Podcast: All Access Goes To SXSW For The ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Premiere

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 176 - TrekMovie - Star Trek: Discovery at SXSW

Anthony and Laurie start with the latest intel on Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. They talk about the Critics Choice Super Awards nominations for Strange New Worlds and Picard, then dive into Terry Matalas’ comments about choices made, ideas abandoned, and production challenges on seasons 2 and 3 of Picard. Then it’s time to get into the latest live events: Tony talks about his experience at Star Trek San Francisco and the podcasters talk about panels with Melissa Navia, Robert Picardo (about Prodigy), and Lower Decks cast members.

Then it’s Discovery time! Laurie and Tony play clips from TrekMovie’s red carpet interviews with Sonequa Martin-Green, Alex Kurtzman, Michelle Paradise, Wilson Cruz, Doug Jones, and Blu del Barrio, who talk about what to expect in season 5 as well as the legacy of the show itself and what might come in the future. (Mary Wiseman and David Ajala were there, but didn’t make it over to our spot on the very hectic red carpet.) They wrap up with their own spoiler-free thoughts on the first four episodes of the new season.


‘Starfleet Academy’ May Not Arrive Until 2026; Alex Kurtzman Talks Bringing In New Star Trek Fans

‘Star Trek: Picard’ And ‘Strange New Worlds’ Nominated For 8 Critics Choice Super Awards

‘Picard’ Season 2 Was Rewritten After Paramount Deemed It “Too Star Trek,” Says EP

Terry Matalas On Why Janeway And Harry Kim Weren’t In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ And The Fate Of The Enterprise-E

Terry Matalas Working On Non-Star Trek Projects, But “They Know Where To Find Me” For ‘Legacy’

Creation Brings Back Regional Star Trek Conventions Starting In San Francisco This Weekend, Chicago In Fall

Ethan Phillips asking Terry Matalas a question during fan Q&A at ST-SF [Twitter/X]

Robert Picardo Says The Doctor Isn’t Just Comic Relief In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2

Melissa Navia Talks “Incredible Things” For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Cast Pitches Musical Episode And Another ‘Strange New Worlds’ Crossover

Interview: Sonequa Martin-Green On The “Big Thing” In ‘Discovery’ Season 5 And Her Potential Star Trek Futur

Paramount Pictures Taps ‘Discovery’ Writer To Pen Original Star Trek Feature Film  [from 2021]

The Kellerun (from DS9’s “Armageddon Game”) [Memory Alpha]

Interview: Wilson Cruz On Dr. Culber’s Arc In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 And Who Is Chief Medical Officer

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As much as I do not like the show in an overall sense, there is some positives to celebrate.. and the biggest is the cast. These are all great actors and they definitely elevate the material. I know they’ll go on to great things.

I can’t wait for those of who shared their negative opinions on DSC on the last article yesterday to repeat those opinions here, and then repeat them again on every DSC article from today through the end of the season.

If I could collect a fee for cutting and pasting on DSC articles, I could make out very nicely financially. Lol

Yes do that cut and paste thing and collect a fee. I did that for every one of your LDS articles and I’m now typing this from my mansion in the Maldives.

You’re welcome!

Question, would Discovery have been better if that’s all we had?

No Picard, No SNW

Has it become the weakest link and thus ended……

It seems like the plan from the beginning was always to have multiple shows, as in the TNG era. Nick Meyer was working on a Khan series as soon as Discovery started. The genesis of what became Picard was rumored very early in Discovery’s run.

Hi Laurie,

Michelle Paradise in the interview here says that the new season of Discovery is more episodic than previous seasons, but from your review it sounds like that is not actually the case?

It is definitely more episodic than previous seasons! Sorry if we didn’t convey that well in our review. I think we even mentioned different locations for each episode.

But hasn’t been the case with the last three seasons? They done a lot of standalone stories inside a bigger arc but always connected in a way.

It sounds like this is the same thing or are the stories truly standalone and not attached to the bigger story?

I think previous seasons have had a couple of standalone stories inside a bigger arc, but were much heavier on the serialization. This one (so far) seems to have a beginning middle, and end for each section of the journey to get the item or info they need. It does feel different.

I just about blew my coffee out my nose at the suggestion of a straight all white male episode. All you need are the go go dancer uniforms for the female crew, Mylar wraparound bikinis for female aliens, and crappy “captain, I’m afraid” dialogue….

Recently finished the podcast. Great as always. Even though it looks doubtful that Legacy will be greenlit, I think that Janeway and Naomi Wildman should be saved for episodes of that show. I am glad we only got 10 episodes for PS3, since I think that story of going to a Tortuga-like area of space would have taken too much away from the main story. The 10-hour version was more streamlined.

Hey Anthony/Laurie, im doing a rewatch of discovery season 4 and wanted to listen to your review podcasts from that season. when i go back to the links for those episodes on the site there is no podcast link. Is there any way to listen to them? thanks!

Sorry for late reply. I saw your comment and discussed it with Anthony, so I thought he was going to reply to you. It’s an artifact of how we have our podcasts published, the podcast feed only shows the most recent 100 episodes. So the DSC S4 podcasts are just outside that range. We’re planning on moving to a podcast hosting service and that hopefully should let us reinstate every podcast episode. The podcast audio files are of course still actually on our server, just not showing in the podcast feeds.

If you’re still interested in listening to the season 4 podcasts, I think I can figure something out temporarily.