‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Production Has Begun

Doug Jones shaving his head for season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery

Six months after production wrapped for the first season, Star Trek: Discovery is back in business. Production on the second season began today at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. The first episode is being directed by series executive producer and co-creator Alex Kurtzman, who has the task of picking up where season one left off with the cliffhanger introduction of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike.

The official Star Trek: Discovery writer’s room Twitter account announced the beginning of production just a few minutes ago on Twitter.

Cast and crew prep for today’s launch

Last night the Discovery writers account sent out a message asking people what they were most excited about, which got a response from newly cast Captain Pike Anson Mount, anticipating food.

Star Trek: The Next Generation star and director Jonathan Frakes (who will direct the second and tenth episodes for season two) also sent out his best wishes for the production start, which garnered some replies from cast members Anthony Rapp, Anson Mount, and Doug Jones.

Speaking of Doug Jones, the actor shared a video yesterday of him shaving his head, which he does to make the process of being transformed into Saru easier.

Cruz set for first episode, talks TNG crush

This morning actor Wilson Cruz announced he too was on his way to Toronto, indicating his already announced return as Dr. Culber (who died during the first season) will be in the first episode of season two.

However, he has also sent out a series of tweets saying his flight was delayed. Of course, even if he is in the first episode, it is unlikely he would have been flying in on the first day he was needed on set.

Since he was spending so much time at the airport, Cruz did an impromptu Q&A on Twitter, which included a quick back-and-forth with The Big Bang Theory creator Bill Prady (who wrote an episode of Voyager) and an answer to question about who his favorite Star Trek character was:

That should keep things interesting on set!

Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber

Discovery season two will be comprised of thirteen episodes, which is the same number of episodes originally ordered for the first season before CBS expanded it to fifteen and split it into two ‘chapters.’ Production on that first season began at the end of January 2017 and premiered in late September 2017. No release date has been set yet for the second season.

Star Trek: Discovery women headed to Vulture Fest New York

On Sunday May 20th, the women of Star Trek: Discovery will be talking about their “distinctly female-forward mission” at Vulture Festival New York. Included in the discussion, titled “Star Trek” Discovery – The Future is Definitely Female,” are co-executive producer/showrunner Gretchen J. Berg, and stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Mary Wiseman, Mary Chieffo, and Michelle Yeoh.

Vulture Festival takes place over two days the weekend of May 19-20. Other events will feature the cast of Glow, Samantha Bee, Ava DuVernay (director of A Wrinkle in Time) and the cast of Queen Sugar, and Claire Danes and Jim Parsons talking about their movie A Kid Like Jake.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. ET at vulturefestival.com, and include complimentary access to the Vulture Lounge following the event you are attending.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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So happy.

Was watching Shape of Water the other day, and Doug Jones is such a gifted performer (or actor, as del Toro prefers to call him). Discovery is lucky to have Dougie. Let’s hope the Disco producers/writers don’t let him down with so much dopey doggerel in second season.

Hoping to see the Enterprise bridge, hope they stayed true to the original.

I hope not. The original sucked.

Actually the bridge was fantastic in its simplicity and was a model for command structure in the military. They certainly need to update the visuals but I really hope it’s the same bridge with updated visuals and not a whole new design

They have to resign the bridge to fit HD screens. It should look like the bridge on the Kelvin. That was an awesome bridge.


If thats as “wild” as they get, ok. But it still uses certain changes that arent needed. Put the turbo lift right where we know it was. Shrink the size down so its more intimate and claustrophobic. And then sure.

I agree, the Kelvin was great. But I’d say a cross between Kelvin and TMP. You want it to look like that with the turbolift over Pike’s left shoulder, the roundness to the bridge, the railings, the large center chair, the two stations up front.

Very simply to take that design and just the use of modern building technique will look 100 times better, add in flat screens, a “busier” bridge and it will look great.

They need to reign themselves in a bit. Although I’ve liked every decision these peeps have made and the majority of criticism seems to be the Fuller ideas.

“sucked”…how erudite. Most Star Trek fans love the original Trek design.

Remember the original is the simpler version that you saw in The Cage, not TOS. You know, made with a small 1964 pilot-budget and with exterior special effects that were barely beyond strings holding up a plastic model. Yeah it was pretty quaint (in fact watching the original black and white print is really cool – it looks like the old 1950s sci-fi movies, especially the view screen fly away from Talos IV) but I would probably expect that the ship will look a little better with production values that are 55 years ahead of what Roddenberry had to work with back in 64.

That window better be at the 45 degree angle like the TOS viewscreen OR ELSE!

I know Doug is a tall guy but those clavicles look enormous.

He’s really, really thin, too. I don’t know what his body fat percentage is, but looking at pictures, it must be unbelievably low.

Can’t wait until we get publicity shots of Anson Mount in uniform, I’m very curious to see what they do for the Enterprise crew’s uniforms.

I heard that the uniforms were inspired by the movie Zardoz.

Believe you might be thinking of TNG’s 1st season ep JUSTICE, which I always think of as Planet of the Diaper People.

I really hope that Disco Season Two gets its episode count upped. I would really enjoy at least 3 more episodes, preferably 7 more ideally.

I’ll be happy with 13 tightly-paced, well-written episodes. Sometimes less is more.

Fuller originally wanted only 10 episodes per season.

Fuller likely wanted funding for 15 episodes that he’d spend on only 10. lol

It goes to show they still haven’t learned anything from the failures of season 1, one of which was that too much plot was crammed in unbelievable, ludicrous ways into too few episodes. As many reviewers noted, even one of those inane twists, together with build-up and ramifications, would have been enough for another show’s entire season! And there was almost zero time for some good old exploring and planet-of-the-week episodes, so much that even the network had to step in and literally force them to do the Pavoh episode! With two episodes LESS, you can only hope they dial down the plot drive accordingly or face even more backslash than in season one!



I do agree with a lot of this. One of the issues I had was seeing the reveal that Lorca was from the MU but then after literally 12 episodes of this guy to enact his plan he’s defeated in the very next episode because they had to get back to the prime universe and end the war, which too felt WAY too convenient and rushed on its own.

But yeah it would’ve been nice to have seen Lorca actually succeed or at least get to a few more episodes before being killed off. It felt like a ‘that’s it’ issue for me.

And yes no exploring. That just felt so wrong to me. But now that we don’t have a boring war anymore my guess is they will have plenty of time to do that in season 2.

I too wish there were more like 20 episodes–not just so we get more Trek but also have more room to experiment with different kinds of stories and maybe even flesh out more of the crew’s individual back stories, which was one of the things I liked about the last few episodes of S1. It’s very tricky to do robust character development when a show becomes so overdetermined by plot for plot’s sake. Those kinds of episodes don’t hold up as well on repeated viewings.

Voyager had 26 episodes a season after season 1 that only had 15 episodes. The only reason for that was to have 100+ episodes to sell into syndication after the show ended. There’s just no need for that now. A lot of those episodes just sucked.

There is of course more to Trek than VOY! ;) Sure there were clunkers, as with every Trek series, but there’s little downside in using the extra space to experiment with other types of stories. Low risk, high reward. There are plenty of classic episodes and characters that weren’t planned out at the start of a season.

Plus, I’m more interested in in-depth character development. There are plenty of contemporary moneymaking serial narrative shows that don’t rush from plot point to plot point, but actually give characters and dialogue a chance to breathe.

I was just using Voy as an example because it was fresh in my mind. I prefer shorter seasons these days. I can’t stand filler episodes.

I can’t stand filler episodes either. But great writers and actors taking chances isn’t automatically “filler.” Filler applies to episodes that in retrospect don’t work. But what’s the harm in taking a chance? The sets are already built.

Just remember Fuller only wanted to do 10 episodes per season. Anyway it’s all down to budget, Discovery is just a more expensive show to make.

Right. It’s not a complicated formula. The emphasis on providing content for subscription-based streaming services means shorter seasons that cater to loyal subscribers (like me) who’ve already bought in.

Just remember that I was never particularly concerned with Fuller’s agenda. And that budget doesn’t preclude taking said chances.

Well I like stand alone episodes as well as arcs. I find there are still advantages and more creativity when you can have a variety of stories as well as a direction.

The Xindi Arc is an excellent example, they had certain beat points to get to and they developed that arc as well but they ad some great stand alone episodes in there.

If the ‘filler’ episode has a good strong story to work on its own and separate from the arc, thn it is great but if it just there to fill an hour then it is pointless. BSG had a few filler episodes that wee pointless but something like Trek can have some unique Trek stories in amongst the arc.

I miss standalone episodes and wish the X Files model of mxing Monster of the week with episodes focusing on the mythology. Makes them a richer show.


I agree. I think the term “filler” episodes is misused. None of the episodes set out to just fill space. All are making an attempt to do something good at some level. Some just don’t work. I happens. It’s not like the short season series’ don’t have episodes that don’t work. They do. And quite frankly, given that their seasons are shorter it is far more disappointing when you get “filler” episodes there than for your standard 22-24 episodes season.

I agree as well about the ‘filler’ episodes. They are trying to tell decent stories with them on their own, some just don’t work. Of course yeah people still need time to come up with all those stories so I think for the writing staff who has to come up with all of it, less is more. But I am always shocked how they can come up with 26 decent episodes in a season but then come up with one really bad film they had years to write. It really shows the talents TV writers have they don’t get the credit for.

And maybe I’m wrong but I think TOS first season had like 30 episodes and still considered one of the best Trek seasons even if that season still had clunkers. But it also shows there was a real attempt to just tell interesting stories, especially since back then there was no serialized story telling.

You can’t deny that the later seasons of TOS ran out of steam. Not many Trek fans talk about this episode


There were only three seasons. The much maligned 3rd season did have a larger number of dog episodes. However there were some good ones still in there.

The first season started out slow but by 1/3 of the way through it really started to gel and the episodes got really good. (I really liked the Galileo Seven as it showed a lot for growth for Spock) I am among those who believe the first season got better as the less day to day control Roddenberry had. The 2nd season had a great number of good ones as well (Including my personal favorite, The Doomsday Machine).

They can still do that in 13 episodes — look at Stranger Things. They essentially fit in a spinoff pilot.

That reminds me. I really need to start watching that show again.

God, are we nitpicking 13 episodes vs 15? We need some real news cause its getting restless around here. lol

Well tRUMP is still president for some reason.

13 episodes that are 58 mins each is enough time to tell great stories. Anything shorter than that is pointless, to my mind…

The Sopranos did okay. GoT does okay.

Having more episodes is better in terms of putting some more focus on some of the lesser characters and have the occasional episodes of having the crew let their head down. I guess the writers will need to find a more effective balance between throwing all the plot in one episode or spreading around. Although with lesser episode count it seems as though the producers are throwing everything but the kitchen sink in the episodes and as a result the flow of the episodes don’t seem as natural so I think they need to fix this. If we had more episodes I believe we would have more opportunities to take a more in depth look at characters like Lt Detmer or that Enhanced robotic third in command.

Sadly I think they confirmed it will only be 13 episodes this season.

We need some on-set spies!

*cue theme to Pink Panther or Mission Impossible original series*

No one wants to end up like that guy who leak pics last season. They still haven’t found him. :P

Just invite Frakes to visit the set. We’ll have a complete synopsis of the season…

Ha! I love how Frakes does that.

If the recent Titans stuff is anything to go by, if spy shots between takes aren’t 100% awesome and indicative of the show, the show immediately is the second worst thing since Hitler (since Trump is the worst thing since Hitler)

I kinda hope the season is split up again, cuz the cliffhanger definitely worked well enough for this Trek fan. Also YES the future is female and I’m proud of this show for going as far as it did in season one, would like more women roles and stories in next season

More women the better.

Replace “female” by “male” or better even “white” and you see how extremist you folks are.

I for one hope for the future to be EQUAL. Fire away at this old-fashioned bigot ;-)

I agree, call me old fashioned but shouldn’t we be aspiring to be more equal instead of having a specific group take over. Wasn’t Star Trek all about equality and IDIC. So why is it that everyone wants to come out on top? I don’t give a rats bottom if you are red, blue, woman, man or anything else, if you are a good person and if you do your job well then you will always have my respect but if you keep on pounding my head with some sort of agenda and look at everything with this specific agenda in mind then I think you will a lot of respect from many people.

It has more to do with how hollywood has dealt with women and non whites over the many, many years. Just look a the movie Black Panther. Hollywood is shocked that people would pay to see a movie with black leads. The same goes for Wonder Woman.

I don’t care if the movie is led by blacks, whites or caterpillars, if it is a good movie I would watch it and this should be the norm for everyone. If the end product is good, if the work is good, then your race,religion, color is unimportant. But at the same time if the product or service is bad then, you must also have the backbone to listen to criticisms.

Then what are you complaining about?

Don’t feed OP. A troll is a troll.

You’re right. But Hollywood thought differently. Black Panther only got made because it was based on a popular comic book. It wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it was an original movie concept.

I’m shocked people continue to watch Black Panther because it was a terrible movie. (I guess in some extremists views that makes me a racist) Wonder Woman was a million times better. No one is surprised when people flock to see good movies. No matter who the lead is.

I doubt Black Panther is doing insane revenue because of its black cast. Thats a new one.

I am going to see BP this weekend.

If you’ve never seen a super hero or even nearly any action movie before, you will enjoy it thoroughly. If you’ve seen a number of action movies before you will see every plot point coming from miles ahead. It does nothing different. Nothing special. It’s a standard by-the-numbers action movie. It doesn’t suck but it certainly has a huge “been there done that” feel to it.

Nobody is trying to take over. Why is everything us vs. them with you?

It’s not that white male actors, directors and writers shouldn’t be able to get a job — they just shouldn’t be the only people to get jobs.

And despite all the insulting yelping by some here about pandering and quotas and PC culture, it’s the market that’s deciding this.

Audiences aren’t all white and male — so why should everybody onscreen have to be.

Watch Court Martial — there’s a black commodore, a woman lawyer and some nonwhite Starfleet bigwigs. And a few nonwhite crew members on the Enterprise. And that was 1966.

Were people griping about an agenda then?

“ I don’t give a rats bottom if you are red, blue, woman, man or anything else, if you are a good person and if you do your job well then you will always have my respect .”

Thing is, there is still bias in hiring, advancement and wages — doing a great job and hard work doesn’t lead to the same opportunities for everyone.

And that’s tough to understand when you haven’t experienced it personally. It looks like people are whining for special treatment — but they’re just asking for the same chances you get.

Look, I believe in giving them the opportunity, but I don’t believe in just handing anyone any job based on their gender or color. This is just charity and easy way out in my opinion. A person needs to earn his/her job with the right talent and ability and hard work, not just because of their gender or other preferences. I believe in giving people opportunity but after that it is their responsibility to effectively do the job.

Are you suggesting that if a cast is predominently white and male its because there are no persons of colour or women talented enough to do the job?

Here we go with the nuanced discussion that is perfectly acceptable on this forum.

Okay alpha, great. We’re all so happy you “believe” in those things. But the way you take issue with supposed diversity casting reveals that you do in fact have some sort of issue with it, because people who don’t have issues with these things don’t make comments like yours, because you’re literally saying nothing except “I like actors that are good for the part.” Okay, congratulations, so does everyone else. And I’m someone who *enjoys* seeing those actors not all being straight white men. I’m someone who takes special appreciation in hearing when people that aren’t straight white men get to lead, get to have the same privileges as straight white men. Straight white men seem to think that because they’re not the lead, that somehow those other actors, whether they’re black, Asian, gay, whatever, somehow didn’t *deserve* the role they were given because they were handed it for diversity purposes. Well I’m sorry alpha but again, you’re completely missing the point: these actors aren’t cast because they’re diverse. They’re cast because they’re right for the part. The sooner you and all the other people who hate diversity in media understand that, the sooner y’all can adjust your quaint worldview to the 21st century, and stop posting comments like “I want everyone to have an equal opportunity but you can’t just hand things out.” No one is just handing things out. Get it? Good.

Too much fox news. :P

The problem is that it’s pretty hard to get the opportunity if you have the wrong skin color. If you’re non white you would notice that.

Back when Star Trek was doing it, it was progressive and showing that all races and genders can be in strong roles and race and gender makes you no different than anyone else. That was the positive message of Trek that has been there and expanded upon on all the shows

The current agenda I feel does not feel as progressive, it feels more like tick boxing and sometimes a case of reverse racism and sexism, which to me is NOT the Trek idealism. Trek was always about equality.

But we are living in a time now where the PC brigade has affected what we can enjoy. And we get accused of being racist or sexist if we don’t like a certain character, where as the real reason we dislike a character is either due to the writing. We live in a time that if we have an opinion that is not popular or different from the majority then we are attacked and called names.

I also think sometimes men are made out to look stupid in more recent films and women sometimes written as a Mary Sue. Which I think is the problem with Burnham, and most definitely Rey on Star Wars.

Wonder Woman also provided a great female lead, but Chris Pine’s character was not ‘dumbed down’ and helped her with understanding the lingo and helping her blend in. Where as Rey is able to defeat Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens with no training, where as Luke just barely survived after fighting Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back and he had training. Burnham is essentially a criminal but people still look to hr as the moral and scientific authority of the ship, which makes her out to be a hypocrite.

Voyager was a great example of having a female lead and a female engineer and maintaining the balance between the genders.

Anywho just my two cents.

Well said, Captain. Well said.

This comment is filled with contradictions. Putting diverse characters on screen is no less progressive now than it was 50 years ago, because — I’m not entirely sure if you’re aware — women and minorities are still under-represented! In fact Hollywood in 2017 actually had *fewer* women in lead roles than in 2016! So like, I don’t understand where your sentiments are coming from. If you have a problem with diversity casting, it’s stemming from some bias deep within you, because as a someone from the most diverse generation in history, I can tell you right now that no one under 30 [except the Trump supporters] looks into the whole diversity casting thing as much as you do. People my age understand that Hollywood is the domain of straight white males, and to undermine their vice grip on the industry, you need to advance people with other identities.

There was this guy, he died over 50 years ago but you may have heard of him, who said something to the effect of: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Hollywood is an oppressive place, dominated by straight white men [and some sexual predators]. How do you fix that? By bringing others in. It’s an active process. So if equality is something you care about, then get with the movement. If it’s not, and you’re just posting lip-service to the ideal of equality, then take a hard look at yourself, because I don’t think you understand just how little sense your post makes.

That is well said, Captain. And I should add that more often than not such casting is not done for PC purposes. Those cases no one really notices. (Voyager example beyond the decision to have a female captain no one had a fit when the Chief Engineer was female. It felt like it worked for that cast.) But it is pretty darn obvious when producers have an agenda.

I still don’t see an agenda in Discovery’s creative decisions. Or do I have to be a conservative to sniff it out?

It’s extremist to want to see more women on TV? That’s a new one.

Makes me wonder if these guys even like women

I think a great number of men hate women. Why else would they pay them less for the same job. We have one in the white house.

I once worked for a company who paid their new female employees more than the males for the same job. Now I work where starting pay is the same for whoever fills the role. I feel there has been advancement in this arena.

I work for a company that pays the same too because its spelled out in our CBA. But the company is 100+ years old and its taken a long time to even come close to reasonable representation.

And there are many ways the old boys club rears its head, like on the golf course.

But most businesses in Canada and the US are being more responsible. But I still see it. Personally, the best boss I ever had here was a woman.

That’s good to know.

I’ve worked for the same agency for 30 years, and women have always made the exact amount as men, so there has never been any gender pay discrimination in my working experience.

However, I just learned that the Papa John’s pizza franchise not far from me pays women drivers less than male drivers – which absolutely boggles my mind.

In my younger days (decades ago) I delivered pies for Dominoes. The female drivers made the same as all drivers. But for some reason they took home bigger tips…

Papa John Schnatter is a right wing scumbag so this doesn’t boggle my mind in the slightest

Please stop your ridiculous gaslighting. When there are few women or minorities in high-profile positions, it’s not racist or sexist to call for more.

Lobbying for a segment of people who are currently NOT equal is not extreme. THAT perspective is one shared by many racists and bigots who say “treat us equally” when they really mean “maintain the status quo”.

Thank you for this TUP. You are probably my favourite commentator on this site. I wish I could be as level headed as you but being a gay male, I’m always triggered by the bigotry that infests this site.

Believe me, I have to bite my tongue especially since being scolded for pushing back. You’d think the people spewing the garbage would be the ones scolded, wouldn’t you?

I generally believe that, if its against the rules of decorum to tell someone to go F himself, but that person is a bigot, then you should be celebrated for telling him to go F himself.

You cant change whats in peoples hearts, but pretending their opinion matters is dangerous. Shame them into oblivion and back into the dark corners of the world where they can stew about how the world sucks while waiting patiently for the next trump to come along and give them all hope.

Amen TUP!!! “Equality, as long as I’m still on top” is all I hear them saying.

Yup. I genuinely believe many people dont understand what they’re actually saying. They dont understand that when they rail against diversity because they believe in “equality” it simply doesnt make sense. You cant have one without the other because Hollywood and society is not equal.

And us straight white males should be loudly supportive of diverse casting. It wont hurt us. These are our fellow human beings who have been prejudiced against for too long.


Vulcan Soul your comment is illogical, and your soul needs nurturing. Equality isn’t something that just happens. It takes effort. But I know you probably can’t see that perched atop your throne as a straight white male, sitting comfortably on the structures of power that have been meticulously built over centuries by slave labor, oppression, and domination. Only a white person from a position of privilege could ever look at today’s media landscape and say “yup, this is the way it’s supposed to be.” I hope your old-fashioned ideas die with your too-old-for-this-world generation.

It’s like that Season One episode from TNG, the one with the Woman Controlled-Government planet.

Females are now going to take over! It seems that way?

Isn’t that the episode where Riker was sentenced to death because he tried to flirt with one of the ladies? We are certainly heading in that direction.

There’s a difference between flirting and sexual harassment. Maybe you ought to learn what separates them so you don’t get your feelings hurt when women call you out for being a creep and you try to rationalize it as “oh there’s a war on men harumph harumph.” I can tell you right now I’d never put up with what women go through. Unfortunately they haven’t had much of a choice.

Contrary to what you believe I am not actually some sexist creep. I like and respect women in their goals of equality. However what I don’t like is the fact that there is a chance innocent people also can get sexual harrasment labels attached to them for some innocent flirting and women must understand the fact that while there are some horrible guys out there, not all of them are sexual creeps. I just don’t like it that they assume we are all after the same thing because of some innocent flirting.

I would never judge you in that light without knowing you personally, so apologies if that’s how it sounded. I meant a collective “you” — as in the group of people [certain men] who feel the need to add baffling comments to today’s gender discourse that seem to make themselves out to be victims, that men are somehow the losers out of all of this. I am so tired of this zero-sum perspective that when someone else gains it means someone else [usually straight white men] loses.

We all win when women are respected. We all win when actors from diverse backgrounds get representation. We all win when we bring in other perspectives. That’s what Star Trek really means, that “humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms. If we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences, to take a positive delight in those small differences between our own kind, here on this planet, then we do not deserve to go out into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there.”

So for the life of me I can’t understand why any Trek fans would be commenting on this forum for Trek fans with inane drivel like “diversity casting is wrong” and “women should let men flirt with them” which is what some of these comments add up to. So if you want to assert those things, then I’ll respond, because it makes no sense to me.

Thanks for the clarification, and look I believe in equality, but I believe in equality in the fullest sense of the word. If we must be equal, then we must be equal in everything and not just when it suits us. Humans have a tendency to want to assert their power over others and I just have a feeling and this is again my personal opinion that what women are doing today is going a little further than looking for full equality. I am not saying all of them are doing this, but there does seem to be a group of women who wants to take this fight for equality to the extreme end. Remember in Star Trek everyone was equal and everyone tolerated the differences and this is the admirable quality that we should all strife to reach. Also I still believe that nothing is wrong with little innocent flirting from both sides of course.

I’m naturally bald. I’ll take a part and not have to shave my head!

I love it. Not only because I can’t wait for more DSC, but because I’m in a Star Trek Facebook group and one of the admins kept insisting that he has inside connections and knows sooooo much from behind the scenes – and it’s always secret stuff CBS doesn’t want us to know, because secretly DSC is a flop. Long story short, he told me that his sources told him DSC won’t be filming again until 2019. I said that was BS and it starts filming in April of this year. I win!

Facebook is the home of fake news. I’m glad I never had an account.

For what’s worth (it was a heated debate in another thread), one of the other sites has a story up with quotes from CBS confirming that the only reason the Enterprise looks difference from TOS is due to creative decisions, not legal ones.

I’m hearing that the new Lost In Space show is worth a watch. Might be time for me to check it out until the second season of this returns.