CBS All Access Offering Free Month Ahead Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Finale

If you have been holding out on subscribing to CBS All Access, today could be good time to start.  They’ve just announced a one-month-for-free special, just ahead of this week’s Star Trek: Picard season one final. CLICK HERE to try CBS All Access FREE for 1 month. Use code ALL to redeem. 

The offer is valid for new subscribers and is available until April 23. You can binge all of Picard and the rest of the Star Trek library as well as all the other content on All Access. The free month is good for both versions of CBS All Access, with limited commercials (normally $5.99 per month), and commercial-free (normally $9.99 per month).

Picard star Patrick Stewart also hyped the free month (with the code GIFT which also works).


New episodes of Star Trek: Picard are released on CBS All Access in the USA Thursdays at 12:01 AM PT/3:01 AM ET. In Canada it airs Thursdays on CTV Sci-Fi Channel at 6PM PT /9PM ET and streams on Crave. For the rest of the world it streams Fridays on Amazon Prime Video. Episodes are released weekly.

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Is this to gain market share due to Coronavirus or because ratings are way way way down?
Just think, if Picard is the future, CBS in the TNG era will be able to just to build a billion AI life forms that can watch to boost ratings. Or would the illogic of that (and completely ignoring Star Trek The Motion Picture and V’ger’s quest) make them explode TOS style?

I think they can already do that, but unless they pay for All Access subscriptions it would be pretty pointless.

None of these free viewers are going to be paying either – so Picard is right and TMP is wrong!! AI life is fully equal to organics! Bring on the Starfleet of fully engineered super strength, breath in space, live forever life forms.

I think the idea is that they will be hooked after watching season 1, and will want to keep paying so that they can continue watching after the first month.

But that’s the flaw in their thinking because if you TRULY love Picard as a show, come this week it’s done for a long long time. There was some talk season 2 might start soon but with the Coronavirus who knows when it will start now. But chances are season 2 was at least a year away minimum no matter what.

That’s the problem with the long break between these shows, CBS is hoping you subscribe for an entire year to stay loyal to shows that last around 2-3 months and their other line up just doesn’t seem strong enough yet to keep it long term.

I thought they would be smart to announce Discovery or Lower Decks premiere dates weeks ago to keep people on the platform past Picard but we never got that and that was before the Coronavirus.

In fact I’m shocked that there hasn’t been any more trailers for Discovery or Lower Decks (which we haven’t seen any footage yet) considering one of the producers said both shows can start airing by May. It’s just very odd how they are handling it.

Wow nice promotional video. I have had AA since January of 2017 and never cancelled it. I was thinking of doing it after Picard ends but we’ll see. Hopefully this free trial will get more people to watch the new shows. While I’m liking Picard and VERY mixed on Discovery I certainly understand why others are not into these shows. They are different from previous iterations and some question how they are done, but I am just happy to have Star Trek in our lives again and Picard has made me excited about Star Trek personally again I haven’t felt in a long long time. But I just want the franchise to live long and (hopefully) prosper. I want the franchise to thrive again and I will support all the shows, even including Section 31. ;)

To me, this suggests their subscriber level is still not where they would like it to be.

Agreed! I think AA is picking up subs for sure but probably not at the rate they were hoping. I been saying this for a long time now, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 2 strong shows, if most people don’t think the platform as a whole is worth it they are still not going to sign up in the long term. And with something like Picard, a lot of people was probably just waiting for the show to end and binge watch it when it was over. It’s nice AA is giving them that option for free. ;)

This is anecdotal of course but among people I know and work with not one of them were aware CBSAA even existed (until I told them) yet many knew about Disney+ before it even launched. Myself I wouldn’t have even known it existed as a streaming service with originals had I not perused this site. Yet I have been made aware of NBC’s upcoming Peacock thing. I really think CBS is having a tough time breaking in.

BTW… Where I work there were two others who watched The Mandalorian but they both did what I did. Subscribe for the free week just to see the show at the end. We have all since dumped the service.

I completely believe that because I think most of us had never heard of All Access until they announced a Star Trek show was coming. I still remember reading the news (and thrilled) a new Star Trek show was going to be made but then I read it was going to be on All Access and I remember thinking ‘what the hell is All Access????’ And the site had been up at least a year by then lol. I was completely clueless to what it was. So I can see people who still don’t know what it is because it’s NOT like Netflix or Amazon where A. has become a main staple in both America and globally or B. you know someone who has at least one of these if not both.

Until Picard came I didn’t know anyone who subscribed to AA at all and even now it’s only two people I know who do.

Disney+ however nearly everyone I know has it. I have two friends who signed up for it for three years and that was six months before it even came out (you had to be a D-23 member and it was a steep discount like $4 a month). Everyone has at least heard of it but unlike CBS Disney made a HUGE deal about it and why it managed to get four times the subscribers AA has in its first month alone. And yeah it was smart to have the Mandalorian up literally the first day the service debut. I can certainly see a lot of people quitting the site after it was done like you did but it gave Disney HUGE word of mouth and still bought millions of people to at least check it out. Discovery didn’t show up on AA until 3 years after that service was up. MAYBE things would’ve been different if that show debut when AA debut and the word of mouth would’ve at least spread faster but it still would’ve needed more shows to keep people watching it longer than the show.

While AA is more popular today I still don’t think many people are really watching it outside of hardcore Trek fans and even they are still just a few million at best. I still don’t think many people are watching Discovery at all. Picard definitely more obviously but probably not at a huge level either, especially WHEN compared to big shows on other streaming sites.

I don’t think that one can make that inference ML31.

It’s good sense to offer promotional pricing when demand is up and many people face near term budget constraints. In fact, even if subscriptions were roaring, as an investor one would really question the judgment of CBSAA’s marketing executives if they didn’t do this in the current market.

Another thought is that parents with kids at home will be looking for content. Even our Prime Minister (who is living the teleworking quarantine life of a single parent of 3 with no help while his while his wife has COVID-19) has admitted his kids are “watching more movies than usual.”

My sense is that parents will be looking beyond Disney for content for kids at home about now. Even Disney’s library isn’t endless, and a lot of it is very weak on the educational side. Not to mention that there will be a limit to how many times parents will want to hear Frozen 2 running in the background of their workday.

CBSAA, with both Nickelodeon and Wildbrain’s libraries has a lot of content to turn to when Disney runs out. I’m speaking from experience here, although we’ve gone the premium cable route adding all the Wildbrain (formerly Dhx) channels once our kids had pretty much exhausted Disney.

That’s true TG47, but no one else seems to be doing it either, at least not yet.

Of course you already have sites like Netflix and Amazon who offer the first month free regardless but I don’t think AA is benefiting from so many people at home like others because let’s just be honest outside of 1 or 2 shows there is really no hype for anything on that site.

And the BIGGEST problem for AA isn’t really a lack of original shows so much as its movie library is just a joke. AA’s is practically non-existent with less than a hundred of them currently and the newest one was made in 2010. No I’m not kidding. Shows keep people on the site longer but its really the movies that drives most to a site in the first place.

I think its exactly why they decided to make it a package deal with Showtime because there is just no real movie section to turn to. Not everyone wants to binge just old shows and Star Trek, the site just needs more variety, period.

And what’s more crazy is every site out there are actually making films along with shows and AA has not made one original movie. But even when you get past that, it doesn’t have other things like documentaries, specials, etc, something that goes beyond just sitcoms and dramas.

A great example is Netflix just released a documentary show called Tiger Kings. I think it came out a few days ago. My friend texted me and asked me if I was watching it. I had no idea what he was talking about. I said no, I have no interest in watching something like that. He told me don’t think about it, don’t question it, just WATCH IT! I watched the first episode yesterday thinking I would go no farther with it and it is I-N-S-A-N-E lol. Especially because its a true story. I can’t believe the stuff people find to make shows out of. But this is why Netflix is a must have for people because even after you exhausted everything on it you NEVER know what is coming next and there is ALWAYS something coming next, every week on top of all the second hand movies and shows they run.

AA doesn’t have that kind of pull. It’s line up so bland and one note. It has its audience for sure but competition wise its SO behind the curve and you’re talking to someone who has owned it for 3 years now. Man I REALLY love Star Trek lol.

TG47, perhaps yet the biggest streaming providers out there haven’t offered things like that for years. In fact, they really only did it in their early days. The conceit I will give is that CBSAA is still relatively new as a streaming service with original content for about 4 years now.

Count on one less, AA. Unsubscribing indefinitely after the Picard finale. There is just no value there for me for that $10 a month. Very overpriced and limited platform.

Nothing new. Every couple of months they have this free trial offer. Cool promo!

Signed up, even if it meant watching on computer instead of bigger TV. Watched eps 2 & 3 before streaming delays kinda wrecked things. Main takeaway: you’ve got some actors really bringing it, making most of material, while others look like they belong on KRYPTON or SyFy or somesuch. Way too contemporary in action, which is even more problematic with the anachronistic expressions in dialog. Also am still amazed by the so-far weaknesses in VFX. The stuff on Mars was like seeing uprezzes of BABYLON 5. The space stuff seems lit ‘wrong’ in ways I can’t readily identify, which is weird unto itself. Biggest contrast with early TNG: the older actors, especially guest stars, seem to be the ones who are bringing their best game. Stewart, however, is not a draw for me here. There are a lot of questions about his post supernova behavior and I’m thinking we don’t get them answered satisfactorily. But I’ll ride it out and see.