Simon Pegg Unsure About Tarantino Star Trek Film, John Cho Excited For It

Both John Cho and Simon Pegg are out promoting their latest movies, and both are talking a little bit about the prospects of another Star Trek movie, and specifically reports of one based on an idea from Quentin Tarantino.

Pegg unsure on Tarantino project, hopes to return to Trek soon

Last night Simon Pegg appeared on the Brazilian late night show The Noite com Danilo Gentili where he was asked about the next Star Trek and when it came to the Tarantino project, he sounded somewhat skeptical:

I wrote the last Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond. I am not sure what’s happening with the next one. There was a rumor recently that Tarantino might write the next one [laughs]. I don’t know if that is going to happen. That just came out of the blue.

In the last few weeks while promoting Ready Player One, Pegg has talked about the Tarantino’s pitch as just one possible idea “in the mix,” and noting there is at least another script that has been written after Star Trek Beyond.

While Pegg isn’t sure what idea or script will be picked, he still feels he and his Trek costars will be back to do another film, saying on The Noite:

Hopefully we will do [the next Star Trek] in the next few years.

Recently Pegg’s costar Karl Urban was even more optimistic, estimating another Star Trek film would be filming within a year.

Simon Pegg as Scotty with Sofia Boutella plays Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond

Cho up for Tarantino Trek

As for John Cho, the Sulu actor is out promoting his new film Gemini, and when asked by Metro.US about the Tarantino project he admitted he didn’t have any new info, but expressed enthusiasm, saying:

I don’t know anything about it, it’s pretty juicy, the idea. He’s a great filmmaker.

This is consistent with comments he made earlier this year saying he would like to see what kind of dialog Tarantino would come up with for Sulu.

John Cho as Sulu with Zoe Saldana as Uhura in Star Trek Beyond

Stay glued to for all news, whispers, and more about the future of Star Trek movies. You can keep tabs on all updates on the next movie via our Star Trek XIV category.

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Someone should try to ask Mark Smith or JJ what is going on. Guess they wont do interviews in regards to this project

No news is…well, no news. I’m sure Arnold is excited about the next Terminator, too.

They’re actually about to start filming the next Terminator film very soon!

Not really. James Cameron is chatting it up, but he has a bunch of Avatar sequels to keep him busy into the middle of the next decade.

You do realize that Cameron’s not the director of the next Terminator, which is already in production, right?

Yep, and Arnold just had heart surgery. Asides from some casting notes, there’s been an incredible lack of news on this untitled Terminator project, too. We’ll see if this ever gets out of pre-production.

Holden is right. Cameron is not directing the next one, just producing. They been in pre-production for months now. Tim Miller is directing and suppose to be out by next year.

I appreciate that Pegg isn’t gung-ho about the Tarantino script; Pegg’s starred in three Trek movies, written one of them, and I’d imagine feels a bit possessive at this point, which I think is a good thing. This certainly shouldn’t be Tarantino at all costs, or an automatic green-light even if the script ends up totally off-the-wall and not Trek. I’d say let Pegg and Co. come up with a story and script of their own, this time giving them the luxury of time, not rushed like the Beyond script (which was still very well done).

It was reported he actually wrote the fourth one already and maybe why he’s a bit peeved. It looks like it was either outright rejected or they want to see what Tarantino comes up with first maybe.

I thought overall he did a good job with Beyond but it still felt a bit generic in places and probably why it wasn’t a bigger hit.

It doesn’t read like Pegg isn’t gung-ho or is peeved, at least not from this interview. It just sounds like, as with most people, he’s very skeptical the idea will ever happen.

If they want to end the Kelvin universe with a bang – why not get Nick Meyer to write & direct again ?
he’s probably not interested although he is working on Discovery so he’s not totally abandoned Star trek. The guy who was responsible for Khan, Country & Voyage ?

Two out of three ain’t too bad I guess…

Guys I don’t get this Nick Meyer obsession? Yeah his Star Trek’s were good but he hasn’t directed anything in decades now. He’s on Discovery and yet he has been given hardly anything to do there. He was suppose to write for the show and it was even reported he would write the second episode and apparently it never happened. It looks like he’s been pushed to the back burner if he hasn’t left the show completely.

I don’t think Meyer has much clout and frankly Paramount wants to bring in a director people KNOW. And relevant for today. That’s why Justin Lin was brought in for the last one while Jonathan Frakes lobbied for the job. They don’t want a ‘Star Trek’ director that only the fanbase heard of, they want someone with more clout and a broader resume.

And if Meyer can’t get a single credit anywhere on Discovery I wouldn’t hold my breath he will would be the one making a $100+ million film.

It’s really more about script. I’m a fan of Tarantino and although half of me is scared his distinct style would end up creating a novelty entity, something that would go down as being ‘that experimental Trek movie’ … the ofher half of me is saying, this guy seems really enthused and really passionate about his idea, whatever that idea is. Pegg had to walk that thin line between being a Trek fan but making the soulless studio execs happy too – perhaps Tarantino has enough clout to just create whatever it is he wants to create… maybe more freedom, from a passionate director who values Trek, is just what the Star Trek fans have been waiting for. That other side of me is saying ‘it couldn’t get any worse’… the best thing about these three films have been one single scene for me, and that was seeing the old photo of the original cast. I don’t like a new cast, I can’t accept them as characters played by another cast – I wasn’t even alive for much of the original cast’s films! But it all just feels like a Trek homage to me, nothing real, nothing I really respect or care about. Tarantino has a treatment he’s super excited about, give the guy a chance – can’t stink anymore than Into Darkness.

If nothing is announced before the summer, I doubt a new Star Trek movie wil hit theaters before 2021…

Eh I don’t get this “There was a rumor recently that Tarantino might write the next one [laughs]”… Didn’t trekmovie report last week he’d read the script already?

If they do come back with a fourth film, the Trek movie franchise will need a shot in the arm ala MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL.

Tarantino’s attachment might help re-ignite the general public’s interest in the Trek movies, following BEYOND’s disappointing Box Office.

Frankly AI should write the next startrek film.

All of the Abrams-verse Star Treks have sucked, including that last one. Pegg should be ashamed to associate himself with it.