BREAKING: Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Moves To December And New Venue

The official Star Trek Las Vegas convention is the biggest annual gathering of Trek fans and celebrities. In recent years it has been held around the first week of August at the Rio Hotel. However, due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, that has changed.

STLV on December 9 at Caesars Forum Conference Center

Today, Creation Entertainment made it official, announcing that the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention is moving to a new date and a new venue. The official announcement reads in part:

During these challenging times, the safety of our Star Trek convention attendees, celebrities and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We have continued to monitor the local, federal and international protocols concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, and while we had hoped that our Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas could take place in August, due to the unprecedented circumstances, we must postpone and move to a new venue.

The new plan is for STLV to be held from December 9-13, 2020. The 19th annual con will be held at Caesars Forum Conference Center Las Vegas, the brand-new, state-of-the-art $375 million facility which is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

Caesars Forum Conference Center Las Vegas

The Conference Center features direct access to the new host hotel, the newly renovated Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Celebrity guests are still being finalized for the new date, but William Shatner, Walter Koenig, Kelsey Grammer, and more have been confirmed. Creation is currently working on more confirmations. Updates on the guest list can be found on the Creation STLV site.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Those with reserved tickets and seating will have those reservations transferred to the new date and updated tickets will be sent by email. Creation advises those who were planning to attend the August convention to cancel their hotel reservations at this time. They will be providing revised booking links shortly to re-book hotel reservations for the new date.

Those who want refunds are advised to email The deadline for refund requests for the convention is June 19, 2020

Currently, new admission passes and tickets have been temporarily taken off sale, but Creation promises they will be available soon.

TrekMovie will provide updates on this developing story.

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Interesting. But given the possibility (even liklihood) of a second wave of COVID hitting in the late fall, I would want to make sure any tickets or reservations made for this are fully refundable. And even if it does happen, it seems likely there will be health and safety measures in place that might restrict or eliminate things like autograph sessions, etc.

This still feels like too soon, but I suppose things are changing quickly now.

Good points

It should’ve been called off.

Sadly you make a good point. All we have to do is look south to the Brazil who are in the middle of winter and the flu season. You can see the havoc COVID-19 is having down there. Let’s all hope that is not how things will look here come December. Until then, planning for events is fine and the new venue should be pretty cool.

Brazil is struggling with the virus. Their president is basically Trump down there. Hopefully we don’t get a second wave in the fall. The country is starting to reopen again.

Trump is a genius compared to Bolsonaro.


What do you mean, “second wave”??? Trump’s warp-speed vaccine will be available by then!

Star Trek Las Vegas should have been canceled for the year but the delay to December is okay. The new venue is pretty nice.

It depends how bad the second wave of COVID-19 hits in the fall. Influenza and the flu virus is something else to consider.

In other news, I graduated high school today. The class of 2020 is nothing like years past. Going to school in the middle of a global pandemic is an achievement. I survived COVID so nothing can stop me.


Thank you!

A big congrats to you!!! You should be very proud of yourself! Also, it’s great to see younger people on here! We need new viewers to keep trek alive and strong. (I’m 30 and a second generation trekkie myself. My mom has been a trekkie since TOS.)

Interesting news and with any luck one of the vaccines being tested will be approved, effective, safe and ready, then the world can start to return to normal. Realistically STLV 2021 might be something to plan for instead. Especially if it is held on the strip. If that happens, I know the Rio is not far, but having a new future home in the centre of everything would be really cool to see and an even better drawing card for STLV.

Brazil is in trouble dealing with COVID-19. It’s really bad down there in Brazil. God bless Brazil, they can make it.

South Korea did a nice job keeping it under control. I wish our country followed South Korea’s example. Instead, thousands of people are dead and Donald Trump’s incompetent leadership is to blame.

He blames China for unleashing this plague on the world. Removing the U.S. from the World Health Organization and all that. His scapegoat to deflect from his failures.

Maybe by December, there could be a vaccine and things would get better. I like the new venue.

You literally, not figuratively, have no clue what you’re taking about. The school system failed you, and for that I hope you find a way to achieve great things despite it.

Nope. He’s right on the mark!

How bizarre is it that the only huge U.S. conventions that are insisting they will move forward full-bore this year during this horrible pandemic are Trump’s Republican Convention and Creation’s Star Trek Las Vegas Convention?

Trump won’t win the election. He has made so many mistakes this year it’s laughable. Twitter destroyed him. I’m voting in November so he won’t get four more years. He basically trumped himself, get it.

The Democratic Convention is unlikely to happen because of the pandemic. Republicans will figure that out.

“You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.” – Scott Adams [American comedian; creator of Dilbert cartoon]

Says the guy who just graduated high school. Tell us more of your wisdom.

I’ll take a young person over the failed baby boom generation any day!

Uhmmm.. coronavirus?

It’s really simple: Everybody going to the con (fans, stars, employees, media) has to go to Vegas 2 weeks early and then they are all locked into quarantine for 2 weeks (away from each other, of course). Everybody who’s clean after the 2 weeks can see the show, everybody else has to leave.

.. well said

The new location is very nice, modern and high tech. We have seen this facility being built when we ride the monorail in Vegas, which is a great way to get around. It is very impressive. Our friends who live in town, have told us about the Forum. The rumor is that the Rio may not be open by Aug or it will be torn down to make a baseball stadium eventually. I am sure Creations wants to bring some Trek to the fans this year as there would be those to would chastise Creations if they blew off this year, either way, they would not win. Dec is a good time in Vegas, cool, if not downright cold. Far different from the summer when pools are open to lounge by. Harrah’s has been upgraded/remodeled, so its still a good place to stay if you plan to attend. The Linq (Odo would stay there), next to Harrah’s, was remodeled from the old Imperial Palace, this place has the most cost effective price for rooms. Flamingo is very good too, just a bit further to walk from to the Forum. Price is average for rooms, we have stayed there before and enjoyed it as they have Margaritaville there, great nachos but bring your crew as one person cannot finish their volcano Nachos. My wife & I tried, did not make it.
Regarding the virus, its nothing to take lightly but these events can work out as long as humans follow the right precautions. Once the vaccine companies are developing come out, we can enjoy the “Khan” as it should be again.

.. they are really milking this for all it’s worth! When even the infamous cdc just announced its not going to be as bad as the “models” originally predicted, that herd immunity is working, hospitalizations and fatalities have dropped tremendous especially in states who have opened! The total deaths are still less than 1%, and in some areas those recovered are now higher numbers than the fatalities! Daily auto accidents kill more on a daily basis than this little flu! Heck, the multiple strains of the every day, every season of the regular flu kills more! We need to get the politics out of this, let people go back to work AND start living again with sporting events, concerts, large gatherings and more!

..correction since I’m unable to edit.. the recoveries are higher than the cases