‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Renewed For Third Season With New Co-Showrunner

Today, CBS announced Star Trek: Discovery has officially been renewed for a third season. It was also revealed that Alex Kurtzman is elevating writer/producer Michelle Paradise to join him as co-showrunner for the third season. No details were provided on when the third season would start production or premiere.

Renewal comes after Season 2 exceeded CBS expectations

The pickup was expected, and a renewal announcement during the run of the season is also what happened during season one. Kurtzman and other executives for CBS have been talking up the success of Discovery and how a third season factors into their future plans for All Access and the expanding Star Trek television universe. Recently the interim CEO for CBS touted the success of Star Trek: Discovery, helping All Access meet its goal of 4 million subscribers ahead of schedule.

Julie McNamara, Executive Vice President, Original Content, CBS All Access said in today’s release:

The massive success of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season launch exceeded our expectations in both driving subscriber growth and generating a phenomenal response from ‘Star Trek’ fans. With Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise at the helm, we look forward to continuing Star Trek: Discovery’s  journey, growing the ‘Star Trek’ franchise on CBS All Access and bringing fans new ‘Star Trek’ stories for many years to come.

Star Trek: Discovery will remain the flagship show of CBS’s streaming platform All Access. Multiple other Star Trek shows are in development for All Access and beyond, including a Michelle Yeoh Section 31 spinoff, a Patrick Stewart vehicle about Picard, the animated comedy Lower Decks, and an animated show for Nickelodeon. The next Star Trek series set to premiere is the Picard show, which will debut in late 2019. Previous reports have indicated that the Section 31 series with Michelle Yeoh would likely come after the third season of Discovery, and Yoeh is expected to return to Discovery for the third season.

CBS also revealed the third season pickup on social media, with this animated tweet.

And on Instagram they had a little fun with it, using a GIF with Tig Notaro’s Jett Reno.

Newest showrunner

Michelle Paradise began work on Discovery in season 2. In the official announcement Kurtzman gives her high praise:

“Michelle joined us midway through season two and energized the room with her ferocious knowledge of Trek,” Kurtzman said. “Her grasp of character and story detail, her drive and her focus have already become essential in ensuring the Trek legacy, and her fresh perspective always keeps us looking forward. I’m proud to say Michelle and I are officially running Star Trek: Discovery together.”

Prior to joining Discovery Paradise’s resume includes work as an executive producer, writer, and star on the Logo comedy Exes & Ohs and as a writer and executive producer for the CW vampire show The Originals.

Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise

The show has had a checkered history with showrunners; Paradise will be the fifth person tasked with the role. Discovery executive producer/co-creator Alex Kurtzman took over as sole showrunner midway through production of the second season, when then showrunner duo Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were fired following harassment allegations and operational concerns. Berg and Harberts, in turn, were replacements for Bryan Fuller who originally co-created the show with Alex Kurtzman, but left the production before Discovery‘s debut after delays and multiple conflicts with CBS’ top brass.

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Great news!

VERY Great News.

I have mixed feelings about DSC, and there are moments when it doesn’t feel like Trek to me. But I’d rather have it than not, so I’m glad it has been renewed.

I just wish the writers didn’t do things like have a Starfleet physician speak approvingly about a culture where opera singers kill themselves after one performance. (Imagine Dr. McCoy’s doing that … he just wouldn’t.)

Well, I don’t think we ever saw McCoy as despondent as Stamets was in that scene, did we?

But he was quoting Culber, and quoting Culber from before he died, when everything was normal.

Yeah, nostalgia can be a symptom of current depression.

That was the biggest issue I had about first season and that it felt like Star Trek in name only. The first show I ever felt that way about frankly. But it has come around a lot for me this season, and in such a quick way at that. I was highly critical of it last year and still am of course, but I can’t deny the tremendous turn around they made on it, even if they still have some ways to go before it becomes a great Star Trek show. But the potential is there at least.

But if the second half of season 2 improves on the first half then I will be ready for season 3 with bells on! And more importantly (for me anyway), it bolds well for the Picard show.

I’d like them to slow things down a bit, so the characters have time to be thoughtful. I like character-driven Trek way more than ACTION Trek. :-)

HOPEFULLY we will get that in the Picard show! :)

Kurtzman basically implied that when he said Discovery was like a bullet but the Picard show is more contemplative. That’s what TNG was, certainly more so than the others at least. It had action but it didn’t rely on it either and it was actually rewarded for it.

So I agree with you, I would like for Discovery to slow down a little too and another reason why New Eden got the response that it did. It was probably the slowest episode in terms of actual plot but it did such a great job of making the philosophical dilemma come alive you were enthralled with that alone and some strong character development for Pike. I hope we get more stuff like that this season but my guess is you will get it consistently on the Picard show.

Hard to do with short seasons. And probably even for the Picard show as well.

Makes sense for Alex to add a showrunner. Since his job mainly would seem to be that of STU overseer. I hope this person will continue with the positive changes. Season 2 was a step (thus far) in the right direction but the show still needs a lot of work. It’s not really a surprise they are getting a 3rd. Before even one episode was produced I felt that 3 seasons was a given come hell or high water.

Yup, I think he’s quite good at delegating duties. It’s visible concerning the upcoming projects as well, even though there are no additional showrunners in an explicit sense, but it’s clear that each show is the brainchild of differnt people and different people seem to take greater amounts of responsibility for each show: Mike McMahan for Lower Decks, Kim & Lippoldt for the S31 show, for the Picard show, I’m not sure, but it seems that Michael Chabon is doing more than just writing scripts for individual episodes.
In a way Kurtzman is much like Rick Berman in that regard: After two seasons, DS9 basically became Ira Steven Behr’s and Ronald D. Moore’s baby, Voyager had the Triumvirate of Brannon Braga, Bryan Fuller and Joe Menosky and so on…

This was a no-brainer. It’s the main show the platform sells itself on.

If I had to guess when season 3 would air it would be similar to season two, January 2020.

I would bet a little later. So it won’t step on Picard’s shoes. Cast expects to be back at work in June/July.

I think April/May 2020 seems more likely since Picard will air (most likely) from December to the end of February. Season 3 could start even later if they squeeze in more shorts after Picard OR if the McMahon animated show is ready to air by then.

I don’t seem them starting Picard in December and then only doing a couple of episodes before the Holidays. Probably starts in mid-November with the first five episodes and then January-February for the back five. Discovery in April-May does seem likely.

Summer 2020 is my bet. I reckon they’re going to air Lower Decks S1 between Picard S1 and Discovery S3.

Nah, animated production times are very long. I think its more likely that Lower Decks comes after Discovery season 3.

Early renewal. Great news. More Reno please.

I wish they would add her as a regular and make her Chief Engineer. She has great chemistry with Tilley and Staments.

I’m betting money now that the here-to-fore unnamed Chief Engineer is Scotty, and he’ll be going to the Enterprise at the end of the season.

It’s stupid. Really stupid. But it ties this show into TOS more, so I feel they’d do it.

he mentioned to Picard I believe that the enterprise was his first

While I don’t think any of that history was made official my head canon was that Scotty was on board when Kirk took over and that is when he got put in charge of engineering. I also guessed that McCoy was not on board already and was Kirk’s selection to be his CMO when he was given his ship.

And Dr. Piper. . . ?

Dr. Piper retired. ;)

Dr. Piper was CMO prior to McCoy, if you go by when the TOS season 1 episodes were filmed, as opposed to aired (third). “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was the intended original pilot, but the studio chose to broadcast it two episodes in instead. The episode is very different in look from the rest of the series, excepting “The Cage.” Some old-school Trek trivia for you :)

Dr Piper was indeed McCoy’s predecessor. It’s pretty clear that WNMHGB is set at least a year prior to The Corbomite Maneuver. In that time, new uniforms have been issued and the Enterprise has undergone a substantial refit, presumably as a consequence of the damage sustained in WNMHGB.

The (deuterocanonical) novels such as Vulcan’s Glory had Scotty join the Enterprise’s engineering team as a junior at the same time Spock became a crewmember. So I doubt Scotty is a Chief Engineer yet (LaForge’s later ascent was spectacularly… ahem… convenient and highly unlikely) and certainly not aboard an experimental vessel with classified tech.

More likely Scotty is currently engaged as part of Pike’s repair team on the Enterprise during the events of Discovery. Bones could be working on Discovery as part of the medical team of course…

The first as Chief Engineer. He specifically noted he’d served on other ships

Rewatch the episode, the engineer is named. French name like ‘Louvier.’

There seems to be a consensus regarding Reno. She’s underused as is. And she’s more interesting than nearly everyone else on the show. Including the lead.

She’s just a guest star. Does anyone know how many episodes she’s in?

@Support Your Local Salt Vampire: Apropos of nothing, I just wanted you to know that your screen name gave me a much-needed fit of the giggles just now. Thank you.

Thanks, Scott! You just made my day.

Now that the article added the tweets… Weird that they would use Reno for one. She’s barely showing up on the show as is. It implies this character is used more than she is.

Wait a minute – Where’s the Pike series announcement?
They know we want one…

Maybe Pike can appear again in SEASON 3 if the entirety of S3 takes place within a relatively short period where Pike can commandeer The Discovery again for a special mission.

We want the Enterprise!
We want the Enterprise!
We want the Enterprise!

Pike already has his own command. Had the Enterprise not been in dry dock it would have been Pike and his crew pursuing the Red Angel but this is Star Trek: Discovery, so…

Amen to that.

Season 2 was a “step in the right direction”? Why? Because it was more “TRADITIONAL”? How unoriginal and narrow-minded.

I hope that Season 3 will prove to be just as innovative and challenging as Season 1.

It was a step in the right direction because they have introduced a couple of characters that are actually, you know, interesting. The writing has improved a bit. It’s far from perfect. Not that it needs to be. Nothing wrong with being challenging and innovative. But when the overall product of such innovations is the tangled not-to-be-taken-seriously mess we got in season 1, I’ll take more “traditional” any day of the week.

100% agree with that, ML.

Which is yet another variation on the old question, “Is is better to aim high and miss, or aim lower and squarely hit the target?” In the arts, at least, that’s a matter of opinion, but put me down for option #1.

I vote for aim high and hit the target.

Well, sure. But that’s cheating. :-)

Something I learned from an old friend. ;)

Translation: ML31 likes how this season centers the (white guy) new character.

He never said or implied that and you’re TROLLING!

Thanks but I do my very best to ignore the trolls and to not engage with racists. It’s a lose-lose proposition.

No comment…….

Season 1 was the step in the right direction.

Agreed, A34. The problem with both seasons hasn’t been the writing specifically though; it’s the plotting that goes on before actual writing starts. The plotting is feeble – a problem with many TV shows these days. There’s a feeling of deus ex machina running through the series and a feeling that the show is pretending to be more groundbreaking than it is. They wanted ‘Trek Game of Thrones,’ but there’s been no Red Wedding or Ned Stark death level of dramatic incident.

They didn’t keep Culber dead (rather than make the resurrection a surprise, went out of their way in a panic to say he’d be back, right after he died) and they made a big hoo-hah about killing Saru before chickening out. The Discovery returned from the Mirror Universe to discover that the Federation had almost been defeated by the Klingons, yet, the next week, it wasn’t so bad after all. It was like the bad old days of The Best of Both Worlds Part 2.

The naivety of the writing in last week’s episode, where the crew behaved like they were in the Paris segment of Team America, was breathtaking and ill-thought-out, requiring, no doubt, a fair amount of future retconning. I’ll put it down to lack of leadership at the time the episode was conceived, because no Starfleet commander would be stupid enough to wipe out an entire thousands of years old societal structure from his spaceship without even visiting a planet.

Season two has resonated with the ‘cluck cluck’ sounds of the producers chickening out. If they were confident in what they were doing, they’d have stuck to their guns regardless of the bouts of nerd rage going on around them

Interesting take, and I’ve been making the same point about writing vs. plotting on DSC for some time now. Dialogue and character-wise, the writing is mostly fine, if unexceptional. It’s the long-form storytelling, which for me was one of this show’s strongest selling points, that’s been the real letdown. So far, I just don’t see any evidence that these people, for all their good intentions (and I believe they’re all well-intentioned) know how to structure a story that unfolds effectively over the course of a season. That’s too bad, because on the production and acting side I still think DSC can be wonderfully cinematic. In that respect, any GoT comparisons aren’t completely without justification. But it’s got a long ways to go before otherwise measuring up to that standard. Maybe the third time will be the charm. :-)

I actually don’t disagree with a lot of your points, especially last weeks episode which I had the same problems and why its my second worst episode of the season after the Klingon one.

But I definitely disagree about season one. I know many people liked it but it really wasn’t working that well at all. You said it, it wanted to be Game of Thrones but yet still Star Trek and that was the problem. GOT ISN’T optimistic. It isn’t about good people. It isn’t about doing the right thing and it revels in death. Yes, there are good people in it who wants to do the right thing but thats not what the story itself is about. Star Trek on the other hand is a show where you’re suppose to be following people you can trust and know they will lay their life on the line for yours if it keeps to the Federation ideals. Instead we got mutineers, back stabbers, double spies and so on that you literally didn’t know who to trust. And I won’t even get into the awful Klingon war itself.

Star Trek can be dark as DS9 certainly was at times and had greyer characters like Kira and Gul Dukat, but its still a show about Federation ideals and being uplifting. Discovery didn’t feel uplifting in the least. It felt overly dark and cynical for most of its run.

I’m sorry first season was not the right direction, certainly not for a Star Trek show and the producers realized that. Season 2 isn’t perfect but it at least looks and acts like Star Trek. Every episode this season you could’ve put in TOS, TNG and VOY and it would’ve fit in just fine, but still different enough to be its own show.

I will agree that the plotting of S1 was just plain awful. It was quite obvious they started with the captain twist and worked backwards from there. The real problem with that was thinking the MU captain was the “holly crap” moment they hoped for. It wasn’t. In fact, it backfired on them. Spectacularly.

Well, it certainly backfired with me. There were other missteps, but between the Lorca reveal and Burnham’s redemption the show lost an enormous amount of cred with me that it has yet to recover, even as I continue to (mostly) enjoy it this year.

Yes… So very many issues with season 1. It didn’t start on the right foot with the “visual” reboot (eyeroll) which can be tolerated eventually. But then there was the Burhman “redemption” that happened off screen a mere 4 episodes in. The annoying Tilly. The boring characters that were hard to get involved in. And then the biggies… The Tyler/Ash ridiculousness, the overstay in the MU and over course, the one that sank the boat.. The Lorca reveal. After that, the show was a comedy with no laughs for me. Fortunately, season 2 is correcting many mistakes. But they still seem to have a very long way to go.

Tilly is wonderful. Pretty much everyone loves her. She’s basically a non creepy Barclay.



Were you hoping it was canceled? You know you don’t have to watch it.

Actually, I was hoping it was better. And plus, I enjoy watching gruesome train wrecks.

Outside of The Basement, being an aficionado of gruesome train wrecks is not something most people would readily admit to. Just FYI.

“And plus, I enjoy watching gruesome train wrecks.”

Then let me introduce you to season 2 of The Orville.

Quiet, you! LOL

I wouldn’t say that Orville’s second season was a train wreck

Bring back Anson Mount for Season 3, and I’m in. Season 1 was mediocre (at best), but Mount elevated the show to a whole new level in Season 2. They still have a few years wiggle room before he needs to return to the Enterprise, and hand it off to Kirk (if they actually are concerned about making this show fit with canon, pre JJverse/Primeverse BS)

Pike can guest-star in a few episodes… alongside season 3 Discovery captain, Prime Lorca. :D

People will go crazy when Prime Lorca shows up.

I want Prime Lorca for the first few episodes and then an heroic death, leaving Saru as captain for the end of the series… and Pike and the Enterprise lending a hand here and there all season.

Whoever thought that a re-reimagined Captain Pike would become the best thing about this show? I totally thought that bringing back the Enterprise would go too far, ruin Discovery and make me rage quit. Instead, I’m now hoping for a captain Pike show, cannon inconsistencies be darned. That is the power of good storytelling.

Now they are sure to bring Kirk into the mix.

I’m wondering if they might hold off on recasting Kirk now that there seems to be some suggestion that the merger between the TV and movie sides could actually be happening. I could see a scenario further down the line in which a Hollywood A-lister is cast in the role and joined onscreen with the likes of Ethan Peck for a movie showing Kirks first mission in command of the Enterprise.

Even if a merger happens I doubt it will have any effect between the TV show and the Movies. Whoever they get to do future movies wouldn’t want to be handcuffed to what the TV show is doing.

Even if the person they get to do the movies is Alex Kurtzman and he’s gone on record as saying that he’d want a greater synergy between the films and tv shows when asked about this very subject? Also last time I checked CBS were trying to build their TV streaming business and if a giant like Disney thinks that coordinating its TV and movie projects is the best way of building their subscription service you can bet that the idea has been mooted at CBS. Does that mean they’ll make the movie that I’ve suggested? Of course it doesn’t but you’d have to be incredibly naive to think that they wouldn’t want to build links between their TV and movie output.

I just don’t think it works. Just look at all those Marvel shows.

I don’t men the Marvel shows that are on air at the moment, they’re produced by Marvel TV and there’s clearly a discord so you have a point there. However, the TV shows being developed for Disney+ are under The stewardship of Kevin Feige and are clearly being tied directly to the movie characters. I think that if the merger does go ahead there’s a very good chance that Kurtzman gets the keys to the castle so to speak.

He’s still on the Farragut

There’s no real canonical reason they couldn’t keep Pike on Discovery. All we have is one throwaway line from “The Menagerie” — Kirk says that he took over the Enterprise from Pike.

Perhaps Kirk was speaking slightly figuratively and Number One or someone else briefly took the captain’s chair before Kirk assumed command.

Or perhaps Starfleet took the damage Enterprise suffered to do an extensive refit. (After all, the ship’s look did change significantly between “The Cage” and TOS.) In that case, Pike was perhaps still listed on temporary assignment during the refit, or alternatively someone else was in charge but Pike came back for a ceremonial assignment as captain before re-launching the ship. Since the Big-E is the flagship, there would be some PR value for Starfleet in that.

Perhaps but it would not be a creditable stretch. Most wouldn’t buy it as it just wouldn’t pass the smell test.

ML31, you know very well, there is no smell in space.

I read an article about that last week. They say it smells like seared steak.

A34, in space no one can smell…..medium rare! :>)

LOL, I’m getting hungry.

Me too, A34. Are you buying?

Nope 😂

Well, it just goes to show you what’s at stake when it comes to steak!

Thinking about this a little more, maybe people can buy Pike stays on Discovery as a temporary assignment a little longer while Number One is in charge of the Enterprise and by the end of the show he goes back to the Enterprise and someone (probably Saru) is promoted to captain.

So they can at least keep to the line Kirk still took over the Enterprise from him. Its a stretch but its also Discovery, it won’t be the first time. ;)

Delighted at the 3rd season Disco renewal. Some thoughts on next captain:

On the subject of the next Disco captain:
1. I doubt it would be either Saru or Burnham. Saru hasn’t had much experience as first officer. Maybe less than a year (especially remembering Disco skipped over nine months in returning from the mirror universe). Seems too unseasoned, so to speak. Georgiou spoke of Burnham as ready for her own command in “The Vulcan Hello,” but would Starfleet really be quick to make her Discovery captain after her mutiny at the battle at the binary stars and threatened mutiny at Qonos? More importantly, Disco is uniquely structured with the star not being captain. To make the star the captain would lose that uniqueness in Trek.
2. Pike permanently: established canon would only allow his serving as Disco captain for maybe three years at most. Seems unlikely to me. Maybe recurring guest.
3. Some other known character: Number One (why not?), Garth of Izar (do we need another genocidal captain?), Garrovick (dies in 2257), Matt Decker (why not?), anybody else?
4. Some new character? We’ve never had a non-human captain for any length of time, which could be interesting, whether a known or new alien species is an open question. Since Disco was headed to Vulcan at the start of season 2, could it be a Vulcan? Maybe even a relative of T’Pol? Maybe, but maybe we’d have had enough of Vulcans after this season and with Burnham continuing to represent Vulcan culture to a degree what’s to be gained? I guess I’d favor an alien of some known but not much explored species. Familiar yet mysterious. Andorian?

I actually do not mind, and actually endorse, the idea of an alien captain. Discovery might even be the perfect vehicle to do that with as the lead character is not the captain.

I have actually warmed up to a theory that says every season of Discovery will have a different captain. I think at the end of this season Pike will return to the Enterprise.

I know I’ve been a bit critical about the pacing this season, but I’m still a big fan of the series and this is terrific news! (The pacing issue, I hope, will be resolved by the end of the search for Spock tomorrow night.)

Now if FOX would just hurry up, see the light, and renew The Orville, I can enjoy the rest of my week in peace.

TVLine says it’s a ‘safe bet’ but you never know with Fox

They are almost exactly at 1 million less viewers in average from last year and have dropped every week the last 3 weeks. Unless it is just McFarland love I don’t see it getting picked up

I’m sure the pull he has with FOX has everything to do with The Orville‘s chances, but I apologize for starting an irrelevant side-conversation in an article that’s about Star Trek Discovery; let’s continue this in the review thread for Orville :)

It’s doing what it needs to for FOX in much the same way Discovery is doing what it needs to for CBS All Access. Overall their numbers are stable.

Fox wants to keep McFarland’s ego happy. They will renew it one more time and then cancel it.

It seems somebody is watching this show. And paying for it…..:-)
Great News!

It looks like 1.6 times as many subscribed to season 2 as season 1.

Plus they have data from blu ray sales and Netflix internally. And viewership from Canada. It’s not just about CBSAA to gauge interest

I’m kind of curious to see just how long this Netflix deal will last. There’s 0 incentive for Netflix to keep the show in much the same way there was 0 incentive to keep Daredevil and the rest of the Marvel offerings. The money spent on Discovery can be spent on their own original content.

I disagree a bit slightly here because Netflix clearly see how important Star Trek is for their site overall. The only reason we have Discovery now and on AA is because of how well the reruns do in places like Netflix and Amazon.

I have a feeling while Discovery may not be a huge show for Netflix abroad, it does bring in Star Trek viewers and Netflix is the only place you can watch all the Star Trek shows in one place outside of America in terms of streaming. That kind of exclusivity does help. And I imagine they are going to fight to get the Picard show on too.

The difference with Marvel is its not as exclusive and Marvel charges them high licensing fees for shows that probably does well but not as well as they like. And the Netflix shows felt more disconnected from the rest of MCU anyway.

I dunno. Netflix is, for all intents and purposes, carrying the budget for Discovery and at a rumored $4 million plus per episode that’s a lot of money which could be allocated elsewhere. CBS needs their money and reach, Netflix doesn’t necessarily need Star Trek in much the same way that they demonstrated that they don’t need Daredevil and that was a top five show.

Netflix makes things far simpler for CBS. Losing Netflix for international distribution would be a major headache for CBS and that gives Netflix leverage.

@ML31: That is impressive year-over-year growth. Is there any publicly-available data on what portion of that is attributable primarily to Star Trek Discovery?

Sorry, no. This is just what CBS claimed in their press release. My comment then was I will be curious to see what happens when Trek ends come April.

Oh I believe it, definitely. The fact they’re winding up so many spinoffs speaks for itself. You don’t spin off a series that is sucking vacuum.

I can buy it as well. But CBS has already blown their horn when they got big numbers and went conspicuously silent after when the numbers receded. If we get no new figures for some time after S2 ends, my guess is the subscriber total dropped big time yet again. Hence, my curiosity for what their numbers will be when STD ends it’s 2nd season.

CBS references combined subs for All Access and Showtime so, outside of CBS, there’s really no way of knowing.

Yes, the story referenced the total but supposedly CBS claimed that while Showtime was higher than AA they were still pretty close.

But DOOMDORK said that the show was being cancelled. Next you’ll tell me that the earth isn’t flat.

Heads are ‘sploding over at Midnight’s Edge even as we speak.

LOL, now watch them spin up a new conspiracy theory.

Midnight’s Edge has a long history of not getting things right. Lots of conjecture, 0 insight or actual facts.

Who on earth watches that drivel?

Who on earth comes in here, finds a post midway down in a long string of messages, and replies to that message with a drive-by insult, all for a show they characterize as “drivel”?

Assume Ad is referring to Midnight’s Edge as drivel, not Discovery

Made my day :-)

I guess Midnight’s Edge and the rest of the haters better give all those ‘insiders’ a call and find out how they could have got it all so wrong :-)

Considering all those ‘insiders’ live where the sun don’t shine, that might be fun the watch.

Not at a big surprise. This session has been stellar (pun intended) compared to season one which I also enjoyed. What’s best about this news is there’s so much more Star Trek to come. Having lived through the last Star Trek renaissance I am glad to see the potential for a new one on the rise.

Well this was about as predictable as the sun rising but great news! Season 2 still isn’t perfect but its a huge step in the right direction at least, especially when compared to season one and has become very enjoyable. I said back in 2016 that I didn’t see this show getting any less than three seasons with everything, mostly due to the fact its the face of a new streaming service so I’m glad we will get a minimum of that after all.

You mean MechaHarpy and DoomChick were WRONG?!?

Quote from Nerdrotic: “My insider told me it was on the bubble”…..Way to temporize there, pal!

IMO, Gary seems like a pretty smart guy but has shown off his rather questionable ability to critique. That said, he is bright enough to know how to hedge his words and say things that don’t say anything while still appealing to his audience. As for the others, meh and no need to say anything further. As for me, I love what Trekmovie.com provides – unbiased reviews and fair criticism of everything Trek and even other shows like The Orville and now TTZone, simply because they know many Trek fans like those shows too.

I don’t know. He loves to go on rants and seems willing to latch onto anything that supports his own perception of how he wants things to be.

Same here. I watched the one YouTube video that the algorithms saw fit to recommend, and that one was more than enough. I’ve been pretty critical of DSC myself on many occasions, but his rants struck me as petty, meanspirited and unfair.


Very good news for us fans of Discovery but more importantly for the cast and production crew both here in Toronto and back down in SoCal. Now Kurtzman and his team can focus on all the great plans that Jonathan Frakes alluded to yesterday.

In other news, the sky is blue. The renewal should come as a surprise to no one. Discovery is their anchor show. Well, until Picard debuts, anyway.

Denny C Discovery is their flagship show until Picard hits

Keep believing that……

Discovery is the Boss.

Ultimately the ratings will be the boss. If Picard show gets more views (which unless it sucks I don’t see how it won’t) it will certainly be the leading show. But I don’t think it matters, just as long as the shows they have on are successful. People, like you, have turned the silly Orville vs Discovery into a nerd battle, but OK I get why.

In this case however, people should just be happy we are getting more Star Trek, period, and that they are once again expanding the universe. And yes if you don’t like one show then you have an option to watch another instead. Its feeling like the 90s again!

The Picard show is for the die hard fans who are going to end up hating it because it’s not the TNG Redux they imagined.

It sounds more and more to me like it just a short 3 season mini series.

The next leading Star Trek show will be a ship based show after Disco ends it run. Maybe a reboot of TOS. They already have Spock casted and the ship designed.

Just like Discovery is the show many of the die hards hates because its not a true TOS prequel as they imagined. Yeah, we already been down this road. ;)

And yes there will definitely be some people like that, but I’m guessing the overwhelming majority just want a show to go forward again. So its also for people like me who are just tired of prequels and reboots in general after nearly 20 years of them starting with Enterprise. Having Picard is just extra icing for me. And it will stand out more if the other stuff like the cartoons just end up being more prequel based (I hope not but could end up that way).

The fanfare for Picard is huge for a reason, its the only show that is not just bringing back an iconic character, but who the original actor is playing again. I think they will reboot TOS one day but probably not for awhile, especially until the Kelvin movies can be a little more forgotten and people who hated them can get the bad taste out of their mouths. And since everyone seems to hate reboots for some reason, it could be even longer.

And I definitely see Picard getting big viewership the first season. If its big enough as CBS hopes will remain to be seen. But if DIS can make it at least three seasons I don’t know how the Picard show won’t. And if its a big success, it will bring more spin off shows in that era like the Section 31 show is with Discovery.

And the beauty of it is they have tons characters from the 24th century they can spin off since all the actors are still around once Picard ends.

I think Patrick Stewart has only committed to 3 seasons. His show will have a beginning, a middle, and an End.

No, he said they have at LEAST three seasons planned, they could go longer. He’s only saying that’s what they have outlined so far. And it doesn’t sound like it will be three seasons of the same story. It sounds like what Discovery is doing and every season will be a new story. I doubt anyone wants to do another big DS9 multi-season storyline, but what Enterprise did with the Xindi and keep them contained to one season. It makes sense though.

And as I said even when his show is done, they will probably just spin off a character from that show if they are popular enough just like MU Georgiou is getting her own Section 31 show (and most people don’t even like that chick lol). Its not like Patrick Stewart will be the only one cast (and we are probably getting casting news soon!!!!!). There are going to be tons of other characters, probably both new and old. Do you think if this show is super popular they will just stop even if Stewart leaves? They will make another show with some of those other characters since they plan to keep Trek going for the next 20 years. Trust me, the gravy train would just be starting from CBS point of view just like the 90s all over again.

Personally I see Lower Decks working much better in the Picard era than the TOS era. That is where my guess is it will be set.

Regarding reboots, I don’t think the fans are down on it so much as the studios.

Another personal feeling… I really want to see a post TUC show. There is 70 years of stories waiting to be told there.

Don’t know that I’m a “die-hard” but I’m reasonably enthused at the prospect of the Picard show, and have no desire whatsoever for it to be anything like TNG. Been there, done that.

Here too, Michael. Really don’t want to see TNG redeaux.

The danger in “Picard as Anchor” is that Patrick Stewart is not a young man. I hope he lives happily and healthy for a great many more years, but at his age an illness or an injury that keeps him out of the studio could happen any time. CBS will stick to Discovery as their anchor simply for security.

Very few shows launch with leads in their late 70s for reasons that no one on the studio side would ever readily admit to. When Boston Legal wrapped William Shatner was the oldest male lead on television at the age of 77 and recently stated that at the age of 87 he wold be unable to cope with the grueling schedule of a weekly series with 16 hour days. Patrick Stewart is nearly a decade younger so he should be fine.

Picard will likely have broader appeal, pulling in more viewers overall and driving subscription growth. They should have started with Picard and then launched Discovery.

I wonder with what conspiracy theory Doomdork and the other trolls come up now LOL.

Midnight’s Edge are liars. All they do is lie. In their face! Awesomesauce

I’ve seen two videos of theirs a year ago and it was obviously made up junk so never watched again. And sadly their bullshit gets repeated as fact in places like here and Reddit weekly. It’s ridiculous.

More people fact check those posters now. People are getting sick of Lies.

Yes, i think they want to be to Trek like Star Wars fans who fight against SJW and Kathleen Kennedy’s gender politics in SW. It’s also true that every Trek show had drama going on behind the scenes, so I wouldn’t make a big fuss about it.

And they know this, too. They like to stir the pot and they don’t seem to be at all concerned about their credibility.

Sounds like hater bait. Hard pass. There’s enough armchair quarterbacks about every topic I love. I don’t need em.

LOL…and I just got an alert from Midnight’s Edge Season 3 video going up.

I would never give them a view count.

It’s a live chat. I just poked my head in. It’s all “REEEEE Disco sucks, how can they do this?”

You forgot they call DISCO std and it’s not Trek. Because they say so because fans decide what is Trek and not the rights holder ;). The reality is Discovery is today’s trek and it will bring in fans for whom it’s their first Trek and they will find all the other shows, the same happened with Trek 09, and I say if we want Trek for a long time we need new fans.

Great news! Star Trek: Discovery should have 4 seasons at least before its canceled.

Kurtzman said that the Section 31 show would follow season three of DSC, suggesting that DSC may have an ending.

I think he just means it will slot in after season 3, and not that it will replace Discovery. S31, then Picard 2 and then hopefully Discovery 4.

Michelle Paradise does bring a fresh perspective to Star Trek. Her American-Canadian semi-autobiographical series Exes & Ohs dealt with the dating life of a busy career lesbian. The series ran for 13 episodes on LOGO and Canadian Showcase.

Big sigh of relief :-)!

Ohhh, that’s nice to know! Well, Jonathan Frakes kinda spilled beans concerning DISCO being renewed for a third season in yesterday’s interview.
Now, Michelle Paradise – interesting addition, since I know absolutely NOTHING about her. Very slim track record , apparently mostly interested in LGBTQ+ matters. Roughly the same age as all previous and the current showrunner. So far, all of that is neither bad nor good, so we will see.

I made a comment about Frakes confirming season 3 last night and it was deleted soon after. I don’t understand that.

Probably a press blackout until the official announcement and Frakes wasn’t supposed to say it.

I guess you’re right. Frakes is always letting the cat out of the bag.

@JAGT Let’s hope that this person’s track record notwithstanding Discovery going forward will have something more diverse and universally meaningful to say than endlessly highlighting 3% issues and demonizing those the writers/showrunners do not agree with… How about allegories about majority issues like economic inequality, the ills of globalization, environmental destruction, workforce displacement by automation…

Lol – I put a nice conciliatory message on here, but to my shock (not), I come back an hour later and it’s gone… cloaked like a pre-Klingon-Romulan alliance sarcophagus ship!!!

North Korea kind of stuff here. The Great Bird of the Galaxy would be ashamed at your censorious behaviour.

Enjoy your echo chamber to praise pseudotrek (everyone on here knows it) with its sonar in space and magic mushroom drive.

At the end of the day, we’re all Trekkies and despite that some would think I’m a troll, I do genuinely mean it when I write “peace and long life”.

“The Great Bird” was a serial adulterer and made Harvey Weinstein seem like a nice guy. The only vision he ever had was making money and getting laid.

In spite of his own flaws (none of which in fact make Harvey Weinstein seem like a nice guy), Roddenberry managed to produce something of lasting value that’s given joy and inspiration to millions of people. What have you ever done, aside from lobbing rotten tomatoes from Mommy’s basement?

Awesome! Although I think Season 2 is struggling more than season 1 on consistency and quality, the tone and character focus is better suited to the franchise even if I don’t think the storytelling is terribly sophisticated for a modern series. There still is no other show I look forward to more than Discovery and I hope the 2nd half of the season find its legs a little better under new producers.

Because of the mimi-season nature I sorta consider this season to be more like a 2nd half of the first season.

Didn’t she have something to do with one of the Short Treks?

That was Jenny Lumet. She co-wrote “Runaway” with Kurtzman.

“…Michelle joined us midway through season two and energized the room with her ferocious knowledge of Trek…”

Joined midway through season two, with no prior experience with doing science fiction, and she’s already becoming a showrunner? Is that normal in US television these days, or is there something afoot? Is there a chance that Kurtzman is being sidelined to serve as a figurehead only, while she will be the one actually running the show? It wouldn’t be the first time a “secret replacement” like that happened.

Or maybe it’s exactly what they said and there’s no secret conspiracy.

I was not into vampire shows whatsoever, and then I sat through an episode of ‘The Originals’ and I was sold. The dialogue was crisp and intelligent. I could actually believe vampires existed (If I didn’t know better). And although the series was an anthology I was able to sink into it mid second season, so yeah. I was highly impressed, and later discovered- while waiting for the 5th season that it was Executive Producer/writer Michelle Paradise who was responsible for the direction and pacing of the material. Discovery is in excellent hands.

I agree. It’s not as if she’s never worked in television before.

A renewed CBS series on a CBS owned and operated streaming service. Not surprising in the least. What is surprising is that the series is making money…or it wouldn’t be around…or they’ve sunk so much money into it, despite its failings, they’re using it as a pawn in the CAA end game and they’re willing to take a bullet because it’s all they have, camera ready, at the moment.

I’m not so sure how much the show is making them. Some reports are that without Netflix it would be too expensive for them to even consider. Also, Netflix is not a money making machine either. From all reports, the disc rental side is still what is keeping them afloat as nearly 50% of their profits still come from that operation.

Nothing but good news there. He hand on this season has given the show a more grounded emotional resonance, and the plots have seemed far less convoluted. Glad to hear it!