‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Goes To The GLAADs, Enterprise Design Clarified, Anson Mount’s Memes And More

This week has seen a lot of news for Star Trek: Discovery including the casting of Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike and Tig Notaro as an engineer, and the gearing up of production on season two. We have a few more bits of Discovery news to share before the week wraps up, including some more hints about the second season.

Discoprise art differences clarified

This week we shared an image of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: Discovery from the 2019 Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar. Many noted that there were a few differences in the image from the ship seen in the Discovery season one finale. On Friday, in a post on FacebookDiscovery designer John Eaves endeavored to explain the differences.

On and off from April to October of 2017 Scott Schneider and I, along with William Budge worked on this ship. By the time we were through and got the final approval we were all VERY happy with how the Enterprise looked and the fun camaraderie that went into her designs. Once approved it left our hands and together Scott and I made this piece for the 2019 Calendar. However from the time the ship was finished and the airing of the episode the Enterprise had gone through some minor to major changes that we only saw a week or so before the final episode aired.

Eaves explains that he and Schneider had limited time to make changes to the calendar image, so the final version they sent still differed to the one seen in the episode, noting:

So now that you can see this piece and the Episode ship there are several changes that could not be done so consider the calendar piece concept art and all is good. The changes between the two enterprises are as follows. The new ship has more TMP struts than TOS struts, the main hull and nacelles are shorter and more plump, the deflector dish now has one antenna vs two, the impulse module is thinner from side to side, the overall ship has a heavier plating detail, and the exterior has a more broader range in lighting and nacelle glow.

Consider this concept art

Disco loses at GLAAD Awards – Cruz and Rapp present with a nod to Trek

On Thursday night Star Trek: Discovery lost out on the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series to the NBC series This is Us. Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were at the event along with actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz.

Cruz and Rapp also presented at the GLAAD Awards, and represented Star Trek on stage, telling the crowd “GLAAD will lead the way forward, even to the farthest reaches of outer space.”

Rapp  and his boyfriend both channeled Star Trek on the red carpet.

More season two production anticipation

And in a tweet on Friday, Wilson Cruz  spoke about the GLAAD Awards and his pride in working on Star Trek: Discovery. He also noted he is ready to “beam back,” referencing how despite his character’s death in season one, Dr. Culber is confirmed to be returning in some way in the second season.

James Frain’s Sarek was seen in the season finale and so it stands to reason he would appear in the season two premiere, which was confirmed by a tweet he sent out today, saying he is on his way to Toronto.

On Thursday, Toronto baker Arlene Lott shared a photo of very special Trek-themed cake she made for the Discovery team for “celebrating the start of season 2.”

Cake: The Final Frontier. My friends over at Star Trek Discovery are celebrating the start of Season 2, so they asked me to make them something exciting to mark the occasion. I was honoured to send along this Star Trek Discovery Galaxy Cake : Earl Grey Cream-filled Hot Chili Ginger Chocolate Cake, Wrapped in Chocolate Ganache and Mirror Glaze. Decorated with Callebaut Chocolate and Smoked Salt Caramel Planet Bonbons, Sugar Ice Crystals, Chocolate Cake Meteors, and topped with a Callebaut Chocolate Orb filled with hidden treasures. Best wishes for a thrilling and wonderful Season 2!! 🖖🌕💫🍰🚀 … #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrek #space #spacecake #galaxy #galaxycake #torontofilmtv #setlife #torontoeats #torontofood #cake #cakedesigner #cakedecorating #pastryart #patisserie #glacage #mirrorglaze #callebaut #chocolate #chocolatecake #foodart #foodstyling #foodblogger #foodstylist #startrekcbs #gloobyfood #cakestagram #sweettreats #cakeart #thebakefeed

A post shared by Arlene Lott (@arlodesigns) on

And finally, today Discovery production designer Tamara Deverell tweeted out an image of two Spocks, with the message “What would Spock do?” Make of that what you will.

Mount gets into a Trek frame of mind

Anson Mount hasn’t even started shooting, but he has embraced his new role as Star Trek’s latest captain; he’s even sharing Trek memes on social media.

He also had an interesting exchange with Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), even taking some “advice.”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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In that same Facebook post, John Eaves says that the Enterprise had to be 25% different to the original series ship. In the comments, there is clarification that this was for legal and not creative reasons.

This is fascinating as I thought CBS owned the rights to use the older designs.

It’s no wonder that DSC diverges from Canon to such a great extent. I wonder if this is why the Klingons have had such a radical redesign? How can you be Prime timeline if you can’t legally look Prime?

I am a big fan of John Eaves work and I’m enjoying DSC. It’s just that I have such a hard time reconciling it with Canon. Perhaps I just need to accept it as a visual reboot.

Weird. I mean, CBS Digital – CBS’s in-house visual effects group – produced all the revamped CGI shots for TOS-R and the digital Enterprise models they used were one-to-one recreations of the original design…

I just think of it as Prime-A. Events may be the same, but the look and feel is different. And reading that Facebook post in more detail, we would have gotten the 60s version if there weren’t the legal entanglements between all the rights holders.

Dude. Give it up. Just accept it. It’s not prime A… Just prime. Jeez.

There’s nothing to “give up” here. We all have to fit the show into our personal headcanon. This is how I think of it.

Head canon…. You have issues.

Give up what? We have 50 years worth of five series which all try their best to honour what came before. Then we have Discovery which claims to be a part of that tapestry but looks way different. You can say “dude” all you want and belittle people who have made an emotional investment into that rich universe but however much people like you BULLY intelligent fans who voice concern or criticism, a person can’t negotiate with what their eyes are telling them. YOU people get over the fact that Star Trek fans are a passionate and loyal folk and you can’t jump on the back of everyone who isn’t praising Nu-Trek.

Listen buddy, I am 50. I’ve been watching Trek since as long as I can remember. But I grew up and so did Trek. I have absolutely no issues with what I’m seeing. If you need to make up something so you can get through life with changes, then go right ahead. That’s why fans like me can accept and enjoy things and fanboys like you need to whine and complain.

“Fans like me” is enough right there to suggest whatever else is included in your content will be tainted to some degree (that phrase almost sounds like it belongs at the dinner table in TUC), but your “I have absolutely no issues with what I’m seeing” is the real indicator of ‘lemming following other lemmings off the cliff’ behavior. Which you are certainly entitled to, but don’t take it as license to bad-rap somebody who has a different (though possibly equally wrong) take on things.

Don’t read too much into it. But then again, it’s you that is commenting. I am a fan. Been a fan since I was a kid. Go to conventions. Have collectibles. Exciting that a new episode comes on and will watch it a couple of times to take it all in. I’m a fan.
A fanboy like you doesn’t like anything out of place. Oh my God! That doesn’t look like this. This should be like this. Etc etc. Finding anything to whine and complain about. Being nitpicky beyond belief. If you have to make up something in your head to get accept the show… Then perhaps this show is not for you and you show pull the plug on watching it. It obviously doesn’t do anything for you so why torture yourself with continuing with it?

Questioning blatant differences is not, “being nitpicky beyond belief.” And, it’s no reason to continually attack other fans for having differing opinions on the direction of the show. That’s the difference in fans today- hostility and rudeness reign over any rational discussion. Part of Trek’s legacy involves its fifty-year lineage, which has been well-known and part of many peoples lives. Belittling that is arrogant and divisive. (Now I’ll get attacked. Watch…)

Or we could just be mindless and cover up every blatant plothole and disregarding of canon with “we’ll classify it and never speak of it again!”

It’s quite obviously it’s own world targeted towards specific groups. Whether it achieves the goal of broadening the long term fanbase beyond majority white males or just becomes Enterprise (now with more estrogen!) remains to be seen and is largely dependent on the writing improving as times goes on.

Well, fanboys, it comes across as whining and complaining… EVERY single time you post. It’s very simple, you shouldn’t watch it if you aren’t enjoying it. Why torture yourself every week? By the way, that was a rhetorical question.

Criticism ALWAYS comes off like whining and complaining by those people who take most offense from it, regardless of the accuracy or relevance of the content. But your ‘fanboy’ namecalling (the new ‘F’ word?) is just plain meanspiritedness, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

By the way, if you have to repeat questions that you only now get around to indicating are rhetorical — not that your writing is clear enough to make this evident to the reader — you seem to think the question bears repeating … so you’re diminishing your own argument with the repetition, like somebody who blows telling a joke, then tries again, while adding caveats about it, hoping it will ‘work’ this time out.

Ok smartass fanboy… why DO you watch the show if all you do is complain about it? Why do you continue to watch someting that obviously upsets you to the point of continually complaining about everything?

Ask the question in a respectful manner and I’ll CONSIDER deigning to give you an honest reply. Better yet, apologize for your abusive comments to each of the posters above first (individually, not collectively), and then I’ll consider answering.

Till then, why don’t you and that HN4 poster continue to redefine the standard for lowest common denominator postings, that are more about attacking dissenting views than actually debating them in some intelligent or quasi-intelligent fashion?

LoL just what I thought, fanboy.

And I have nothing to apologize for. You ARE whiney. You DO complain about everything and you ARE a fanboy.

Warning for personal attack

– The Management

How is anything I said a personal attack, Anthony?

For me the cannon is what makes the universe alive when you invest your time over many years… 50+ for me and for me the cannon is the something that developed over time while its totally not perfect and gets less so as new stories emerge that sort of play with cannon or deviate from it… its a double edged sword as in while the cannon makes it feel alive and organic, the cannon also has become a behemoth… in a way it seems like Trek is given new alternate histories just when they deviate from Cannon… but then if it looks like the 60s then the newbs wont watch… For me if it means changing things all the time then Id rather have the memories in tact from the past Treks and just let it lie. While the show is cool for me it could very well have been outside the Trek universe and still be OK sci fi…

Phaige… you do know that TOS even didn’t stick to canon. In fact, you will see discrepancies in every iteration of Trek. Not sticking to canon, is canon.

You’re absolutely right, JonBuck.

Perhaps I just need to accept it as a visual reboot.

Yes, it’s a visual reboot. The producers have basically said as much.


“Obviously [Discovery] looks more modern than The Original Series, because we are in a modern world now and if we made the show look that way people would not feel that it was worth the money. That being said, every prop and costume design is filtered through what existed at the time. And do we create the new version of it or do we augment the original design in very subtle ways or do we just leave it alone? And when I say every prop and design choice I mean every prop and design choice. So, I think you will see a lot of tips of the hat to devices to The Original Series and the timeline. But, obviously we wanted to create a more modern experience and that necessitated certain adjustments.

I thought it was apparent they were going for a visual reboot when the first rough draft of the Discovery was shown. Since then I’ve been thinking of it as the Prime HD or Prime Plus Universe or some such—Prime Adjacent anyway.

That mindset hasn’t totally tamed my kneejerk response to every change they’ve made, but it has helped a great deal.

It’s been blatantly obvious that Discovery is a visual reboot of the franchise since the get go. I don’t get why some fans cannot accept it.

Yeah, but it’s quite interesting that it HAS to be a visual reboot. They aren’t legally allowed to use the older designs as they once were able to. It really shows how complicated the rights issues are. It also seems like the creators could avoid all this nonsense,by just stating that it’s yet another alternative timeline. Maybe they’ll change their minds, especially if the right story were to come along. Who knows?

Yep as I and others been saying put it in another universe, era or just call it a reboot you can do what you want.

This is just the Kelvin films all over again. People are still arguing if the show takes place in the PU even when the writers have said it directly that it does.

But it proves, LIKE the KT, that if you make something that looks so different its going to get people harder to accept it. Yes and I’m not sure why saying it takes place in a different timeline is all that bad? It would just make their jobs easier and fans happier.

OK. (And this has been said before) But IMHO they made a huge mistake in the scope of their redesign. It looks NOTHING like the established era they say they are in. There really does need to be SOMETHING to make it look like it belongs in prime U. Thus far, there is nothing. If the show was better such a thing can be easily overlooked. And those who think the show is gold have done so. Those who think the show is mediocre to sub par are latching onto the out of place look, the blatant continuity errors, and the enormous plot holes that seem to permeate the production.

@James — where does John Eaves clarify it was for legal reasons? I only see people speculating, not an official confirmation.

Scott Schneider states legal reasons not creative ones when asked by Gabriel Koener

It was speculation, Scott said he wasn’t 100% sure why they were asked to change it, and then a few hours later he removed his posts.

If anything, it’s likely rather mundane internal CBS shenanigans about product licensing, there’s probably a clash with CBS Consumer Products and licensing of merch.

It’s likely something around using the classic ship and product licensing and/or worry over brand confusion with TOS merchandise, and nothing to do with some big conspiracy of rights holders outright baring them from using it. Someday we’ll likely get the full story but don’t count on it any time soon.

Facebook post completely gone now.

That’s very interesting. I’m sure most of these costume and set changes in all these sci-fi/superhero franchises have more to do with legal and profit details than with creative needs. Must be hard to make something 25% different.

Perhaps one of the reporters at Trek movie could try to get some definitive answer from CBS about these legal issues.

I think the DSC Enterprise is a lot nicer than the Star Trek Beyond Enterprise-A.

The one at the end of DSC Season 1 – is pretty much how I hoped the Enterprise-A in “…Beyond” *would* look…

I thought the STB A was *ok* but still not perfect. Not like the refit from TMP onwards – which *IS* perfect.

The DSC Enterprise is pretty close to perfect i’d say…AND… I even prefer it to the original 1966 Enterprise

which always looked too spindly and goofy to me…

It’s a really great looking ship, for sure.

I feel like I’m cheating on an old lover by saying it, but I actually like the STD Enterprise more than the original as well. It’s like the perfect blend of the TMP refit (which is the best looking ship in Trek bar none) and TOS. The only thing I wish they’d do differently is light it better and give it a brighter pearl-white paint job.

Gene wanted the original to look like TMP, but the tech and money were not there yet

Is there any contemporary evidence from during production of the original series – other than Gene’s retroactive justification? I mean, he was involved in the sketches and concepts from the beginning – right? For that matter, he could have had the design changed for the Animated Series if he had wanted to.

Don’t know that is the case. In fact for TMP, he actually requested that the vulcan shuttle have the round ball cap nacelles like TOS, and I’m pretty sure Probert generated some artwork along those lines, probably visible in his STARLOG interview (issue 33 or 34, I think.) The look of the exterior was basically a MJ rethink, augmented extensively by Richard Taylor and Probert, plus some Trumbull embellishments. GR signed off on it, but the stuff I’ve read about him not being a detail man suggests he probably didn’t care about the look except in general terms. EDIT ADDON: Sorry, TREKKERCHICK, I should have scrolled down before posting.

One hundo! The JJ ships have always looked like shit, aside from the Kelvin itself.

Yes. It’s how I’d imagine it would go. It respects the original and keeps it modern. The utter and complete overhaul they have done with other things however are inexcusable.

I used to have an Enterprise toy that looked like that after my neighbor, Griff, sat on it. Memories.

The GLAADies Award Show is a reminder that even if Discovery was a disaster in the storytelling department, it has not been a total waste. Who knows? Maybe the first person on Mars will be a gay astronaut who was inspired as a youth by seeing Stamets help save the multiverse from oblivion.

Between me and you Galt, do you think you will ever like this show? Based on all your posts here, my guess is the answer is no.

Of course he won’t lol! He will just sit at his computer spouting his inane drivel at every opportunity! XD


That sounds like you’re trying to extend an olive branch, but really? Your post reminds me of STAR WARS producer Gary Kurtz (who I usually have a soft spot for, since without his presence, the Lucas movies all really sucked) defending the bad science in the first movie, saying that future astronauts aren’t going to be drawn to the program because of accurate scientific portrayals, but that SW would probably fuel a lot of NASA employment.

I’d think a future gay astronaut — or straight one — would be more inspired by what happened in his neighborhood, his country and his world in recent months than by ANYthing that aired on DSC this year. I don’t think you can equate Starnets presence with Whoopi-seeing-Uhura-as-a-kid, as this comes way too late and delivers far too little.

Back in the early 90s, I was in the final stages of giving up on zero-budget film production and was seguing into writing, and had a writing partner briefly, who offered to help flesh out an anti-Trek minded series idea I’d been messing with for a long while (he wanted to write novels based on this universe, and I wanted to do a series based on it.) Even though I’d known this guy since Jr High, I was soon astonished by what he brought to the table, and only occasionally in good ways. When the issue of gay characters came up, he didn’t miss a beat — he just said ‘religious pogrom, they’re all long dead now,” and went right on to the next bullet point. I jumped all over him on that, saying if you had that as part of the universe, then that ought to be a focus of a story in said universe, instead of a throw-away backstory, but that the idea you think you can just genocide away a subset of humanity was not very mindful of ‘life finds away’ (this was around the time of Crichton’s JP.)

His perspective was that by catering to special interests, you hurt the ability to tell universal stories — odd, since one of my main issues was developing the 2nd billing character as physically impaired who became increasingly dependent upon cyber augments, while another, the series lead, who was physically unable to use by-then-standard interfaces that let everybody share thoughts and dreams, and was therefore not trustworthy enough to be bondable, despite an amazing military record — and at that point I started to realize we were not going to be compatible to write together. For awhile I thought he was tossing stuff like that out just to provoke, but it was really how he saw things (plus I think he was a little jealous I had gotten to pitch unsuccessfully at TNG and he hadn’t.)

Sorry for digression, but it was meant to underline that if TREK was going to be cutting edge on issues like this, it would have been doing stuff Berman wouldn’t let them get close to in the 90s (OUTCAST is probably the best thing to squeak through IMO, but I’ll defer to any LGBTQ folk who want to proffer an opinion.)

Or someone secretly from an alternate universe. Now THAT’S diversity/inclusion/wokeness/insert buzzword here.

People like you are everything that is wrong with the world. What does it matter if the first person on Mars is gay? Why is it so important to you? And btw, I’m gay, and proud of it, yet utterly embarrassed by this incessant gay agenda that’s being shoved in people’s faces at every possibly opportunity.

What gay agenda?

Proud…just not “too” proud, right?

I really don’t understand why the Discovery team is so in love with the heavy plating detail. Their Enterprise design actually looks way better when it isn’t textured like an American Airlines jet from the ’70s, and the Discovery actually does as well.

I’m going to withhold judgment on the new E until I see it in second season. I don’t see any problems with the original. Maybe it’s just what happens when I see the same thing over and over again my entire life and get used to it. But TOS Enterprise is golden to me, no need for upgrade.

Oh my DAYUM that cake looks good! And sounds delish!

As for the ships, [sigh] … can we just accept that the 2010s are a new era, and that 1960s aesthetics wouldn’t work here?

I know, I know. Carry on

TOS aesthetics would work just fine if presented with 21st century production techniques and cinematography. TOS was made on the cheap, but it doesn’t mean using TOS aesthetics says it has to look cheap. Thing is, they almost got there with the Discovery’s bridge.

Having said that, I love the DIS Enterprise and prefer it over the TOS one.

They worked fine in the 1990s and 2000’s, so your point in invalid.


I ask you honestly: Are there any science-fiction franchises, other than Star Wars, that can match the sheer activity of Star Trek-related personages or corporately related entities? I can think of none. There’s a lot going on in Star Trek. It’s difficult to keep track of it all. And this, to state the obvious, bodes very well for this enterprise. I’m positively inclined toward the future of Star Trek. The reasoning behind this isn’t echoic; that is, I don’t say I’m happy simply because of this activity, and the delightful noise that we hear. I say this, rather, because I think the success of Star Trek really does reflect a cultural trend that persists.

Now, I can get into this in a bit less of a vague way. But I’m no professor of pop culture.

I’m just some kid, from the 1960’s, looking at this from the point of view of a slightly older kid, in 2018, in admiration.

Hat Rick,
I would point to Marvel as an answer to your question. But I wouldn’t hazard a guess about where Marvel will be in terms of filmed entertainment a decade or two down the line, and just hope it hasn’t descended like TREK has, where it is mainly hawking a brand name and occasional lip service to an ideal.

Hi there,

Agreed that the Marvel multiverse is a tremendous influence within pop culture. In a way. However, I am speaking I suppose both more and less broadly.

That is, for example, does anything in the Marvel (or DC Comics, or Transformers, etc.) franchise compare in terms of public discussion and/or influence in a verifiable and tangible way?

I welcome your considered response.

I supposed I’d have to haunt the marvel fansites (and look at the force.net and others) for a couple years to provide a considered response. It’d be interesting to see if there are studies on this, though.


In any event. I like your posts here.

As Data aliuded to, perhaps we shall continue our petty bickering. Some other day.


Hat Rick

If anyone can shed anymore light on James’ post below about John Eaves saying they needed to change the Enterprise “25%” to avoid legal problems, please do, I’m so curious. My biggest and most distracting complaint of Discovery has been the ‘change for changes sake’ ethos – had they admited it was a visual reboot and not what fans of the five series that came before it call ‘prime universe’ perhaps I’d be less distracted by the changes. But the four nostril, cone headed Klingons seem to insult my intelligence as a commited fan – perhaps they weren’t allowed to use the looks of the prime Klingons either. I wish the series tied in more visually. I didn’t want technicolour recreations of a cheesy 1960s set but at least Enterprise (for it’s sins) tried to fit into the tapestry. There was a half way point they could of met fans at, but it doesn’t even feel like they tried. After reading James’ fascinating post, I wonder now if perhaps Discovery just isn’t allowed.

I’m not the only one to have spotted the quite remarkable admission. If you go to the Trek BBS then you can see lots of comments in the Discovery section, under the following titles:

It seems there is a reason for the visual reboot and the producers aren’t being honest about it.

USS Enterprise (eventually) on Discovery?

It genuinely seems to be that Dscovery cannot LEGALLY use Prime Trek source material!

Martin- I agree. The producers are probably legally bound as to why, and know that if they went public, there’d be a huge fan backlash. There ARE licensing issues at play, at it seems CBS has plenty of shills out there tamping down questions and criticisms. Witness some of the comments above. The rabid reactions of “fans” of the show speak volumes.

I don’t like the idea of avoiding payments but at this point this is sheer speculation. In any event, what does this have to do with Trek as art and entertainment?

This 25 percent discussion does not convince me of even its alleged truth, or approximation.

Rumour is rumour. That is all, at this point. And even so, as a matter of opinion, these rumours do not convince.


My original response was lost in moderation and/or cyberspace.

Here is a follow-up:

I would venture that if the holders of rights have a case, then they should protect them. It is up to them, not us.

As simply a fan or observer, I have no particular interest in this matter and I don’t quite understand when it comes up. Perhaps you can explain why it should be of interest.

Star Trek is entertainment and an influence on culture. That is my limit of understanding regarding its extent. If people want to nitpick as to very small aspects of it, then that is beyond that in my view.

Kind regards,

Hat Rick

The 25% thing just sounds fishy to me. I find it hard to buy. CBS has the rights to all the TV. Why would they be barred from using TOS imagery but NOT names of major Trek characters? Or even the characters themselves? They mentioned Capt. Pike. Not Pyke.

My guess is none of that legal fan speculation exists. This is change because the showrunners want their own look and feel. Which is fine. Creative types want to put their own stamp on things. Their mistake was placing the show in an era that already had a distinctive look and feel. Sure that look and feel can get a modern upgrade. But it still has to be recognizable as the established era they say they are in. If they wanted to do their own thing they needed to set it in an unexplored Trek era or make it a completely unrelated sci-fi show.

And again, if the show was even just OK these errors would be easier to overlook.

My real name, of course, is not “Hat Rick”, which is, as par for course, a “name de plume”, to be fancy about it. Or a name of convenience…. But in any event, I think that certain people of the Star Trek franchise will be able to determine who I really am (if they so choose, and why would they, I ask?).


The idea that Star Trek is simply one of many franchises that compete for money, etc., and influence, bothers me a little bit.

For example, I saw a photo of the Shuttle Enterprise meeting the Shuttle Discovery a day or so again, as a meme. This was pointed out explicitly as a reference to the Enterprise/Discovery scene in (spoiler alert) DSC.

Now, how does this work?

I don’t know, exactly. Perhaps if I had met with the equivalent powers that be with regard with to Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, etc., I would have a different opinion.

But frankly, I am a cheerleader, in a way, for Star Trek. I wish more of us, as fans, would be.


Hat Rick

I’m really hoping that not only is Disco season 2 successful but that the Enterprise subplot (as well as Mount’s portrayal of Pike) creates enough interest for CBS-AA to create a second show featuring the adventures of a pre-Kirk Enterprise. Perhaps catering more to the traditional sci-fi fan than Discovery. Truly, infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

One of the great “what ifs” in television history is what if Jeffrey Hunter stayed on. Would a Shatner-less version been more successful on it’s initial TV run? Would it have become a massive franchise spawn multiple spin offs, movies, two reboots, etc and entered the popular culture in the same way? Hell, would Hunter have still died given the butterfly effect?

My sincere hope is that the endgame of all of this *ahem* reconstruction of Star Trek going back to 09 eventually leads to a prime time reboot/continuation of the original series in a primetime slot on CBS. Not their bloody sixth rate Hulu, but back on network TV where it belongs. Perhaps with Frakes as showrunner. A boy can dream.

Poor Enterprise….so rugged and manly now. Ready for battle!! What happened to that sleek beautiful lady that would always bring you home?

(1) Given what happened to Culber, is it a little weird that this show got invited to the GLAADs?

(2) The “new” Enterprise looks okay. But there’s no such thing as a “visual reboot.” That’s not a thing.

(3) Anson Mount is literally the only thing temping me to come back for season two.

What happened to Culber? He was killed. That happens on tv you know. Plenty of other characters have been killed too.

It was highly controversial for him to have been killed; there’s been a lot of conversation about why gay characters — especially ones in relationships — are constantly getting bumped off on television. The perception is that that has become a sort of unfortunate television stereotype; so that being the case, I’m a little surprised Discovery was viewed positively by GLAAD.

Star Trek at the GLAAD awards….all I can do is shake my head in disbelief. Wither Star Trek.

It’s “whither,” Jack. And the answer is “the future, where homophobia will be a thing of the past.”

At least it wasn’t ‘whiter’ Star Trek.

It must be distressing to see a beloved science fiction show like Star Trek have reprehensible displays of equality and then be celebrated for such.

I hope there is no truth to the rumors the Enterprise was changed to not pay the Jeffferies estate. I don’t understand that at all, enterprise had a constitution class ship that looked tos, ds9 had the enterprise from the 60’s recreated.