Exclusive: Anson Mount Talks Playing Pike, Reveals How Many Episodes He’s In Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

TrekMovie had a chance to speak to some of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery at a press event on Friday, including actor Anson Mount, who’s taking on the legendary role of Captain Christopher Pike in season 2.

Captain Pike is a major character throughout the season

As soon as you got the role, you started dropping a lot of sick Star Trek memes. What’s your familiarity with Star Trek and how much did the original performance of Captain Pike influence your performance? 

It’s funny, I’m the first to admit I steal from other actors all the time. I think more actors should do that. For some reason with this role, it didn’t feel right. And I needed to come at it in my own way with a sense of respect and history, but also, we’re going to find out more about Pike than any other iteration of the character. And we’re all kind of figuring it out as we go, and the cast is doing a really good job of supporting me trying to figure it out. But trying not to feel pressure, because you can’t really play under pressure. You know, it doesn’t work. All I know right now is that he’s got a good heart.

They’re still shooting, so was it an arc or are you a season 2 character?

Oh yeah. I’m contracted.

For the whole season, I meant. Main cast, whole season?


13 episodes.


Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Star Trek: Discovery

Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Star Trek: Discovery

There will be connections to “The Cage”

So were you a Trekkie before this?

Hell, yeah. I grew up on the original in syndication. I saw every episode as a kid multiple times.

There’s something a little jaded about Pike when we meet him early on in “The Cage.” Would you say that maybe some of what he experiences in this is part of his arc that takes him to that point?

Editor’s note: The question was intended to touch on how “The Cage” informed Mount’s performance, and how it affects where Pike is now. The fast pace of the red carpet means sometimes questions aren’t phrased perfectly. To clarify, the events of “The Cage” took place in 2254, three years prior to DSC season two (2257).

You’re going to see some easter eggs that you’ll recognize about Pike, I can tell you that.

Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike with Talosians

Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike, captured by the Talosians in “The Cage.”

Watch the interview

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Cool. If he’s on the show for all 13 episodes, that might mean he becomes this season’s Lorca, the annual captain of the year. In the trailer he’s already wearing a DISCO uniform towards the end. That seals it: he’s the Captain now. Whoever they were going to pick up from Vulcan will have to wait until Season 3 to take command of Discovery…

Yeah but from what we know I’d think there is a good chance that is a canon violation. Unless he returns to Captain the E very soon. But this show isn’t known for having little things like consistency get in the way of them telling bad stories.

Your forgetting that captain pike is going to be disabled later in the series run, TOS (The menagerie) and has to leave command to someone else.

True… but that’s not going to happen for several years.

jmathis… Nearly a decade later.


Yes, exactly! I would recommend just ignoring that conjecture as it has nothing to do with this article, and was obviously being used as a way to get a “daily dig” in on this show.

This is a slightly different timeline. Events are not predetermined.

From the looks of the trailer he’s only taking temporary command of Discovery and this in and of itself is not a canon violation. I think they’re taking a similar approach to Marvel when they introduced Frank Castle in season 2 of Daredevil.

Agreed, and it’s pretty obvious. There is no need for any drama about canon violations here…lol

Exactly. In fact there is precedent in canon to say this say this sort of thing happens i.e Captain Jellico.

@Corinthian7 — the idea that anyone can claim a potential canon violation from this story arc, based on what we know about Pike is beyond laughable. We know almost NOTHING about a Pike!

We know he was the Captain of the Enterprise before Kirk. We know Spock served under him for more than 15 years. It is reasonable to conclude that he was the Captain of the Enterprise for that entire time. Good grief people… Don’t let emotion get in the way of logic.

We could day the same about Picard except we know that Riker was given a field commission to captain the Enterprise during the Best of Both Worlds and that Captain Jellico assumed control in Chain of Command. For all I know season 2 May be replete with canon on violations but on the surface at least, this is not one of them.

@Corinthian7 — exactly. It’s irrational to apply reasonable logic to a fictional television series, whose sole purpose is to defy logic in order to entertain and amuse. To insist that logic prevents Pike from ever taking a leave from command of the Enterprise during a 13 year stretch, given all that we know from Trek canon in general, is the epitome of emotional conflict over preconceived concepts, seemingly in an attempt to prevent what is in many cases “fanon” from being undone (since we know absolutely nothing about Pike’s tenure onboard the Enterprise during this period). I’ve never seen a more emotional attachment to the status quo, since DISC began streaming.

” It’s irrational to apply reasonable logic to a fictional television series, whose sole purpose is to defy logic in order to entertain and amuse.”

These fictional worlds have rules they must obey. They set up their own rules but once set up they must follow them. Else they become inconsistent with themselves and their own world degrades. Applying logic that adheres to their own made up rules is completely rational and reasonable.


I think it has become necessary to point out that the post that prompted my original comment made it sound like Pike was going to become Captain of the Discovery. Permanently. Not a temp assignment. Not taking charge for a week. Permanently. Which from my point of view would very much be a canon violation.

Doesn’t seem like that for me. Pike is in there because the Discovery is otherwise captainless, except for an acting captain. Starfleet determines he needs to step in. So he does. There is no problem with that. He is senior to anyone else aboard the Discovery. By rights he SHOULD step in anyway.

13 eps could take place over a matter of days or weeks. Number One would take command of the Enterprise until Pike completed his mission.

Or months even. Spock was in command of the Enterprise for two months while Kirk was missing in “The Paradise Syndrome”.

@Denny C @Thorny Exactly.

How long was Tuvok in command of Voyager when Janeway and Chakotay were left behind due to incurable illness that wouldn’t kill them on that planet?

And let’s not forget the time that Captain Jellico turned up and relived Captain Picard of his command of the USS Enterprise.

It was several months Tuvok was in command IIRC.

On top of that how long was Captain “get it done” Jellico in charge of the D when Picard was off on his mission? I know not that long but at least a week. This wouldn’t be a precedent if Pike is in charge for a few weeks or even longer.


Oh wait, and that didn’t violate canon at the time? LOL


True but it was implied that he would be assigned as the Captain of the Discovery. That would be a canon violation as we know he was the Captain of the Enterprise in that time.

There’s (almost) no way they’ll make Pike the permanent captain of Discovery. He’s the star guest character for this season, with no intention of him staying on the show for future seasons, in my opinion. I’m curious as to how we know that Pike was in active command of the Enterprise during all of 2257? There is very little canon information about Pike in 2257. Despite what some people want to believe, there are intelligent, Trek-canon aware people working behind the scenes on this show.

@mwz — it’s likely an emotional reaction to having to relearn all the effort they took committing the “fanon” to memory. Kirk was not in command of the Enterprise for over two months during The Paradise Syndrome. I’m not sure why anyone thinks 13 episodes of DISC necessarily has to take place in more time than that, nor why the’d claim canon violation based on such a leave, since we know absolutely NOTHING about Pike’s era aside from the Cage.

“There’s (almost) no way they’ll make Pike the permanent captain of Discovery. ”

That would be the reasonable line of thinking. But some fan suggested he would be the permanent captain. Maybe he was joking but I did not get that subtext from the comment.

If this pans out.. and he doesn’t go the way of Mirror Lorca… we could possibly expect an Enterprise spin off show… with Pike and Spock.

I hope not. Love of God NO MORE PREQUELS! Start thinking outside the box again.

Well said! This is going to be quite a season, and I love TOS connections.

Yep. How can Trek fans not be excited for this season? The Enterprise, Christopher Pike, Number One, Spock, what looks to be an interesting science fiction story idea, and a cast and crew with a year under their belt. It’s an exciting time!

Imagine the doc. The captains of Star Trek redon after Discoverys run of let’s say 7 seasons. Just Discovery would add 7 captains. ;)

@Awesomesauce — given this series isn’t about the captain per se, and supposedly about Burnam, this actually makes perfect sense. I feel some fans have an attachment to a central authority figure, and prefer their Trek to revolve around a Captain. This model then shakes up not only their per-conceived notions about what Trek should be, but removes a sort of security blanket at the center of their enjoyment of the franchise.

I can’t wait to see Pike die, LOL.

According to Memory Alpha, The Cage takes place prior to Discovery.

The question was done on the fly quickly in a red carpet grind, where you have very minimal time with people.

The essence of the question is about “The Cage” informing Mount, and how it affects where Pike is now.

Hopefully people can over look the issue with phrasing of the question.

And… the question suggests that his Discovery appearance happens before The Cage.

“There’s something a little jaded about Pike when we meet him early on in ‘The Cage.’ Would you say that maybe some of what he experiences in this is part of his arc that takes him to that point?”

I understand the issue. I added an editor’s note clarifying. As I mentioned, it was a mistake. The team at SDCC is shorthanded this year and running around like crazy.

I think until someone experienced what it’s like trying to conduct interviews on a red carpet sardine can setting they just won’t understand, no matter how much you clarify Matt.

I’ve been doing carpet interviews at my theatre (the Chinese ) for years and in that rush of trying to get your question out as the publicist is trying to yank the talent away, your bound to intercept or twist up your words in the questions from time to time. I know I sure as heck have and the talent usually still get the just of what is being asked.
I thin Anson replied perfectly to the response, he knew what your team was trying to ask.

Sucks you had to respond/ and “further clarify” to some one on here what was Already pretty clear.

Your team does a great job!thanks for covering the event.

All of your staff has been doing a great job on these stories from CC. Thanks!

I actually posted my comment unsure if Memory Alpha was correct. It wouldn’t have shocked me if CBS rejiggered the chronology. I’m not an authoritative Trekspert, certainly- the only reason I knew what year The Cage takes place is because I looked it up when the Disco Pike teaser was released. I think Trekmovie has done a swell job with their Comic-Con coverage, so say we all.

I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it, you managed to find out that he’s a principle cast member for the entire season.

Yep, major scoop.

Totally get that — don’t sweat it. You all are doing a great job!

It wasn’t a big deal, and you changed your original comment to Galt, which just said (something like) “yes it was, and?” and hadn’t originally mentioned that it was a (beyond-minor) mistake.

I’m a journalist, I get that mistakes happen and, again, this was a harmless one. They get acknowledged and fixed — no big deal. It was still a decent question. And it’s great coverage.

Not trying to be nitpicky or pedantic, but I saw what looked like a snarky response — before Matt’s comment edit — to Galt’s question and so, against better judgement, I weighed in.

Very understandable switcheroo, what with prequel chronologies. Pike seems pretty chillaxed in the Discovery teaser. Those Talosians must’ve done him some good, after all.

Holy crap that’s awesome he’s contracted for the entire season! First Jason Isaacs, now Anson Mount. I like that dynamic with the crew, it’s completely flipped this season compared to Lorca now.

Agreed. It’s actually a fascinating dynamic to have the captain as the oft changing piece of the puzzle. A very different take on things, something that Trek has never come close to doing. And having Pike follow Mirror-Lorca presents such a wonderful contrast in approach, Pike who agonizes about each life under his command, Lorca who mainly saw everyone as pawns in his grand game.

I wonder how likely it is that We’ll see this Enterprise crew spinoff. Probably a little early to speculate, but it could be cool.

@Brian — I hope it happens. I hope that’s why we’re getting Pike and Number One at this juncture. I’d like to see more stories of SPock from this era to see him learn and grow to become the first office he became to Kirk and why he was so loyal to Pike. That’s a fantastic story to tell. Moreover, Spock is third fiddle in this era to Number One. I would love to see a regular series where she got to shine as a character — such potential cut short by a close-minded, misogynist network in 1964.

We might even get to see Scotty join the crew along with Sulu, since they were already on board in WNMHGB. Who knows we might even get a young Chekov stationed below decks, who we know was there from Khan’s statement in TWOK. Maybe even Uhura who often wasn’t on the bridge in TOS. Tyler, Boyce, Kelso, Piper, Mitchell … all great characters that deserve more exploration over time. We might finally get the Enterprise origin story ST09 deprived us of in the Prime Universe.

This is so exciting I’d rather not think too much about it and be frustrated later on. :-P

Great post!

All great points! There is definitely potential for some awesome stories and it would be sweet to see them have 2 Trek shows with 2 different feels going at the same time :)

My guess is pretty likely. This feels very similar to how Marvel TV introduced the Punisher in season 2 of Daredevil.


Oh man, I’d be all-in on a Pike/Enterprise series. The only question I would have is what they would call it? There already has been an Enterprise series.

I’ve beem wondering about this myself. Maybe they could call it Constitution or use a phrase associated with Trek like To Boldly Go.

I have a feeling if they get actors like Rebecca Romjin and Anson Mount, they would have big plans for them beyond the season. So yeah, there is a big possibility of a spin-off I think.

Perhaps as a limited event-series, 6 or fewer episodes. Could do it like Sherlock, have 3 or 4 longer episodes. I doubt they’ll do two “traditional” ship-based shows simultaneously, but who knows.

@mwz Discovery isn’t really a “traditional” ship based show. Discovery with it’s long form storytelling approach could be DS9 to Pike’s TOS or TNG.

@COrinthian7 — excellent observation.

yes, awesome :)

Very interesting.

1. Just because Mount is contracted as primary cast member doesn’t mean he will appear in every episode. Latif missed at least one, Wiseman and Rapp missed the first two, and isaacs was not in a total of four episodes.

2. I think others are right that there may not be a regular assigned commandingly officer of the Discovery this season. Wouldn’t be surprised if this ends with Burnham being promoted to captain.

3. This isn’t not unlike last season with Shenzhou playing a big role in the story.

4. In reference to canon, it’s not unreasonable to think Pike could maintain command of two vessels for a special assignment. Plus we know his career ends as a “fleet captain.” I see no reason to doubt their adherence to canon. Whatever is NOT said in previous iterations of Trek is fair game to be added. Spock waited a good twenty years to tell Kirk and McCoy that he had a brother. Even though we know it was added to his history much later, it was surely in keeping with his personality to withhold information. kirk and McCoy are also surpriesd that the famed Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation is his father.

5. Very excited.

I watched the TOS ep ‘Journey To Babel’ last year where Sarek and Amanda first appear. Spock waits until they are standing right in front of him with Kirk and McCoy before he bothers to mention they are his parents. Even then he only offers the information because Kirk asks him if he wants to spend some time on Vulcan visiting his parents. But that fits with how Vulcans are. They tend to be very private

And unlike some others, I never claimed Spock’s unmentioned adopted sister was a canon violation. I have, however, claimed it was a bad creative choice. It’s a little bit of a stretch (As was Sybok) but it does not violate canon.

Doesn’t seem like anyone was claiming that you did…? Personally, I feel that being Sarek’s adopted daughter / Spock’s adopted sister is a pretty good creative hook for her character. It immediately weaved the story into Trek history, rather than shying away from it, and gave Burnham some great emotional baggage with which to deal.

I just mentioned it because many see the Burnham Spock thing as a canon violation and while I agree there are many of those in STD the Burnham Spock thing is not. I was cool with the idea of a human raised by Vulcans. But there was no reason it HAD to be Sarek. That I saw as a huge conceit done just get the fan boys salivating. Same story could have been told regarding Burnham without linking her to Sarek and Amanda. And besides, they barely touched on the human raised by Vulcans side of thing to begin with. So the entire concept seems moot to me anyhow.

Burnham won’t make captain until the show ends. That’s her arc.

Tilly will become Captain before Burnham.

Is it possible that the Discovery gets destroyed or lost while saving Spock at the end of season 2, and in season 3 Pike returns to the Enterprise and our favorite characters transfer over with him? So everything we’ve seen becomes part of the Enterprise backstory?

This would certainly be interesting, but they’d probably need to rename the show after this. But yeah, switching focus to a different ship would (sort of) give the series more of an anthology feel as was originally intended.

@Gary — that’s the beauty of a name like DISCOVERY. It can mean the ship, or it can mean the mission. All it would take is an eloquent speech from Pike suggesting that Discovery will live on in the mission of the Enterprise, along with her crew (which increases the compliment from 203 referenced in The Cage to 430 in TOS).

I’d be on board for that, too. Very interesting thought. And right, Discovery can mean the overall theme, not just a ship.

I really hope not.

How can you call the show “Discovery” without the Discovery?

I’d have stuck longer with ENTERPRISE if they’d just managed to do away with that crew and ship, and damn the title. Shoot, you could have switched over and followed a Privateer vessel and that would have showed a sense of ‘enterprise’ (which is why I always thought Kirk should have painted “PRIVATE ENTERPRISE on the wing of the BoP and had the renegades spend their golden years cruisin’ the ‘verse in that instead of re-getting bogged down in Starfleet/Fed concerns.

No, it is not

More likely that Pike would get a spinoff.

@Quark — I’d rather see a spinoff so that DISC can continue to evolve its characters stories, separately while Enterprise explores other areas, and canon as open as it is for us during this period wouldn’t really allow for the Discovery crew to take as prominent roles as they need to. But I wouldn’t hate that. It still leaves CBS with a lot of hours to fill to keep Trek fans subscribing year round, so there needs to be another show of some kind soon.

Also, I’d actually like to see the Pike series be more of a direct prequel to TOS. They could actually give us chapters where they run into the Farragut and young Lt. Kirk which coincides nicely with this period, and introduce us to some other TOS characters as a support ship for missions involving Kirk and Bones to Neural, and Capella IV, etc.

I like your idea Curious Cadet but I think they’d have to be careful introducing Kirk on a Pike series as Kirk states in the Menagerie that he only met his predecessor once when he was appointed to Fleet Captain. This is hardly an insurmountable problem though as you’d just pair Kirk with Spock for this particular arc showing they have a history. It would be tempting to go down the route of showing the iconic first meeting of Kirk and Spock here but I personally would present it that they already knew each other at this points in their careers for reasons that I will explain in a moment.

If they got the young Kirk casting right and the new actor was well received by fans we would have a great opportunity for another spin off here. I personally would have a show following the key events in his life leading right up to WNMHGB. We could be a Hornblower style series showcasing his climb through the ranks and culminating with his first mission as Captain of the Enterprise. You could show his early life experiences on Tarsus IV, his first steps at the acadamy, his exploits serving onboard the Republic and the Farragut and we could explore his relationships with and flesh out characters like Gary Mitchell, Sam Kirk, his father etc as well showing us his iconic first meetings with Kirk and Bones.

@Corinthian7 — oh right … I’d forgotten that. And anything else is a canon violation, which I feel these producers have been very careful to avoid, even as they push the limits of canon. As you say, it’s easily solved — not everybody has to meet the captain all the time.

Kirk on Neural wouldn’t have to be a first meeting with Spock. But it could show a relationship if Spock were to be part of the support team with Kirk. But there may be canon issues with that as well. In any event, the possibilities abound. Unless they could give Kirk a sufficient story arc as a recurring character, I almost think they won’t introduce him at all due to the challenges of casting a young Kirk.

That said, I too like your ideas about a young Kirk series with the right actor. It would be cool to see the adventures of a young Kirk and Mitchell serving together, or even Finney, assuming that doesn’t violate canon.

@Curious Cadet Years ago I remember reading the official Star Trek Chronology by the Okuda’s and I seem to recall that Kirk’s backstory was a little sketchy, full of inconsistencies and contradictions. Therefore you could argue that by featuring Kirk in this time period regardless of whether or not he was the main focus of the story would allow them the opportunity to straighten out his canon perhaps even improve it.

The fanboy in me loves the idea of seeing Cadet or Lt Kirk. But the reality is there is not much beyond fan service seeing a young Kirk could provide. The same is true of Spock. Their story has been told.

@ML31 Perhaps but I’m not completely averse to a bit of fan service. Kirk and Spock didn’t really have a story to tell at least not in the singular sense. Neither followed an arc and they featured in predominantly standalone adventures throughout their entire history. Kirk’s story finished in a manner that a large proportion of the fan base were less than satisfied with and Nimoy’s tragic passing meant that his journey had to end offscreen. So for me their narratives are not so complete that they couldn’t benefit from supplementary chapters.



The more I see of his performance in the teaser the more I like it! Someone said it somewhere else, looks of Jefferey Hunter, performance of Bruce Greenwood and I’ll add some mannerisms of John Travolta. And to hear he’s going to potentially be Captain of the Year…

Since we know virtually NOTHING between The Cage and Where No Man has Gone Before, I’m interested in where this is going to go.

I just have SOME concerns…

1: I hope we get a reason why Discovery and not Enterprise (the most advanced ship in the fleet) would have the gear used to investigate these anomalies.

2: They almost HAVE to give us adult Spock. At the very least at the end of the arc. If he is vital to Burnham’s story going forward, we gotta see him. From what we have heard, I THINK we might be getting a cameo by Zachary Quinto. I hope so anyway… if not I throw in the guy who was going to play Spock in the Captain Pike fan film – he had the young Spock down pat, IMHO.

Close channel.

Self-Reply follow-up…

Playing catch-up with the news that they did in fact recast Spock.

It had better be a good recast….

Regarding your first point I think it’s important to remember that the Discovery is a specialised science vessel and the only ship in the fleet with a spore drive…

Yes its more than likely its the spore drive technology why he even needs Discovery. And the writers made it clear it was going to play a big part in season 2.

” I hope we get a reason why Discovery and not Enterprise (the most advanced ship in the fleet) would have the gear used to investigate these anomalies.”

Isn’t Discovery meant to be a science vessel?

Technically, they’re all science vessels. Starfleet keeps the peace but it’s primary mission isn’t as a military organization.

not a chance we see Quinto as Spock in DISCO

Wish we did – I personally like Quinto’s Spock. But yeah like I said, after posting this I refreshed and saw a past story from SDCC where they confirmed Spock’s recasting… as I said, I hope the choice is/was good and not some look alike with bad acting chops (Sorry, Branden(?) Stacy from Phase II…)

Have they stated that Enterprise is the most advanced ship in the fleet? It’s quite a bit older than the Discovery. They stated that Discovery can have hundreds of simultaneous science missions going, including some overseen by Section 31 (apparently), and the Discovery has the cutting-edge spore drive installed in it. The Enterprise is the flagship, but not the most advanced ship in the fleet.

In this era, the prestige the Connies receive among Starfleet, and what we’ve seen on screen in past Trek series as well, suggests this is true. Ships like Enterprise get a crack at all of the experimental technology – the first to upgrade computer systems, combat, sensory technology, science breakthroughs, etc., before they’re distributed to the fleet. Except for the Spore Drive tech, more than likely all of the tech on the Discovery is almost guaranteed to have been developed by Starfleet and field tested by ships like the Enterprise or Constellation, Defiant or any of the other Connies in the fleet.

And, they would be able to keep that tech to boot. If the M5 would’ve succeeded, the Enterprise would’ve been able to keep it (if it hadn’t tried to kill everyone on 5(?) other starships in the process, including the Enterprise).

That would definitely make the Enterprise the most advanced ship in the fleet… older but most advanced.

@TokyoGaijin — apologies if I misunderstand your post, but while I agree with your assessment of the Connies, while they may be engaged to field test something like the M5, ships like Discovery would have almost certainly developed the technology before even attempting it on such a valuable vessel. Experimental? Yes. Untested? No. So it makes perfect sense that Discovery would be pushing the technology envelope in a way that we never saw on the Enterprise, and have access to even more advanced technology than the Enterprise at any given moment.

Who ever said 1701 was the flagship? I find that most illogical. Why would they give the flagship to the youngest and therefore likely most inexperienced captain? Ok, they did it with the 1701B, but anyway.


Enterprise has never been ID’d as the flagship till well into TNG, unless you count some print references to the TMP refit. Certainly TOS never indicated anything of the sort, this is just one out of twelve, and that was elite enough.

Wow. Those white-white whiter than white teeth! Anthony Rapp needs to have a talk with this new Pike dude.


For all those who think I do nothing but criticize, I love this casting and I think this is gonna be the best part of season 2. There, is that better?

He is by far the main reason I’m tuning in for season two. High hopes.

STOP using the term “sick” to describe something good.

The Captains!

Season 1: Captain Gabriel Lorca
Season 2: Captain Christopher Pike
Season 3: Captain Robert April
Season 4: Captain Matt Decker
Season 5: Captain James T. Kirk

Here’s the problem. We have already been told that this is 3 years after The Cage, so it’s a year after Kirk met the vampire cloud (The Cage 13 years before TOS S1, Kirk met the cloud creature 11 years before Obsession).

He SO DIFFERENT than the Cullen Bohanon of “Hell on Wheels” from which I know him. His voice is much higher, more Northern, and he has such beautiful teeth I rarely saw because Bohanon almost never smiled.

I only know him from Inhumans and I remember no voice at all lol.

I have a feeling that Rebecca is going to really shine in Frakes’s episodes. From all accounts they have a good history on The Librarians and work is always better when you like your co-workers.

I am very stoked about the Pike character’s appearing on DSC. For many reasons.