It would be like someone not enjoying the NFL going to an NFL board and complaining about how bad the NFL is every week.

@Kirok – I dont know man. I think you’re taking an idea, running it through your negative filter and coming up with “no one wants to watch”. Discovery was highly marketed. I know about all sorts of shows I dont watch or dont intent to watch. Unless people live in a bubble, they heard of the show.

You had previously mentioned having a lot of issues with Netflix buffering. Thats why I suggest it might be an internet issue.

CBS reported 5% of people had issues and that it was corrected. If you called them during that period, it would make sense for them to assume it was related to that. Since many people report a great experience using the app, I’d consider contacting your ISP if the problems persist.


The only negative filter here is yours regarding continued negative comments in regards to the Orville. I also never said “no one wants to watch”. I said few want to buy. That is you running what was actually said through your scrambler and coming out with something not at all what was written. I know of quite a few shows myself but that is because I tend to keep track of stuff like that. Not everyone does that. I don’t make the mistake of assuming everyone does or follows things as I do. The fact is it wasn’t that marketed. It could have been pushed on the over the air network (which is where it would have reached the most potential customers) more than it was. There was a lot of talk about it on Trek boards. And a few billboards in NY and LA. And that seemed to be about it. So it is actually quite reasonable that someone not know about it while living outside a bubble.

I also never ever mentioned having problems with Netflix. The opposite in fact.

Many people seem to be reporting that they have problems with CBSAA. Before that issue last week for sure. The problem has been lessened but certainly not corrected. I plan on contacting them again about it but I expect their customer service to remain subpar compared to that of their competitors.

This is my final post to you in this thread. I have no desire to continue to correct the misconstrues in your comments you and I both know you are going to make. Have your last word. I’m sure you feel that makes you “right”.

Good day to you.

@Kirok – its cute how you attack me and then claim its your last post to me. I used to know a business competitor that did that via email all the time. He’d fire off a nasty email and then claim he was now blocking replies so he gets the last word like a child. He never did block though haha

Anyway, if me being sour about Orville in a reasonable, well thought out and fair way comes across really negative to you, imagine how your attacks on All Access seem! Its not negative to have a different opinion than you.

I’ve asked this a couple of times and you dodge, were you not posting here under a different handle? If not, just say no. If yes, continue to dodge. Its relevant because if you were (and we both know you were), then you’re simply playing games now and its not fair to everyone else. Its sort of trolling really.

I think you should stop “watching” (I doubt you are) All Access since its so rough on you. I want you to be happier, Kirok.

I’ve been watching on an XBOX One and Roku and haven’t had any issues so I also suspect an ISP issue.

@Denny – Im sure it was that poster that previously went on about how archaic streaming was and that he only used Netflix discs because the stream was so awful. It was never meant to be an insult to him…because I had the same issue once and it never occurred to me that my OLD Internet service was not good enough to handle all the NEW Wifi I had at home. Bumping up a tier fixed it.

Barring that, there could be cabling issues too. That also happened to me and required digging up the front yard to bury a new cable.

Hopefully he checks into it. its worth a call. A co-worker added a wifi security system and had to bump up a tier because it buffered with all the new cameras. He wasnt very happy about the extra cost and was trying to get the alarm company to drop their monthly fee to compensate.

Yes sadly I don’t know anyone who watches Discovery either. Most people I know still haven’t heard of it as crazy as that sounds. One friend asked if Picard was in it lol. Just proof despite all the promotion it’s still off the radar of a lot of people. Fortunately though enough to make it a success though.

Tiger2 – you do know all the people on here you’re trying so hard to troll.

LOL, WTF? Troll? What is wrong with some of you people? I simply said I don’t know anyone who watch the show, which is a sad fact. My god, relax. Its why I even come to sites like this in the first place so I **can** talk to other like minded and vested fans about it.

How is that ‘so hard to troll’ when I have said over and over again I like BOTH Discovery and Orville? I wish this place had an ignore button, seriously.

I would watch The Orville, but I could just watch TNG or SG-1 instead. SG-1 is funnier. Ain’t nobody topping that Colonel O’Neill patter. Also, Futurama and Red Dwarf.

If nothing else, it’s a fun show to watch. It has a lot of issues, least of which is that it still can’t balance the serious with the funny, but there’s a lot of potential there. In a lot of ways it reminds of the first season of TNG – that first season was truly awful with a few gems scattered through out. But we all know how TNG ended up. I’m not saying Orville will ever be as good as TNG, but it certainly has the potential to be a genuinely good show.

I agree. I actually think it should go more serious which I think would enable them to drop their joke quota and this lose the worst of the jokes. There is some funny there but so much seems forced and out of place and distracts from the message.

Im not saying go full serious drama, but cut the family guy reject jokes and take it slightly more serious.

I will say that it has improved significantly as it has gone on. So if all you saw was an early episode, you might find a revisit valuable.

I caught a recent episode. Got tired of Family Guy years ago, so Family Guy in Space wasn’t reason enough to turn in, or to come back after last weeks episode. For folks who like that sort of thing, the ratings were good enough to get a second season, good for the shows fans. I’ll agree with the sentiments others have shared, it’s not an either-or TV universe. I was skeptical about Discovery, and it’s exceeded my expectations. The programs are on different media, so Orville isn’t so much a competitor to Discovery any more then a Star Wars movie it. It’s just a different program, that’s all.

@Phil – I share your thoughts. I was a huge Family Guy fan (and American Dad) but grew tired of it.

Orville intrigued me enough to give it a watch. And because this sight covers it for some reason, I wanted to be educated if I was going to take part in discussions.

Its just not good. And I agree, they are not competitors. Not even close.

They are both different sub-genres. Discovery is serious drama, Orville is light drama mixed with comedy. Both can be great.

Agreed. I actually hate the fact Discovery feels TOO serious/dark at times but last weeks episode prove they can have a bit of fun too. I think Orville tone is just right for me. Its a comedy but its not over the top Family Guy stuff like I originally feared it would be. They actually do a lot of thoughtful stories on that show, a Trek staple (most of the time ;)).

My wife and I watch them both back to back on Sundays. It’s really fun. I love how eerily the show apes TNG, the music cues, the rhythms of the scenes, how they cut back to the ship as music swells. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and a great back-to-back double feature with the latest at the Disco.

Very possible, Danpine. I like Star Wars too.

Absolutely, and we get a new movie for Christmas!

Absolutely! Enjoy all the things!

Yes, I like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Even though EVERYBODY knows who the better band is…. :-)

Good for Seth. I binged all the eps this past weekend, and even that promotional photo up above where Kelly is giving Ed a funny look is misleading, as their relationship is definitely not as that photo would indicate nor is it overplayed IMHO. Actually a very insightful show.

In About a Girl where Bortus places the Rudolph doll in his sons crib, it got a little misty in my home.

Congratulations to Seth McFarlane and everyone else involved with this great show! May it, along with Discovery, LLAP!

As long as they keep mocking Snooze Trek TNG as opposed to becoming Snooze Trek TNG, I am okay with this. To be honest, it’s been better than I thought given the writers; I love how they have made fun of everything that made TNG suck.

@Cmd.Bremmon — I agree, the episodes that work best for me are full-on parody/farce. The ones that work least take themselves too seriously, and try to stand on the shoulders of TNG. IMO it’s simply not cast and setup for that. It must be a struggle for FOX wanting to keep MacFarlane happy, but pushing for the broader comedy the pilot episode began with. Unfortunately, a second season order may seem like a mandate for MacFarlane at this point that his fans want TNG 2.0, a direction he seems to continually be heading.

I think all that FOX cares about is that people keep watching it regardless of tone and CBS doesn’t sue them. ;)

End of the day its really only Trek fans who are watching it so as long as enough of them are happy with the tone they will go any direction McFarlane wants.

Um, actually Macfarlane famously loves TNG and this show, for better or worse, is his love letter to it. Do you think that your not getting such a well-known fact straight might be a sign to finally give it a rest?

Surely, Michael, as a Trek fan, you know that we love Trek, yet we make fun of all the sucky things?


Sure. And I actually think that a straight-up TNG parody could be really great–but by the evidence of its creator’s comments and the product itself, The Orville is not that show.

I think that a “love letter” to TNG is a parody, I’ll admit much more fun and exciting to watch than TNG proper, speaks volumes as to the quality of TNG. The more TNG writers on Orville and less on Discovery, leaving the door open TOS Wagon Train to the Stars minded writers the better!!!

OMG we all got the memo you don’t love TNG. Give it a rest already. Trek fans can be the worst sadly.

Your posts can be taken as a parody of the worst of TNG’s tedium, that’s for sure.

I fully agree with Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn. Great show so far, looking forward to see more!

No doubt they have a decent following. But it’s also a gamble to produce such an expensive show based on Live+7 day numbers. The series is averaging around a 1.0 in the Live+SD demo. unfortunately, that’s not going to pay the bills. So seriously, Fox is going to have to figure out how to pay for it, if they continue at the same level of special effects we’ve seen so far. I’m curious to see if they cut the budget at all going into a second season. I think this decision speaks volumes about their relationship with MacFarlane. I’m impressed they picked it up this early, but considering that we learned MacFarlane wrote all the scripts in December, it makes sense that they’d need to green light a second season to give him time to write. Either way, I’m glad for those who love this series that it’s moving forward for them. I’ll also be interested to see how CBS responds if at all, after this season plays out and we all see where MacFarlane is headed with it …

I was all in to watch that until they ended it with the cat joke.

I haven’t seen this yet. Is this cat joke making fun of people who like cats, or people who don’t hate cats, or is it about killing a cat?

I hate “cat jokes” … they remind me of the old days and those lame “take my wife, please” jokes. “Real men” don’t like cats. “Real men” think women are stupid. In other words, it’s an update of the trite, tired “easy target” joke.

There are usually about two mildly amusing jokes per episode. Its really lame. Like seems like a lot of jokes rejected from Family Guy, in that vein anyway but without the “site gags” you can do with animation. And Seth is the weakest aspect as he’s a poor actor as a lead (wouldnt be too bad as a supporting character though as I sort of like him).

I think if they had done it more like Futurama (fish out of water) then the humor would have had an organic place. Im a bit surprised there hasnt been any blowback on Seth for seemingly joking about Hollywood predators in the past.

Have not watched much of Orville yet (Seen first two). I look forward to watching it, and I am glad that the show will be getting a good chance to really find an identity. I honestly think this show could become a surprise hit if the kinks can be worked out.

If you’ve only seen the first two, then you can rest assured a lot of the kinks are definitely being worked out. It’s still a little raw and sometimes it misses, but when it hits….man it hits. The one directed by Frakes and the one where they pose as Krill have been standouts for me.

Good for them. I, for one, find it incredibly boring, so I’ll stick with DSC which just gets better and better!

I, for one, find it fun and entertaining, while also having found things about DSC that I really enjoy, too.

And I’m glad you have. I keep trying with Orville. Maybe one will really speak to me!!

Congratulations! Though The Orville so far has not proved to be my cup of tea I’m sincerely delighted for the good folks who work on it, as well as my fellow fans who honestly find it more to their taste than Discovery. This isn’t some kind of zero-sum game, and we can all be grateful in this case that everyone gets to go home happy.

Glad to hear this news. I hope they get a full season for season two. And I hope they lean a little more to the comedy side. It works better that way.

There is plenty of room for multiple sci fi shows.

I’m really happy to hear this. The Orville is great. I am not a Seth McFarlane fan, and I was REALLY excited about Discovery. But the Orville is fun while delivering optimism and messages about our society. It follows the Roddenberry vision, which I think is something we need now more than ever. Yay Orville!

I have to say that I am pleased that this new show appears to have found its footing. I say that NOT being a fan of Mr. M.

However, starting with the leg amputation gag? Well that severed leg broke the ice for me. This latest episode, with all of its social media commentary really hits a true Roddenberry style of stride. Well done.

Sad to say, I’m more excited about the pseudo Trek than the one on CBS.

Supercool news! Thanks, universe! Multiverse, megaverse, omniverse… I don’t care! They’ve just made my day…

Is that Patrick Stewart in this Episode 8 trailer? The guy in the Klingon-ish makeup saying “No one survives for long!” It sounds a lot like his voice, doesn’t it?

No, it’s not him.

Great old-fashioned Star Trek series! Can‘t wait to see it in Germany.

Great news!

Congratulations to Seth MacFarlane, Brannon Braga, the cast & crew of ‘The Orville’ for the renewal.

Hah! In your face, all you “Orville will be cancelled before the end of the first season” haters. Learn to Hug the Donkey, and stop hating!

@Meurik — if it weren’t for MacFalane, it likely wouldn’t have gotten a second season. The Live ratings are pretty marginal after the first two episodes in its regular timeslot.

Ep. 1, L+SD — 2.7, 8.6M (followed NFL lead-in)
Ep. 2, L+SD — 2.2, 6.6M (followed NFL lead-in)
–Moves to Thursday–
Ep. 3, L+SD — 1.1, 4.0M
Ep. 4, L+SD — 1.1, 3.7M
Ep. 5, L+SD — 0.9, 3.4M
Ep. 6, L+SD — 1.0, 3.3M
Ep. 1, L+SD — 0.6, 2.2M (REPEAT)
Ep. 7, L+SD — 1.2, 4.1M (after heavy World Series promotion)
Ep. 8, L+SD — 1.0, 3.8M

Fox has been on the air for 31 years and in that time, as far as I know (i’m sure i’ll be reminded where i’ve been remiss lol), the only live action sci-fi shows that didn’t get airlocked after the 1st season are X-Files, Fringe, *technically* Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and James Cameron’s Dark Angel both of which didn’t survive season 2. If I had any advice for Seth it’s not to rest on your laurels because Fox didn’t bat an eyelash to cancel shows by Chris Carter, Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams and James Cameron. Just saying :D ! Glad to see The Orville set sail for season 2! May the wind be forever at your back!

I am so delighted by this news!!

Great! Penny Johnson Gerald will now have another really good reason to attend the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas next August. (Promote her current show, plus the whole DS9 25th anniversary thing….)

I’m glad for people that likes it, but I tried with the 4 first episodes and it doesn’t do it for me. Among other things, I can overcome what a terrible actor McFarlane is. I think this would be way better if it had an actually fun actor as a lead. Imagine Nathan Fillion, for example.

On the other hand… Fox, what the hell? Cancel Firefly after one season and gives a second one to this???

“Firefly” — the Next Generation! C’mon, Fox!

He’s certainly not lead material. Reminds of the Station Commander in Babylon 5 Season 1. But with bad jokes. At least the station commander was believable.

I loved O’hare, the guy who played Sinclair on B5. especially in the STRIKE episode. He really gave some impression of how put-upon a commander would be in that position. Now Boxleitner, HE was a boring choice, sort of like a low-rent James Garner/Roger Moore mix. The guy was a competent actor, bu so boring. He did really bring it once, during the aids allegory ep in season 2, but BB almost always missed the mark for me.

I liked O’Hare as well, though he could be a little stiff. Sadly, his being dropped from B5 after its first year had nothing to do with his performance.

ONE season?!! It was half-a-season! I’d’ve killed to have gotten another 7 or 9 FIREFLY eps.

I just want to know when it’s on in Australia.

I hope it continues to get better. It’s still such a dumb show with situations like the one in “Majority Rules” that happen because a supposedly responsible crew member is an idiot.

And it takes itself too seriously given that everyone, from the captain on down, does dumb things and makes inappropriate jokes at the wrong times. I don’t mind them showing the crew being casual with each other, but they’re supposed to have good heads on their shoulders, and they keep showing that almost none of them do (except for the doctor).

For me, last night’s ep was probably the weakest since the first two shows, because it just seemed like a TNG ep without what for me was ORVILLE’s saving grace, some OCCASIONALLY sharp humor. I think the DS9 actress did a good job of carrying things, but it was just too thin to sustain for an hour and I thought the direction on the action end of things was really, Really, REALLY bad.

Braga just doesn’t know how to direct this kind of thing (though he was sorta okay on the one about the kid, which had less action and more talk.) I actually wondered while watching the teaser whether Braga had seen the Wahlberg PLANET OF THE APES movie recently, because it all seemed VERY much like the opening of that film … and then at the end, when we see the rescue shuttle appear overhead, it again reminded of that lousy film with the camera angles and flare.

I think my biggest problem with ORVILLE may be that it doesn’t lend itself to rewatchability; I haven’t taken a 2nd look at any of the ones that I did enjoy thus far, which again is probably due to its TNG-edness, that visually blah aspect. Unfortunately last night was the ep when my wife gave the show another chance, so I doubt she’ll be catching any of the others (we both really do like Bortis – gonna have to figure out who is under that makeup sometime.)

With the renewal, now it is put-up-or-shutup time for me; I’m going to have to dust off an old spec script or two or finishing writing my formation-of-ILM thing and get it out to agents as writing sample, because I definitely feel I could pitch successfully to this series. Shoot, half of the TNG pitches I did would make good ORVILLE eps, though I’d like to think that I’ve improved in the intervening years (not much evidence to show that, unfortunately.)

Yeah, that episode was just awful, sorry. . . almost a parody of TNG’s G-rated bland weaknesses (with none of its virtues), except that the whole mess was inexplicably played straight. “And the Children Shall Lead” should be a cautionary example of just how bad kid-centered SF can be if it takes itself seriously. Macfarlane could have avoided that trap by giving the audience a comedy at least edgy enough to acknowledge how obnoxious those kids were (their obnoxiousness almost getting everyone killed), but he apparently lacked the nerve to go there, delivering up something about as edgy as an episode of LASSIE. Any show of this type is certainly entitled to the occasional dud, but while DSC has had its disappointments I’d be tempted to stop watching altogether if it ever got this bad. I’ve always wondered how it must have felt to see TOS escape cancellation only to air something like “Spock’s Brain,” and if I were a huge fan of The Orville I would have gotten a taste of that feeling Thursday night.

Such good news. Now if they’d only cancel that abomination called Discovery the world would be right again.

Why? Isn’t it enough that you’ll get to see more of what you like, without wishing that others wouldn’t get to see more of what they like? Or are you just that much of a dick?

I’m in the U.K. so will check it out in December. But I think i’ll struggle because I find Seth McFarlane’s humour very crass and extremely low brow.

Episode 7 was by far the lamest attempt at social commentary ever attempted in the history of science fiction. If you add the dick/balls jokes, it just becomes unwatchable.

I really do hope they improve. McFarlane said that this would be more like MASH than Star Trek. But so far, this “looks” like Star Trek, but is nothing like Star Trek or MASH. The stories are almost right out of Family Guy.

Its like rejected Family Guy.

The same people that criticize DSC for not showing “officers with high ideals” then clap an officer dry humping a statue.

The same people that criticize DSC for cursing, then clap when someone on that episode says, on two separate occasions, “SOB”.


I dont begrudge someone for having a high standard of Star Trek but usually they are stubborn and uncompromising. If they also love Orville, then their standards are pretty low.

I like a good stupid comedy as much as the next person. But comedy arises from the premise works. Comedy shoehorned in and expected to be funny because it doesnt suit the premise is something else.

Which is why I keep saying, having Seth’s character be someone cryo froze (or even half the crew, I dont care) and thawed out would have been better. And swap the two leads as well.

According to Showbuzz, last night’s ORVILLE dropped 2-tenths to a 1.0 rating in 18-49 demo, and about 3.76 million viewers.

This basically confirms that ORVILLE’s live audience is not growing but stabilizing around a 1.0 rating in the key demographic, which is not an ideal place to be, and 3 million viewers.

That said, it once again built on GOTHAM’s lead, which indicates an audience tuning in specifically for ORVILLE. And given FOX’ confidence in ordering a second season, the strength of their relationship with MacFarlane, and the hope of monetizing the approx. 6 million TV viewers watching Live+7 timeshift, and alleged 4 million viewers watching online.

The positives are their +numbers but they have to figure out how to convert that to cash. It looks great on a press release but advertisers want eyeballs.

Great great news! Another season of both Discovery and Orville! Trek fans should be rejoicing!

glad to hear it. I like the show.

While ‘Krill’ the first episode that was not written by MacFarlane was great, this is not the case with the second episode written by someone other than MacFarlane.

‘Into the Fold’ by Brannon Braga & another writer, was a weak episode with a straightforward, predictable plot & character situations.

Good news for Orville fans!
Well done cast and crew!

Congratulations to The Orville on its second season renewal.
It will be interesting to see how long the series will continue past this point.