UPDATE: William Shatner Blocks – Then Unblocks – Jason Isaacs On Twitter

Another Star Trek feud appears to be brewing, this time between the first and latest captains. Jason Isaacs, Star Trek: Discovery’s Captain Lorca, announced on Twitter that he has been blocked by William Shatner, Captain Kirk of the original Star Trek.

For his part, Shatner has made no mention of the blocking, even though he has been active on Twitter since Isaacs made the announcement, which has been picked up by many in the media. However, Shatner did take a sort of swipe at Isaacs on Saturday.

This is not the first time the two Star Trek actors have clashed. In August, Shatner took to Twitter to express concern (via emoji) over reported comments about Isaacs disparaging Shatner’s “legacy.” Later, when he clarified his statement, Shatner seemed satisfied.

In general, Isaacs has been very deferential to Trek’s first captain, even going as far as calling Shatner’s work on Star Trek “genius.” Some in the media think Shatner’s block may be a reaction to Isaacs’ comments earlier this month about being opposed to the idea of Shatner doing a cameo on Discovery. However, in his recent interview with TrekMovie, Shatner expressed the same concerns about such a cameo.

Hopefully the pair will be able to work things out and be social media friends again.

UPDATE – 11/28

Apparently the Shat has forgiven Isaacs and has unblocked him on Twitter. 

Isaacs quickly forgave him, taking the opportunity to take a swipe at another celebrity Tweeter. 

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