‘Star Trek: Discovery’ One Of Netflix’s Most Watched Together + Toronto Studio Expanding

We are less than four weeks away from Star Trek: Discovery returning to finish out its first season, and while we wait, we have some news about the show to share. We’re covering how it’s being watched on Netflix, the impact it’s having on the studio where it’s filmed, and a couple of new official videos featuring Anthony Rapp.

Discovery brings people together

Netflix has released their annual look at how people have been watching content on their service in 2017 around the world, which includes Star Trek: Discovery outside the USA and Canada. They identified the top 10 binged shows, the top 10 ‘savored’ shows (most watched over longer periods), the top 10 shows that couples watched separately and the top 10 shows that ‘brought us together.’ And it was that last list of shows that families watched together that included Star Trek: Discovery, which came in at number 4 behind Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. The full infographic from Netflix is below.

Pinewood expanding to accommodate Discovery and other productions

According to a new article in The Hollywood Reporter, Pinewood Toronto, where Star Trek: Discovery is shot, is planning to double its current capacity of soundstages. Part of the reason for the expansion was the space required by Discovery, as noted in the report:

“They gobble up a lot of space. So we need to expand,” Alfredo Romano, a partner and investor in Pinewood Toronto Studios, says of CBS All Access’ Star Trek TV series

According to the report, Pinewood is currently at full capacity with a number of productions already lined up and they are being forced to turn away additional productions.

Rapp talks time loops

In episode 7 (“Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”), the crew of the Discovery go up against Harry Mudd forcing them into a series of time loops and only Lt. Stamets sees it happening. In a new official video, Anthony Rapp gives his analysis and talks about the challenge shooting the episode.

Culber and Stamets: Groundbreaking characters video

Speaking of Rapp, there is also a new official video focusing on the relationship between Lt. Stamets and Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz), the first same-sex couple on a Trek TV show.

More Disco Bits

Here are a few links about Discovery:

Wired: What’s with all the hate for Star Trek: Discovery.

SyFy Wire: 10 reasons to binge watch Star Trek: Discovery over the holidays.

Inside Higher Ed: The Ethics of Using the Free Preview to Binge Watch Star Trek Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available and you can Watch Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Go Disco!

I’m really glad to see the show is off to a good start. LLAP Star Trek!!!

That last video is one of the main reasons I have no interest in watching this show.

Wow. Star trek set in the future yet you are still a in the dark ages. The irony!

Would you say most people were overjoyed to see that scene. Or was it being rammed down their throat. There is a discontent with the movies, the media, and the stories being told today. And all these things and the people behind them are out of sync with the American people. Look at the box-Office this past summer. It was off because people have been alienated by the ideas being put forth. At some point people just gag and there is a revolt. Like with the NFL and the movies. The buzz is that best picture this year is going to be taken by a gay love story that no one is going to see. GAG! All during the Obama administration there was a parade of black grievance movies. All to remind us how bad it was during slavery days. GAG! All this nonsense has ruined my love of the movies and of football. I’m actually reading an on line paper coming out of India, because I find it more truthful. The left has taken this country to an awful place.

I’ll give real money if he shut up.

Why do people like this even watch Star Trek?

😂 👍

Omg r u a complete muppet? 🤡

You are so in the minority here lol, but I actually agree with a lot of what you said. However, things have been so oppressive for so long we need to go the other way to change public opinion. @Tiger2 Because he likes Star Trek? I don’t understand your statement

You really need this explained DiscoTrek?

Star Trek is about exploring the GALAXY! Let that sink in for a moment. Its about exploring concepts, cultures and biology that we probably could never even grasp that existed until we discover it. The term IDIC is essentially a concept of the possible known universe and all the wonders that could be out there in ways we are not yet prepared for. The term ‘diversity’ would mean something on a completely different fundamental level when interacting with other intelligent life that evolved in ways beyond what we know on this planet.

And yet you have people like Wino and Jack D who can’t handle two people on THIS planet doing something as common as kissing because they happen to be the same sex? My god, WHY are you watching this show if you can’t handle something that is in your backyard but don’t have the imagination of thinking of all the possible life combinations that could be out in the universe now and probably existed for millions of years?

If you can’t handle or accept something within your OWN species, how could possibly handle something that would literally be completely alien to you if you ever came across it? The fact that he sees this as ‘liberal vs conservative’ tells you everything how sadly closed minded and myopic people still are and why Star Trek isn’t a show for people like this. No, its science and biology that is simply being acknowledged as you would have to acknowledge any biological concepts different from your own if you went out into the universe and tried to understand it.

Thats what Star Trek is to me. Always have been. Yes in reality it rarely actually goes beyond most aliens looking and acting human in most stories but if we took Trek’s true intentions and meaning then we would see species very different from us acting distinctly foreign. In other words, you have to get beyond your own comfort zone or what you deem ‘normal’ which is the entire point of the show.

I wish Star Trek could really go farther with its concepts but it would probably put a lot of people off if they were too alien. The Dax character is a perfect example of what I mean. Trills are basically two species in one that are bisexual and lives multi-gender lives for centuries. They are not attracted to any one particular sex, they gravitate to both because they actually live as both. The implications there are pretty radical, especially how WE think of gender and sexuality, especially 25 years ago when it was first introduced.

But of course because they turned the character into a hot human looking woman who acts like a typical American woman and dates primarily men so it was never really explored on a deeper fundamental level. But the notion of it would question how we viewed sexuality and gender identity altogether if we really encountered anything like that in nature from another intelligent species.

And yet people want to turn off their TV because they see two men kissing…in 2017? Really? I’ll ask again, why do they even watch this show then?

Wino, if you’d actually watched the show, you’d know that’s it’s not “rammed down our throats” at all. You seriously think a show about all of humanity coming together to explore new cultures should only feature people that look and behave exactly like you? You’re mad about black people complaining about slavery, yet you complain more loudly and pathetically about a side character smooching someone on a TV show you haven’t even watched.

You should at least PRETEND your reasons for hating the show aren’t so petty and stupid.

Was the kiss between Burnham and Tyler also rammed down your throat? Or are you just a pathetic person full of hate?

Yes this is what is so funny and how people still shows their bias. Its only ‘rammed down our throats’ when a gay couple does it. When a heterosexual couple make out literally every episode, for some reason its not rammed down our throats. A gay couple does it, of course its now rammed down our throats because it was done….literally once. You mean gay couples can’t just be treated like a heterosexual couple….ever? And if so its now rammed down our throats? I wish people could really hear themselves.

It reminds me of the time when we learned Sulu was gay in Beyond and you actually had people saying they shouldn’t show it because Star Trek has never done stories about sexuality before lol. What? You mean no one has ever kissed, dated, had sex, gotten married or had babies on these shows before in 50 years? What show were they watching exactly? But suddenly one gay couple is introduced and suddenly ‘hey when does Star Trek ever talk about sexuality?” You mean besides all the time and is embedded in the show like every show out there today?

You sometimes wonder where do people like this live?

Haha! Too bad poor right-wing snowflake :) I love that some people still think that the minority of the global population (straight, white men) are somehow entitled to continued artificial supremacy and head-start-child-booster-seat representation in media. So cute to see them squirm and complain that other people are being represented. I love that women, people of color and LGBT people are being shown on Disco as we all exist in the real world. Love the gay kiss! Love the lesbians dancing at the party! Love a WOMAN who is BLACK being the lead! Love that the captain of the show that captured people’s hearts is a ASIAN WOMAN. It’s 2017 kids, and Start Trek is continuing to evolve with out culture and the days of white straight dudes getting overly represented are simply dead. Yippee :)

I can certainly understand why gay scenes on TV might be uncomfortable for some to watch. As a gay man myself, I try to be sensitive to those around me as I feel we are still going through a transitory period in society in terms of acceptance. It takes time for people to adjust and I’m aware of that – for example, I wouldn’t kiss my partner in front of my 82 year old grandmother as I know it would probably make her feel a bit embarrassed. I think tolerance has to go both ways and LGBT people need to realise that too.

I think the Orville has dealt with LGBT relationships in a far more intelligent way than Star Trek Discovery. They have an alien race with only one gender thus everyone is automatically homosexual. This forces the viewer to think about how they view relationships. Because we are observing an alien race who are homosexual, we don’t judge as easily as if they were humans and this leads us to re-examine our own prejudices about each other. This is what star trek always did so well!

In other words, Winomaster is an alt-right bigot who has no understanding of Star Trek’s core message.

No, Sean. The irony is that in the Roman Empire “dark ages” that you mention, homosexuality was something that they were very tolerant of.

Hmm. Just what is this “Roman Empire dark ages” period you speak of? I’ve had a fair amount of schooling, yet never managed to hear of it. Can you elucidate?

MR, you should at least do some cursory research before just typing random ignorant nonsense. “The Dark Ages” is a term for the time period AFTER the Roman Empire.

The height of classic civilization (the invention of democracy, philosophy, etc) was gay as heck. ;)
Even the Spartans that the alt right loves so much were smooching each other all the way to Thermopylae.

If I had a time machine, I’d deffo travel back in time and have a Roman orgy. #swordfight

So nice of you to share your valued opinion…. :/

Ya know what, don’t watch it. Just boycott it.
I’ll still be watching it and reruns of all the other series with plenty of straight romances in them, because I’m okay with straight relationships in the media, and in life, but sensitive souls like you don’t need to watch it at all, and then you won’t need to be put out by it.
As for interest, do you base your viewing of a series strictly by how many kissing scenes are in it? Or is it how many straight couples are in it?

So, how are things there in Alabama? Looking forward to the reintroduction of slavery, and stripping women of the right to vote, are you?

Ten years ago I would not have imagined that I would ever conclude that women were unfit to vote. I would not have imagined I would ever come to believe that it would be best to return all black people to Africa. But the events of recent years have me believing exactly this. And I don’t think I am alone in this.

@Winomaster This is astonishing and disturbing (and your conclusions are incorrect). If you believe these things, what are you doing on a Star Trek site?

Roy Moore sounds very bitter after his loss.

Yes he certainly does…..ha!

First, I think you’re a troll. Sadly, I agree you’re not alone with those thoughts. Happily, as Jeff Flake pointed out yesterday, decency wins. As long as good people continue to shine the light of decency on hate and oppression, it’s that much easier to step on those cockroaches when they do decide to venture out.

No, you’re definitely not alone in that, more’s the pity. There are in fact lots of high-functioning imbeciles like yourself walking around these days, comprised of many religions and ethnicities, who seem determined to make life on this planet much more fraught and unhappy for the rest of us than it needs to be. I have no illusions that this will change anytime soon, though perhaps yesterday’s election result is a very modest start. What you vile beliefs have to do with Star Trek, though, is anyone’s guess.

Winomaster, the sooner you leave this plane of existence, the better off the vast majority of people will be, you piece of shit.

Aren’t you precious.

I know this may be difficult for you to understand. But I’ll try, anyway. We. Don’t. Care.

Clearly the show is doing just fine without the likes of you, not just in the US but around the World.

If the last video offends you, why are you even watching Star Trek to begin with? Seriously, you can do other things with your life. You don’t need to be here. Trek will be fine without you or your input.

Do you really imagine this glowing report by the network that carries the series, passes as an objective assessment of the progress and prospects for this series? I would suggest that season two will see a cancellation or a significant overhaul. Stay tuned.

I would suggest you’re an idiot.

Since your objective assessment seems to be that the series is failing due to content you don’t approve of, would you care to supply any evidence on either point? Or, in the words of the late, great Molly Ivins, are you just all hat and no cattle?

Winomaster doesn’t care about evidence. He’s an idiot. He’s the same kind of uneducated white-supremacist moron who thinks Trump is doing a good job despite having been a complete failure so far. One thing is clear: Winomaster is NOT someone who understands Star Trek.

Winomaster, is your idiocy the result of your mother and father having been siblings, or of your having dropped out of school in the third grade, or both? At least we can all take solace in the fact that your impotency will prevent you from ever reproducing.

All the hours of the episodes together, and one quick kiss puts you off?
WOW! Does it threaten your sexuality? Are you in denial of yours? If you’re comfortable in yourself, what others do should not bother you. Usually such a reaction is because someone is denying something within themselves, so seeing it expressed makes them feel threatened.

Trek is about diversity, not paying lip-service to the idea, or did you never get the memo?

Seriously?? One quick kiss put you off a brilliant new take on Star Trek, man, I feel so sorry for you.

This show could be an hour of dogfighting. I would be equally interested. But I wouldn’t feel obliged to watch something that held no interest for me. Do I have to watch a show just because you think my thinking needs to be more open to your tastes. I don’t force my ideas regarding politics, economics, etc. Why is it you think you have some God given right to impose your foolishness upon me and the majority in this country.

No one has a “god given right.” Gods don’t exist. :)

In the past nobody cared about innerspecies relationships. How does Kirk b****** a green skinned alien represent fpr example your taste, interest and especially the majority in this country?


Wait, so are you saying the Gorn was female or that Kirk cuts wider sexual path than we previously thought we knew?

Well, you are trying to force your politics and beliefs on others. And others find them repugnant. I am a straight, Christian, male, the fact that gays and lesbians can have (and be portrayed in) relationships is not an affront to me or my faith, which teaches first and foremost to treat others as I would be treated. My faith requires I do no harm, yours seems to insist on inflicting harm. That is the difference.

What makes you so certain that you speak for the majority in this country, or any other? Evidence, please, and show your work.

As for Discovery, heaven forbid that you be forced to watch it. That said, why do you feel the need to impose your disgusting views on others in this forum when they’re obviously not welcome?

Winomaster, your views do NOT represent the majority in this country, thankfully–not unless you live in Iran. In the United States, the vast majority of the country would recognize your views as bigoted, ignorant, and the result of a poor education. That’s why Trump only has about a 30 percent approval rating–the lowest in the country’s history. You’re an inbred dinosaur and you don’t speak for anyone but the lowest dregs of society–the kinds of frustrated losers who end up joining the Ku Klux Klan. You are nothing.

Being offended by diversity in Star Trek is like being offended by turtles in Ninja Turtles.
Not everyone has to like Discovery, but Star Trek has ALWAYS had valued that were contrary to your sad bigoted world view. Maybe you were too dense to pick up on them, but they were always there.

Wow… Jack D is a Jackas*

What are you afraid of, buddy? It’s just one screen kiss.

I wonder how he felt when Dax kissed another woman

I give you exactly one, chubby guess. But I’m sure his God forgives him.

The don’t comment on a show you don’t want to watch. Get a life.

Omg I feel sorry for you that you are you

WOuld you be satisfied if a human kissed an alien which would be the equivalent to zoophilia? Oh, that already happened so often in 51 years of Star Trek and no one cared. Not forget to mention showing an implied sex-scene inlcuding an human and an half-naked klingon, what happened in the same episode. But two humans? Mehhh… How logical.


Sex between members of 2 different intelligent species is not zoophilia, it is defined as Rishathra, a term coined by Larry Niven.

Really? I wonder when we will see an implied sex scene between a human and a dolphin in Star Trek. Shouldn’t be a big problem ;-)

Rishathra requires both parties to be members of fully sentient species, despite how much Dolphins and humans have in common the Dolphin does not hit that criterion at this time. They really are a lot like us though. They are the only species on the planet other than humans that kill (sharks) for pleasure, engages in recreational drug use (no joke), and commits rape (of humans).

Spock! Is that Horta. Naked?
It’s highly illogical that a silicon based life form would need clothes, captain.
Spock! Hold. My beer….(bow chicka bow bow)

At least you’re not complaining it was an inter-racial kiss. WE HAVE MADE PROGRESS SINCE THE 60s, FELLOW TREKKIES!

But you watch people getting murdered or killed? Curious

In other words, Jack D. is a homophobe who has no understanding of Star Trek’s core message.

I am very pleased to see Discovery is exceeding expectations. Keep up the good work.

Given that it only showed on the ‘family viewing’ list, I wonder if they’ll tailor it more for that audience – perhaps reining in the Klingon sex scenes and the use of the “F” word.

The German airing of it most likely took care of those scenes as they are extremely sensitive in regards to censorship.

@Nebula1701 It was all there on Netflix DE.

Sorry, I’m with the grammar police. The correct usage is “in regard to censorship.” We are cracking down more on this ever since the left’s Thought Police have begun their crackdown


Re: the grammar police

Actual grammar police, eschew the excessive verbiage of jargon and favor the pithy “regarding.”

There’s been one Klingon sex scene, and one use of the F word. So it’s not like there’s any kind of trend whatsoever at this point. I agree, it’ll be interesting to see how that sort of thing progresses.

Or you know since this is Netflix this is not taking american audience into mind so perhaps other countries and viewers don’t have the same backward puritanical views you do?


Who cares about “families?” Boring. I’m tired of having the world watered down because some people choose to breed in an overpopulated world and think that they need to then hide the real world, F-bombs and all, from their kids. The F-bombs are awesome. You’re kids, who are copies of your unremarkable and interchangeable selves, likely are not. :) People who are upset about the F-word are slow-minded and trite.

I’ve come to love the show. I’m excited for the close out episodes in 2018 and even more juiced for the next session knowing Star Trek shows warp into their own after session one. Also the treatment that the writers have given Lt. Stamets and Dr. Culber has been excellent and their chemistry so remarkable.

It’s sad how people will just take what they are given.

I take what’s given when I like what’s served.

I just rewatched The Sanest Man yesterday. So far the only episode I have rewatched outside of the pilot. I think its my favorite one thus far but I love trippy time travel episodes Trek does so well. Yes, its a good show. I’m still having some issues with it but I think it will only grow and get better in time. I am very happy to see it doing so well though, it means we will probably have it for quite a few seasons. Probably at least as much as Enterprise.

I was just watching a couple episodes of TNG on BBC America from late in its first season. Still far from perfect, but you could see they were working out the kinks by then. I can see Discovery on a similar path, and thankfully it has room to do it. I expect the second season will be an improvement.

Yeah that’s the thing most Trek get better over time. I have issues with Discovery but I believe I can end up loving it like I do all the others. It will just take time.

And yes most of Trek start off as so-so to bad first season, TNG being the primary example and now its probably held as the best and most popular Trek of them all thirty years later.

‘Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad’ is one of my Top 10 Trek episodes, just like TNG Season 1’s ‘Heart of Glory’. I’ve watched it six times so far. I haven’t felt this way about a Trek episode since DS9’s ‘The Visitor’.

So, where is Javid Iqbal in all this promotion? Never seen him, despite having a role on 3 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery (playing the Klingon, Voq), and not seen since Episode 4…

Unless of course, Javid Iqbal is Shazad Latif (birth name Iqbal), playing both Voq and Tyler?

Do they think we’ve forgotten…?!?

Definitely a conspiracy. My guess is Iqbal is also playing Tyler, this Latif guy seems pretty fictional to me. Of course we haven’t forgotten, we have this all figured out.

Congrats to Pinewood Toronto, and well done to everyone involved with Discovery, a fantastic new take on Trek. The wife and I have been watching these together each week on Netflix and we love the show, everyone I speak to who watches it loves it too! I can’t wait for it to return.

I’d say pinewood is expanding to make up for the mistake of signing star trek. the amount of business being turned away because of that contract is more likely to have a negative effect on Toronto film in the long run. they have to expand so paying productions don’t forget us.



I remember reading a year ago about how the sets for The Expanse wound up having to movie to make room for Discovery. Not a bad position for Toronto Studios to be in, with more business than they can handle. Hopefully both series will continue shooting for years to come.

“Most watched together” for families kind of reinforces that idea that Star Trek is a family show so we’ll see how that factors into season 2.

Well, ‘Discovery’ was neither in the important “Top 10 binged shows” list nor in the “Top 10 savored shows”.

They made it to #4 on a meaningless “Also-rans” list! No wonder the official Trek site and twitter completely ignored this news.

“Part of the reason for the expansion was the space required by Discovery, as noted in the report: “They gobble up a lot of space.””

There is definitely no need for ‘Discovery’s bridge to be as huge as a department store, lots of wasted space on that bridge.

Meaningless list… according to you. And you are a nobody. Don’t be such a dolt. We get the fact you don’t like the show. Stop watching then.

Still trashing the show at every opportunity? I pity you.

I see that Stranger Things isn’t on the devoured or savored lists. Another failure. Netflix needs to get their act together and start making shows people actually care about.

I’m guessing this list is purely marketing.

this doesn’t include North America…weak point


Irrelevant. Why would it include North America when ‘Discovery’ is not on Netflix in that region?

Hmm, Nice Try.
the only list it appeared on was the shared, presumably family list & with M/R-Ratings that’s exactly the market (Family as well as Fans) that CBS/Paramount are trying to get rid of/alienate.
Families are disappointed with the sex/sexuality & violence & they can’t share the show with their kids as past generations have.
Still a fail.

So you have spoken to every family to ascertain this have you?

My daughters eagerly await Discovery’s return, 11 & 8.

It would be hard to be on the binge watch list since it’s a weekly release unlike all the others in that list.

this doesn’t include North America, so…

Netflix does not carry Discovery in North America.

Funny, I only live about two miles from the Toronto Pinewood Studio. I guess it would be tough to sneak in and look around…

I lived less than 20 minutes away from Paramount studios where they shot 5 Star Trek shows and 12 of the films. I have never seen so much as a prop come out of that studio in all my years being so close. I even been on the lot twice when TNG was happening. Never saw anything. Yes its virtually impossible to see anything outside of working in and around the soundstages where they shoot.

Please….the reviews on IMDb tell the story

No, they really don’t. Viewing statistics like these released by Netflix tell the story. Netflix has no reason to hype a show they have to pay large license fees for.

The reviews on IMDB tell the story of those that write reviews on IMDB.

And, if you really want to use IMDB as your source for Trek scores, Disco season 1 score is averaging higher than all other Trek Season 1’s on IMDB. So, depends on how you want to use IMDB to write your story. For example, the only episode 1 in Trek scoring higher than episode 1 of Disco is Enterprise.

any way to watch the video clips in germany? we are big stamets fans here!

Sometimes other people re-upload the videos on Youtube without region-locking. The alternative is to use a proxy/VPN service to trick Youtube into thinking you are located in the US. The Opera webbrowser has a built-in, free VPN service.

Can’t wait for the shows return!

Imagine if it aired on netflix in North America.

Yeah, that would have been nice…

This was really good to read. I always get “Trek Anxiety” when a new Star Wars film is released and the world goes nuts for it (trust, I’m going nuts too because I’m a big fan) but I don’t want my favorite franchise to be discounted in any way. Glad to say that’s definitely not the case. Now if only there was a way for US and Canada Netflix subscribers to get access to Discovery. Do it like the televised series, wait and put it on Netflix AFTER the season ends. Netflix still has all of the Trek tv shows, so just put up Seasons of Discovery once each season essentially finishes up. Makes sense and it’s more/better exposure.

Winomaster, are you serious…….here we are as Trekkies go……and Trump bigotry and politics rears it’s ugly head where it has no business……please appreciate what Roddenberry’s vision for Star Trek was, and how it has evolved……imagine extraterrestrial intelligent beings revealing themselves to us and they may have the equivalent of say 10 sexes in their biology and other alien differences that some might find incredulous…..this is the world we live in……this is the universe we live in……..you cannot be a true Star Trek fan if you are bigoted or prejudiced against anybody……diversity will always be omnipresent when great sy fi like Star Trek Discovery, which I think can be the new direction for this legendary, open ended story of space exploration, embrace it…….try Googleing water bears…..a version of one appeared in one of the beginning episodes…..these are real life forms on earth, and they basically live forever….this is an example of the forward thinking producers and creators of this great science fiction show…..just let it flow……life doesn’t just exist on earth, so open up your mind and “feed your head”!

Where are the moderators on this site? Why are commentators like “winomaster” allowed to come to this site and hijack the conversation time and again with their racists, sexist, homophobic agenda? This isn’t about censorship, it’s tantamount to yelling “fire” in a movie theatre. As for those who engage in refuting this dispicabke line thought, while admirable, you are simply giving them a stage to perform and playing their pathetic little game.

moauvian waoul,

I wonder if we could dare say anti-Trek agenda?

Mods, the negative Nancys are ruining this site. And it’s a shame. I’ve found spaces that are about an actual dialogue both positive and negative, thank goodness.

I know the site is getting traffic, so that’s neither here nor there for you, but the quality of the dialogue here has gone down into a pit.

Hey! There’s an edit button here!! Thank you, admins!!!

You’ve developed a visually intense show with incredible set, costumes, special effects and story lines but have some odd interest in “subtitling the Klingons”. The Vulcans, etc. all seemingly speak english.

I’m sure it’s to make them oh so mysterious but it greatly detracts from the overall shows impact. It’s actually rather annoying and often not done with consistent and proper cadence.

Ditch the subtitles ASAP. In fact, maybe season 1(?) should be re-released with common dialog.

The general idea seems to be that people in the Federation speak English (or use the universal translator so we hear them in English). In contrast, Klingons speak in their own language. This is done to make the Klingons more “alien” but it seems that at least some people don’t like it.
Supposedly, the war with the Klingons will be finished by the end of this season, and season 2 will follow a different storyline. If they continue to show Klingons in season 2 who knows whether they will still use subtitles.

I’m guessing the subtitles are definitely a topic on the “what worked and what didn’t” discussions the writers are having about the first season.

And yes, mods, thanks for the edit button. Been a long time coming. :-)

We now have a commenter stating that women should be stripped of the franchise and black people should be sent back to Africa. Trolling season is in full swing. Pity the moderators don’t feel as if they need to step in.

There is a trolling SEASON?
That is a depressing thought.

I just don’t get this show. But I am trying to stick with it. It suppose to be 10 years before kirk right. But the tech is like beyond anything they had. If it was for the name star trek I could easily think this was a different show all together.

It’s simple: The story of Discovery is set 10 years before TOS. However, TOS was filmed in the sixties whereas Discovery is made now. That’s why Discovery doesn’t look like TOS. It is not just visuals (i.e. looking more modern), they have also introduced technologies that weren’t available in TOS. However, some of today’s technology is more modern than what was depicted in TOS (of course, we don’t have warp or transporter technology). So basically, it is a mixture of extrapolating from today while also paying attention to what was established in previous shows.

With all respect, postings like this one continue to floor me. Really, this looks NOTHING like Star Trek to you?

A lot of the 23rd century science in TOS materialized in the 90’s, and the impossible stuff will still be impossible in the 23rd century. So, I’m not bent out of shape that the transporters looked different, they were experimenting with different FTL drives, and they smartly decided to ditch the cathode tube monitors, analog computers, microtapes, and gel button interface. If they show us a Constitution class ship, it had better not look like it came out of a 60’s era TV show. Trek was never meant to be a tech show, it’s always been a commentary on the human condition.

Oh, I was watching a TOS episode a few nights back. Did you notice the plywood floors, and the lumber that framed the deck? Funny how that didn’t take me out of the story….