Star Trek Producers Talk Spock, Pike, ‘Discovery’ Season 3 And ‘Short Treks’ At Winter TCA


Today at the Television Critics Association Winter event, CBS revealed some new info about what is coming next for Star Trek on CBS All Access. In addition to executives from All Access, on hand were Star Trek: Discovery executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, along with stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Anson Mount, and the new Spock, Ethan Peck. News from the event has started to emerge on Twitter from some of the television critics attending the Pasadena-based event. We have gathered together all the big highlights.

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Big ideas for Discovery Season 3, but waiting for greenlight

At the Discovery panel, Alex Kurtzman revealed post-production for the season two finale is underway and that while there are “big ideas” for season 3, they have not yet got the official order for a new season.

Kurtzman also addressed taking over as showrunner after Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were let go last summer, saying he felt it was his responsibility.

Making new canon for Spock and Pike

Regarding Spock, the assembled panel would not reveal which Star Trek: Discovery episode will feature the debut of Ethan Peck (TrekMovie’s best guess is episode 7), but they did say they will be creating new canon and it will be “different from what you expect.”

More emotion, more bridge crew, no comment on Romulans

Alex Kurtzman hinted that fans should keep an eye out for the USS Enterprise to return, while Heather Kadin promised that season two of Discovery delivers more emotion than season one.

Kurtzman also talked about efforts this season to expand the roles of the bridge crew.

He also said to expect more aliens showing up in season two, but would not confirm if Romulans will be one of them. He also joked about tribbles getting their own channel.

Giacchino to direct animated Short Trek

It was revealed that one of the two animated Star Trek: Short Treks episodes coming this year will be directed by Oscar-winning composer (and composer of three Star Trek feature films) Michael Giacchino. The other will be directed by Discovery executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi. It has previously been revealed that these two Short Treks will each have different animation styles, that will also differ from the Star Trek: Short Treks animated comedy being developed by Mike McMahan.

Status updates on Picard and Section 31 shows

Earlier in the presentation, executives Marc Debevoise and Julie McNamara updated the assembled critics on the future of All Access. With regards to upcoming Star Trek shows they spoke about the previously announced Picard series with Patrick Stewart, Section 31 series with Michelle Yeoh, and animated Star Trek: Lower Decks series being developed by Mike McMahan. According to USA Today’s Gary Levin they re-confirmed that the Picard series is premiering in late 2019. As for the Section 31 series, they clarified that even though it was announced, it is currently in “development” and does not yet have a series order greenlight, unlike the Picard and Lower Decks series.

The Twilight Zone to premiere April 1st

CBS used the TCA event to make some announcements, revealing that the third season of The Good Fight will premiere on March 14th and the series premiere of the new Twilight Zone is coming on April 1st, April Fools Day. The latest revamp of The Twilight Zone will debut with two episodes, then new installments of the anthology series will arrive weekly on Thursdays, beginning April 11. This launch will overlap with the final two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, which wraps up on April 18th. CBS also announced a 10-episode series order for an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

All Access has grown 50% in last year

The All Access executives also provided some details on how All Access is doing, as summarized in a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Goldberg.


Keep up with all the news on the Picard show and other upcoming Star Trek TV shows here at

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Since I watch The Good Fight, and will presumably watch The Twilight Zone, there will be two weeks where three shows on CAA will overlap in having new episodes. Seems to be getting better in terms of having new content

They also announced The Stephen King story The Stand will be a 10 part mini-series today as well. So it looks like they are trying to get their game up. And they need more ‘brand’ shows, stuff people at least recognize to get buzz. Star Trek, Twilight Zone and Stephen King is what people know. Obviously they should keep making original shows but none has made any buzz from what I can tell outside of The Good Fight, which of course is a spin off of an already known show. I didn’t even know a new season was coming for that until today.

I really hope they can get Cicely Tyson to play Mother Abigail in “The Stand”.

That’d be a wonderful piece of casting. Although I liked the casting of Miguel Ferrer in the ABC miniseries, most of the rest of it was a total bust for me — like the DUNE miniseries, I gave up completely with less than 45min to go, just deeply disappointed.

It’d be nice if they could get somebody with a great eye who also knows horror. What’s Rob Bowman been up to?

Some of the casting was good. Bill Faggerbakke was absolutely perfect as Tom Cullen, Ray Walston was a great Glen Bateman, and Gary Sinise (Stu) is very good in anything he does. The guy playing Larry was mediocre and while I like Rob Lowe, he never really pulled off Nick. They ruined the character of Frannie, but that wasn’t Molly Ringwold’s fault.

I recall that back in the day when I heard that Matt Fewer was playing Trashcan Man in the ABC movie I realized that he looked EXACTLY like I imagined the character looking when I read the book.

The Stand held my attention; I don’t know if I’d be able to sit thru the whole thing again but I thought it was well done for what it was. I liked Jamie Sheridan as Flagg as he was able to go back and forth between amusing and menacing (I’ll always remember a scene where he mocks Nadine while singing “Baby can’t you dig your man”).

As for the Dune miniseries, it was pretty dry but I’ll give SyFy props for at least following the source material as closely as they did (the handling of Princess Irulan being the main exception). Children of Dune on the other hand was pretty much a trainwreck.

Yeah I read about “The Stand” coming to CBSAA last night. I’ve read the book 3 or 4 times over the years. That’s going to be Huge. King adaptations are all the rage on both streaming channels and in film right now. I’m on the verge of cancelling Showtime to keep CBSAA (via Amazon) full-time if announcements like this keep coming out. Showtime is pretty lousy for $12/month, imo, most of the movies are sub-standard and any shows I regularly watch (Homeland, Shameless) are winding down. It has streaming issues, too.

Love what Kurtzman is doing with Trek. After watching some DS9 and TNG reruns this last week, I really feel Disco is my favourite series so far. Nothing beats TOS and TNG for nostalgia and emotional attachment… but they feel almost like superficial kids shows in contrast with Disco. I don’t think its 100% just the difference with Disco… I think is that 60s and 80s/90s TV was just so stiff, unrealistic character-wise and feels fake-ish in contrast with modern TV. Can’t wait to see Picard series and what that universe looks like in a more realistic portrayal with modern sensibilities. That said, I have ZERO interest in what I fear will be a cheapening of Trek with animated non-sense. Bracing myself for that.

Totally disagree, TOS and TNG are better written shows.

Kurtzman is very hit and miss and I am worried at what he will do to Spock.

DSC is good but it’s my least favourite.

Over 400 episodes of TOS, TNG and DS9 and after 17 episodes of Discovery it’s a better series? Really?


While I don’t think it outranks TNG and DS9, it’s a strong 3rd place imho. Also, TNG and DS9 have some real REAL clunkers in there. Discovery so far has been pretty consistent, with some great episodes, but nothing even remotely close to as bad as the worst those series have offered. From that perspective someone could easily put Discovery as their favorite I feel.

DSC first season was anything but consistent.

“consistent” is a matter of opinion.

Tonight’s episode will give us an idea how consistent season two is going to be, as well. Looks very different from the first two.

I think it was about as consistent as a show can be. After “Lethe” it consistently got worse with each succeeding episode.

Ah, I was waiting for someone to turn it around like that. Good job, 11/10 would recommend.

High praise from the “turn comments around” pro on the site.


Attack somebody for having a different opinion?


TNG a kids show? Stiff? I mean whaaa?

It’s actually a funny Kool Aid these fans are drinking.

Luke Montgomery, you are my trek soulmate.

I’d hate to think what you see as the opposite of that…

I agree with you. You couldn’t pay me to watch some of those old shows. I tried to re watch Voy the other day and I couldn’t make it past 3 episodes. So boring and dated.

People will say the same thing about Discovery in a very few years, and doubled. From it’s “kewl” Michael Bay-esque orange & teal looks, bipolar flip-flopping between grimdark seriousness and cerebral lightness, messy arcs and serialization for the sake of it, to its ridiculous, hyperpartisan messages, it’s aging horribly every day already.

All TV ages, but to claim that progressive ideals will age it is a weird thing.

Hyperpartisan? Did I miss the episode about tax policy or contraception access?

If you think common decency is a partisan issue you might want to reevaluate your current party affiliation.

Oh snap! :)

Who is talking about tax policy and contraception access? You can be assured I’m further left than the Champagne socialists in these regards. So much for “party affiliation” :)

I did not know though that, as Discovery did, equating certain political groups of people with cannibals, warmongers, genocidal mass-murderers in season 1, or exercising the death sentence for a character who is “mansplaining” (a sexist word in itself) in the only 2-episodes-old season 2, is “common decency”, or a “progressive ideal”. But then again, all these words have been hijacked and redefined in recent years by extremists so what do I know!

What will age is this hipster fake progressivism that puts emotion above reason and creates division among people with identity politics, once it has been thoroughly exposed and evicted. I would very much welcome that Discovery or the new Picard show explores some actual issues such as the economic inequality that is at the heart of this growing war of colliding life realities, but then again as per above these producers are drinking way too much champagne instead of the water reserved for us commoners, to actually be bothered with that.

If you’re applying a modern version of Harlan Ellison’s decades’-old view of how people began making a god of Raskolnikov while putting Sherlock Holmes and reason in the toilet, then I get it and agree with you for the most part.

And I think I’ve already said elsewhere what you mention above, about how badly this show will date, especially visually.

Alternatively, I can safely say I’ll never watch season one of Discovery again. Pretty much disliked everything about it. To each his own, there’s plenty out there to choose from.

I’m rewatching season 1 right now. It’s even better the second time around.

I did plan to rewatch the entire season again before season two started, but I couldn’t motivate myself to do it. I’ve rewatched a few episodes here and there but literally only a handful. Sanest Man is the only one I watched more than twice.

Its not to say I will never rewatch it one day, but in no rush to do it.

You should rewatch. Lorca takes on a whole new point of view. Like the fact that he had the hots for Burnham from day one.

I might re watch it myself. But it will have to be years from now. No promises on how I might react. I’m rewatching Voyager right now and it’s a little better than I remembered. I rewatched TVH about 4 years ago and it is just as bad as I recalled.

I agree. Good acting, some nice visual effects and stories. Why would we want that right now?

Well, agree or disagree, it’s nice there’s something out there/in the works for every Trek fan these days. TOS and TNG are my go-to fare, though I’m *slowly* warming up to Disco after the two strong opening episodes of season two (thank you, Anson Mount). Like many have said here, I’m not at all interested in animated Trek either, or Section 31, but no big deal. Very much looking forward to the Picard offering. There’s an overabundance of non-Trek quality programming out there now too of course, and only so many hours of viewing time in a day.

I kind of see the opposite — older shows allowed the characters to exert real emotion — laughter, arguments — where newer TV maintains a kind of quiet detachment (not always) which seems unrealistic. As for TOS/TNG, they had real SF writers on those– Harlan Ellison, Jerome Bixby, Norman Spinrad, Robert Bloch. Some of those people actually created their own classic properties — Fantastic Voyage and Psycho come to mind. And the modern touches — current slang, beer pong — hurt a show in my opinion. For example, cigarette smoking was common on TV during the sixties. Can you imagine if Roddenberry had allowed Kirk to light up. Not only would it be dated, it might not even be on TV at all right now.

Excellent point about the real SF writers back then, such a difference. And as to current trends hurting a show, Tyler/Voq’s man-bun comes to mind. That never should have happened.

Ha, ha! You joker! Wait a minute…you are joking aren’t you?

You’re not? Ooooooooooo…

If S31 hasn’t been given the go ahead, bin it now. It’s a bit player at best, something to occasionally highlight the hypocrisy of the Federation. Leave it at that, less is more.

Done and done! Thank goodness you’re around!


I don’t agree. I’d love to see a Star Trek take on the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow formula, with a ragtag crew having to go around the universe doing secret missions.

I don’t know from DC, but I’ve been pushing for a ragtag Trek crew — pretty much STAR TREK FIREFLY — since the early 90s (actually, from the TOS feature era, if Kirk & co had stayed renegades) …

Is s31 the best way to do that? Maybe do THE DIRTY DOZEN each week, with everybody getting killed off except for one or two regulars? Could get stale pretty quick.

I would love to see a Star Trek Firefly type show with Nathan Fillion brought in.

Very glad to hear THE STAND is being done the right way, as a 10 episode miniseries. I was worried they’d go the movie route like they did with IT. Movie-length just can’t do it justice. I liked the recent IT movie, but even two movies isn’t nearly enough to tell that story, so much great stuff left out of the movie. Same with THE STAND, even the four-part miniseries from 1994 wasn’t long enough.

AT&T’s MR. MERCEDES was very good. I lost interest in Hulu’s 11/22/63 though. Hopefully THE STAND is more like the former.

Excited to see what they do with The Stand as well. Sounds like the people in charge are huge fans, so hopefully they do it justice.

The people doing Discovery are supposedly “huge fans” and they are doing a terrible job of it. “Huge fan” doesn’t necessarily translate to something of good quality.

That’s your opinion. Don’t try to pass it off as fact. Thanks.

MORE EMOTION! That’s exactly what our age of divison needs: less level-headedness and moderation, more outrage and irrational sentiment! Thanks Kadin! We know Genocidal Georgiou is gonna be “delicious” ;)

As Kelvin timeline’s Scotty once said, “I like this ship! It’s exciting!”

Everyone hates a show when it airs. Happened to TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT…time tends to make us look back fondly and rediscover great television. All four of them have had their fair share of hate back in the day but each of them has over time are looked upon much much more fondly. (perhaps when we see a whole series from start to finish or when something is permanently taken away from us, we realise how much we miss it).

Yep. Huge backlash against TNG. There was even a big fan newsletter in 1989, as Next Gen was starting it’s THIRD season, that urged Trekkies to go see Star Trek V to “show Paramount they want more Kirk and Spock, not more TNG.” They said without Kirk and Spock, it wasn’t Star Trek.

In 1993, when DS9 launched, fans cried that it wasn’t Star Trek because it was too dark and brooding. Where’s the optimism and unity?

In 1995 when Voyager launched, fans said that without Klingons and Romulans and the Federation, it was just generic sci-fi and wasn’t really Star Trek.

In 2000, fans were petitioning for a Sulu series and a year later said Enterprise wasn’t really Star Trek because it was too close to the present day (“characters are wearing suits and baseball caps!” I remember them shouting after the premiere).

Flash forward 2017, and Discovery is, what a shock, labeled “not really Star Trek.”

EDIT: for fun, go to the internet archive and find some articles on the upcoming Enterprise series, and comments from Trekkies. They hated the idea of the show, and DESPISED the design of the ship. It de-canonized a lot of the “expanded universe” and they said it was ugly and “out of place” in the 22nd Century.

Here is an ACTUAL QUOTE from a commenter on TrekWeb, dated July 8, 2001:

“Overall, this only reinforces the idea that this series is a reboot. That’s fine; just don’t call it Trek.”

Sound familiar? Hilarious.

Afterburn, all those shows had one thing in common that Discovery does NOT have…they all looked as if they belonged in the same universe design wise. Discovery does not fit in with anything that came before. It’s a complete mess.

You’re wrong, and that’s my point: the fan outcry over Enterprise was that it didn’t visually look consistent or in continuity with existing Trek. They also redesigned a lot of classic aliens, which made more than a few fans bristle.

Actually, there was some trepidation (one or two internet comments aside) but when the final product was seen, people (the few who watched it) seemed to hold the consensus that the designs were appropriate or acceptable at worst. Further, when we got to FINALLY see Andorians there was MUCH excitement over that. Everyone was wondering what Andorians would look like in the modern era. Again, the audience seemed to be happy with what they saw. No one expected them to suddenly have different skin and lose the antennas. They expected updates but they would still be recognizable as Andorians. The same happened when we finally got our first new Tellerite.

It’s funny when retconning a fictional universe is the worst thing, but it’s perfectly okay to retcon actual history.

Correcting is not the same as retconning.

You’re right. You’re retconning.


Again you are not understanding. Let me correct you again.

I was correcting a misconception on your part.

You’re welcome.

Enterprise visually looked on par with TNG, DS9 and Voyager, which some said at the time (rightly) that TOS then appeared to be the only show with its own (outdated) look. Discovery is something else altogether, not resembling anything of any previous incarnations, save some similarities to the JJ films, imo. I’m not saying it’s not Star Trek, but the drastic visual changes in the same universe for a prequel, to me, are glaring. At least Enterprise made an attempt to seem ‘older’ than TOS, re: technology (hull plating instead of shields, etc).

Quibbling over minutiae. Moving goalposts, making excuses, whatever you want to call it, you’re doing it.

Ahh… Your standard comeback when you have no response.

Oh please enough of your nonsense. That IS my response, do you not understand that?

People criticized the visuals as being out of continuity and more of a “reboot.” He’s moving the goalposts and slicing and dicing the point to prove me wrong. That’s a common logical fallacy.

Except, he’s not. That IS your go to response whenever you get cornered. You have yet to explain why it is “moving goalposts” beyond because you said so. You just did it again. You really think no regular has noticed? They have.

Oh my god. You’re right. You’ve figured me out, M31! I’VE BEEN EXPOSED.

Seriously “cornered”? Why are you turning this into a battle? Nobody is cornering anyone.


Speaking of which over on a certain other Star Trek website I’m not allowed to mention you’re allowed to swear without comments being deleted. Is that Disqus malfunctioning or the mods not doing their job because the people swearing are Discovery fans?

For someone who SAYS they don’t see this as a battle you sure are getting awfully defensive.

(waiting for the Nathan Thurm type response)

I was simply stating my opinion, Afterburn, not attempting to prove yours wrong.

Regardless of the intent, it’s splitting hairs.


“Enterprise visually looked on par with TNG, DS9 and Voyager, which some said at the time (rightly) that TOS then appeared to be the only show with its own (outdated) look. Discovery is something else altogether, not resembling anything of any previous incarnations, save some similarities to the JJ films, imo.”

You hit it smack on the head Danpaine and why so many fans are having problems with Discovery. ENT definitely looked a little more updated than TOS but they clearly tried hard to make it plausibly fit in that timeline and it matches up beautifully to TNG and the other shows. You can buy its a ship 200 years before the Enterprise D. It felt more rugged, low tech and smaller. No one would ever mistake it for a 24th century ship and not even a 23rd ship given its size and build.

But Discovery blows all of that out of the water. Because it doesn’t look like it feels connected to ANY of the shows, especially the one that it supposedly takes place in the same era in, TOS. The ship can easily fit in a post-Nemesis era. Even if you disagree with that (and I don’t see how) no way would mistake it for being a 23rd century creation. If no one told us before hand what century it took place in no one would have a clue because it feels like another universe and time altogether.

I always felt Enterprise made sense coming from two directions in time:

From the NASA/then current “real world” modern look/feel of space flight into Enterprise.

And then, thanks to the Trials and Tribble-ations episode in which Jadzia Dax made reference to the style of the era which the Dax symbiont had lived in it would stand to reason that, logically, the look was the same as a look in the real world- something people thought was neat/fashionable at the time.

As such, in universe, it has a clear origin in its ancestry (from NASA/Earth space flight) and has notes of design elements to come (TOS-ish push button wall intercoms, flip open communicators, department colors, and some of the ambient sounds, etc).

When looking at the Discovery design aesthetic for sets, it seems to make no effort to fit into what came immediately before it in the universe’s established visual continuity (The Cage takes place a year BEFORE the start of Discovery) nor what comes after it (TOS takes place 10 years after). Certain props contain seemingly superficial fan service elements (phaser featuring the Cage laser style tri-barrel, communicator featuring a TWOK style antenna plate, the phaser rifle featuring a hint of Enterprise phase pistol style shroud, etc).

What I’d hope for and what would get me to subscribe and watch CBS AA again would be if, by the end of this season of Discovery, they are able to bring the Enterprise more in line with what it should look like (after its repairs and with sets updated some for modern schemes but easily recognized as what they should look like), and spin Pike’s Enterprise off into its own TOS type series which can then evolve visually into something which can lead directly into TOS properly.

I think the NX-01 fits into the TOS lore too. Not just TNG, DS9 and Voy.

And yes, if no one told us what era Discovery is in, we watch that first episode and the first guess would have been post Nemesis. Probably the 2nd guess would have been the KU. No one in their right mind would deduce it’s pre-TOS days.

Thanks, Tiger. And I wrote that before seeing last night’s episode, where the Sec. 31 ship looks like something way ahead of post-Nem. Covert or not, this is supposed to be pre-TOS? So here we are.

Good point, Commander K. I remember when TNG first aired, my buddy and I watched every episode for the first two seasons rooting for Picard to get killed off so Riker could take over (Picard grew on me later). Flash forward to 2019 and I can’t wait for the new Picard show. Time does tell.

I was still a kid when TNG aired but I remembered watching Encounter at Farpoint the day it premiered and I basically liked or loved everyone, except one character, and it was Picard lol. I was so use to TOS and having a cool and young Captain like Kirk who either karate chopped or made out with aliens it was a HUGE disappointment to have an old looking man do none of that but make speeches. I actually was a fan of the show literally after its second episode but I didn’t think I would ever like Picard. I thought it was only a matter of time before he’s replaced by Kirk’s grandson or something.

I still remember when the show took a break for a few weeks and came back on, I was certain Picard was gone lol. This was maybe by episode 12 or something and was SHOCKED this guy was still on the show. How has he not been replaced with a real captain by now??? One who like to fight people and use his phaser??? This guy is sooo boring!!!!! Its funny thinking about it now and especially as a kid. But yeah he eventually grew on me and by second season I started to come around and by third season he was now my favorite captain (of course there were only two at the time). And my love for Picard has never waivered since. He is still easily my favorite captain today.

So yes the fact we will be seeing him again is an utter dream for many fans like me who grew up with him as their captain. For me Picard embodies the ideals of Star Trek and the Federation and why its more exciting to have him back!

Beyond the usual fan gripings, there’s also the question of show quality. TNG won over fans because its quality drastically improved by the third season. That was because of a new showrunner and near-complete turnover of its writing staff. On the third season of DS9, Behr became showrunner and Moore & Echevarria joined the writing team, improving the quality of the show. By the same token, Discovery can improve too, if they find a smart showrunner and replace their writers room; and omit rubbish like the mushroom zone, or a misguided debate between science and angels.

No, Discovery si so far off the mark all the other shows were actually ‘Star Trek’. Big difference.

Michael Giacchino directing an animated Short Trek? Is he doing the music for it too? Would love to see Star Trek do a Fantasia-like musical trek!

When they say “new canon” I feel like they really mean “changed canon”. I guess time will tell.

I will be curious to see the Twilight Zone so I’ll the the episodes before I cancel after the Trek finale. Will see the others after I re-up for the next Trek show. Also curious about their version of “The Stand”. Thought it a great book and the ABC two part movie made decades ago didn’t do a bad job considering the restraints of network TV.

And I guess Giancinno is looking to expand beyond writing film scores. Good luck with that.

If they are referring to the 25th century, I know that there are some references to that century and well beyond with the temporal prime directive from Voyager and the future depicted by Daniels in Enterprise. That said, for the most part, I imagine they are free to do what they want, with all due respect to some of the novels or comics out there. I would hazard to guess that 95 percent of those who will watch Picard have no Star Trek canon knowledge of anything happening in the fictional Trek 25th century.

Dean, my post wasn’t about the Picard show. Only responding to what they were saying about Spock stuff being “new canon”. It’s pretty obvious that the Picard story is a ton more freeing considering the time frame they set it in.

As I said above, ML, with Twilight Zone, and Picard, and now The Stand on the horizon, I may trim some fat $$ in other entertainment areas and hang on to CBSAA. I got rid of the actual CBS app, though, as Matt Wright suggested it runs much smoother through Amazon Prime, which I already had. Easier for billing, too. Pretty easy to trim $10/month someplace else, and always easy to cancel if any of the above turn out to be sub-par. I’m glad they’re being competitive, because Disney Plus is right around the corner, and that service is going to blow a lot of these smaller streaming services away.

See, I don’t have Amazon Prime nor do I plan on getting it. I find it pathetic on CBS’s part that to get a decent quality stream one NEEDS to be a subscriber to ANOTHER service. I’m stuck with the crappy CBS app. While I am interested in some other things on CBSAA those things are not strong enough inducements to keep me subscribed. I can tune in when I re-up for whenever the next Trek show starts. There are things on HBO I’d like to see too. But I’m not subscribing to that, either. I share a Netflix account and get the CBS for Trek. Don’t want to continue to pile stuff on. Disney+ looks like it might be tempting but I doubt I will be getting that one either.

I do appreciate your frugality and restraint. The way I look at it, even with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, CBS and Showtime, I’m still paying over $150/month less than I was when I had cable, and I cut the cord five years ago – can only imagine what I’d be paying for cable now. Probably going to dump Showtime (also owned by CBS); the content and streaming quality stinks. And I agree, we shouldn’t need Amazon to make CBS stream better – that’s just wrong.

I pay about $120 for my cable and think it worth every penny. It is augmented by my Netflix subscription (for discs) and I also piggy back on my friend’s Netflix streaming account. (in return I let him stream from my CBSAA account when I have it). Beyond that there is little need for anything. There are shows on HBO and Showtime I want to see but I can see all of them on disc through Netflix nearly a year after they air. Local (and most national) sports are still only available on cable and not streaming. There is not enough on Amazon to make me want to get that and I don’t order enough on line to make their monthly fee worth while. And even Hulu originals have made their way to Netflix disc. So what I currently have covers nearly all bases for the time being.

YouTube nerdotic is saying STD is dead but he’s been a hater

There’s probably a new Youtube video claiming Discovery is dead every week, if not every day. They sure got some audience but that doesn’t make them less ridiculous.

Well he hasn’t been disproved yet and I’d trust him over whatever CBS says at this point.

Anyone heard rumours Discovery has been cancelled???? What sense does that make?

I’ve heard nothing official about the potential 3rd season one way or the other. It feels doubtful. I figured STD would get 3 seasons no matter what. That said, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that given all the other Trek projects coming down the pipe that CBS may look at Discovery and decide to move on.

Perfect sense if the ratings are bad enough it’s not cost effective to make it.

By all accounts they’ve got all this stuff planned but without enough enough coming in to make it happen. Maybe try and salvage Discovery first before committing to more spin-offs.

PLEASE don’t torture us with a Season 3 of this dumb show. Please cancel it and get somebody who knows how to write Star Trek. If Seth McFarlane can do it, why can’t anyone in Kurtzman’s camp?