T’Kuvma Lights the Way Home In Star Trek: Discovery #2 – Review & Preview

Star Trek Discovery: The Light Of Kahless #2
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer
Art by Tony Shasteen with colors by J.D. Mettler

Cover by Tony Shasteen

Issue #2 continues the story, now years later, on Boreth in the caves of No’Mat, where an older T’Kuvma, taking a page right out of Rightful Heir, looks to fulfill The Story of the Promise and, ultimately, the return of Kahless. The prophecy states that the great warrior will “reveal himself to the one who will carry his spirit within”, becoming Kahless reborn. While Kahless doesn’t reveal himself as he did to Worf, T’Kuvma does see a light, believing it to be the form in which he has chosen to appear.

T’Kuvma has seen the light

While some of the clerics declare that he is indeed Kahless reborn, others aren’t so sure (despite being the only one to survive the harsh trials). But instead of continuing his education on Boreth, he is sent home to Qo’Nos for his sister J’Ula’s wedding, where she is to be married to D’Lor of House Mokai. You may remember that in Discovery episode 4, L’Rell reveals that she is of mixed heritage – her father of House T’Kuvma and her mother of House Mokai. I would imagine that at some point, perhaps by the end of this series, House Girjah becomes House T’Kuvma and L’Rell’s exact heritage will be explained (especially since this is all told from L’Rell’s point of view).

Nice to see they still give out paper invitations in the 23rd century

In the years that T’Kuvma has been away on Boreth, J’Ula has made modifications to the sarcophagus ship, including a century-old cloaking device. But also during that time, J’Ula has been distracted by her pending marriage into House Mokai and many family members are questioning her motives. Her dream of a future for all Klingons has diminished, paving the way for T’Kuvma to light the way and continue that dream.

First you see it, now you don’t

This is a solid issue that continues to progress the story along and super fans will enjoy how interconnected the mythology is across TOS, TNG, DS9, and DSC. Tony Shasteen’s art here is solid and connects directly to Discovery, but in a different way –  with more Klingon nudity.

This issue also features an appearance by Wayne and Garth

As I pointed out in my review of issue 1, I love that this is a true collaboration by both Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer so that the story will ultimately feel tied directly to the show. They’ve slowly been planting seeds that will hopefully bear fruit by the end of the series. Hopefully this becomes essential reading for fans of Discovery.

A special shout-out goes to TrekMovie’s own Aaron Harvey on an excellent retail incentive cover!

Alternative cover by Aaron Harvey


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Coming Wednesday

Star Trek: Discovery Issue #2 is due in comic shops Wednesday, January 24th, with a retail price of $3.99. You can pre-order it at TFAW at a discount. The trade paperback collection of all four issues of “The Light of Kahless” is due in May and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.




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nobody cares about this Klingon who had a screen time of 10mins in season 1 2 parter, how about a back story of the fortune cookies on Lorca’s desk? or the tribble

I care. I would love to have seen more of him on the show.

He was the weakest character introduced in Discovery. He failed and his successor failed in less than 1 season. Bye bye muffled retcon Klingons

Which part of the character appealed to you and why would you want to see more of him? To me he came across as a nut case extremist who got many people killed for no reason.

I think they established that he was a zealot. A Klingon religious fanatic. We haven’t seen one of those before in Trek (as far as I know). I thought it was an interesting angle for a Klingon.

There should be an issue devoted entirely to the life journey of Lorca’s Tribble! :-)

yes, I would def buy that comic!

I think the tribble came from the defiant btw

Ah, T’Kuvma – the greatest Klingon to have 5 minutes of screen time. What a waste of a potential antagonist. Instead we got the two-dimensional face-painted Klingon who’s name I can’t remember.

Kol…for what it’s worth. The Klingon war arc has been so disappointing, as have been the drastically (and unnecessarily) redesigned look of the Klingons