Martin-Green Sees Burnham Becoming Captain + Isaacs Doesn’t Want Shatner On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

There are a couple more bits to round up from the series of UK press done by the Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew, starting with Sonequa Martin-Green talking about Michael Burnham’s future. We also have Jason Isaacs weighing in on any possible ‘stunt’ casting of William Shatner.

Martin-Green talks Burnham’s future and Fuller’s departure

One of the things that differentiates Discovery from other Trek shows is how the main protagonist is not a captain. Michael Burnham started as a first officer and then following her mutiny lost her commission entirely, only to be reinstated as a specialist. Speaking to Den of Geek, Sonequa Martin-Green sad she loved the idea of a character with “a story of ascension.” However, when asked if sees the captain’s chair in Burnham’s future, the actress stated:

I definitely think that’s in the future, and that’s part of the journey for sure. We’re certainly not closed off to it, but who knows when. It’s certainly a part of it because that journey to captain has been driving Michael from the very beginning, and definitely since joining Starfleet. That progression and that yearning to ascend is almost a pillar in her personality.

Of course the idea for Martin-Green’s Burnham to not be a captain was part of Bryan Fuller’s vision for the series. The actress was also asked what it was like for her when he left the show and was replaced as showrunner by Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg:

It affected me in the sense that I knew it was happening and I knew it was a decision that everyone felt was best, so I had to support it. I was surprised. I had a great time with Bryan Fuller before we got started – he was my first introduction into this world. He and I had a sit-down and I was quite inspired by his vision. So when he left, like I said I knew it was what everyone decided was best so I had to trust that, I really loved that we were continuing on with his vision. That was very important to Aaron and Gretchen [J. Berg]. So we just banded together and said ‘the show must go on, this is our blueprint and we’re going to keep going.’

Martin-Green’s Burnham may not be First Officer anymore, but she still sees the captain’s chair in her future

Isaacs didn’t want Lorca to be shadow of Stewart’s Picard, + doesn’t want Shatner cameo

As for now, Jason Isaacs plays the captain on Discovery, and when crafting his character he wanted to be sure Lorca was different. Talking to the UK’s Telegraph, he described how he put his own stamp on the character by not using his own accent:

The whole thing’s a collaboration, but there are many things I’ve brought to it that weren’t on the page. I made him Southern because he’s a military man… and I wasn’t aware of any other captains who’d been like that. It was reverse-engineered; Lorca had to be unlike any other captain. I wouldn’t have played him English, as I didn’t want to be a pale shadow of Patrick [Stewart]. I also decided to stand up; so in his little ready room there was a chair, and I said “Let’s get rid of the chair,” because he’s a man of action – he doesn’t like sitting down.

And apparently he thinks one captain is enough on Discovery. Speaking to, the actor made it clear he is not on board for the idea of Star Trek’s first captain, William Shatner, showing up, saying:

‘I think people watch good drama shows and they completely suspend their disbelief, they feel like they’re looking through the keyhole at another world, if you do it well enough. If you have stunt celebrity cameo casting, it completely pulls them out of it. They feel like they’re watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. So I just hope people believe our stories, are engaged with them, and I’m happy to meet Will Shatner in real life in a restaurant.’

Speaking to TrekMovie in September, Shatner seemed open to the possibility but noted he wouldn’t want “to do something that was a throwaway sort of gratuitous place in the plotline.”

Jason Isaacs doesn’t want other captain comparisons or cameos

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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Isaacs thoughts on Shatner, hmm.

I see nothing suspicious about it. Kirk Prime would be around 25 at the time discovery is set. Shatner would be playing a version 60 years older, so it doesn’t make sense unless it’s some convoluted time travel nonsense (plus he’d have to be brought back from the dead). So that leaves a Shatner appearance in another role, and that would definitely be distracting stunt casting.

JJ Abrams was the one who could have brought Shatner back and he let the chance go. I think now the ship has sailed.

I totally get what Isaacs is saying but also, you cant be closed off to a good idea. And as much as I want to see Shatner back in Trek, it has to be a good idea.

He’s, what, 85 years old now? Shatner had some great dramatic chops. Could he do it one more time with the right material, right director and inspiration? I’d love to see it.

Remember, Shatner’s pitch to Enterprise was that in Mirror Mirror when they zapped enemies out of existence it wasnt actually a disintegration but a stolen alien weapon that transported people back in time/space to a Prime timeline penal colony. Enterprise would come across Mirror Kirk who had been stuck in this prison for 50 years.

Its a cool idea. Though I’d rather see OUR James T Kirk.

A TV series probably lends itself more to using Shatner because you could do a satisfying arc and not just a stunt cameo.

How about this: Kirk never died in Generations. He was saved off-camera and hidden away by Starfleet who didnt want the true nature of the Nexus ever known. That suited Kirk who truly felt he had done it all for his “country” and wanted to live the quiet life. Ofcourse, he changes his mind but Starfleet essentially pressures him into remaining hidden away. A miserable James Kirk complies, once again sacrificing his happiness for the Federation….until called into action one last time in some time-twisting romp.

He would have given the same response for Patrick Stewart. He wants the show to stand on its own.

yeah it felt insulting almost. I get that it could very well come off as a gimmick. I don’t think he should be on there unless they do an episode where he is like sitting somewhere (not the Nexus) reflecting on his past and he remembers as a young cadet being on Discovery or something. Discovery has a lot of continuity reconciling to do. I can’t wait to see how they resolve this stuff including the Klingons. I wonder since they name dropped KOR if he will make an appearance?

I still think Burnham should be in prison. I could never get behind her being captain.

My thoughts too.

Wrong message to send if you make her the captain. She can earn a commuted sentence based on service to the Federation. Rank and position, like nothing happened, is wrong. In NO organization military or government wise would you get that chance.

Her character is not suited to the captains chair. Her introduction to the series was painful at best. I have not been impressed with her acting skills and believe it would be better to decrease her presence for others in the crew. Which, in fact it looks like they are doing.
Her acting ( or direction) has improved, but I still find her a little painful to watch.

Dude please, acting has been off the charts, canon issues aside she has rocked every role she has done, singling out the black female actor only just shows your bias, a few others are far worse to be truthful, go to red state with racial bias BS

Sardines acting has been the worst if u want to call ball and strikes

Have some integrity

Admiral Kirk was charged with 9 violations of Starfleet regulations, travels back in time, violates a host of temporal laws and grabs some whales and he gets his own command. What message does that send?

Thats a good point and the same thing will happen here. Her heroic acts will over-rule her violations.

Although, Kirk’s violations were actually the greater good. So I suppose thats the difference. Yes, he technically violated the rules, but was correct in doing so.

He saved Earth and he was downgraded to Captain. The probe was destroying Earth. The Federation & Starfleet were being crippled because Humpback whales were extinct. The judgement was based on the extinuating circumstances that he at least had a ship (Klingon), was far enough away to not be effected, his crew figured it out, & was able to grab whales to answer the probe.
The Message was sacrifice the rules sometimes, if the good of the many or a planet outweigh the good of the one or few.

Stop it

@Jordan, I don’t disagree. It’s right up there with Chris Pine going from Cadet to Captain in one movie. No matter how long they take, it’s going to be a hard sell now that we know she committed mutiny. That said, this is supposed to be an enlightened future. As well all know in our own lives there are extenuating circumstances in almost every choice we make, good or bad. We didn’t really see the court martial. And certainly Lorca has given her an opportunity to redeem herself that no prisoner would have ever had. Again, it’s going to be a hard sell.

Yeah, I agree with your premise. That’s always what Star Trek has been about. But mutiny that then started a war is a hard character flaw to get around. I think she can redeem her character, but she’s lost the opportunity for the Captains Chair in my mind.

I completely agree with both of you on this, particularly with respect to the Pine comparison. Only giving Michael Burnham a happy ending and a Captaincy would be much, much worse.

Burnham can count herself lucky that she has a place and an opportunity to still make the kind of contributions she had hoped to make when she embarked upon her Stafleet career. But that career is now over, or should be. A Trek-type future should indeed always offer the hope for redemption, but there’s a reason that failing a single simulator test can still disqualify you for the Captaincy of a starship after years of effort and study: not everyone should be handed the keys to vessels that have the ability to wipe out planets. Consultant that she is, she should never be able to give anyone on the Discovery an order, ever, and Lorca probably should have stated that as a condition of her parole at the outset.


This being a more primitive moment in the Federation, your point is good one that her somehow getting a command has to be deftly handled and it definitely shouldn’t come easily. It should cost the character and her writers dearly to credibly attain it for her.

However, I do wonder if some anomaly time-dilated her forward to the time of Tom Paris’ interment, the Borg War, and Voyager’s later Maquis partnership would you still find it implausible that the Federation would find some way to put her in a captaincy?

And it’s been a while since my college history covering pirating privateers but I seem to recall some despicable scallywags going on to respectable military careers in Europe’s early exploitation of the New World? You know, one nation’s hero is another’s terrorist? I suppose I keep expecting that angle to be worked since the introduction of Mudd?

And, I suppose if she ever gets recruited by Gary 7’s handlers they are more than capable of rewriting her identity?

Why can’t she be reedeemed and one day sit in the Captain’s chair ? I served in the military and have seen soliders stripped of rank and with time they get it back and more. So what you said….I disagree with completely. Lorca is doing a lot of crazy stuff and he gets a pass ? Why ? Because he is a man ?

Stripped of rank is one thing. Convicted of mutiny is another. She was serving a life sentence. Lorca isn’t a mutineer or someone sentenced to life in prison. Nothing to do with being a man. Commuting her sentence for her role in beating the Klingons is one thing. To send the message mutiny is fine, undermines the very fabric of society. No redemption can include being in the Captain’s chair.

Agreed. Actually that would be even more implausible than Pine’s Kirk skyrocketing from cadet to captain in the first Kelvin film, ridiculous. Well intentioned or not, she’s a mutineer. To the stockade with her, I say.

Meh. if the Klingons killed her parents, we can accept temporary insanity.

I don’t think she belongs in a stockade. But anyone who’s been temporarily insane should not be commanding a starship.

Hmm… maybe you have to actually save Earth itself and bring back an extinct species to get a pardon for mutiny or in there case and stilling a starship, oh and sabotaging another starship and let’s not forget conspiracy. But who’s counting. ;)

So Spock should’ve been put in Prison?

I love “The Menagerie,” but in any real military (or even quasi-military) organization– yes, he should have been. Kidnapping, assault, theft of a capital ship and sabotage of its computer systems, violating a death penalty statute–no way they’d ever put him in a position of trust or responsibility after all that.

Burnham was absolutely right. She’d be a superior captain.

Sounds like Isaacs and Shatner are on the same page. Nice insight.

I now, understand in a deeper sense, why the cast of ENT weren’t too happy about having Jonathon Frakes and Marina Sirtis in that final ep of theirs…

I suspect strongly that they would have loved working with Frakes and Sirtis…if only it wasnt the finale and relegated Enterprise to a Riker fantasy.

The finale didn’t relegate Enterprise to a Riker fantasy. The whole series happened. The finale just showed Riker playing out one incident.

…an incident that didn’t go down the way it did, in my mind. I imagined it as a “child’s version” of abridged events that would’ve been told in an elementary school storybook. The REAL finale was the episode before that piece of garbage “valentine to the fans…”

Yeah, of course Enterprise happened, but what we saw was a story Riker played out (and interacted within) so we dont know that it was a true event. Thats what I meant. The episode “didnt exist” per se.

It was terribly insulting. Hard to imagine they actually thought it was a good idea.

What an atrocious episode. THESE ARE THE VOYAGES….UGH !!!

It seems he’ll live forever but with every movie and series that comes to pass, we lose what may be the last opportunity to honor this living legend while he is still with us. We are so lucky that he is amazingly vital at his late age. Like it or not he’ll leave us soon and we’ll be left with an empty “what if”.

He’s been honoured plenty. He agreed to have his character killed decades ago.

You hit it right on the head, Jack

Right on jack. Just angry he went for the paycheck in Generations instead of saying no to a script that offed his character in such a manner. Simply ridiculous. I always thought kirk would go out on the bridge of his ship. I would have even perferred the original death where Soran shot him.

As much as I love Shatner and he is amazing. The only way I could see Shatner on Discovery is in a voice-over for a CGI Kirk the way the built a CGI Schwarzenegger. Anything other than that would be completely ridiculous.

Even that wouldn’t work anymore since his voice, inflection and delivery have changed so much, especially in the last 10 years or so. TOS will forever be my favorite Trek and Kirk will forever be my favorite captain, but the “Shatner should return” ship sailed a long time ago.

If Kirk ever does make an appearance I’d much rather it be a young actor who fits age-wise with where Kirk should be at this point in his life (most likely a lieutenant on the

I agree with TonyD. TOS is my favorite too and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were/are my childhood heroes (I loved TNG, DS9, and the Abrams’ films as well and I liked Voyager).

There’s not really any way to get Shatner’s Kirk back in the franchise, unless they use Orci’s birthday card idea in the next ST film or use him in a framing device as an older version of the Kelvin Timeline’s Kirk. Even that would just be stunt casting, since that Kirk really wouldn’t be the one we all know and love.

As others have noted, this is Shatner’s own fault. Nimoy told Shatner (and Rick Berman) his thoughts on the Generations Script. He thought it was a bad script and needed, really, to be trashed. Ron Moore and Brannon Braga, the writers, have since admitted that Nimoy was absolutely right. Shatner felt like he could work with the writers to make Kirk’s part better, and, really, whatever changes were made, just did not work. Generations was such a squandered opportunity. Like others said, I had no problem with Kirk getting killed off, but it should’ve been done in a much much better film.

We’ll all just have to enjoy what we have, I guess.

It would indeed be very hard to make this worthwhile. Love Shat!! I don’t want to take away from his performances as Kirk. A voice clip might work, carefully culled/digitalized from non-Trek performances of the 1950’s/1960’s.

Id love Shatner lending his likeness for a “cameo” in the way you describe, even if its using archival footage to show Kirk on the viewer, from a distance, whatever. But that might seem more “stunty” than actually doing a story arc with the actual William Shatner as James Kirk.

Well, Burnham would have to have done something that earns her a pardon or some other “mitigating circumstance” similar to Kirk and crew saving the Federation.

Something like spearheading the mission that destroyed the Ship of the Dead and cracked the Klingon cloaking device?

LOL Yeah something like that!
Or figuring out how to get the spore drive to actually work and turning the tide of the war. But maybe you have to actually save Earth itself and bring back an extinct species to get a pardon for mutiny or in this case and stilling a starship oh and sabotaging another starship and let’s not forget conspiracy. But who’s counting.

“Isaacs didn’t want Lorca to be shadow of Stewart’s Picard + doesn’t want Shatner cameo”

Beware! Iamgine Lorca meeting Kirk preparing his breakfast and then both riding horses. That would be so boring… But meeting Lorca and Kirk from the mirror-universe (possibly HIS universe) – THAT would be interesting. When it comes to cameos, they should have had Old Archer or T’Pol in the pilot to pass the torch like it was done in other shows.

By the way: Shatner DID have a sort of cameo in ST Beyond, when New-Spock found the foto of the old crew.

I’m firmly in the no cameo camp. Years ago, there was a bit of nostalfia and a ‘I haven’t seen that actor in years!’ factor — but now we can pretty much track what the remaining TOS cast is doing from hour to hour. Plus, they’re at conventions — that’s more than enough for me.

Even looking outside of Trek, I don’t get particularky excited to see Harrison Ford reprising old roles just for the sake of it (and when it doesn’t really add anything to the understanding of the character). It’s distracting and takes me out of the movies.

Please be careful with startrek

Give that man a medal (legion of honor maybe) for services to Star Trek, he wants no Shat around chewing up the scenery.

Completely agree with Issacs over no Shatner/Kirk cameo (not like it was ever going to happen anyway). But he’s right it would pull people out too much, especially given Kirk that old now popping in an era where he’s suppose to be in his twenties. It would feel too much like a gimmick.

Completely agree with Jason Isaacs on not having Mr. Shatner appear. While I admire Mr. Shatner and his career, putting him in Discovery is a casting stunt that is unnecessary.
It would create big problems storywise and Mr. Shatner stated that he isn’t interested in a minor role.

I’m with Isaac’s on this one. I’ve been a fan since the early 70’s and I love the character of Captain Kirk but I’m so done with William Shatner. I think it would be a huge distraction to have him in anyway associated with it. Plus, it would probably blow the CGI budget as they would have to digitally shrink his rear-end (like ST VI).

I would however, love to see the character of Kirk show up in Discovery. To me the stories and ideas are much bigger than any actor. Chris Pine would be awesome, but he’s probably too big for TV these days. Pick some talented new actor and have him be Kirk.

When Worf went back to save Jadzia and miss the rendezvous in Change of Heart, Sisko tells Worf that it was critical he complete the mission and because he didn’t it would be unlikely that Worf would ever get his own command. Burnham is a mutineer and she thinks theres a chance of her becoming a captain? she doesn’t even have a starfleet commission anymore.

To be fair to Burnham, her mutiny was of little consequence. Had she fired on the ship, there would also have been a war, just like if she hadn’t mutinied at all. On top of that her reasoning was to prevent a war, even if it meant the end of her own career, so she at least values The Federation higher than herself.
Word on the other hand made a somewhat selfish choice to save his wife which in turn failed the mission to retrieve a defector with valuable intel that could have saved a lot of lives.
If Burnham otherwise proves her worth to Starfleet due to some extraordinary act (which could be argued she already did, being instrumental in getting the DASH DRive to work and crack the Klingon “cloak”) I wouldn’t be at all surprised if DSC ends with Burnham in Command.

Shatner’s Kirk will always be my favorite captain, but he has no place in this show. Maybe a simple verbal reference to a ‘Lieutenant Kirk aboard the Farragut’ might be cool, but Shatner’s time in Trek has passed. Shatner knows it, Issacs knows it. No de-aging, no CGI.

I’d really rather the showrunners leave the original TOS characters out of Discovery altogether. They’ve given us new characters, fair enough. They should spend their efforts making them interesting and making us care about them. IMO they’re already messing around in a time period they shouldn’t be – don’t mess continuity up any more by screwing with the characters which made the franchise famous. In other words, CREATE, don’t Re-Use.

Loving the new Trek. Folks, help me out here with Fuller’s vision: why was it so important to set up this series so close to TOS? I know we’ve all asked that question before – either publicly or to ourselves – but now that we’re a half-season into it, I’m still struggling with the original question.

If set in the Trek future (post Nemesis) you still could have have almost all of the DSC goodness without the risk of canon pollution. War with Klingons, a non-Captain fall-from-grace main character, new tech, spore drive, etc. The only area of difficulty may have been the Vulcan interaction, particularly with Sarek. But other than that, the integrity of Fuller’s vision would still have been preserved, and in some ways, enhanced in a future setting, while not worrying about ret-conning risks. Not to mention, the whole Shatner showing up thing would have been moot. Now a Picard/Sisko/Janeway cameo? How cool would that have been?

Again, I’m not a hater, this series is really compelling, and I’m a Trek fan for life. Just trying to guess at the method behind the timeline.

Eric, the only answer I have for you is that I agree with you completely. There’s been a lot of the same question asked many times on this board. Alternatively, the show could have even worked post The Undiscovered Country/pre The Next Generation, where there are about 90 years of timeline unaccounted for.

All the showrunners have said is they ‘don’t know’ why Fuller chose to place DISC a mere 10 years prior to TOS. There were rumors that he planned to do the first season pre-TOS, then move forward through the timeline with each following season, which would have eventually put Discovery post-Nemesis (which would have been a great ride, I think personally). Basically, the ship time-travelling every season (and what an opportunity there would have been for proper cameos there). Apparently that idea was shot down for budgetary reasons. Then Fuller left. Now, here we are.

Like you, I’m a Trek fan for life, and I do like this show. It’s just that so far at least, it’s not fitting in the Trek universe as I feel it should. It’s good sci-fi, but feels ‘off’ to me.

That would have been cool. Making each season an anthology…different time periods. Different ships…different crews….but no…we get another prequel. I hope the powers that be listen to the fans and the next series takes place after Nemesis/ Voyager. Hell….take the next series to the 30th century.

Hell, make it the SAME crew traveling through all those time periods, on the Discovery, always covert, always hesitant to show themselves, all those post TUC/TNG/DS9/VOG places and experiences, then delve into brand new races, places, ships, battles. The possibilities are endless. And that way, Lorca and Burnham and Co. can continue to have adventures, as opposed to one getting therapy and the other going to jail. That would really ‘boldly go.’

And not knowing where our (now, after some established seasons) beloved characters would wind up every season, would drive viewership and interest. Always something new, or revisiting the Gorn,
or Borg, or (insert your favorite alien here). While still in keeping with Trek lore and history and values. I have never understood why this is so hard for (television) writers over the years to embrace. Star Trek novel writers have a much broader view, imo.

If the storyline he wanted to do was a war with the Klingons, setting Discovery between TUC and TNG doesn’t make much sense. You can say that they should do a different plot instead, but that wouldn’t be Fuller’s show anymore. I actually think that they chose their time-period very carefully for the story they wanted to tell.

“Loving the new Trek. Folks, help me out here with Fuller’s vision: why was it so important to set up this series so close to TOS? I know we’ve all asked that question before – either publicly or to ourselves – but now that we’re a half-season into it, I’m still struggling with the original question.”

A lot of people are asking this question now. The cynical answer is its easier to market because its ‘known’ (although those 21 seasons of Trek being in another era still seem just as known by all accounts) and it was a way to get TOS fans on board right away. Thats probably why Burnham have any connection to Sarek and Spock. But sadly like placing the show in this era itself, a lot of it feels superficial now. In other words, its loose tie ins but no real substance. It feels more like a back drop instead of a needed push to make the show feel more valid using this setting.

“If set in the Trek future (post Nemesis) you still could have have almost all of the DSC goodness without the risk of canon pollution. War with Klingons, a non-Captain fall-from-grace main character, new tech, spore drive, etc. The only area of difficulty may have been the Vulcan interaction, particularly with Sarek. But other than that, the integrity of Fuller’s vision would still have been preserved, and in some ways, enhanced in a future setting, while not worrying about ret-conning risks. Not to mention, the whole Shatner showing up thing would have been moot. Now a Picard/Sisko/Janeway cameo? How cool would that have been?”

EXACTLY! Why its so strange to so many of us. What we have seen in DSC thus far would actually fit much better in a post-Voyager show than a pre-TOS one. THats the bizarre head scratcher. Its no way you could’ve said that about Enterprise. That show really did feel like it belonged in the 22nd century. Discovery however feels very out of place considering its era and what we know of it (or knew of it).

“Again, I’m not a hater, this series is really compelling, and I’m a Trek fan for life. Just trying to guess at the method behind the timeline.”

Like you, I’m enjoying the show a lot too. And I’m enjoying it in SPITE of those issues, but yes I think we would have a show more people would’ve loved if it didn’t distract so much from what we knew that came before. It feels nothing like TOS and yet bumped right up against it. You put it in its own period where it could do its own thing, the complaints would fall a lot.

I think they chose that timeline because there are some unanswered questions and plot holes from the original series and film continuity. The Federation-Klingon war was something that was never really explored. Star Trek 6 mentioned “75 years of unremitting hostilities” (Then Discovery says there had been no direct contact for 100 years) and Picard described First Contact with the Klingons as “be disastrous and leading to decades of war”.Enterprise complicated things I think by trying to be a prequel and a sequel (temporal cold war). The Klingon landing in the damn cornfield. smh. Enterprise created all kinds of temporal issues. Just by virtue of the Borg going back in time should have thrown the Prime Universe timeline off a little bit. If I were a writer I would wipe that show out of continuity. It did more harm than good.

I think the Prime Universe would be a relatively peaceful place now. The Klingons were devastated by the Dominion War and there was already a war with the Fderation (brief one) on DS9, The Cardassians were practically wiped out, The Dominion were beaten, Janeway disrupted the Borg, and oh by the way the Romulans were wiped out. The Prime Universe should be enjoying an unprecedented era of peace and tranquility. If you go back to the Universe you better have a damn good reason why. That cow has been milked.

Here’s a thought – if they want to have a Kirk cameo on the series, why not get Chris Pine? He could play the prime-universe Lt. Kirk of the Farragut.

I can see the way to do it if they did incorporate William Shatner would be as a very brief voice cameo that doesn’t even allude to his future significance which at this point wouldn’t be known. So if in the eventual series finale, Lieutenant Kirk was heard on the intercom incidentally in communicating with another ship, that could work. Also gets round Shatner’s age.

Is the formatting of this website undergoing technical difficulties or is the current funky condition the new normal?

I too, am experiencing a funky condition with this website today….

What are you two seeing? and is this on your phone? desktop? Nothing seems out of place when I look.

Hi, Matt. I’m not a techie at all, but the logo is giant, bigger than the screen. Formatting is all off, and here in the comments section as I’m typing, my screen is bouncing up and down, slowly.

Oh, on my desktop. But I just checked my IPhone, and same issue.

Huh that’s bizzare, it seems to only affect Safari from what I can tell, Firefox and Chome (which I normally use) render the site normally. I don’t use Safari (except on mobile of course), I’ll look into it as I have time today.

Many thanks for the support!

Actually it happens on any/all browsers that don’t have the site cached. Something is wrong… looking into it…

All fixed!

Confirmed! Well played, Sir. Many thanks.

That’s a substantial leap from life sentence to Captain. Not that anyone in a position to influence this can see this, or even cares, but I really would not like to see that at all. Even if they devote an episode to ‘oh, you were railroaded and scapegoated, you’ve been exonerated, and here are the keys to your shiny new starship’, she’s still tainted goods. There are billions dead out there because of the war, and the face of that war is Michael Burnham. That isn’t going away with a sincere apology from the Federation.

Oh, and no on Shatner, either. That ship sailed long ago.

Well just remember, the same guy in charge of this (Alex Kutzman) also had Kirk go from a tainted cadet who was nearly kicked out of Starfleet academy for cheating to Captain of a star ship in literally a few days later.

Trust me HOWEVER they get there with Burnham it can’t be as bad as that. ;)

Oh, I know. If we really want to split hairs, they did it twice, Kirk got relieved of command in STID, with orders to report back to the Academy for a ‘do over’ when Pike was killed, he was back in the saddle. Promoting Burnham to captain is really going to strain the suspension of disbelief, regardless of when they do it. It’s not a good idea.

She tried to do the right thing but did it the wrong way the war was not her fault Kirk would have done the same thing And spark did when he hijacked the ship to take pike back the that plant

I don’t want Shatner near Discovery either. He had his time in the spotlight. Besides…Shatner was a huge fool to star in the script which became Star Trek Generations. DISCOVERY don’t need Shatner. End of story.

I disagree with Isaacs. If done right a Shatner arc could be special. There are some things that they decided to include that fans have disagreed with. Don’t think Shatner would be worse.

I don’t want to see Kirk on Discovery either. Maybe they should and I believe at some point they will, have a younger version of him on the show. I am pretty sure we will see young Kirk and Spock before the end of this series. The old Star Trek folks failed to give him a proper send-off and JJ could have done a post-credits scene or something with him in the Kelvin Universe. I think he deserves a proper send off. All they ever have is excuses as to why they could not do this or they could not do that. It is science fiction. Do you know how many times folks have died on those dumb soap operas my mom watched and they always find a way to bring someone back. Don’t get me started on comics. You mean to tell me all the smart people who do Trek can’t find a way to give an ICON a proper send off. Nonsense.

That Nexus story is A PLOT HOLE. You could say that Picard fought with the Echo or an Alien who pretended to be Kirk and the real Kirk is in suspended animation or maybe he never ended up in the NEXUS at all. If they had any imagination, when they had the scene where Spock (Kelvin) was going through Spock Prime’s things he should have heard a voice and looked up and saw an old man( Kirk-Prime) saying “Can you tell me where I can find my friend”. No explanation needed.

Berman and Ron Moore failed William Shatner. At least if he had gotten a great death I would be cool but he is 85 now and the clock is ticking. I also think Avery Brooks does not get enough LOVE and credit for DS9. It was insulting the way they pushed Green out there as the first lead of color in a Star Trek series. Shatner deserves a fitting end to Captain Kirk. Generations was not it. I Love Ron Moore but he admitted they dropped the ball on that one.

All so true

I wish Shatner had done a Jim Kirk special guest in a Star Trek Continues or New Voyages web episode while it was still up and running. We had awesome last episodes for George Takai and Walter Koening. These episodes are going live on forever as tributes to our favorite characters. Shatner could have had a great episode all about Kirk and it would have been a great gift to the fans. Unfortunatly, Shatner has too big of ego to do a fan film for free.

@CDR Arch — maybe if they sent a limo?

for everyone who do see this don’t buy in to this, it is not a true star trek show. you may need to get back your money. I don’t plan to see this at all. they are trying to turn you away of being a trek fan and will stop you to come into a club it or any part of your state.

Stay off the drugs Kenny.

This is Sci-fi, of course a good writer could find all sorts of ways to bring William Shatner to Star Trek Discovery. One way that immediately comes to mind is would be him playing Kirk Sr.

I think it is important to include as many of at least the original cast members if not just because not many of them will be with us that were around when the series first aired. Once they are gone, they’re gone.

How about they cloned Kirk for some reason but either something went wrong with the process or they wanted the older Kirk instead of the younger one. Maybe there was no way to reanimate the younger Kirk. In the science fiction world the possibilities are endless.