See Patrick Stewart Get Emotional Talking About His Return To Star Trek In Full Announcement Video

The big news in Star Trek this week has been the surprise announcement at Star Trek Las Vegas that Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard for a new series on CBS All Access. Today CBS released the full video of the announcement, including Stewart’s introduction by executive producer, and the man in charge of expanding the Star Trek TV universe, Alex Kurtzman.

Jean-Luc Picard is back – Watch the announcement

Official photos from Stewart’s announcement at STLV

We posted some of our photos from the event, but CBS has also released some official photos of their own for you to enjoy.

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman and Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Las Vegas (CBS)

Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Las Vegas (CBS)

Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Las Vegas (CBS)

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman and Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Las Vegas (CBS)

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Make it so!

Watching that video was by far the best thing about this Friday for me, Trekmovie. Many thanks for sharing.

Hats of to Patrick Stewart. Hope I can be in his shape when I’m 78.

The only thing that gives me hope is when he said Picard could be a different man and it may not be what we are all expecting. And please, keep the TNG guest shots (that let’s face it, we all know are coming) to a minimum. Except perhaps Worf. :)

Sounds like it will be a very be a very different show and he’ll be a very different Picard. Exciting times!

Even if ‘Q’ sticks him in a ‘mirror universe complete with hair and a goatee, I’m in at this point.

And I’m hoping they come up with a suitably memorable opening theme for his return.

I just hope he doesn’t do what he did with professor X in Logan and make him in to a grumpy old git

Stewart is a fantastic actor and he’ll be brilliant however he chooses to play Picard.

It should he a great show however long it lasts.
Details on still vague on that. Will it be a mini series, will it be a limited series maybe of one or two seasons or will it be a proper long running show that they have planned?
If it’s the last point I make, then surely Picard becomes more of a background character as the series progresses although if Stewart stays in good health, I suppose he could continue to lead the show?

That grumpy old git got a lot of critical acclaim, LOL

Well it is what happened to him by the time of All Good Things. And there is the whole issue of Shalaft’s Syndrom

Does anybody have an idea who the other candidate to play Picard was, back in 1987?

I know Yaphet Kotto was high up there in the running….

Was that before he became Chief of Detectives in “Homicide: Life on the Street”?

Stephen Macht

John DeLancie, and Patrick Stewart were considered for opposite roles.

I heard Stephen Macht was nearly cast. I also heard they wanted Richard Dean Anderson for the role of Sisko on DS9.

I watched the whole thing a few days ago. It still feels like a dream. He’s bringing back a character and era so many of us thought defined the franchise. It is indeed exciting times for Star Trek again!

Opening scene…wearing a cloak…looking out a window, somewhere on Vulcan…i don’t know why but I feel the story will start on Vulcan.
similar to the Season 1 opening scene where we see a sillouhette of him walking out the shadow

Well it definitely won’t be Romulus. ;D

You know, I’ve been wondering about that since this news broke. Is that whole backstory for Trek ’09 owned by CBS at all or does that all belong to Paramount? Since they split in 2005, I would think it belongs to Paramount. If that’s the case, wouldn’t CBS have to get permission? Or can CBS just ignore it and create an alternate set of events? I hope so, because I NEVER liked what happened to Romulus.

Lord have mercy I sure hope they straighten that mess out!

I’ve said this before, it doesn’t sound like canon is the issue because Beyond used Enterprise back story as it’s canon and we know CBS completely control the shows.

I think it’s really crossover stuff that’s the real problem. In other words I think they can build on the story line of Romulus blowing up but I don’t think they could use Nero himself in the story because that’s a movie character. Again, its all just speculation but it looks like Paramount can’t really do much from CBS using the canon they actually own just as long as they don’t directly use images from the films themselves.

And why would CBS agree to something like that?? It’s sort of the same myth people were saying that CBS couldn’t make another show until the Kelvin films were done, which would’ve been stupid and debunked. And then the rumor of how they couldn’t their own property designs and why both the Kelvin and Discovery look so different from TOS was also debunked. And Orci himself debunked the notion the films had to be in a different universe. He said it here directly they could’ve been in the prime universe they just didn’t want to feel like they had to stick to canon and that was a way to resolve it story wise.

So I don’t think that’s an issue. We build this stuff up too much but there has never been any suggestion they have to avoid references to any productions. It’s not like the Marvel issue with say Disney and FOx. Those are completely separate universes. If that was the SAME case with Paramount and CBS it’s no way Nimoy would’ve been in the Kelvin movies to begin with. That’s the equivalent of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine showing up in an Avengers movie.

If I’m not mistaken, there has been non-canon Star Trek content set after Nemesis, such as novels and Star Trek Online. I don’t follow them but does Romulus still exist in them or do they acknowledge what happened in the 2009 movie? While what happens in them may not be canon, these products are officially licensed by CBS so they may give a clue of what’s allowed and what isn’t.

Yeah, I’d recommend the novels, particularly “DS9 “season 8″” as the DS9 ones are nicknamed, up to the Destiny trilogy. They carry on reasonably well after that, but really strong to that point. As for Romulus, I’m a few novels behind but I don’t think they’ve reached its destruction yet.

Ok, I have to ask, is this guy really 78 years old? Where did he find the fountain of youth?

LOL I know right? He looks a little older but he looks to be in the exact same shape from 30 years ago.

When he went to the Baku world!

If I may be so bold… Why the name Mike Krukow? This couldn’t be THE Kruk, could it?

Awesome and touching speech by Patrick Stewart — I can wait for this series!!!

However, regarding this convention event, I gotta say, except for the final standing applause when he is done, what a lackluster audience for Stewart’s speech? Only a few fans got off their butts to stand up when he was introduced. A couple of the same guys in the audience saying “whooo” repeatedly. Rather limited applause. What the hell? This sounds more like the lobby bar of the Ramada Inn at 1 AM than a huge audience of Star Trek fans?

I gotta say that the Star Trek fans that attended this in Vegas kind of embarrass me to be a Trek fan — what a lethargic, jaded crowd they appear to be from this video???

I’m annoyed that it’s on a PAID subscription. I’m very tired of paying for TV. I’ve been a Trekkie since day 1, but I’m not buying a subscription! Boo, hiss CBS,

You are not alone in that. I wish it were on a service I already am paying for. But it’s not. And yes, that sucks. Even if it were on Showtime (Which I do not buy) it would be easier to get than subscribing to CBSAA.