Check Out The Cover For ‘Drastic Measures’ – The Second ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Novel

The cover for Drastic Measures, the second Star Trek: Discovery novel, has been revealed.

Here is the official synopsis:

It is 2246, ten years prior to the “Battle at the Binary Stars,” and an aggressive contagion is ravaging the food supplies of the remote Federation colony Tarsus IV and the eight thousand people who call it home. Distress signals have been sent, but any meaningful assistance is weeks away. Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca and a small team assigned to a Starfleet monitoring outpost are caught up in the escalating crisis, and bear witness as the colony’s governor, Adrian Kodos, employs an unimaginable solution in order to prevent mass starvation.

While awaiting transfer to her next assignment, Commander Philippa Georgiou is tasked with leading to Tarsus IV a small, hastily assembled group of first responders. It’s hoped this advance party can help stabilize the situation until more aid arrives, but Georgiou and her team discover that they‘re too late—Governor Kodos has already implemented his heinous strategy for extending the colony’s besieged food stores and safeguarding the community’s long-term survival.

In the midst of their rescue mission, Georgiou and Lorca must now hunt for the architect of this horrific tragedy and the man whom history will one day brand “Kodos the Executioner.”

Dayton Ward’s Drastic Measures will be released on February 6th, 2018 in large format paperback, ebook and audiobook. You can pre-order it at Amazon now.

And to get caught up, you can also pick up David Mack’s Desperate Hours (see TrekMovie review).

First Discovery comic coming at end of the month

The first four-issue comic mini-series tied to Star Trek: Discovery was originally announced to be coming out in October, but was delayed. However, this week IDW announced that the first issue will be in comic shops on November 29th.

You can pre-order individual issues of the Discovery comic at TFAW. You can also wait for the trade paperback collection titled The Light of Kahless, which can be pre-ordered at Amazon.


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This is very smart


Will it be filled with characters and references to TOS like the first book?

Kodos is a reference to TOS. Plus Kirk, Kevin Riley and Thomas Leighton were in Tarsus IV and survived the massacre, so clearly those three can also be part of the book.

I wonder if Dayton Ward used any of Mike Sussman’s biographical material for Hoshi Sato in the novel. For “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II,” he created (but never got to show on screen) a second page of a biographical file for Sato that had her living on Tarsus IV during the famine. More than a century old, she became one of the four thousand colonists executed by Kodos.

The Hoshi link never made much sense to me. If Kodos decided which people to kill and save based on eugenics, wouldn’t the best human linguist in history make the cut? I thought that was a poor call back to TOS, not only because it doesn’t make sense, but because it is insane than everybody always ends up in the same place. Despite humanity being spread over hundreds of planets, now we will have Sato, Kirk, Georgiou and Lorca all in the same place. That sounds like a pretty claustrophobic universe to me.

The cover artwork the novels is pretty terrible so far; especially so given some of the nice key art done for promoting the series.

Wow. So both Lorca and Georgiou were on the Tarsus IV colony with Kirk. I wonder if the show’s writers have incorporated this as canon? certainly that paints an interesting background for Lorca, and explains a few personality traits. It also suggests he knows Kirk personally in a rather intimate way …


It’s all getting a bit ‘small universe’ again.

Agreed. Too many connections. I don’t mind the idea in general but its already starting to feel too much. By the time we get to book five we will learn Saru’s first mission was assigned by Admiral Archer and that that Tilly and Uhura were roommates at the Academy.

Personally, they can release whatever literary offerings they want placing whoever, wherever. In Trek, if it’s not on the screen, to me it simply doesn’t count.

Yes! Despite humanity being spread over hundreds of planets, now we will have Sato, Kirk, Georgiou and Lorca all in the same place. That sounds like a pretty claustrophobic universe.

I think that Michelle Yeoh is a real beauty, a real ‘charm delight’.

How good would Captain Georgiou look in a TOS miniskirt?!!

That’s great and all, but when will the Discovery novels and comics start taking place aboard the USS Discovery?