‘The Orville’ Wraps Production On Season 2, Gets Cameo In ‘Simpsons’ Treehouse Of Horror

It’s time again for a quick update on our adopted show The Orville with some production news, a Simpsons cameo,  and some fun behind-the-scenes images of the cast and crew unwinding.

Season two wraps

After almost eight months in production, the second season of The Orville wrapped production this week. Production began on February 26th and finished on Tuesday, October 16th.

Director and producer John Cassar posted a couple of images from the last shots of the season on Instagram.

Some of the cast shared their goodbyes on social media, which included a brief video taken on the last day of shooting by Trek vet Penny Johnson Jerald.

The Orville on Treehouse of Horror XXIX

Of course, The Orville aspires to evoke Star Trek and now it can take pride in getting referenced on The Simpsons as Star Trek has many times before. Today TV Line revealed a clip from “Treehouse of Horror XXIX,” The Simpsons Halloween special airing this Sunday that includes a brief cameo of the USS Orville. Check it out below.

Season 2 wrap party includes branded booze and Seth singing Sinatra

Last weekend, before the show had actually finished, The Orville held its season two wrap party. Stars and crew were there for the fun and shared some moments on social media.

Here is J. Lee with his crew in the Season Two Wrap Party photo booth.

Creator Seth MacFarlane entertained the cast and crew by singing some Sinatra, as can be seen from this video posted on Instagram by assistant director Tim Deal.

In the video above you will also see that the crew received personalized bottles of Bulleit Bourbon. You can get a better look at one of the bottles below thanks to PA Liz Harding.

On to post-production

Editor Tom Costantino sent out a tweet letting fans know during the production hiatus, the post-production editing team will be taking care of the Saturn Award the show won for Best Sci-Fi Show over the summer.

Orville returns in December

The second season of The Orville debuts on Sunday, December 30th, in a special night following an NFL double-header.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con.


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I think The Simpsons has grown a little stale over the years. But I did enjoy that clip.

Looked like Discovery got a mention too…spores

Thoroughly enjoyed the first Season (and it’s bawdiness) . Stories were well written and interesting . Seth MacFarlane seems to be improving , and Adrianne Palicki is a great foil as his Exec . Love the Bridge Crew and Doctor , and will be looking forward to Season 2 , with some possible gravitas !

Following an NFL double-header? Guess I’ll need to pad my recording heavily.

So, there won’t be any ratings to look at until the end of the year to speculate on if the show gets picked up for season three……

Wonder if Halston Sage (Alara) has left the show, shes not been seen since start of production and wasnt at any of the conventions with the rest of the cast theyve not discussed it so i wonder whats going on

It would be very sad if she has . She had a strong role that was developing well . To give that up for a passé RomCom , would be spreading herself out too thin !

She was apparently dating Seth MacFarlane at one point so not sure if that was causing an issue on set. I get vibes of Denise Crosby leaving TNG with Halston but there must be a reason why, especially since they have a new cast member in her place

She opened his jar of pickles alright!

@Calculon — really? Shades of Jeri Ryan and Brannon Braga … is there nothing ORVILLE won’t emulate from the Berman/Braga years? ;-)


Isn’t it due to her taking other acting roles?

Or am I misremembering that?

Shes done a romcom for Netflix but thats it, its just odd shes not been acknowledged by the cast i bet she wasnt at the wrap party either

Looking forward to December. This show was a great mood lifter on Sunday nights, before having to back to work on Monday. And some of the themes they explored were very relevant and well-executed. Bring on season two!

Where did you get Johnny Walker from?

Really starting to look forward to season 2 of Orville! Didn’t love first season but definitely had some quality episodes. And love all the Trek stars in front of and behind the camera.

Ha — divorced women in Lenny’s area… classic. Can’t believe they’re on Season 30. That’s wild.

Nearly eight months production for 12 or so episodes of The Orville… Is that a longer than usual rate of production for TV?

You’ve labelled the whisky Johnny Walker, but it’s in a Bulleit bottle.

The Bortis birthday trope is obviously inspired by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQiz7gg2KMI

What’s the music just as the spores reach Earth? Sounds vaguely familiar, like Abramsverse?

I’m sorry, but following an NFL double-header? No one will be left awake at that point to watch The Orville! Very bad timing on this one!

Johnnie Walker doesn’t make bourbon, they make Scotch.
That bottle is Bulleit Bourbon.

Spores eh? Maybe they can power the Orville’s warp drive. Actually no one would be silly enough to use that idea. Ha, ha!