SDCC18: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 First Look Teaser And Images Released

Now that the Star Trek: Discovery panel has ended, CBS has released the teaser they showed to the lucky folks in Hall H a few minutes ago. We finally get a proper look at Anson Mount as Captain Pike.

NOTE: The trailer released by CBS is region locked to USA-only. As CBS’ parters for other regions release their copies we’ll update the article.

“First Look” Trailer


Space (Canada)

Netflix (rest of world)

Official Images

Ep #201 – Pictured: Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Rachael Ancheril as Lt. Nhan; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Ep #201 – Pictured: Rachael Ancheril as Lt. Nhan; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Episode 201– Pictured: Tig Notaro as Chief Engineer Reno of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs/CBS ©2018 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ep #201 – Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Ep #201 – Pictured: Anson Mount as Captain Pike of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Ep #201 – Pictured: Rachael Ancheril as Lt. Nhan; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; David Benjamin Tomlinson as Linus; Doug Jones as Saru: Sean Connolly Affleck as Lt. Connolly of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.


More Discovery to come

There is a press event following the big Hall H panel that TrekMovie will be attending, so check back later for a comprehensive overview of the panel and the follow up press event.

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The uniform colours seem wrong for the time period.

There’s literally a blue shirt, a redshit, and a gold shirt in one of the shots, what seems off?

I think Indeed is refering to The Cage costumes which had a different neck without black and only gold and blue uniforms. The division of the colours is slightly different too as Spock is in gold for both pilots.

If these people nitpick the other series the way they do discovery there’d be no Star Trek at all. Geeeeez

Where have you been for the last few decades- Star trek fans pick everything apart but there were few real issued with the other Star Trek series. Discovery Season One had Huge issues.

I know right! The first comment on what was a pretty amazing trailer, the “colors are wrong!” At least Trek fans aren’t as toxic as current SW fans, just cannibalistic.

@GQMF — what’s that now? No. There have always been three uniform colors, and four division patches. Spock was most definitely in blue in the first pilot.

Not sure how I feel about the collar though. At first I was onboard with it, as the asymmetry matched the female uniform collarsof TOS. However, this looks odd from the front on this bright yellow uniform. Might have been better to keep it monochromatic. Or maybe a uniform color closer to the original green. I like it on the red and blue. But not sure why they gave up the metallic accents.

Just checked and looks like he was in blue in The Cage, switched to gold in Where No Man… and back in blue from then on. Can’t see any red uniforms for either.

@GQMF — we never saw any red uniforms, however, we never saw engineering either. There was an IDW comic series that had only the engineering crew in red. And of course this is a different time period than either pilot. So there’s absolutely no reason there can’t be red uniforms during this period.

More importantly, there was a third uniform color instead of red, which was beige or khaki. This mirrors the three US military service divisions as well, Army green, Navy khaki, and AirForce blue, which Roddenberry was very familiar with as a veteran. The jumper outfits made this quite obvious prior to the remastered and color corrected HD versions made this clear for all the uniforms.

Scotty was in Where No Man has Gone Before.

@DPrescott — DISC is set 8 years before WNMHGB, so any observations in WNMHGB are rendered somewhat moot. Futher, Spock is wearing gold in WNMHGB, so there’s precedent for Scotty to wear some other color than what we’re used to seeing him in, starting in the very next episode. Scotty is also wearing the sciences emblem on his assignment patch. Blue shirts wear the support emblem. So the reality of it all is, there’s any number of reasons why we might see red shirts 8 years earlier, but not in WNMHGB.

You never give in. I admire that. Okay then, using your logic, one could postulate Scotty was running the engineering hull as an ice cream parlour immediately prior to, (possibly even during) WNMHGB. I will brook no argument, you cannot disprove it because nothing different appeared on the screen…

@dprescott — that’s why I like my discourse with you, your abject cynicism. So far they have taken no such ridiculous liberties in my opinion.

But I will say if fans want to argue the tedious position that there were no red uniforms in a 1964 TV Pilot which failed and then those same uniforms re-purposed for a second-chance 1965 pilot, followed by the TV Network demanding more bright colors to help promote the show as a showcase for its parent company that sold new-fangled color TV sets in future episodes produced in 1965-68, as a legitimate grievance against canon; then they deserve this kind of response.

That said, I’m not really interested in debating such wild scenarios presented as equivalent circumstances. And by the way, it’s not my idea, it’s from an IDW comic, which I think is a rather clever retcon to solve an in-universe problem that works effectively in this case. The reality is — it’s a fictional television show that did the best they could with a network TV budget in the mid-1960s, and evolved into a look which became the recognizable standard. Holding a modern production to that original standard to satisfy some obsessive fans is obtuse in the extreme.

Curious, I hope we do not get off on the wrong foot. You see no holes in your argument, I respect your opinion, I really mean that. However, I also believe in what I’m saying.. I concede you are certainly more stoic in your manner than I am, too.
I’m not asking the producers to adhere slavishly to canon, no one’s going to spend millions on remaking the 60s version, but I firmly believe (and this is probably where we diverge) that the producers could update with a much greater respect for the on screen canon of TOS. Allowing them carte blanche to do whatever they like between the Cage and WNMHGB because there is no on screen contradiction is just opening too big a can of worms imho, as the producers seem to be demonstrating too tiny an affinity for the original show.

There was no red until the series. There was NO red in either pilot.

@Don — not that you saw on camera!

I’m watching The Cage right now. I see 3 different colors in the bridge scene: Pike, Tyler, and Number One are in gold, Spock is in blue, and there is an officer sitting at the engineering console in a reddish brown uniform (looks more brown to me) and another that gives Pike a printout is in the same color. Colt is in the reddish brown uniform too.

They just needed to Fix the collar but they were too cheap & just made the same costume in different colours

I’m still wondering why Discoery’s uniforms are different from the Starfleet uniforms of the day. And if they had used what we saw in this trailer from day one there would have been one less issue with fans.

Seems I was mistaken. Not sure what Indeed was refering to then.

If anything, now it seems like the Enterprise uniforms are the misfits, since all the rest of Starfleet brass was wearing Disco uniforms in season 1. But maybe like when DS9 got the new uniforms ahead of the Enterprise crew, some ships and installations simply get the uniform change earlier than others.

@albatosity — right, just like the mixed uniforms on Entprise in GENERATIONS. Of course it makes no sense in a universe full of free energy where everyone has a replicator in their cabins to not all get brand new uniforms they day they are released. Once anyone starts trying to apply actual logic to almost any situation in Star Trek, which resulted from a real world production issue, the whole thing begins to unravel.

That’s why I tend not to do it lol unlike some ppl on this site who need to CHILL!!!

Exactly. 9 years later the Commodores and Admirals will all be wearing the style Pike is wearing. The DS9 change to me is a very small change. It’s style LOOKS like it belongs in the era that was created. That is the difference. They could have changed Discovery’s uniforms but still made them LOOK like they belonged next to TOS. As it stands they look like they are closer to Enterprise than TOS. And those shows were 150 years apart.

These events are supposed to take place YEARS after The Cage – In other words, it is NOT going to look like the same, the uniforms, the orbit flyaway shot of Talos IV on the viewscreen, the interesting space warp effect when they go to warp seven, etc!!! The pilot was so awesome for its time but please stop expecting something that was filmed FIFTY-FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Okay now that is out of my system, I know some want the old show back and even I want some of that but this is a whole new era with a new cast & crew and new writers who have the luxury of a budget that Gene and the old production team could only dream of. Even though I loved TOS, I am so happy there are new stories to be told five decades after Star Trek. I hope most fans will be happy but as SMG said, she focuses on the gift of being on the show, and hopes she gives a gift in return. When you think about family and cast, negativity becomes unimportant. LLAP Everyone!!

To clarify, I personally don’t care about the uniforms, I was just trying to answer the question above.

I think what they came up with is a nice combination of the different styles (Cage, TOS, Discovery) and I’m glad they kept Pike and his crew in TOS colours.

Pike switches to the Discovery uniform later on. He looks better in it.

Makes sense if he’s acting as captain on the Discovery. I would have been disappointed if he beamed aboard already in Disco uniform.

So who was left to be Captain of the Enterprise? Number One?

You mean it takes place 2 years after the cage and theyre still wearing the same Cage era uniforms when Kirk takes command 10 years later?

But it is before Where No Man Has Gone Before and they had the same uniforms.

You haven’t seen this time period.

@Benjamin Adams — perfectly stated. We have no idea what uniforms looked like between the CAGE and WNMHGB.

Just watched again, and it’s interesting that Pike is wearing the Discovery Uniforms. So it would appear that Enterprise, and presumably the Constitution Class ships, have their own unique uniforms which goes a long way toward addressing the visual canon concerns as well.

Have to say this, but I think you’re just overlooking that the producers are sloppy when it comes to canon.

@DPrescott — I haven’t seen anything that doesn’t fit with established canon, visual continuity notwithstanding.

I find that thoroughly amazing.

I always find that hard to believe as well. I don’t count holographic communication as ‘visual canon’. Its clearly a big technological leap than what we saw even in the 24th century. Now it doesn’t mean people don’t have to like it and I get why its done because its 2018 and audiences expect to see ‘future stuff’. But yes its definitely a canon violation among many.

If they put the holodeck in there (and they had essentially a prototype of one) or replicators people would say thats violating canon. This is no different in my book.

Now that said, do I mind it all that much, no. But yes its violating canon just the same.

I hear a lot about ‘visual continuity’ or ‘visual reboot’ but even if we ignore the visuals, and just listen, it still wouldn’t fit in the prime universe.
It is a reboot / alternative universe. Why is that is so difficult to people to except. There’s no shame in it.

It’s DEFINITELY a reboot. For some reason though people are afraid to just call it that but thats what it is. I mean I am HAPPY they finally showed TOS style uniforms for example, but those clearly are still very different than what you got on TOS. Its a cross between that show and DIS. I mean thats how a reboot works. Kelvin films are clearly a reboot but I guess people don’t have a problem admitting that because its in another universe.

But rebooting the prime universe seems to be blasphemy although its looks and feels like a reboot anyway so I don’t get how its not one? And you can’t even say because its following direct canon of past Trek since there was never any proof there was even a Klingon war in this period and certainly never proof they gained such a big footing in most of the quadrant during that war. In fact in original canon, it was stated the real conflict between the Klingons and the Federation happened during first contact with them. The show just decided to have a big war in this period, which again is something you can do in a reboot.

How am I wrong exactly?

Take a look at Prelude to Axanar on You Tube. It is literally Discovery’s Klingon war but done in canon. No wonder the studio crushed it as a fan film.

No. The studio crushed it because Peters broke the rules (and wouldn’t shut up about it).

If you want slavish recreations, fine — then stick to fan films.

I disgaree, Jack.. Odd don’t you think that both the fan film and Discovery are largely based on the same Trek subject.

I’m considering the show a reboot in spite of what they say. And I agree… Nothing whatsoever wrong with that. If they had wanted it to be in the prime U and if they wanted to adhere to canon they could have done so. The visuals, of course would be upgraded. But they would have done something like what they did with Pike’s shirt and the ship would have looked more like it belonged. It did NOT need to be a carbon copy. But it had to FEEL like it was a part of the TOS universe. Even JJ’s films did that better than STD did.

I would just love for ANYONE to explain to me how its not a reboot just because they don’t call it that?

You look at Casino Royale for example. That was clearly a reboot, everything was changed from the other films, especially the look and tone. But then Skyfall showed up and told us everything we knew about Bond before was still canon, but it was just part of this rebooted version of Bond. And it still had the famous theme song like the others but it was suppose to be a different version of that universe, period. That’s basically all DIS is doing.

People can somehow tell themselves differently but your eyes don’t lie.

I look at it as being post Star Trek IV the voyage home and & Star Trek first contact prime timeline.

@c d — I don’t agree. Do you have a specific example of a line of dialogue that doesn’t fit within established canon for the Prime Universe?

The Holo Communicators and mirrors seem wrong and I guess it annoys me because it is more Star Wars and it was experimental on DS9, over a 100 years later.

LOL I forgot about the mirror thing. But yes exactly, NOTHING in Star Trek had anything that advance. Yes technically in a holodeck but that was a century later. BUt that proves, while small, that the tech on this show is waaaaaay advance compared to what you saw in TOS.

For example, there is a difference between having analog clocks on TOS vs digital clocks on DIS because its 2018 so it has to fit in our perception today of an advanced future. So updating stuff like that just makes sense and why I don’t have a problem that most panels on the ship are touch screens and glossy like they were on TNG because we live in a world now where so many things are touch screens and smooth. THAT makes total sense in terms of a ‘visual update’.

But holo communication just doesn’t belong in any form according to canon. Maybe the 25th century, not this one.

‘visual continuity notwithstanding’. Just ignore the visual part of the show.

I thought like you but then i read about all the copyright issues. Design MUST be at least 25 % different. This is a product with several owners and money is not infinite. Why do You think Batman looks so different from cartoon to cartoon?

But that makes 0 sense. CBS owns the rights to the series productions. Only paramount owns the movie productions.

Lawyers are involved and deals are being done. For example the Klingon language first appeared in ST:TMP, which I guess makes the language the property of the movie people. In fact since TNG Klingons first appeared in TMP, I guess that visualisation is movie property too.

No, it because the 60’s TOS uniforms looked like crap. This is a good update, but it still looks silly.

@Victor Hugo — that is not defensible copyright law.

Just cause you say that don’t make it true. I think the 25% rule is an industry standard. You’re right though, it is often challenged in the courts.

Victor, that 25% thing not only made no sense to me when someone first suggested it months ago but it was actually debunked soon after.

ML31. Not a suggestion, one of the vfx designers let it slip, I recall. CBS denied it, they didn’t debunk it though, imho. I have to admit though this is still a rumour to be confirmed. I still maintain it fits the facts though..

I don’t recall seeing any link to anything where a designer let it slip. The first I heard of it was here on this site in another thread. It made no sense to me that they had to change 25% of the Enterprise yet the Vulcans still look exactly the same. Where was their 25% change? I respect you but the 25% thing just sounds wrong. I don’t buy it. Especially after the thread that confirmed it was a myth.

ML31, no problems with that. It’s something I believe, but definitely no need to follow me down that particular rabbit hole..! However Google 25 different enterprise and the story comes up..
I also heard, and this is internet rumour, that the TV people licensed some, and only some Trek aspects exclusively to Bad Robot at the time of ST09 for merchandising..

Just like how DS9 had different uniforms from TNG.

Berman and co made a decision to use new uniforms. They didn’t have to afaik.

Those uniforms still looked similar to the designs of TNG and they also were considered uniforms for space station officers at the time although it was clearly changed for Voyager.

DIS and TOS uniforms look as connected as a football and baseball uniform does.

How about the Yorktown station uniforms?

but do nothing to address the fact that THIS Enterprise does not fit in and cannot be shoehorned in to canon regardless of how they try to sell it.

Seriously, who the f cares. The nitpicking and whining on this site is insane. Anyone outside of Trek reading this wouldn’t think anyone here is a Trek fan. Sheesh.

True Dat

Who cares about canon? Several million people actually. Mostly the core of Trek fans over the last 50+ years.

We don’t care about canon. It’s just tv show.

It’s not about You its about the core fans who support the shows & movies with actual $$$ & merchandise. Not one time Netflix viewers who are easily amused & swayed by flashy advertising

I pay for the show on CBSAA.

Ugh. Star Trek has never needed “core fans” — it made money because people watched the show (and therefore stations bought it) or bought movie tickets. Products and licences are gravy, that’s it.

I would respectfully disagree, Jack, in so far as a franchise without “core fans” would never survive long, let alone be rebooted several decades over. The only economic viability in reviving TREK at this point is the recognition that the fans will always be there.

So was the “core fans” watching Enterprise when it was canceled?

Canon is anything shown on TV or movies by the owners of Star Trek. THIS IS CANON.
But it is not the same universe.

@c d — canon is anything that is part of a film or TV production. But I’ve experienced nothing so far that suggests it’s not the same universe other than the visual continuity.

Why do we care about Non-Fan thoughts & opinions?

Because if you do not grow a fanbase you atrophy and die off.

I would disagree. It is more likely anyone outside of Trek reading this would think the fans that post here are very hard core and care a great deal about their Trek.

Seriously ML? You think that? I read some of the whining and complaining comments to my wife, who doesn’t watch Star Trek, and her first reaction was thinking people like you were internet trolls that weren’t Star Trek fans. And to be honest, even for me…who has been watching Trek for about 40 years…have to question if you guys are actually Trek fans or not.

Yes, seriously. You should hear what people say about their favorite ball clubs. This stuff pales in comparison. Those people CARE about their team and rip it apart (and the front office) they they suck. It’s called being a fan. You and your wife not withstanding, most reasonable people who are familiar with how fans can be would think these people just want what they are a fan of to be good or in some rare cases, what THEY think it should be.

Trek is not a ball club. And you don’t sound like a Trek fan and neither do the other whiners. I have seen one positive thing your written yet.

Fandom is fandom. Be it a TV show or a baseball team. You only say I don’t sound like a fan because I did not like what they did on STD. Well, if I used that line of thinking I could say you don’t sound like a fan because you like everything they shove at you. There is no rule that I have to find diamonds in poop. But if you haven’t read one positive thing by me then you are either lying or not reading most of my posts. I’ve written plenty of positive posts. I’ve even pointed out what STD did WELL. But yeah… Sure. Whatever.

I’ve never seen you say anything positive ML

Seems I need to repeat… If you haven’t read one positive thing by me then you are either lying or not reading most of my posts. Since I find it difficult to believe you only read some and not all of my short post you replied to, I’m going to go with lying.

You’re comments about discovery come with a “but” and that negates anything positive you were trying to say.

Some do, some don’t. Even still, the idea that clarification negates the comment is ridiculous. Still not swayed from my theory that you are letting emotion guide your comments too much. At least the ones to me.

You are one to talk. You let your disdain for the show rule your comments. And yes, you always add a “but” in your comments.

You forget, there are plenty of reasons I find STD less than stellar. And they are legitimate. I don’t fault you for loving it unconditionally. I’m sure you have your reasons. Please to not disrespect me for finding faults with it. It’s subjective.

And for the record, there was no “but” in any message I have written recently. Thereby rendering your comment invalid. It was obviously ruled by emotion rather than fact.

I never said it was perfect. But I don’t go on and on and on and on about the same negative points you do.

Perfect never entered into it. You made an absolute comment about something that was about as far from an absolute that it could possibly be.

BTW, You do go on and on about the same positive (in your view) points. So you have no place to complain about someone else being repetitive. Further… You go on and on with the same negative comments regarding “Orville” as well. So again… That.

Captain Ransom – You’re right about him Captain.

I think STD s1 would have had less criticism if the writing had been better.

@Don — how exactly does this enterprise not fit into canon? At a minimum, you never saw the Enterprise ever depicted during this era.

True. logic suggests Starfleet completely redesigned the Enterprise after the Cage… then redesigned it back in time for Where No Man.. Same goes for the uniforms… Yep, that works for me ;-)

@DPrescott — you don’t have to like the logic, or leaps thereof, required to make it work for it to be “true”. In the end it’s all made up fictional stuff anyway. If your focus is so narrow you can’t accept a visual reboot for an era first created over 50 years ago with 1960s sensibilities, then you’ll have to live with twisted logic.

Curious. I can accept a visual upgrade to be sure; a lot of the TOS 1960s design just wouldn’t work for a modern audience without some tweaking. I can even accept a visual reboot, if the producers will stop claiming this is canon. Even better, I can accept a visual reboot if this show had some great writing..

Unless you look at Star base personnel, starfleet command personnel, and personnel visiting starbases from other ships wearing the standard red/blue/gold

Or just a cop out excuse.

“We have no idea what uniforms looked like between the CAGE and WNMHGB.”

But we CAN make logical and educated guesses. And it seems logical to go from A to C through B rather than W.

That is the problem with the argument of “we never actually saw it”. Again, that argument can be used to explain away literally ANYTHING.

Agreed. And that’s the excuse I’m not buying. You can make some inferences of course like why we never saw the spore drive because its experimental and only being on one ship and probably cancelled later, OK, I can buy that. Still a stretch but it can work.

But when you’re suggesting stuff like uniforms are totally different during a time we saw completely different uniforms in the same period but oddly never seen the other one wore by anyone until now it just feels like a retcon because that’s all it is.

Its the same with Burnham being Spock’s sister. I can SORT OF buy Sybok because it was clear he was an outcast and he essentially rejected his family (or they rejected him…don’t make me watch that movie again to find out). But in Burnham’s case they were both in Starfleet academy at the same time and she had a relationship with both Spock and their parents. Maybe next season they will shoehorn a reason why they never talk or why Spock never mentioned having a sister although he’s mentioned his parents and even Kirk multiple times even in TNG and obviously the first Kelvin film.

That’s not how canon works. This is simply retconing canon. Its weird how people seem to want to ignore that.

Spock exercised his Federation rights to work in the nude just after the Cage and right up to just prior to Where No Man… Yes, he didn’t wear a uniforn, or in fact anything at all, for that entire (unfilmed) timeframe. Can anybody disprove that? There’s no contradictory evidence..

Further reason why I have a hard time with the “we never actually SAW it” or “No one said they DIDN’T do that” reasoning to explain away obvious inconsistencies.

Maybe she’s gonna die before the series is up and that’s why it’s never really talked about, it’s kinda a sore spot for Spock

If Burnham was indeed dead by TOS time it makes total sense Spock would NEVER bring her up. So perhaps there is some merit to your comment!

His Mommy and Daddy wasn’t dead and he never talked about them until they showed up. He also never talked about his Brother. And if Burnham was dead, why wouldn’t he talk about her?

Sorry I lost my mind on the previous post. I think we need to keep in mind the time frame for this is a few years after The Cage, so the uniform colours are bound to be different that what we saw before on the original pilot. Also, the production crew has to deal with the reality that most viewers will be watching on high def LED and LCD displays, so they are bound to be a little more vibrant than what we saw in the past.

That’s Pike… presumably on the Enterprise bridge. Can’t see much of the bridge in the photo, but what i can see does fill me with trepidation..

He’s on Discovery’s bridge.

If you’re 100%, then my bad.


Very true.

Yet they chose to set this new show 10 years before the events of TOS.


They are updating it Lurker so it doesn’t look like a cheap 60s tv show. They can damn well set it anywhere they want. They are lots of stories to tell. You don’t like it? Don’t watch.

Updating is one thing and I think most folks expect that. Ignoring everything that was established is something completely different and absolutely what STD producers have done.

ML31- agreed

Ignoring what? The crappy cardboard sets from the 60’s?

@CapRansom: Where did I say it has to look like a cheap 60’s tv show? To expect it to look like TOS would just be foolish and unreasonable.

I was responding to DO’s use of caps and telling others to shut up. And you follow suit with assuming how I feel and telling me what to do. Too bad this forum doesn’t have an Ignore feature…

You’re pretty arrogant. You were complaining so why don’t you take your own advice.

There is a way you could have updated the period yet still tie it in to the look of TOS, that is what I think Enterprise did, the flatscreens images on that show tie in to TOS, and DSC should have done the same.

TOS looked like crap. Even Gene knew it.

They could have simply set the show post Voyager, but no the producers seem to have actually WANTED to mess with canon. That’s where the problem starts..

@DPrescott — that’s where the problem starts for you. Many fans love what they are doing with the visual update. And I don’t agree anybody wanted to “mess” with canon. They want to tell a compelling story in 2018, with all the tools available to convey a universe 300 years in the future to today’s audience.

And that’s fine. But when they say its in the same universe and yet look nothing like that universe then its a problem for some.

Look I get it, they want to do their own thing. WOuldn’t that have made it easier if they set it in a period that no one has ever done? Kurtzman is the same guy that gave us white Khan but then thought no one would notice, but THEN claim its suppose to be the same Khan from before. There is a thing called suspension of belief, but c’mon.

This is how people feel about the ‘visual canon’ argument. Sure your brain can tell yourself whatever you want but you can’t just pretend like everything that we’re seeing is just suppose to fall in line visually just because its not 1966.

If you don’t even try to match anything substantial to that era, it feels like a cheat. People have mentioned this before but all the Star Wars prequels have gone out of their way to mimic the universe of ANH. Again no one is suggesting DIS look exactly like TOS or it would’ve been laughed off the screen but why they turned their backs on nearly everything to the point the Klingon ships doesn’t look the same is where they probably went to far with it.

But as I said I think the Enterprise, at least the exteriors, is kind of what people would’ve have liked from the beginning. A mix of old with new. It’s different but doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Why they didn’t go that direction in general I will never get it although its clear they are trying to make up for that mistake now.

“But when they say its in the same universe and yet look nothing like that universe then its a problem for some. ”

I think it safe to go so far as to say ‘many’ rather than ‘some’.

Looking at what they did with the Enterprise one has to wonder where was that on Discovery? Obviously the production had the skill to do it but didn’t for some inexplicable reason.

And again, this is only magnified because of the extremely low quality of the show’s plotting and writing to begin with. IF the show were better the visual style would not be scrtinized at the level it has been.

Curious. It’s your opinion. I respect it.

I am fully onboard w/ Anson Mount portraying Captain Pike.

Yeah, just from the small bit we see. He seems a perfect fit.

I 2nd that. Based on the trailer, I’d rather see a show set on Pike’s Enterprise now.

Which feels like a mistake made by the STD people. Wouldn’t they want people to want to follow their own ship and characters?

Maybe Pike’s Enterprise will be one of the spin offs. Now that will be messing with canon..

@DPrescott — and how exactly would a spin off series set on Pike’s Enterprise be “messing” with canon?

If they execute it with as little consideration for canon as they have with Discovery, then I’d say that’s a problem.

Having a show set on Pike’s Enterprise would not be messing with canon. If they have Pike die on some mission… THAT would be messing with canon.

Right there with you. He reminds me of Greenwood’s Pike actually. Ya know it’s funny, Pike was always a respected character in Trek history, but since 2009 Pike has become one of the central figures of 23rd century Trek. And the more I see of him, the more I like him.

Interesting. Truly cinematic! And I like the humor! Not unlike some of the best of TOS!

Trailer was awesome except the stupid sneeze. We’re to believe an officer, even an alien, at that level would simply do that? Save that toilet humour for Orville please.

Yeah I agree, the sneeze at the end felt a bit Orville/Marvel

The sneeze was a little “Star Wars-y”. But I think it is showing they may have a little change in tone in S2 from S1.

Naw that was funny!

My reaction as well.

If by funny you mean cringe worthy & unrealistic? Sure. Hill-arious.

I didn’t cringe, I did laugh though…and I’m kinda appalled by how rude it was for an officer to do that to another officer but *shrugs* at least it wasn’t whatever Keenser had in Beyond

Jist remember we’ve seen Klingon pimples, boob jokes, and “smooth as an android’s bottom” jokes all in one Trek film. The sneeze isn’t so outlandish or non-Trek.

You poop and pee out your nose?

Agreed. There was so much humour and silly humour in that trailer it make it a bit childish

Wow! Anson Mount looks like Jeffrey Hunter and sounds like Bruce Greenwood. Perfect amalgamation of both prior incarnations of Captain Pike. Nicely done!

50 years after Jeffrey Hunter’s passing, it feels like his spirit lives on in the new Captain Pike.

Looks fun. Very classic Trek in that regard. And thankfully even further distances itself from that string of mind-numbingly unwatchable 90’s Trek (DS9/Voyager/Enterprise) that killed the franchise decades ago. Looking forward to it!

Can’t people just say what they like without putting the rest down? It comes off like trolling and baiting. We already have HN4 for that, can we just talk about the things we like without turning it into a nerdy fanboy fight?

@Tiger2 – agreed totally. Folks who feel the need to insult 90s Trek (or 60s Trek) are no better than those on the other end who can’t accept any new interpretations of the franchise. (Images look good so far! btw).

Agreed and thanks for the reality check! I edited my previous post appropriately.

Agreed, and I’m the troll! In all seriousness I worked on a lot of 90’s-00’s Trek so it was sad to witness first-hand the franchise take a slow and painful nosedive into irrelevance with DS9/Voyager/Enterprise. I joined Trek production because I was a fan, and ended up not even watching the episodes I worked on because they were so dull and stagnant. So it’s thrilling to see Trek return to its 60’s roots as a broadly appealing, funny, sexy, and genuinely fun space western with a mushy conscience.

Meni. If I see the crew member on trial money saving episode plot again, I’m gonna puke.



Nope, nice try son, but I’m not falling for it. You are and anonymous poster who, in an obviously contrived and made-up way, is attempting to “float your resume” that you supposedly worked on Trek in the 1990’s…but now you are hating on it and deliberately baiting others here on a Trek fan site…and you just happen to write at what looks like a high school level of discourse.

Yes, sure you worked on Star Trek. And I am Vladimir Putin, and my mother is the Easter Bunny.


@BorgKlingon Uncalled for.

At least no “holodeck controls broken” episodes.

Well you would think not, but..

Look fine!

A. No one is saying you CAN’T be critical of other shows or say what you like better. But when people post stuff like that its like they are literally looking for a nerd fight, not to have a debate.

B. DIS is not everyone’s cup of tea either, but its great if others love it! But not everyone does and a two minute trailer (while good) still may not convince the rest yet who still have the sour taste of first season in their mouths. One of my issues with DIS is that it WASN’T fun…at all. Now it looks like they got the message.

C. Believe it or not, those shows all have a wide range of fans (OK, maybe not so much for Enterprise lol). DS9 is still my favorite. It will probably STAY my favorite show and I been watching Trek since the 70s. But I don’t have a problem with people who don’t like it, its not for everyone and its not perfect. But thats the beauty of Trek there IS something for everyone these days and there are NEW fans every day who is watching those shows for the first time and now appreciating fandom as a whole. We should be happy there is so much out there now.

Star Trek is over 700 hours of TV and films not to mention all the novels, comics and games out there. The show takes place from the 22nd to the 24th century, explored all areas of the galaxy, has everything from tribbles to the Borg and now exists in multiple universes. Embrace the diversity!

What you don’t like, fine, but let’s stop turning it into a pathetic fanboy contest. It gets real boring real fast.

Well Star Wars is better anyway.


I kid.

Love, Meni

Now you just have no respect yourself!

No, kidding, Star Wars RULES!

Sorry I know I can be a little too hard and lay it on thick but when you been coming here for 7 years and you want to talk and embrace ALL Star Trek with other fans, I just roll my eyes now when everyone gets into their fandom corners and throw stones at others, trying to tell them what is ‘real’ Star Trek. And sadly its been happening more and more here lately.

Your opinion is your own though and of course I respect that. Especially someone who has worked on the shows. I wish I could lol.

Anyway, cheers!

Meni I know you think that 90’s Trek was dull, but it wasn’t nearly as dull as your jokes. And nobody is interested where you worked back then, nor are they interested in what you do now.

That was so low.

Who cares if you worked on it. You are just one person who is in a minority when it comes to 90’s Trek. You are just trolling and being foolish

Ow, sounds good- where is that series?

My thought as well.

Hey now. Be nice Tig 😚

No, they have an agenda, DS9 was Grim & tedious but Voyager was mostly fun

Mind numbing? It was more thought provoking than this garbage.

I think TNG hit its peak mid-series with occasional brilliance and ‘thought provoking-ness’ while maintaining Trek’s signature mass appeal, humor, and fun. But I don’t really consider those incarnations as real Star Trek. DS9/Yoyager/Enterrpise were lazy, bland, creatively flaccid money grabs that lost what made the franchise so iconic, relevant and memorable. Most tragically they killed Trek for a decade. Personally I had a blast working on them, and am grateful to be a filmmaker today because of them – but as a Trek fan they sucked the life out of something I once loved (TOS/TNG). Thankfully Discovery is remedying that decades later. Better late than never.

I appreciate your professional insights, Meni, and hope you stick around! But I think that arguing over what counts as “real” Trek is a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down.

Or is it a wormhole? Okay I’ll play nice. To ease tensions, let’s have a friendly discussion about something we can all agree we on: Our love for the J.J. Abrams movies!

J/K. Love, Meni

Ha! No tension on my end. If your preference is ST09 and StiD, than more power to you. I just think the distinction many TREK fans (young and old) make between “real” and “fake” TREK is an unnecessary, antagonistic mess. No fan should lecture another about what “defines” TREK (not that you are doing this, of course, but that the frame is unintentionally hostile and dismissive).

Yeah. Its ALL Star Trek people. I’m not a huge fan of the Kelvin films but its 100% Trek (and yes canon) like everything else. So is Enterprise. So is Discovery. Its nothing wrong to disagree with the quality of the shows or canon issues but this ‘real’ vs ‘fake’ crap just gets on my nerves. Just accept its ALL Star Trek because even if you don’t like it, you’re insulting someone else who is a big fan when you try to tell them it doesn’t count.

Yeah, they are all Trek, but at least the Kelvin Timeline films are not really canon, so I can totally ignore STID – didn’t happen (but then again, I pretty much do that for Nemesis too).

Fans are free to rationalize what they perceive to be terrible Trek one way or another. Personally, I like to believe TVH never happened and that STD is a 100% reboot. Not connected to original canon at all. You like to think the KU doesn’t exist. We all have our little quirks.

Its when you’re telling others what is canon and what isn’t that draws the line. One guy here constantly tells us over and over again he thinks anything not TOS is in another universe. Fine, it’s weird, but fine because at least he’s stating it from a personal POV.

But others use it as a statement of fact for example the Kelvin movies aren’t canon or Enterprise doesn’t count or whatever. No one can stop how others feel about it but they shouldn’t go around telling others what we should define as real Trek or not.

Hi Aristomenis! Nice work on SOTL. I appreciate your contributions. I did some work on Trek myself. TNG was alright after season 3 although many times I felt it went for cheap laughs. I admit I loved DS9, wasnt a fan of Voyager and thought Enterprise shouldve been given more a chance after Manny took over.

If only the creatives in charge at the time had stopped with all their artistic egotism, understood Star Trek was a successful formula, and just stuck to producing it to the highest standard possible. Instead unnecessary differences were hard wired into DS9, and the franchise started to suffer accordingly.

You are not fooling anyone. We are all anonymous here. Anyone can show up and claim anything they want. I am not buying for a second that you worked on Trek in the 1990’s in any fashion, or that you are “a filmmaker” today. And no offense, but you sound like about 15 years old.

You mean “The” most successful and popular Trek ever viewer wise? Fool

That take is so cold, it must have come straight from Delta Vega!

Wrong Delta Vega, that’s that JJ-Alt-DV you’re referencing, not the real WNMHGB DV.

Totally agree! I’m hyped about this. It looks almost like the producers have taken on some of our feedback: lack of exterior visual shots, the colour saturation in special effects are way too blue, lose the fake klingons, lose the BS mushroom drive and add some humour.

As for the Saurian sneeze, yes in isolation that was pretty lame, but with the backdrop of the total bleak-fest that was season one, that was very unexpected and made me have a little chuckle. Star Trek writers never seem to crack a proper funny (apart from “double dumb a$$ on you” and few others), but I give them A+ for effort.

Above all else, it doesn’t look like there was any Admiral Cornwell… awful character (who should hopefully have been discharged from Starfleet after plotting genocide) portrayed by a person who doesn’t even have the acting ability to perform in a provincial nativity production.

Don’t get too excited. A lot of the stuff like the Klingons, spore drive, etc is coming back. In fact I’m guessing that’s why Pike takes control of the Discovery because of the spore drive. Why else would he need that ship when he has his own?

Yeah… I’m not going to judge the show based on the trailer. It showed us a lot but it really wasn’t a very good teaser. That idiot song over it does it no favors. Reminds me of the first Beyond trailer. The one few seemed to like.

ML31. Agreed. Following s1, this just looks like more of the same to me.


I happen to love a lot of the 90s Trek, and I would still watch it over anything DSC has served up so far.

Wow. Looks awesome. Speechless.

Star Trek: The Search for Spock Before the Genesis Resurrection

Pure energy!

What’s on your mind?

Well, you know, pure energy.

It’s worked so far but we’re not out yet

High-octane, CGI-fuelled nonsense. If that’s how the new face of Star Trek wishes to persist, then I’m retiring to Pluto forthwith.

Star Trek began as “high octane special effects fueled nonsense” with TOS (The VFX were groundbreaking for the time). The original Trek was sexy, funny, thrilling and most of all FUN (with occasional Twilight Zone twist and on-the-nose liberal preaching). Discovery season 2 is a return to form – and thankfully so – especially after all that 90’s-00’s garbage (DS9/Voyager/Enterprise) that slowly and boringly killed Star Trek two decades ago.

DS9 and Enterprise were fantastic, sorry if they weren’t flashy enough for your small brains attention span.

Luke–I don’t agree with the criticism either, but there’s no place for cheap personal shots.

So you are buying his supposed “resume” about working on Trek in the 90’s and now being a successful film-maker…who now of course goes to Trek web sites and baits fans? Are you buying all that nonsense?

@BorgK Enough.

I wasn’t “buying” anything. I was pointing out the inappropriate behavior of cheap personal attacks, regardless of content.

Especially given his obvious “fake resume” of working on Trek.

As much as I like select shots from TOS, the work was not groundbreaking. If you look at the pilot for THE TIME TUNNEL, that was pretty amazing feature-looking work. IN fact, lots of the model effects on the Irwin Allen shows were excellent, but in service to crap stories with horribly hokey monsters. The only truly groundbreaking stuff in the 60s was being done in the UK for Kubrick’s 2001, though Whitlock’s matte paintings for Hitchcock were often invisible and/or superb.

Irwin Allen syndrome. I can get behind that.


There is no way we can tell how S2 is going to go based on this trailer. I’ve seen bad trailers for good movies and good trailers for bad movies. You just can’t tell until you see the final product.

Yeah uhh TOS’s special effects looked bad even in the 60s so that’s not exactly correct. But yes, Trek went from boring Pike-era Cage to fist-fighting Kirk at the network’s behest, which to me is wayy better: my favorite entertainment should have a blend of action, humor, and brain to keep me coming back.

Well miss ya

See ya.



I hear Pluto is kind of cold this time of year. Don’t forget your jacket on your way out. :-P


Wagon Train to the Stars, I seem to recall the original concept was. Strange, I have little recollection of any of those ‘Wagon Train’ shows being an hour of wagons plodding across the prairie, or some lonesome hired hand watching cows eat grass. Everyone was always getting into trouble, and figuring a way out. Just like the crew of the good ship Enterprise did.

Yep, the western TV series “Wagon Train”, which Roddenberry referenced while pitching, also featuring tightly scripted episodes that were literally about “getting into trouble, and figuring a way out.”

Ugh, it’s a teaser ffs! A teaser showing people sitting around and contemplating moral conundrums would do exactly nothing for a show’s marketability.

Then don’t watch.

Hopefully that and the rather childish humour at the end are just for the trailer. Fingers crossed there will be slower, more cerebral parts to the episodes.

Let’s hope that this is just a marketing picking up the (supposedly) cool stuff and we get some not so cool-looking character/plot/story development along the way.
This is just a teaser… but left me rather untouched and uninterested. Looks not dissimilar to teasers for action shows that are around.
I would have preferred a “Star Trek” series to present more of the drama/morality in the teaser already… but it’s just a teaser.

I can’t wait! Love this storyline. I love that we’re going to get a Number One story. Pike looks great.

Yeah heck of an actress for Number One. Her and Mount would sure make a great lead team for a spin off wouldn’t they?

Oh. There it is.

I excited about that too!

See… I consider your reactions a problem for the producers of Discovery. People are excited to see Pike and Number One. Are wondering about Spock. Yet no one has said, “I can’t wait to see what happens to Burnham” or is wondering how Tilly might move along in her quest for command, or anything else Discovery related.

We are getting a Number One story? Did we see the same trailer?

Pike in command of the Discovery — Genuinely stoked for that! Although I was gutted Jason Isaacs left, I’m suddenly thinking, Lorca…who? This is a great teaser, definitely whets the appetite. They released a really mediocre teaser for Dr Who this week and this is everything that wasn’t but should have been.

Thats why I don’t really care if they find Prime Lorca or not. Don’t get me wrong Issacs was great but people act like you can’t find other great characters. If they created one, they could create another.

If Prime Lorca shows up, fine, but I hope we get a new and interesting Captain. I don’t think Pike is going to be around longer than 2 or 3 episodes.

Today’s announcement of Rebecca Romijn’s casting as Number One might suggest that Pike returns to the Enterprise relatively late in the season.

OK but I don’t think any of them will be in charge of DIS. I mean I REALLY want to know who is captaining this ship lol. Maybe they may pull one over us and Burnham or Saru ends up in charge of it. I don’t mind Pike but I want to know who is running the title ship.

I’m thinking 2 or 3 episodes at the beginning but possibly returning at the end of the season to close out the season arc.

Maybe. But the early episodes have all been filmed, right? (Unless there’s some last minute inserts). Romjin’s belated casting suggests something later . . . maybe a tease to season 3?

Canon controversial spin off, I think.

Sounds like it, yeah, though there’s plenty of room for the writers to work with.

Lorca will be back at some point, count on it.

I for SURE don’t want to see Prime Lorca. He would be the civilized equivalent of mustache twirling Lorca. It’s best for Discovery to ignore as much of season 1 as they can actually get away with.

They really annoyed you with Lorca, I think..!

There were a lot of mistakes made in S1. But what they did with Lorca was absolutely the worst. Once they offered up their big “reveal” that was it. The season could no longer be taken seriously. It was a comedy where none of the jokes were landing.


I would say that episode with the Lorca reveal qualifies as jumping the shark. They were holding it together reasonably well up to that point, but they couldn’t bring it home at the end.

Yeah… For me the show was perhaps sub-mediocre to mediocre up to that point. That was when it crashed into the sea. Right at the time when they should have been upping their game.

Thank you for bringing some FUN back into the latest Trek series. I watched this multiple times and can’t wait for 2019 to get here!! Great stuff. MORE of this please!!!!

Space suits have a little bit of a “Tholian Web” vibe about them. Nice.

This looks promising–but then, so did Season 1. All it took to kill off that promise were a half-dozen felony level-bad creative decisions on the part of the producers. That’s the downside of serialized storytelling: everything builds on what came before, and Discovery‘s foundations were rickety from the start.

Hopefully, with a new story to tell and some interesting callbacks to Trek’s beginnings, this is the year the show finds its footing at last.

Agreed, it has to be done right. A one third season long detour into something irrelevant again, and it’ll be hard to get excited about another season. As is, I believe the ‘short Treks’ is a concession that they need to do something to keep the audiences interest.

Yes, they need to be doing some “Discovery” not pew-pew laser battles

People will say that TNG/VOY/DS9 had a rocky start, and the would be right. The critical difference here is none of those caused permanent damage that could not be fixed easily in later seasons like making the most famous race in Star Trek into Orcs along with completely different ships.

It’s 2018. Time to get with the times erte. The 90’s sucked and it’s never coming back.

Also the STD season was only 15 episodes while the others were at least 24. And they didn’t ask the fans to buy special equipment or pay a fee to see them, either. Slower starts from them are far more forgivable.

ML31 – When did the INTERNET become special equipment?

Hey! Tig is gonna be chief engineer? Interesting! Also interested in what Ansel Mount will do. Nice peek forward!

Honestly I knew nothing about this woman but that line made me laugh so hard. She feels kind of like Ellen DeGeneres, at least her type of humor.

She has a super deadpan style of humor. Her latest comedy special for Netflix is really good, and there’s also an autobiographical movie that she stars in, Tig (2015), that chronicles her struggle with breast cancer while trying to have a child with her partner. Both really good.

Burnham isn’t mopey. The crew seems zippy and excited. There are no sewer rat “Klingons” to be seen. It looks like there is adventure and exploration wrapped in an interesting mystery. This doesn’t look like season one of Discovery at all.

More please!

I think they have taken on board that the dark dystopian look didn’t sit right along with the success for a TNG outlook from The Orville.

The Klingons are in this season.

Now THIS looks great!!!!!

Likable, upbeat characters, actual science AND exploration (on a Star Trek show, who knew?), funny moments (that last scene felt like something out of Orville lol but in a good way), Linus seems great, Pike looks and sounds good and Spock is the center of the story line which for TOS lovers thats hitting a home run while (finally) trying harder to tie Discovery into the TOS universe (which is what a lot of people have issues with).

Honestly I have very few issues with that trailer. Burnham sounds a little flat with the narration but she’s always been that way. I don’t really like how Pike conveniently leave the Enterprise behind but then again the show is about Discovery.

For me, I want STAR TREK: Strange new worlds, freaky science anomalies, fun crew banter, aliens, mystery and some great action stuff. I have to say that trailer delivered all of that and without showing Section 31, which I’m most excited about. It doesn’t mean its going to be good, but its clear the writers listened and trying to fix the flaws. So I’m officially invested.

Co-sign! Everything about this trailer suggests nothing but the best of Trek’s potential. At the very least, we are in for an all-time, epic season premiere!

Exactly! THIS was the kind of stuff I wanted last season. The Klingon war arc just bored me. I just didn’t care. I know they are coming back I’m just happy it looks like we may get a mix of stories. It’s interesting they haven’t said if we are going to get a one big story arc like last season or will it be like Enterprise 4th season and a bunch of mini archs? But yes I am remaining hopeful, maybe this will deliver what a few of us was missing first season.

Right. Have some FUN. It’s a new jumping off point. Run with it!

That wasn’t the point of the OP. A little added levity, in short supply the first season, can’t hurt. Let’s just hope they don’t go overboard with it.

It’s Discovery because its the only ship in SF with the ability to travel such massive distances to those red blobs. Warp drive will take forever. He’s the captain of said ship because he’s experienced and DISCO has no captain.

The only negative about the trailer is the flippant levity.. That sneezing scene made me cringe. Hopefully that’s just the trailer

Flippant levity…I mean sneezing in someone’s face is certainly flippant, but some of the most memorable Treks are filled with humor. I kinda hate dark, dire storytelling. BSG really did that to death for me, and nothing can eclipse its seriousness to me. Season 1 was a slog for me that I did out of loyalty to the franchise. This trailer, however, gives me hope.

I’m pissed Spock is “on leave” but at least he’s still relevant to the story, he isn’t just on vacation as an explanation for why he isn’t on the ship

Looks great! Though I could’ve done without the gross-out gag at the end.

So no Old Man Picard series announced?

I wouldn’t expect to see or hear anything until mid season of Disco. It’s too early.

I’m still crossing my fingers. No talk of Picard doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But ANYTHING over the Khan show. My eye lids literally gets heavy thinking about that one.

Wow I was hoping for something cool in the form of a trailer for season 2 and they delivered. Nothing bad to say except it is too bad that we have to wait until 2019 to see it. At least we have the four short films to enjoy in December and that should fill out some of the character development, something the show needed. Can’t wait!!

It may overcompensating, but I love that they took the sense of exploration, and the need for levity, to heart! Good stuff so far.

If they’re going to base this season on THE CHASE from TNG, I’d be surprised and even maybe a bit excited (hard to get that word and DSC together in the same post for me.) Having said that, there are a million ways to screw that kind of story up (THE CHASE does it to itself, with stupid sidebars about Klingon confused by Data’s strength.)

The humor in trailer is somewhat welcome, given how dire s1 was, but geez, don’t do the Earl Holliman/Forbidden Planet Cromwell/Cochran1ST CONTACT level goofiness, okay?


So far as I know Holliman loathed his role in FORBIDDEN PLANET, to the extent that he refused to talk about it if asked.

As to your not wanting to get too worked-up about what turned out to be a pretty decent preview trailer for DSC season 2, I entirely understand. (Fool me once, shame on you, yadda yadda.). Still, I’ve played Charlie Brown to Trek’s Lucy-with-the-football for so damned long, I figure, why stop now? Old habits die hard.

This is meant to be the same universe as the the previous shows right?

It looks good but it seems to not fit. Dislike what they did to TOS uniforms. At least colour scheme is there but it should be tan and not red if era of Cage, don’t the producers know that?

Sorry to point this out but the show takes place between The Cage and TOS. In other words the uniforms aren’t supposed to be the same as anything we have seen before. All you have to do is watch DS9, Voyager and TNG – they are all wearing slightly different uniforms.

@DeanH — I’d also add that we never saw engineering in THE CAGE, which means there very well could have been red uniforms down there.

The one thing uniform-wise today’s trailer did take from The Cage??… The Enterprise crew women are wearing pants. That’s right, when you go back to see the 1964 production, the women on board the Enterprise were not only second-in-command, but they also wore pants, even the Yeoman. Famously, the TV execs said that a woman in a command position was not believable so they scrapped the Number 1 character and they also had the women wear mini skirts for TOS.

@DeanH — I believe we’ve seen some other stills from the new season in earlier articles which showed some women in black pants and some like the female in this trailer wearing a short black skirt. So the option exists to wear pants or skirts. Even in TOS they had women in pants, at least the one episode that Charlie X turned into an old woman … ;-)

Thanks for the info and yes, that is correct. I guess I can’t blame the execs for everything haha. I’m not a mysonygist but I hope we get to see the women wear both Enterprise styles in Disco season 2.

I love your logic. Okay then. Maybe we didn’t see Engineering because that section of the ship was being used as an ice cream parlour..

Precisely, DPrescott. You just illustrated the problem with “we never actually saw it so it” justification for canon inconsistencies. At best they are monumental stretches that more often than not strain logic.

Or maybe a bowling alley. Or maybe they were brewing Budweiser in the warp core.

Hi Captain. Some people just will not be challenged that Discovery has Canon issues. Well, I’m with you on this.
The only way I can get past the Canon issues distractions is to accept Discovery is in another timeline to TOS, then I find they go away. I think we have to accept this as an individual’s choice, to accept it is canon or timeline..

I could get past the canon issues if the show was good. And ONLY if the show was good. If it’s not, then the canon issues are severely magnified. Just like season 1.


How about accept it as a TV show that’s not real?

Wha..? Not real?

The producers seem to know and care very little about Star Trek at all. at best they watched the J.J. movies.

But be assured: They cement this season in canon…NOT

@Dan — your opinion is merit-less. It’s quite clear based on atoryline alone that they have done their research and are taking great pains to be true to established canon. I’m still amazed they could weave Burnam into Spock and Saraek’s past so seamlessly with what we know to be established canon, and actually have it emotionally resonate with greater strength than ever before. The effort being made by these producers to respect canon is right there in every episode, in the little details alone. They aren’t just adding a moon to Vulcan named Delta Vega because it’s a cool name Trek fans will recognize as Bad Robot movies did. Everything they’re doing here so far fits nicely with established canon.

I’d like to know what substance I can take to make me see STD producers respecting and working hard to make their show fit into canon. Can it be prescribed?

Have to say Curious, that’s just your opinion. I respect it, though.

Yes, the producers do, Neill. They have google and access to episodes just like everyone else. They just decided not to follow it.

The reality — the cage outfits were recycled for the second pilot and then replaced. That second pilot was later retconned to “11 years ago” (or 14, or whatever it was).

None of this is real.

I’m so sick of folks who think they have unique, superior knowledge, talents and abilities solely because they’ve watched a bunch of TV episodes. That’s not an accomplishment.

Well, one thing’s for certain: They are going for a lighter tone there. Let’s see how it works out…

I doubt that.

Oh boy, it does rather appear that one of the spin offs will be a Pike Enterprise show..
If you thought the producers had urinated on canon with Discovery, we ain’t seen anything yet!

Looks like they are trying to lighten the tone some. This can be no bad thing as the quasi intellectual musings we got in season 1 were more often than not laughable in their hollowness and self importance. I’d love Star Trek to be producing episodes with profound meanings, but if the producers know they’re not capable of meeting that standard yet, I’d rather they pursue this course instead. You also can’t beat the build up of love and affection from viewers that’ll come from this approach in having the crew as friends who joke, get on and like each other.

I agree with this. DIS tried too hard to be serious and earnest last season. It just wasn’t fun to watch. It doesn’t mean it has to be superficial action and jokes every five minutes but a little levity really does go a long way. And not everything has to feel so heavy handed. I think thats why so many liked the MU episodes because while it was still over wrought and dark it was just a fun premise to play with.

Shows like TNG and DS9 had their heavy handed moments for sure. Even TOS at times. The difference was there were plenty of fun and lovable characters. People actually smiled on these shows. And those crews all felt like families. Granted DIS is new so I don’t expect everyone to be super tight but its nice to see that friendship coming through with the characters finally.

Nice to see these guys learned a lesson from Beyond’s disastrous teaser trailer…

Yeah, this music is godawful bad and inappropriate. If they’re gonna use rock ballad stuff for Trek, they need to use Kansas’ BORNE ON WINGS OF STEEL (which is something I’ve played against images of the TMP drydock launch for about 38 years), not this pap. Kinda reminded me of the inappropriate use of MOMMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME for SUPERNOVA’s trailer (a flick with DSC’s dead/live Doctor.)

Sounds like you’re taking a page from Marvel’s obsession with 70s-era classic rock. You realize the show is trying to garner *young* fans? You don’t play Kansas to a millennial audience. I thought the music worked well, and I don’t even particularly like the song. It fit better than Beastie Boys.

I want a Captain Pike spinoff series and base it on the Early Voyages comics.

There isn’t supposed to be red uniforms during this era. Even in the Star Trek TOS pilot, there was still no red uniforms in sight.

@Van Banoovong — we also never saw the engineering section in either pilot. Moreover, we never saw this era depicted before. You have no idea whether they adopted red uniforms, then phased them out again, and then later reintroduced them. There’s 11 years between THE CAGE and WNMHGB where anything could have happened in terms of uniform code.

Neither do you. If the red uniforms existed between the Cage and Where No Man, they would have been shown. They would have likely been created after Where No Man Has Gone Before.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

@Van — right, that’s why Khan could have never seen Chekov to recognize him years later in TWOK, because if he was on the Enterprise during the first season of TOS, they would have shown him?

@Curious Cadet- Khan and Chekov meet in the Enterprises bathroom.

That is a problem, yes. But guess what? WoK was very very good. So that slip up can be forgiven. It also feels better to make up a reason behind the screw up for a good movie than it is to do the same for a bad show.

I don’t want a spin off. I want Discovery to turn into the Pike’s Enterprise show.

Pike essentially was the star of the trailer so you may just get what you’re looking for

He was but I know this show is about Discovery. And we know Pike does not remain ‘acting’ Captain. Of course, he might. They have already played fast and loose with canon.

Hmm, all my comments disappeared

Theyre back!

Discovery uniforms are so much better. No wonder Kirk got rid of it as soon as he got to Yorktown station.

“Hit it”?

Sounds like they wanted to use “punch it” (said by Pike in 2009) but couldn’t.

@GQMF — let’s not get into legal conspiracies already. It could just be a desire not to model Pike after the film version. Who knows Kurtzman could have hated “Punch it”, and that line came from Abrams, or Orci, who over rode him and his preferred choice of “Hit it”. I didn’t really care for it myself. Then again, we don’t actually know the context, and it could have nothing to do with jumping to warp (but probably does). Either way, you can’t copyright a common expression. I suppose Paramount could have Trademarked that expression, but it’s unlikely.

Makes sense it wouldn’t be a legal problem then. I think the line is Orci’s from the original script. Perhaps just a fun nod without being a direct copy. Disco Pike is definately influenced by 2009 Pike.

@GQMF — either way, I liked the depiction of Pike from ST09 — he was one of the best contributions to the Trek canon by those films, so I’m not surprised they would chose to model him on that characterization. The other thing is that this is 3-4 years after THE CAGE where Pike was depicted as tired and worn out. Clearly Pike has gotten a new lease on life somewhere between then and now, because otherwise it’s hard to believe he managed to be an effective Captain for the next 11 years after THE CAGE, much less become the fleet captain he became. And as much as I liked the Pike we saw in THE CAGE/Menagerie, there’s a legitimate debate about how well the series would have fared had Shatner not taken over the reigns, if Hunter didn’t infuse some more personality and energy into the character.

I thought The Cage as a story was supposed to be Pike’s renaissance, because at the end he seems a lot more excited about the space travel business than before. And I agree that KT Pike is awesome

Punch it is Star Wars!!! That is Han Solo’s line. I dunno why everyone now thinks it’s Star Trek’s just because it was in the first two KT movies

I thought the same.. very cringe

Hit it = engage

They need a new simple catchphrase for every spinoff. TNG got “Engage” and “Make it so” and KT got “Punch it” which to me is just a Star Wars reference.

I like the look of what appears to be engineering — complete with the TOS style pipes.

Not sure I’m happy about what appears to be the 60s grille-work in what appears to be Spock’s quarters. His quarters certainly got a luxurious upgrade in this era. Must be before they subdivided the ship to accommodate those additional 227 crew members. ;-)

This trailer has almost single-handedly made me want to watch Season 2, and I only made it six episodes into season one before I quit.

I honestly thought the season got a lot better by episode 10. I would at least check that one out and the arc that happens there. But I agree, you can see it on various boards people who generally hated the show now seems to be intrigued.

I think the show began their warp speed spiral downward once they entered the MU. But things weren’t looking all the positive before that. They had one really good episode. And they had a fascinating character in Lorca. Until, you know.

I understand but honestly the MU episodes were the most fun for me. And after 10 straight episodes of the war it was just a nice change of pace. Hell I didn’t want them to go back lol. I was here suggesting maybe they would either just stay in the MU or end up in another universe and that would be the show. Oh well.

I understand that some like the MU so very much. I just found it a tremendous distraction and in spite of their idiot “just classify it” explanation I still say it blows a hole in the entire Mirror Mirror TOS episode. I recall back in the early 90’s thinking TNG would be much better if they set it aboard a Klingon ship!

Well I agree with the TOS thing and has said so myself. And I know you really hated the Lorca turn which of course is part of the MU story line. I really liked the Lorca twist so I think thats why I didn’t have a problem where they ended up. Don’t get me wrong, none of it was perfect and it was still a little TOO dark for me overall but it made Star Trek feel like weird Star Trek again and weird Star Trek is what I love lol. Although yes we all know enough about the MU now so its not that weird for us. But it was for them at least!

Would you had preferred more development with the Klingon war? Or something else entirely?

But it doesn’t sound like they are going back there next season so you’re probably safe with that at least, unless Georgiou ends up back home somehow.

I actually would have preferred they do what they said they were going to do. Offer up a deeper examination of the Klingon houses/culture like we haven’t seen before. I wanted to see a true redemption arc for Burnham. Would have liked to see a couple more episodes like Lethe. And then once we got the show going we got this amazingly complex Captain who was the best part of the show! Would have loved to get a good explanation of what made him tick. And NOT the lazy offering of, he was really evil MU Lorca. They may as well have had him not be able to use contractions while they were at it. It was Lore level idiocy. (I also admit that much of the complaints are linked to the short season in that they really lacked the time to really delve into any of that, not that they had the writers on staff up to the task in the first place)

Tiger. I rewatched a couple of episodes and I have to say I came away with the opposite opinion. After the first mirror episode to me it was a painful death.. ouch!

No worries. But I liked the MU because it got back to crazy science stuff again which I was really missing in DIS (and probably why Sanest Man is my favorite episode of the season). And I admit I just love the MU in general so I was excited to just see it back. I like how that universe now has its own story arc thanks to Enterprise, DS9 and now Discovery.

Me too, DPrescott. I just kept waiting for them to get out of that place. For me, what little momentum they had was completely destroyed the instant they went there. So many episodes from an already abbreviated season wasted… Ugh… Blows a hole in the theory that short seasons avoid “filler” episodes.

Too bad because you missed the best part of season 1. Then again, if you did other more productive things than watch TV, then you’re better than me.

“Hit it”. The cringe was strong in this one. I’ll be honest – It looks a lot better than season 1, a LOT BETTER!!! A warmer main character, better lit, brighter scenes. I want exploration and new discoveries each episode – I do worry we’re going to be led on yet another season long goose chase with badly written pay-off. I just hope they don’t try and force the humor. I’d rather they give us a reason to warm to their characters, allowing them to charm us over time without random sneezing aliens or trying to make chubby nerd character’s say goofy things as if they’re “2018 reliable”. I will need Discovery to reconcile the visual differences or retcon and explain them away to me to feel like this belongs in that 50 year legacy. Their reimagining of the Klingons appearance and tech design is a huge deal for me – I never cared much for Klingons in the past – but urinating on all the design evolution that came before and all the hard work of previous series, it is very insulting and audacious of the Discovery team. They need to prove to me they care about that rich universe and are genuinely part of it, not a laboured selective reimagining, which is how I view this whole style over substance abomination. People care about Middle Earth and whether Hobbits have hairy feet, people care about Star Wars and wouldn’t accept if the Millennium Falcon isn’t reimagined for the Disney movies. Establishing a universe and keeping it consistent is important. But there sadly isn’t the same reverence and respect for Star Trek. Discovery have SO much groveling to do… for me to genuinely care or take the series seriously. This uncharacteristically upbeat trailer isn’t enough. Red lights appearing in space, somehow linked to Spock – sounds awesome – but then you realise it’s being written by the same pre-schoolers who gave us a bomb under a planet wrapping up a season long war arc and the portobello mushroom drive. Hit it indeed.

Hit it?! This rendition of Pike is definitely going along the lines of Bruce Greenwood’s “badassery” rather than the brooding mood of the original.

After he “hits it” he asks for Sabotage to be played throughout the ship

He had better be ordering ramming speed when he says that line. The cruise line commercial airing in recent months, the one that has a lizard shouting ‘hit it!’ owns the contemporary usage of that phrase now and for all time.

Please let this be Trek’s Final trip to before the Final Frontier. This is why I hate prequels. And Discovery never needed to be a prequel! We could have begun at a future time when Federation-Klingon ties (always tenuous) frayed. But no, we get fifty executive producers who all want to make TOS. Um, it’s been done.


Totally yes

I agree completely with you but this is the show we have now. We can all moan that we didn’t get the show we personally wanted or we can try and accept the first one we gotten in over a decade. I choose the latter.

Personally I WOULDN’T have Pike, Spock and the Enterprise at all but I get why its being done and of course being in this time period people were going to ask over and over again where are these people, so its a good way to acknowledge it and hopefully move on.

Lets just hope in time they will go forward again or at least roll the dice and come up with something completely original where they don’t have to rely on past characters to make a good show. But in many ways I can’t blame CBS, they want to try and attract old fans with new and this is a way to do it I guess.

@Tiger2 – The more Star Trek goes into the future, the more diluted it gets. That’s why they went back in time with Enterprise. The TOS era is the Main Root of Star Trek.


Please ignore my posts. Thanks.




I’m ignoring his.

ML31 – Sure you are.

“in this time period people were going to ask over and over again where are these people,”

I disagree. Why would people ask that? It’s a big universe. The odds of them running into the Enterprise are astronomical. They shouldn’t have done it. I really think it will create more problems than it solves. A lot more. And again, they didn’t earn this. And I’m already looking forward to the Pike and Enterprise stuff far more than the returning Discovery crew. Not sure that is what the producers had in mind.

The fans have been wondering about Spock literally since the first episode. Burnham mentioned the Enterprise in one of them. Another episode Sarek was in danger. Yes they are far away from each other, but we also know communication is instant in Star Trek even with thousands of light years between them. To a lot of people it did feel weird she never reached out to Spock, once, especially knowing what she was going through. There was literally a war happening and they are both fighting in it at the same time. It makes, sorry, logical sense they would keep track of how they are doing.

The problem isn’t having Discovery and Enterprise in the same period, its making Burnham and Spock so closely related that’s the real issue.

But as I said, I’m not in love with the idea but we knew the second they made Burnham’s Spock’s sister it was only a matter of when. If not, why do it??? That’s the issue. It would be ONE thing if we always knew Spock had a sister that we never saw and they just decided to fill in that history. In this case they just shoehorned it in mostly so they have an excuse to bring in TOS characters. Thats why it was done so it doesn’t feel contrived when they bump into the Enterprise out of the blue every season, they have a legit reason to do it now.

For me personally, I would like for them to do it, say they did and just completely move on. But now everyone seems to think Pike and company are sticking around or will show up again in the season. That’s kind of a big eye roll for me and why I wish they moved the show post-Voyager so they could just do their own thing but I digress obviously.

“To a lot of people it did feel weird she never reached out to Spock, once, especially knowing what she was going through. ”

There is that. But that is more a function of their choice to link Burnham to Spock’s family. There should have been some back and forth between the two since they decided they were legally related. At least something that Supergirl did with Superman in the first season. They were often texting each other. Sue me but I found that a nice way to show their relationship and acknowledge that Superman did indeed exist in their world. There were a lot of ways to acknowledge Spock without having him actually show up.

I agree it was certainly only a matter of time before he showed but I didn’t think it would be 16 episodes into the run of the show! I sota figured they’d want to more firmly establish their own characters before running to Spock.

Yeah that’s what I mean though, ONCE they made them siblings it sort of gave people an expectation they other wise wouldn’t have had.

I always said if Sarek was just a mentor to Burnham (he helped her get into the Science Academy or something) and just knew Spock by association then no one would have looked at it that way. Then it could’ve just been the relationship between her and Sarek. Spock might have came up, but out of curiosity, not over family issues.

And yes you’re right there were ways they could’ve shown some communication between them without Spock showing up. But oddly they never tried. NOR they ever explain why she didn’t talk to Spock. If they oddly wanted to avoid the very thing THEY set up, fine, then just throw in a line somewhere where she says she feels a shame to talk to him because of her actions over the mutiny and Spock’s disapproval of it. Done. It doesn’t take a lot to explain it away. But you should still explain it!

Now they seem to be going the complete opposite way and Spock is the center of season 2. I fully expect by the end of it, her and Spock will be bunk mates on the Discovery lol. I wish they didn’t do this until at least season 3 either but you know its going to get people subscribing faster to AA because of it.

“but you know its going to get people subscribing faster to AA because of it.”

And there it is. I’ve suggested from day one the entire adopted sibling thing with Spock was ONLY a mechanism to link STD to TOS in an attempt to goad more Trek fans into subscribing. And, sadly, it probably worked. It is also why I think they had the Enterprise show up so early. To keep linking it to the more popular show and characters who are more loved. I find it to be a double edge sword. And I think you know why.

Holy shit. THAT’S how you do Star Trek!!

That Enterprise is beautiful and would be the perfect bridge between the end of TOS Enterprise and the TMP Enterprise but not between the Cage Enterprise and the TOS Enterprise.

Pike looks very good, always liked Anson Mount as an actor. Him taking command of the Discovery is an interesting approach. So far its looking good, and there seems to be more elements of exploring the unknown which I think Star Trek should be doing instead of all the war and destruction stuff.

I’m looking forward to the novel or IDW annual explaining why Constitution-class crew wear different uniforms than the standard-issue track suit that was all the rage in Starfleet circa 2256. To the earlier commenters, it’s not that bodily function humor is off-limits in Star Trek, it’s more that the exotic alien sneeze gag has become cliché- it might be OK in the context of the episode, but it’s rather questionable to end a trailer with such yuks. Whatever, we should just accept that Alex Kurtzman Trek is going to be a variation of JJ Abrams Trek, as if there was ever any doubt.

@Mirror Galt — I’m sure they’ll just take a page from GENERATIONS to explain why the new DS9/VOY uniforms were all the rage, but not a general requirement throughout the fleet in an era when they had replicators in every crew cabin!

I don’t accept that at all, having loathed the Abrams films, and don’t even agree that’s an accurate assessment of DSC season 1, whatever its considerable other faults.

I knew the enterprise would be gone after the first scene & Discovery would be off alone but I didn’t think they would actually take Pike along as the New(ish) Captain & kind of give us a Captain Pike series, a cheap one without being on Pikes Enterprise & not having new sets & uniforms, just 2 new actors in uniforms which they better off not change after the boarding scene.

This is Still Not PRIME. Trekyards referred to it as the DISCO-VERSE, that is the only way I can accept it. As an alternate timeline. Not Prime. Always will be an Alternate universe. Unless they fix it Onscreen.

Not expecting to happen after the dissing of “defendant(s) of canon” K. Beyer (et al.). :(

Sorry, but I thoroughly believe the “legally everything has to be 25% different” rumour. It fits what we saw.. and continue to see.

@DPresscott — that’s not a legal copyright defense anywhere in the world as far as I’m aware.

It’s an absurd rumor, easily belied by a preponderance of the available evidence. But, whatever floats your boat.

I think I already mentioned its a rumour. The truth will come out eventually, one way or the other. However I suggest some research that might indicate to you how poor relations currently are between CBS and viacom…

DPrescott So you’ll believe any lie.

HN4 – No I look at the facts and came to my own conclusion. Independent thought isn’t a crime yet. So, I think either it’s a case of you don’t believe anything I say, or you just disagree for the hell of it… which is fine by me. Either way, when I see you try to debunk me, my gut always tells me I’m really on to something ;-)

” Either way, when I see you try to debunk me, my gut always tells me I’m really on to something ;-)”

That’s probably good logic. :)

dprescott – you sound just like those flat earth guys.

HN4, I refer you to my post, three replies above. Okay instead of a snap snark, how about for a change you give us your reasoned viewpoint on the issue. Go on, you can do it if you try..

Star Trek has some of the most bizarre fans I have ever encountered. Sometimes I am forced to just shake my head in a mix of amusement, bewilderment, and pity at some of the nonsense that comes out of their mouths.

This is all in continuity, until they say otherwise. There are no legal agreements (I’ve been privy to entertainment legal wrangling and that’s not even how it would work).

If you don’t like it, that’s fine. And ultimately, whether you like the show or hate it, does it really matter?

“This is all in continuity, until they say otherwise.”

Incorrect. It doesn’t matter what they SAY. What matters is what the characters say and what is shown on screen. Thus far, what they have shown does not confirm what they have SAID. In many ways.

Afterburn. I suggest some research.. TV and movie rights do not currently rest with the same single studio entity. That’s why we got the Kelvin timeline..

No, it’s not.

Actually Orci himself debunked that argument and said they could’ve used the prime universe if they wanted, it was just their way to avoid canon. I know because I said something similar in a thread and he flat out told me I was wrong lol.

I thought the timeline change in the JJ movies was quite obvious a device to allow them to change things up without irritating the fan base. I kinda think they still could have done so and just announced it was a complete reboot and most would have been fine with it. But they opted to appease the fan base by telling them this is not TOS but an alternate timeline. It was a little clever and I would have been fine with it either way. Nothing wrong with a reboot, IMHO.

No it was. I’m saying according to him he had the option to make a film in the prime universe, they simply came up with the parallel universe idea not to create issues with the fanbase. But it doesn’t sound like it was some mandate of any kind by CBS and Paramount like most assumed.

I honestly think this was and STILL the best idea. I thought it was ingenious when they explained how it was done. The PROBLEM was it wasn’t explained very well at all in the movie itself and there have been fanboy fights over it for a decade now lol.

But I also said they should’ve just rebooted it once they went against their own rules, ie. everything was canon in the universe up until Nero showed up. British Khan was a canon violation that they tried to ignore. If it was a reboot Khan could’ve came from anywhere and looked like anyone.

Okay guys, I’ll dial down on this one as we’re not in accord on the rights thing.. But I know what I believe after reading up on this. As a parting shot then I’d just say, if the producers DIDN’T have the full unfettered rights to make new Trek, do you think they’d admit that..?

Trekyards is garbage. I can’t stand those two weirdos.

Is it just me or is there’s something odd going on between Tilly and Stamets?

Could be. Tilly did have a green spore land on her, speculated to somehow be Culver.

Given everything they went through together in Season One with the spore drive drama, it is understandable that there would be a certain closeness and camaraderie between Tilly and Stamets. Remember, when he was in the chamber, she literally was fueling his spore trips. She monitored his vitals, etc. She was his right hand in that department. And it was Tilly who had the brainwave that led to Stamets return from his coma. A review of the first season would see how the strong connection and trust grew between them. And there may be a bit of a big-brother-and-bratty-little-sister vibe there too.

Maybe I am reading too much into it, so excited for more DISCO ;-)

Tilly and Stamets are some of my favorite characters.

UPDATE // Mary Wiseman: “They [Cmdr. Stamets and ‘Ensign’ Tilly] have a really deep bond personally and professionally. I think they really understand each other, scientifically. So, they really have a great working relationship.”

1 + 1 = 2 ;-)

Tilly has been promoted from Cadet to Trip Sitter

Ooohhh snap!!! I. CAN’T. WAIT. FOR. SEASON. TWO.
All haters, please remain silent and go to your naughty corner and let those of us who like the show enjoy ourselves for a few moments… Grrr!!!
I feel another marathon of Season One coming on…

Disco Fan. As a Discovery sceptic, I’ve no problem with anyone enjoying the show on its own merits :-)

Thanks, DPrescott :)
Currently in the middle of another STDisco marathon, right this minute.
The more I watch the series, the more things I pick up in terms of the story they were trying to tell. I agree that there are moments where execution could have been better, but some of the story elements were pretty decent.
And it is lovely watching it on a big screen television, with surround sound…

Disco Fan, we’ll converge at some point, I’m sure :-)

ANOTHER marathon of Disco?? I could barely watch it once! Ah well, nice to see a loud and proud Disco fan commenting. Don’t let them shut you up!

I see their disdain for canon is still going strong.

@Dr Zaius — Odd, I didin’t see anything in these trailers that suggests it doesn’t align with canon.

Yeah but you didn’t see anything in S1 that didn’t align with canon either. Sooo….

The Enterprise uniforms. I’m fine with a modern update but these suck. The tunics look like an outer jacket complete with what looks like a zipper down the front. The colors are off too, Capt Pike’s looks like it’s nearly neon.

I did see a comparison online of Kirk’s uniform and Pike’s. Yeah it is VERY yellow on DIS lol.

@Dr Zaius — yeah, the yellow is wrong, and while I like the black collars on the red and blue uniforms, it’s just too contrasting against that bright yellow. The green-tinged color of TOS and TNG was much better. I wish they’d kept the metallic trim down the front, which would have a made a great thread connecting the TOS dress uniforms as the BDUs became more casual pullovers (assuming that’s where they are going). The Disc uniforms are pretty formal, and it makes sense that the Ent uniforms would be too during this period.

So… Romulans?

That’s my suspicion too.


That also fits, if they go with the STO design.


It looks like the writers got the memo about not being so darn grim and self-serious 95% of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me cerebral Star Trek, but if it had aired at the same time, there were a couple of episodes where I probably would have switched over to The Handmaid’s Tale for something a little lighter.

This looks FUN! My only complaint is that we didn’t see Rebecca Romijn’s Number One in the trailer (no, that wasn’t her in the turbolift with Linus), but hey, we’ve gotta save SOMETHING for a future trailer, amirite? Oh, and that quick scene with Tilly and Stamets–do my eyes deceive me or is there someone of Commander Airiam’s race who is not Airiam over his left shoulder in the background?

2019 cannot get here fast enough. STOKED.

The mysterious signals sound interesting & Notaro’s sense of humor is great, but that elevator scene was lame.

It’ll all come down to the writing & what they will do with the characters to make the show work. Hopefully they won’t turn the second season into the search of Spock & do some world building and show more of the Federation and the outside universe.

Agreed. Strange choice to end the trailer that way. How can we wrap up this fun, energetic montage? I know! Alien snot!

Yeah, I hope this scene becomes a deleted scene. Not exactly the most artistic way to introduce a new character (Linus Snot?).

Where’s the velour!?

@ Roger S – it’s being worn in an ‘alternate universe’ to this shows setting. ;)

7 Anomalies? 7 Halo Rings? Coincidence? I think not!

Holy cow… Did they learn nothing from the Beyond trailers? Yes, Beyond ended up begin good but jeez… That first trailer was NOT received well.

But I think this situation is a bit different because Beyond first trailer felt like it was trying to be Fast and Furious in space and why it turned off so many people.

DIS trailer, yes, is very fast and upbeat but they actually did make it feel like Star Trek with a bit of science, mystery and exploration thrown in. And I think they wanted to show that these guys can actually be fun. We already knew that with the Kelvin kids and one of the positives for me with those movies but DIS was SO angry, bitter and depressing that they needed to show the characters in a different light and that’s what people are responding to I think. In other words everyone came off more likable.

But it still wasn’t all fun and games. The beginning of it still made it clear there will be dark times ahead but it was nice to see people actually smiling and getting along for a change.

That “classical music” totally ruined the feel. It was a bad choice. Just like the “classical music” in the Beyond trailer ruined the feel of the movie. Made it seem like it was something it wasn’t. I guess the trailer editors felt it worked with the motorcycle shots. But it was totally out of place for a Star Trek movie. And still out of place with a Star Trek TV show. I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one.

I would say the major difference is a lack of motorcycle in this trailer