Review: 2019 Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark has four new Star Trek ornaments this year, three of which went on sale on July 13th and one that is a convention exclusive (the I.S.S. Enterprise). This year’s ship is the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the film. A tribble ornament with sound and motion is the Classic Trek offering, and representing Star Trek: Discovery is a Commander Saru and Michael Burnham ornament. Be sure to check out our unboxing video below!


The tribble ornament should be an instant fan favorite. The furry creature hangs from an elastic loop. A Velcro opening on the underside reveals a sound and motion box, which runs on the three included batteries. The tribble is small, about four inches in diameter. Just don’t let it near your quadrotriticale! The Hallmark Keepsake 2019 Tribble Ornament sells for $19.99 USD/$24.99 CAD.

40th Anniversary Motion Picture Enterprise

This year’s ship ornament is the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the film’s release in 1979. The ship is made of plastic and looks very clean. As with almost all of the Hallmark ships, there is no stand; instead, a metal loop on the top near the rear of the saucer section works for hanging. It is packaged well, with a plastic molded insert to rest in, and a piece of foam to protect the nacelles.

The nacelles light up, and the 3 tiny button batteries are included. The registry number and “United Federation of Planets” are printed on both sides of each nacelle. “U.S.S. Enterprise” and “NCC-1701” are printed on the top front of the saucer section, and “Enterprise NCC-1701” is printed much smaller on the aft side of the saucer. On the bottom of the saucer there is a tiny “Enterprise” aft and a larger “NCC-1701” forward. There is no doubt what this ship’s name and registry are!

The paint job is subtle, with only some very pale green highlights/windows details, and a few fine red lines on the stardrive. The U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 Star Trek: The Motion Picture 2019 Keepsake Ornament retails for $32.99 USD/$43.99 CAD.

Commander Saru and Michael Burnham

Star Trek: Discovery receives its second Hallmark Keepsake Ornament in 2019. (The first was the U.S.S. Discovery in 2018). Commander Saru and Michael Burnham are posed on a pedestal base with Michael’s hand resting on Saru’s arm. Saru is holding Georgiou’s telescope case.

This ornament could stand on its own, or it can be hung by the metal loop over Saru’s left shoulder. I like the hanger design on this one, as it is mostly hidden in the back of the piece.

The artwork is very good. The likenesses of the characters are done well, and the intensity on Burnham’s face is pretty true to her season one demeanor. While there are no tiny deltas on the side panels of the uniforms or on the boots, I feel the detailing is enough for a small ornament. Saru’s eyes are a piercing blue and his alien look is only missing some nasty fingernails.

The ornament has Magic Sound, and batteries are included. Pressing the button on the base plays dialogue from the end of season one, when Burnham gave Saru Georgiou’s telescope. It’s a dramatic and emotional moment recreated in a five-inch figure.

The Commander Saru and Micheal Burnham 2019 Keepsake Ornament sells for $29.99USD/$38.99CAD.

All three ornaments are now available to purchase at Hallmark retail stores and

Convention Exclusive: TOS Mirror Mirror ISS Enterprise

A fourth ornament, the TOS Mirror Mirror ISS Enterprise ship, is a convention exclusive. Pricing is $40 and the run is limited to 3,475 units. The exclusive ornament will be available for purchase only at San Diego Comic-Con, Star Trek Las Vegas, and New York Comic Con.

Unboxing video

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Right on!…just ordered the TMP Enterprise. Love my collection of Trek ships on the tree around the holidays. X-Mas in July!

Another instance where the Mid-West is screwed over by the convention circuit. I guess I’ll just have to ebay hunt for one instead of spending a grand on a flight to one of the coasts and back, plus convention costs.

What makes you think you are not going to shell a grand to buy one of the resold units?

I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE Hallmark’s “convention exclusives” with a passion. There was a time when I was literally a “buy ’em all” collector of both the Star Trek and Star Wars ornament releases from Hallmark. Then when Hallmark started making only 1,000 of some ornaments available to people who went to one event in San Diego (and later on the other side of the country at one event in New York), that tradition ended, and I stopped buying all of each year’s new releases. Hallmark would make more money by producing a few thousand more of those “convention exclusive” things and making them available by mail order. I’d love to pay Hallmark $30 to $40 this year to get the new Ewok speeder bike and the I.S.S. Enterprise (from my all-time favorite “Trek” episode). But I’m -not- going to shell out $60 to $100 each over eBay for just a Christmas tree ornament. That amount of money for a Christmas tree ornament doesn’t seem in keeping with the giving-to-the-needy spirit of the season.

Yeah, I mean, sure. I get it. Hallmark is a business and they’re in it to make money. But if they’re going to be doing convention exclusives, why even accounce them publicly? I feel like it’d be much more fun for convention goers to get a fun surprise while they’re there. Instead, Hallmark’s decision created negative feelings from fans who are not able/willing to shell out cash to go. I don’t see any way in which announcing convention exclusives is going to help the bottom line in a way that outweighs the negative goodwill from those who are missing out.

I’ve got two. But I’m seriously thinking of adding the TMP Enterprise. It was my favorite E.

The Saru/Burnham statue is nice, but they messed up a detail: at that time, Saru is first officer on the Discovery, and is wearing command gold, not science silver.

or am I just blind and this is a blue/green dress situation again?

I see gold but it is only slightly different from the silver.

Looks gold to me

Ordered three starships! One for me and two for gifts 8-) My only regret is that I can’t score an ISS Enterprise.

Yawn…Eaglemoss is blowing Hallmark away! They are cheaper and have an accompanying magazine. And they actually do ships that have not been done before. Unlike Hallmark that seems to repeat so much.

Eaglemoss is ruining my life. I have like 40 models already.

Well these are ornaments rather than display models. And Eaglemoss, tbh, went from scraping the bottom of the barrel with their models to collecting the caked grime on the outside and underside of the barrel. Who wants those all ugly kit-bash background blurbs from Wolf 359?
Love their XL series though, picked up the TOS, DSC Enterprises, the D, Voyager and Defiant.

THe 2019 Tribble looks fabulous, but the techs ruined the ornament with a soundbox that sounds NOTHING like a Tribble — no cooing or purring, just a loud obnoxios mechanical scream, like fingers on a chalkboard. I bought two in the hope the noise was a one-off mistake; it isn’t.

Hallmark needs to redo and replace this one.

Found the Klingon spy…

Dammit, all I want for Xmas is that ISS Enterprise . . .

The TMP Enterprise is nice. It’s an ornament. It’s supposed to be an ornament, not a dead accurate model. However, there is one issue that bugs me about it, as it has with many of the Hallmark Enterprise releases. I went through 10 of these in the store ( the shop keepers were kind enough to pull out their back room stock for me ) and I only found two that had engines that were almost aligned with each other and/or the rest of the ship. And ALL of them, every single one, had droopy nacelles. I don’t understand why it’s so hard ( even on a mass produced item like this ) to get the engines SOMEWHAT straight. I’m not asking that they be perfect, just reasonably inline. For me it’s a disappointing flaw in what is otherwise what is otherwise a pretty nice ornament.