‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Soundtrack Out Today – Listen To Preview

Today the soundtrack of Jeff Russo’s original score for the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery has been released. The 21-track digital album with 52 minutes of music is available now on iTunes for $9.99.

Lakeshore Records has released a preview of the album on YouTube you can listen to selections from the soundtrack below.

This release contains music from the first chapter of Discovery’s first season.  Here is a full track listing:

4. I’LL GO

Here is the iTunes preview for the album:

For Spotify users, the full album is available to stream:

And here is the official artwork for the soundtrack:

A second digital release will come in 2018 with music from the second chapter of Discovery’s first season, which kicks off on January 7th. There will also be a vinyl release in 2018, likely including music from the entire season.

For more on the soundtrack and the making of music for Discovery, check out TrekMovie’s exclusive interview with composer Jeff Russo.

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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The best thing I can say about this is “serviceable”. It’s kinda boring, unoriginal, vapid, overused, cliched, void of thematic content, and dull without the visuals to enhance it.

Correct. Man, this playlist is so cheezy. I seriously was hoping for something more deep, energetic, and classy.
The comments about this being like wallpaper are spot on.

They’ve got to up their game next season.

Just a bit of further information on this topic: the Star Trek: Discovery Official Soundtrack is also available for listening in full on Spotify.

Kinda like it says up there in the article?

At the time and date of my post the information about the soundtrack had not yet been posted. Later that day the addition was made.

Has anyone identified which episode each track comes from? I don’t have more than the few obvious ones (at least 3 from The Vulcan Hello, 3 from Magic to Make &c).

I really like it. It’s a bit more atmospheric, and fits really well with modern TV music. I also love how it utilizes the main theme more than the previous shows. The Dance song and the 8-bit tidbit in another are really nice examples of this.

It’s perfect for having on in the background at work.

Bam. Purchased.

Who in their right mind would pay good money to listen to this dreadful dirge?

Who in their right mind would take the time to post in the comments about something they don’t like?

Someone who is wanting and willing it to be better? I love this way online how fans of something often seem to believe any sort of critical observation is not valid or allowed. How would anything average ever improve if everyone was required on day one to sign up to the idea that it was unimprovable?

Your critical observation is fine as long as you don’t present it as an attack against those with an opposing viewpoint which is exactly what you did by starting with “who in their right mind”. Can’t you just say “I don’t like it and here’s why”?

WHAT?? Give a REASON??
Are you MAD?? Who in their right mind gives a reason? You’re supposed to glean it from vague remarks. ;)

‘Dreadful dirge’ is not a critical observation, just a petty insult of another’s work. Take your own advice to Jeff Russo and try to do better.

Michael (are you a woman?), would you have preferred he just posted “this is bad”? “Dreadful dirge” is his way of describing the sound of the music he is hearing.

Jack D,

Re: his way of describing

Actually, I thought it was his way of paying homage to Jonathan Harris who I believe was the first person that I ever heard utter that particular turn of phrase in critique of the Robot’s singing. Or was it his guitar playing, … possibly both?

Star Trek fans who are still waiting for Star Trek?
Someone who used to be able to get excited over a Star Trek Soundtrack being released?

Indeed. Listen to Jerry Goldsmith’s Voyager or First Contact opening scores and then compare them to anything listed here. Soul elavating majesty replaced by hollow nothingness. Emblematic of what has now happened to the whole franchise though I guess.


Possibly me, who enjoyed Glass’ KOYAANISQATSI so much that my father would ask me to stop listening to that funeral music.

Disinvited, we are on the same page. Koyanisquasti is fantastic.

Should have gone with Cliff Eidelman.

Why? because 25 years ago you liked Star Trek VI? It wasn’t the best of the soundtracks.

Maybe not the best, but certainly something new in terms of Trek music. And his style would have suited Discovery. Russo doesn’t even have any specific style, obviously.

@ Alex: A few weeks back there was a rumor that Eidelman was actually considered for Discovery at some point. He released a mini album that supposedly contained spec music he wrote for the show. I didn’t hear the whole album, only samples of it, but was quite disappointed by it.

So what if his reason is because 25 years ago he liked Star Trek VI? I thought it was one of the best. So because it was 25 years ago one can’t wish for Cliff Eidelman to do anymore work? Bizarre thinking.

Sonic wallpaper at its best.


More like New Age music … something from MUSIC FROM THE HEART OF SPACE if any can remember that.

As a fan of New Age music, it definitely has more appeal to me than ENTERPRISE’s Rod Stewartish theme song that eventually grew on me. However, I have yet to latch on to what Russo is attempting to do to integrate it into the onscreen activity. But that’s going to require more in depth re-viewing of it than I can muster at this point in my life.

I was really hoping for something more, something original, but this is just a collosal letdown – wallpaper music 2.0. Worst of all, it’s generic wallpaper: this could be the score of any TV show, it’s that bland. According to legend, McCarthy and Chattaway and other composers were restrained by Berman and the producers, yet were still able to sneak in memorable themes and cues, but this one is just insipid without excuse. I’d even accept it if he tried and failed to copy the big names, Courage, Goldsmith, Horner, Giacchino – but he doesn’t even try.

@Alex — that’s because he ain’t those guys. He’s a rock star trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life now that Tonic’s moment in the sun is over. He’s got a team of evidently not so talented people he “hums” things to, who crank out cues for an orchestra, which sound impressive in the moment they’re playing them to picture for the first time on a big scoring stage, while he glad hands and takes all the credit, promising even greater things to the producers if they’ll just give him the money to hire more cowbells.

I Khan Believe It\'s Not Butter

Yarn inspiring.

Enjoying it now on Deezer. Love track 5

Wow, I think my dog can fall asleep to this. I still hate the main theme but I thought the music in the show was decent. But maybe you need the visuals to enjoy it more or maybe the samples just arent that great because I’m not feeling it at all sadly.

Thank you for “Persistence”! Was hoping this would make the album, but was worried because it’s such a short cue. Definitely one of my faves. Here’s hoping it makes the vinyl cut!

Really enjoy the extended version of the main theme.

To me it ended more naturally without the forced Courage fanfare.

I really don’t like the Courage theme in the main title, sounds tacked on

I could imagine that this was requested by the producers: “Hey, can you add the famous Star Trek music bit there?”

No actual theme.. Meh

I’ve only just realised but the main theme sounds like the theme from Fringe!