STLV18: ‘Star Trek Online: Age Of Discovery’ Adds Rekha Sharma, More Details Revealed

Just before Star Trek Las Vegas, Cryptice announced the Age of Discovery expansion coming this fall to their massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online. In a panel held Sunday at STLV the Star Trek Online team brought out Tilly from Star Trek: Discovery, Mary Wiseman, for some fun, and had a few more details to share plus a surprise announcement.

Star Trek Online panel at Star Trek Las Vegas

Set in the early days of the Klingon War

As previously announced, Age of Discovery opens in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars. In the wake of a brutal war against the Klingons, Starfleet Captains now face J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma, who seeks to alter the destiny of the Alpha Quadrant.

J’Ula, sister of T’Kuvma and main foe for the Age of Discovery

A render of the Discovery take on the Bird of Prey

Wiseman excited to jump from TV to game

Players must rely on the help of fellow Starfleet Academy Cadet Sylvia Tilly (voiced by Mary Wiseman), who has come home to assist with training and see them off on their first assignment.

Mary Wiseman spoke about what it’s like for her being a video game character:

“It’s really exciting. My fiancé loves to play video games and is a big Star Trek fan, so he was really pumped about the prospect of playing a video game with me in it. It’s hard to wrap your mind around.”

Concept art for Syliva Tilly

Landry is coming next, Ripper too

The surprise announcement at the panel was the addition of another Star Trek: Discovery actress joining the voice cast for Age of Discovery, revealed when Commander Landry actress Rekha Sharma came to the stage. Landry will be the next character to be introduced in into Age of Discovery, in 2019. The team confirmed that they intend to tell the origin story of Landry.

Sharma effused:

“I cannot wait to see it. I love the idea that people will get to play [alongside] me [as Landry].”

When asked what she’d like to see for Landry in Age of Discovery:

“I would love to know, Landry has a special distinction… that she’s probably the hardest Starfleet officer we’ve ever met. I would love to know more about her origin story, because I think there’s probably an amazing journey there.”

Rekha Sharma on stage talking about Landry

They also revealed Ripper the tardigrade is coming to Age of Discovery.

Ripper rendered for STO

Age of Discovery will continue

The team announced that unlike other expansions which are episodic in nature, the Age of Discovery content will continue to grow with new missions, new ships, and new characters slowly being added. They also teased that we will see Tilly’s evil doppelganger “Captain Killy,” since she was briefly in our universe while the USS Discovery was in the Mirror Universe. She will be used in a story based around Pahvo.

Renders of the Discovery standard uniform and EVA suit.

Showing off their hard work

The STO team showed us a bit of their work, they spent a lot of time modeling the USS Discovery, both inside and out. The environment team worked until they had the hallways down to the point where it was hard to tell the difference between the 3D rendered version and photographs of the sets. They also showed off their 3D model of the Andorian admiral Shukar.

Admiral Shukar

Discovery exterior

Discovery interior

Discovery main hallway

More STLV 2018

We still have a bit more content coming from Star Trek Las Vegas, so stay tuned for more. CLICK HERE to see all of our STLV coverage so far.

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Enjoyed her on BSG and Star Trek Continues.

I hope she isn’t wasted here like on Discovery.

100% agree

Awesome news! More of the lovely Rekha in action is always most welcome :)
Her character on DSC was sadly killed off way too soon…

Cant wait until they add the Disco version of the Connie to the game