Watch: HS Band Plays Music From ‘Star Trek’ Movie At Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – Giacchino Approves

Yesterday at the 91st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the West Harrison High School Marching Band from Gulfport, MS chose some Star Trek music for their big moment on national TV. The band performed “Enterprising Young Men” from the Michael Giacchino’s score for the 2009 Star Trek film. Check it out below (starts at 1:01:17).

The performance got the notice of composer Michael Giacchino, who said they did a “GREAT job.”



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Love it! This theme is the best Star Trek music bit EVER! And compared to DSC, these movies feel almost like classic Star Trek. I consider this old school Trek at this point. I LOVE everything about this trilogy as long as I don’t have to look at Lorca or Klingonese Boobies…

Oh my God!!! Enough with the freaking fake klingon boob shot! You have been complaining about this crap with the MA rating and stuff since the show started. Don’t watch it if it bothers you! Please! Don’t watch! I cannot stand you bringing this up ad nauseam! Just please stop. I beg you.

I Completely second “Oh come on.” Star Trek has never been a kiddie show, and if you can’t deal with a slightly more mature theme, stop watching. (Frankly, you saw “Klingonese boobies” back in the Lusra/B’etor days, anyways…)

To be fair in Germany Star Trek was considered as a show for children since day one. It was broadcasted in the children’s hour. And Amok Time was recut so that the whole episode was only a fever dream of Spock to skip the sexual content.


To be fairer, even the originally airing network, NBC, had a hard time seeing it as anything but children’s programming which contributed to their orchestrating a FILMATION animated return.

And I’m probably more interested in how Germany edited the presentation of the Nazi-themed PATTERNS OF FORCE episode with many of their original WW II symbols and rituals depicted unmodified?

Hello Disinvited,
that one was not edited at all, they simply had not shown it. At least until a few years ago. Now it is shown just as the American version only dubbed of course.

smike still lives in his Mom’s basement so give him a break.

…I wish the boobs offended me. The lackluster writing is Discovery’s worst offense. Then we trickle down to the Klingons, the tech, the theme…etc etc. I just wish Kurtzman had learned a little more from JJ from his involvement with the Kelvin films. I’m in full agreement, love the Kelvin universe, it’s fresh and exciting… can only hope we return to that timeline sooner than later.

We get it jon… you don’t like it. Then don’t watch it! For someone that complains about Discovery, you sure do watch it religiously. It’s simple… if you don’t like it, stop watching.

Enterprising Young Men serious is an amazing theme. It never gets old and always awakens a sense of adventure when I hear it.

Great job folks — looks like it was a lot of fun!

Couldn’t there be a clip of the Star Trek part, so we don’t have to watch the entire parade?