Previews: Star Trek: Boldly Go #18 And Star Trek: Discovery – Succession #1

Tomorrow IDW will be releasing two new Star Trek comics, ending one series and beginning another. Star Trek Boldly Go #18 brings and end to the “I.D.I.C.” arc and this Kelvin-verse series as a whole. Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #1 kicks off the second Star Trek: Discovery tie-in mini-series.  We have 5-page previews of both to get you started.

Preview of Star Trek: Boldly Go #18

Written by Mike Johnson, cover and art by Josh Hood

“I.D.I.C.” Part 6 of 6! It’s the series finale of Star Trek: Boldly Go, and the climactic final chapter of the epic “I.D.I.C.” saga! James Tiberius Kirk faces the greatest challenge of his life… and the fate of infinite realities hangs in the balance!

Preview of Star Trek: Discovery – Succession #1

Written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer, cover and art by Angel Hernandez

In this, the second Discovery miniseries from IDW Publishing, your favorite characters from the hit CBS All Access series dive into an adventure tied directly into the second half of the first season!

Available Wednesday

Both comics are available on Wednesday, April 18th. Look for TrekMovie reviews later this week. You can pre-order both comics including variant covers at a discount from Thing From Another World: Star Trek: Boldly Go #18 and Star Trek: Discovery – Succession #1.

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Isn’t a side story during the Discoveries time in the Mirror universe a bit of a stretch?
If they were so obsessed with making Star Trek Dark & evil & pointless, why didn’t they just do an Alt/Mirror Universe series, be honest about it & then be done with it instead of promising Prime space adventure & keep giving Dark Alt Universe & Mirror Universe stories?

Because they had to trick people or else no one would have paid attention to the show 😜
Or they could not convince cbs to a mirror show so this was the best they could achieve.

Mirror Detmer and Mirror Owosekun are my favorite Star Trek characters.

Owosekun and Detmer are my favorite in any universe.

OK, I liked the MU story in Discovery.

But I am soooooo damn tired of the MU in general now. Can’t we have a few years off from in all media, for crying out loud?

Hold up, wasn’t Mirror Owosekun killed by Lorca on the Charon?

Yes but it looks like the comic is a prequel. You can see Mirror Burnham still in bed with Mirror Lorca. Which means it’s in the past. Lorca was in the prime universe for nearly a year.

The scene on the ISS Shenzhou takes place after the destruction of the Charon, it says “one year later” and “hours after the destruction of the… Charon. That means that Owosekun should not be on the ship because she is dead in the mirror universe and the comic writers have flubbed.

They said that all the books and comics for Discovery are canon, but what do we do with this one? This clearly contradicts something in the show.
I was really looking forward to his comic, but this kind of thing really takes away from the experience, that is, it’s supposed to enrich the show.
That being said, maybe there’s an explanation for it?

No they never said that the books or comics were canon.

Ted Sullivan tweeted that they consider works such as this canon until they invalidates it.
I guess that means this one isn’t canon.

Yep. I never considered any of the books canon since I was a kid.

Burnham looks good 😀

Yeah she was. It is a pretty big oversight by the writers of this issue. She bites the dust like two pages later without having any impact on the story though.

I need to get a bigger tablet to read these comics. It’s awesome living in the future.

The ending for boldly go was too tng-ish and not like Kelvin at all. Gary was like a stand in for Q. Such a terrible end to what should have been an amazing comic series.
No Enterprise A, and Jaylah was wasted. I thought they would do something with this multiverse storyline, but it was all rushed and incompletely put together. Like they knew cancellation was coming and had to quickly wrap it up.