Check Out 8 New Photos From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 13 “What’s Past Is Prologue”

CBS has just released eight new images from this weekend’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Episode 13 is titled “What’s Past Is Prologue” and continues the story in the Mirror Universe, featuring Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Georgiou along with the return of Rekha Sharma as Landry.

Episode Description

Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the Emperor, propelling Burnham to make a quick decision to save not only herself, but the U.S.S. Discovery.



Episode 13 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, January 28th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, January 29th at 8 am GMT.

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Pretty uninspiring. Let’s hope some things are being hidden.

It’s funny when the negative nancies continue to puke out the same divisive comments after every episode.

If I was as down on a show as much as you and others are on DSC I’d have stopped watching long ago.

Jason Isaacs put it beautifully. Paraphrasing, they’ll talk and complain while sitting on their couches watching every episode, so who cares?

lol so true, love Isaacs

Me too. He called the blonde wig he wore as Lucius Malfoy in “Harry Potter” his “Paris Hilton wig.” He has a great sense of humor.

I’ve watched Star Trek for forty years. I have been watching this and have mixed views on it rather than flat out disliking it. So with that in mind, wouldn’t a forty year Trek fan be more inclined to stick with it, hoping it comes good, or do you think a fan that long just throws his toys out of the pram and walks away if he doesn’t get perfection after 10 or so episodes?

I don’t think Isaacs’ comment, or rather your use of it, is as clever as you think.

Here are some divisive and unnecessary ways of expressing our opinions:

– negative nancies continue to puke out the same divisive comments
– your blind, obsequious devotion
– You clearly aren’t intelligent
– can’t differentiate measured and balance criticism
– you reveal what you are
– any mention of the other party trolling [take it to the mods]
– very childish

How about, let’s not, okay? I know some of us are sensitive to criticism or opposing opinions, but we needn’t get all ugly about it. Maybe we can take a step away from the keyboard, breathe deeply and edit before posting.

Yes I get sick of all of this to be honest with you. I have no problem with people who love Discovery. I also has no issues with people who hate Discovery. Thats WHY I come to the internet in the first place, I want to hear all views on it.

But its nothing wrong to challenge people on their opinions either, which I do all the time. But I REALLY hate people who try to shut down people’s opinions completely and sadly I see it done here all the time on BOTH sides. Yes other people can like something you hate just like others can hate something you like. Shocking.

No one isn’t a ‘real fan’ because they see it differently than you. And what I think is funny when I see these people get truly offended when others put down what they like but then have NO problem putting down what others like. Orville being the current example. Its truly bizarre how inept they are to their own brow beating but then want to call out others when they like something as being negative.

Everyone will feel differently about a particular show or movie. Its not the fact they don’t like it or love it, its how they express it, especially how they treat others who differ thats the main issue.


If you actually bothered to read any of my past comments you’d see that my opinion on the show is actually very mixed. Simply because a person doesn’t possess your blind, obsequious devotion doesn’t automatically make them a “negative nancy”. If anything it says more about your lack of objectivity that the show can do no wrong than it says about those you automatically troll with labels.

Remember what they say about assumptions, El Cup. You assume far too much about my opinion of this show.

Maybe if you had paid any attention to my posts…

But have fun hating the show. You’re helping support more of it, so there’s that.

Man these nancies are just fodder for laughter. Funnier than the Orville!

If I am a hater, why did I start my negative review of this week’s episode, which you posted a reply to, with “after two great episodes”? If I am a hater why would I allow for good things to still be shown, as I did in my post above.

I do not need to make assumptions about you. You clearly aren’t intelligent enough to realise that the minute you default into calling someone a hater simply because they don’t have blind love and have criticism of some aspects of the show you reveal exactly what you are. The second you can’t differentiate measured and balance criticism with blind hate is when you reveal what you are. If you were someone who also had pros and cons in your view of the show you by default would not behave like that.

All you are is someone who can do nothing but scream “HATER HATER HATER!” as loud as you can as soon as anything interferes with your idea of a perfect show. It’s very childish.

Considering there are still three episodes left, yeah, I think a few more things are still being hidden. If anything, teasing the audience with images of an Emperor Lorca this early suggests there’s definitely misdirection afoot.

I sure as sh1te hope so. Especially the Emperor’s creepy “he groomed you” comment. I’m thinking she’s manipulating Michael with language [in addition to all the other ways].

hmm 8 photos. Ya I think things are hidden. wow

I cant believe they showed us the entire episode in 8 photos!!

Hmm… Lorca overthrows emperor georgeau?

If you look closely at the throne, in the picture that has both Lorca and Burnham, there is a body that looks to be the body of Georgiou.

Ugh. Wish I hadn’t noticed that. Hope you are wrong!

Don’t think so. Whoever it is is wearing silver command stripes if you look closely. I’m thinking Lorca guts mirror Stamets with Georgiou’s sword. In another pic of mirror Stamets,he appears to be pleading with a guy standing behind him with his phaser drawn on him.

If you looked closely you saw a TNG era Klingon next to Voq in the last episode then it turned out to be a Tellerite. In the promo fans thought they saw the Empress, and it was just a girl with a welding helmet.

Speculation is fun but I wouldn’t be so concerned that you’ve been spoiled by that speculation. It’s only right about half the time at best.

Look at the picture of MU Georgiou with her left arm raised — she has metallic stripes behind the shoulder area. The same stripes are visible in the corner of that other photo.

And as you pointed out in another post Neil24, the hair matches hers as well.

Has to be Georgiou.

She’s dead Jim.

You’re right.

You can see Georgiou’s shoulder and hair in the corner of that photo. It has to be her because, from the other photos, it’s obvious that she’s the only long, dark-haired person that has a gold vest that has that kind of shoulder cut.

Based on her position, she’s either dead or extremely sleepy…

Remember in June when Jason Isaacs had to have a lifecast of his head made and some here speculated it was because they needed to make a prosthetic head, because it would be chopped off at some point?

Yeah. That.

Or maybe because there’ll be two Lorcas in one scene.

That’s what I’m betting. It was done for a scene with two Lorcas.

I would think a two-Lorca scene would be done with green screen, CGI, and body doubles. There’s a lot of reasons he could need a life cast made though.

Decapitation is indeed one of them.

And then the real (PU) Lorca will please stand up!

This show is trying way too hard to be dramatic and is just winding up to be very predictable.

The only truly shocking parts of this entire show’s run so far were the deaths of Landry and Culbert, but even those have seemingly been undone.

Its only ‘predictable’ because the cat was let out of the bag by Jonathan Frakes the show would even take place in the mirror universe. If he didn’t spill that so early on people wouldn’t have been formulating thats where Lorca came from. Yes maybe LATER when it was revealed the ship was there but not until then.

And even me I didn’t believe he came from there until the last episode. I was convinced the theory was wrong even after they showed up there.

There was an image of the two stamets scene with green screen but the actor was acting opposite a life sized model of himself. So its entirely possible they were making a Lorca double as well.

The MU’s Imperial uniforms / armors look a lot more like an updated take on the Klingon outfit than the actual Klingon outfits of the series! Look at the Emperor in these pics. Now THAT would have made an excellent Klingon suit…

Really? I think they look like the gold power ranger. Google that and tell me they aren’t identical.

Those would have been totally cheesy on a Klingon. What they have on is fine.

I disagree. The golden armor feels like a modernized take of the cheesy gold-ish vests they used to wear on TOS whereas the actual DSC Klingon costumes don’t look anything like either TOS or TNG Klingons.

Thank god they don’t look anything like the TOS Klingons. It didn’t even look high quality in 1966.

I will never understand fans’ blind obsequious devotion to TOS.

Well… to be fair.. if it weren’t for the Original Series (clunker episodes, but as compared to Lost in Space, or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, or The Time Tunnel, or Land of the Giants, or….), and those of us who were fans either during production or the initial runs in syndication, or were going to cons in the 1970s, or members of STAR, or buying merchandise from Lincoln Enterprises, there wouldn’t be … (ahem)

(shakes phaser prop) Now, get off of my planet’s lawn (lol)!

Yeah, it looks cheezy now, and some of the later scripting is hokey too, but I developed my “blind obsequious devotion” read “devotion” when I was 11 years old. I hated “Lost in Space” because I thought it was stupid. “Trek’ was smart and intellectually involving, often with very well-written stories and good plots.

If you have any idea of the very limited budget they were working with, and consider the times [no HD], the costumers did some pretty darn good work on very short schedules.

LOL I agree to that. The Klingons from TOS just looks too much like a joke today. I can’t take them seriously. They look like black face swash buckling pirates. I don’t love the DSC Klingons uniforms either but I will take them over TOS any day of the week.

Looks to me like they got their wardrobe ideas from the 1980 movie ‘Flash Gordon’.

These last three episodes have been thrilling. Can’t wait for Sunday!

I’m totally loving this show, and especially the last four episodes, each with their own “OMG” moment. I’m hoping that this show morphs into the adventures of a renegade Discovery with Michael Burnham at the helm leading a rebel alliance, motivated by Prime Federation values, against the evil Imperials.

Or in short, you are a Star Wars, not a Star Trek fan.

all fans welcomed, great show

Vulcan Soul

Typical sourpuss reaction: ‘If you disagree with my orthodoxy, you’re not a “true fan!”’

I was just going by his own words: “at the helm leading a rebel alliance, motivated by Prime Federation values, against the evil Imperials.”

Is that not Star Wars?

you’ve become nothing but a troll. always stirring the s

Out of arguments?

That would qualify as a lot of things, including the Mirror Universe as depicted on TOS and DS9. It also doesn’t make him “not a Star Trek fan” which is just an asinine remark.

You are reaching; he was saying the show should be ONLY about “Rebels against Imperials” anymore in the future. That is a complete Mirror Universe series, and a Star Wars series in disguise; in any case, it is not the Star Trek of the last 50 years.

And by your definition Mr. Harberts must be the most asisine troll then, since he called half of Discovery’s potential audience – those who dare to criticize the divisive politicizing and bending over backwards to Game of Thrones level of shlock – “not Star Trek fans” (and cowardly asked the “real fans” to self-police them, i.e., shut them up)

In his defense, the OP’s original description did basically sound like the plot of Star Wars, right down to the same wording. And I wouldn’t want to see Trek go (further) down the road of being a SW clone. But yeah there’s nothing to stop people from being fans of both.

Yeah, Marvin’s wording definitely opens that interpretation :^)

This storyline is more engaging than the Klingon War, hands down. In fact, the MU angle gives the writers an chance to explore some of the more contemporary Sci-Fi tropes and motifs without “violating” Roddenberry-ian law. They’re able to make dark/gritty contempoary Trek and still have the option of pulling back to the Prime universe. I think it’s a clever solution to the writing dilemma and it also makes for engaging television.

The MU stuff is fun, but I think it also works best in small doses. An extended stay in that universe will inevitably turn the series way too dark and I don’t think that’s a great idea for its long term health.

The problem with the Klingon War was that we saw so very little of it. We heard various people talking about it but to the best of my recollection once Burnham got on board the Discovery, there were only two episodes where it was addressed directly: the one where Discovery saves the mining colony and the mid-season finale where the Sarcophagus ship is finally destroyed. Beyond that, we just got bits and pieces of exposition here and there.

As to ending the war, now that T’Kumva, Kol and apparently Voq are all gone, and the flagship of the united Klingon houses has been blown up, my guess is that the outright hostilities will just kind of fade away and the Federation-Klingon conflict will evolve into the cold war we saw all thru TOS. All they really need to address is getting the solution to the Klingon cloaking device back to Starfleet HQ for the sake of canon and everything else will probably end up taking care of itself.

@TonyD — I agree, the Klingon war is mostly irrelevant. For the purposes of dramatic narrative it’s all but over, begging the question of why it was even necessary to begin with. All that was required to tell the Burnam/Discovery story to get us here was an outside threat, which could be anything form an alien space probe destroying worlds in search of whales. doomsday machine invasion, to the Borg, or Cardasians. Which brings me back to, why is DISC set in this specific time period.

Yeah the Klingon war seems pretty uninteresting by a lot of people and yet I’m convinced we are ONLY in this time period so they can tell that story. Maybe they would’ve gone to this era in the first place but I’m getting the idea now that Fuller originally wanted an anthology series and this was just suppose to be the first story out of the gate and what better one than to tell the Klingon-Federation war? And then next season move on to a different time era and event.

And who knows MAYBE we will still move on to something else entirely different next season. Maybe we will jump to the future or maybe another universe entirely. Thats the beauty of the spore drive, it opens up to do anything you want.

I hope theat they find the same cure that McCoy found in Tholian Web, go through the Interphase, and find themselves in the 24th century.

You mean the 24h Century with carpeted starships and wood paneled consoles? No thanks.

I take that over unrealistic overdesigned sets, uniforms, starships and aliens any day!

@Vulcan Soul — that’s not going to change, they’d still update the extremely dated designs painfully reflective of the mid-90s.

I like the look of the Discovery sets but yeah it feels like something waaaaaay more advanced than this time period. It would feel more comfortable in the 24th century or beyond.

Agree about the uniforms though. They are still not winning me over. Outside of the Klingons I liked all the other aliens though.

Why wouldn’t a ship that far into the future not have those features?

A pleasant environment would be conducive to a crew on a long term voyager away from home, no?

Discovery is Discovery. The ship wouldn’t change

Again what gets SO annoying about these conversations. TNG combined with DS9 and Voyager lasted for 500 episodes. They showed countless other ships in that time between all those shows. How many 24th century ships looked exactly like the Enterprise D? Or Voyager? Whats funny is most of them DIDN’T look as pretty and most actually looked like your standard ships you saw from the TOS films. It seems the ships that got that treatment were the ones that got shows based around their crews. ;)

And even then when the Enterprise D was destroyed the E showed up and it looked like standard (but bad ass ;)) Starship.

Its like people either forgot most of the show or didn’t pay attention to any of the details out of the things they hated. For the record I love the look of D but no that was NOT the common look throughout the fleet in the 24th century. I’m guessing it looked that way for being the flagship and the biggest ship at the time.

I am hoping the same thing, Legate.

I’ve been wondering the same but half dismissed the idea because we would get no onscreen resolution to the Klingon War. On the the other hand it would open up other opportunities. The world would have changed for everyone – the Klingons are no longer enemies and they might even have hair! It’s clear that Mary Chieffo is one of the core characters so maybe L’Rell even stays on board.

Chieffo always appears in the closing credit as a guest star, just like Wilson Cruz, so I am not convinced she is viewed as a long term series regular.

Considering how much screen time she’s given and the importance she’s had in the story, I don’t understand why Chieffo isn’t in the opening credits.

I like the idea, though. L’Rell is the only Klingon we know who remains (except the painted-face leader I can’t remember the name of), so keep her on board for the duration. Jumping into an inter-dimensional future would open up infinite possibilities for the writing team, and it would get Discovery out of this period of time which has made no sense to me from the beginning. Get of out pre-TOS time…move ON.

The leader was killed when his ship exploded.

It would be interesting if L’rell became the 7 of 9 of this show and someone forced to be on the ship against her free will but slowly adapt to being on the ship. That would be a great character development. And it would be interesting to see others break down their walls concerning Klingons as time went on.

yes, would like to see episodes with L’Rell trying to fit into Federation culture. Would be nice to see Tyler amd L’Rell adapt to their situation and develop a bond then Voq comes back somehow and sees how wrong he was to follow T’Kuvdummy

I wonder if Mirror Stamets is on Lorca’s side. That would be interesting on a number of levels.

What’s that attached to the top of that phaser Burnham is holding?

I am enjoying it… I really am, but I am finding this overcooking in a manner that would make Steven Moffatt Doctor Who look simplistic. It boggles the mind what happens next. Prime Lorca turns up and after a lot of shouting and screaming, the Emperor Georgiou turns good and heads back to the Prime Universe to take command of the ship, and er it all looks good until Mirror Burnham turns up there cackling or maybe Prime Burnham was Mirror Burham all along and er…Kevin Spacey turns up to kills Stamets and we all know why that is. But Wait! Mirror Spacey was the one doing all the evil and Good Spacey is released and…FINALLY… I just think there was been far too much torture. Neck snapping, agony booths, Klingon agony surgery, coma agony, cannibalism overload… what was wrong with a wry eyebrow and twinkly eye eh?

Love the evil/good Kevin Spacey idea…now that’s interesting writing! Memo to CBS: Hire this man!

Chris, LOL

But I do hope they either find Prime Lorca or the Lorca we’ve been seeing is actually trying to end the Terran Empire [not take it over].

LOL sadly I can see Discovery going this far considering we got two nutty character reveals in a row. I don’t think they will though. I think the Lorca reveal is suppose to be the biggest game changer of the season since we (now) know all the actions the Discovery has been doing since the first episode was in hopes of getting him home. I don’t think it will be a situation where we will have mirror characters going back and forth and it would wreck canon than it already has.

That said I’m on board with an Mirror Spacey but I don’t think Rapp would be that into the idea. ;)

I don’t want the show to lose Jason Isaacs. I love him.

Well, I am thirty year plus Trekkie. I like Discovery and would like to see more Mirror Universe or Universe’s in this series. I was hoping that the next Star Movie would be a Mirror Universe movie so this has been a good track of episodes. I am interested to see how this will work out with Lorca.

Holy cow that teaser for next week. BRING. IT. ON.

omg, this is gonna be GOOD!!! Michelle looks so BADASS!!! i want to see her in martial arts action before this season is over!!! they better NOT kill her off again!!! and i hope her and Michael team up to defeat all the bad guys… especially Lorca!!! come on Micheal and Phillipa, BE united again!