‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Coming To CTV Sci-Fi Channel And Crave In Canada

Some good news for Canadian Star Trek fans as another show lands on CTV Sci-Fi.

Lower Decks headed to Canada

The upcoming animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks has found a home in Canada. Today it was announced that the show will air on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly Space) and will also stream on Crave. The announcement came today from Mike Cosentino, Bell Media’s president of content and programming, during his CTV Homefront presentation.

Lower Decks being on CTV Sci-Fi and Crave is not a surprise, as they are the Canadian homes of the other two new Star Trek shows. From their announcement:

First came Star Trek: Discovery. Then came Star Trek: Picard. Now, we’re getting a Star Trek series unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Earlier today, we announced that Star Trek: Lower Decks, the latest addition to the Trek canon, will be coming to CTV Sci-Fi Channel later this year. Unlike Discovery and PicardLower Decks—set shortly after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis—is a half-hour comedy that focuses on the more lighthearted aspects of being a Starfleet crew member. Oh, and it’s also animated.

Of course, Lower Decks will stream exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access, but there’s no word yet on where it will be available outside the USA and Canada. Currently, Discovery is available internationally on Netflix, with Picard on Amazon Prime Video.

This is the second significant update for Lower Decks in the last week. Just five days ago CBS released the first new images from the show since Comic-Con 2019.  Hopefully, more info and the first trailer are not far off, maybe even during Comic-Con@Home in July.

Pictured (l-r): Tawny Newsome as Ensign Mariner, Noel Wells as Ensign Tendi, Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford, Jack Quaid as Ensign Boimler

Keep up on all the Star Trek: Lower Decks news here at TrekMovie.com.

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That is great news for the Canadians like me!

Our household is happy.

(Although I just got an ‘of course’ + eye-roll from the eldest.)

Since Discovery and Picard are on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video internationally, Lower Decks could land on either Netflix or Amazon outside the USA and Canada. That’s up to CBS to decide.

Canadian Star Trek fans will rejoice. Great news for my friends north of the border.

>That’s up to CBS to decide.

Er no.. Someone has to pay for it you know

Yeah. The decision CBS (or ViacomCBS?) has to make is whose offer they accept.

Not sure why I need to say this, but an article about where to watch a cartoon in Canada is not the place to start political trolling. In fact, there is no place on this site to start political trolling.

Thank you

The Management

I’d love to see “Lower Decks” visit the Dyson sphere from “Relics.” Somebody ought to, by golly.

Once again, Canada is the easiest place to get Trek. Wish Trek was on Sci-Fi here and not AA.

Before lamenting too much, for Canadians like me to access on the Sci-Fi channel, I have to pay a $32 per month premium on top of the basic package from Bell Fibe (the tv service provider). Now of course that does include the Bell TSN Sports channels that I watch, so I am not paying the $32 just for the Sci-Fi channel AND Sci-Fi does show all the other Star Trek iterations (with the exception of TAS) as well as other shows that I watch including SG-Atlantis – but just making sure people in the U.S. know it isn’t free and IT IS NOT AVAILABLE over the air (OTA) via antenna.

Yes this is what gets missed over and over again, people who have that station like you pay WAAY more for it. And from what I understand the pay changes for the channel depending on the service or where you live, correct? The lowest I heard was $18 (I assume that’s Canadian dollars obviously). And that’s also WITH commercials too that everyone here seem so offended in having.

I pay $6 on AA with commercials and NOT complaining. Yes AA still sucks as a service (why I only pay the $6 option) and I don’t believe most people care about it in general since hardly anything on it people are raving about as a must-see (that sadly includes DIS or PIC), but that’s a bottom of the barrel cost. I mean I would happily pay that if it was ONLY Star Trek lol. And unlike cable, you can cancel anytime and get no hassles from anyone when you want to do it.

AA may be bad but it’s still a better choice overall versus cable when it comes to Star Trek. And as I also say I highly doubt we would be getting as much Star Trek as we are without it.

While we’ve gone the premium cable route like DeanH, mainly because it gets us TSN and Disney and Family channels, BellMedia’s OTT service crave is a good option for many. I note that the amount of commercial/advertisement time permitted in Canada, especially on premium cable is lower than on US broadcast television.

crave’s basic package starts at $CDN 9.99 a month, and includes all the Star Trek content and other favourites like Dr Who. I’m not sure, but I believe crave is ad-free.

Yeah, Bell tv service various from region to region. Here in Toronto they offer the fibre service, in other areas they offer satellite, etc. So yes, even the same company has different pricing from region to region and province to province.
As for the streaming vs cable/fibre debate, i have never understood the anger, except from the standpoint that one has to actually make some changes to the way one watches tv. And making those changes is understandably a pain. When I lived in the US, I dropped my Comcast premium cable pkg back in 2015 and went to a starter pkg supplemented with multiple streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and CBSAA along with NHLTTV ESPN and MLBTV. I ended up paying less than what I was paying Comcast.
The paywall issue is IMO irrelevant, back here in Canada I too have to pay for Discovery and Picard, it’s just I pay Bell instead of CBS. I guess if those shows were on network TV instead of premium tv up here or streaming in the US, some would use an antenna to watch it OTA essentially for free. So if all those paywall naysayers do use an antenna only to watch television, then I apologize.

Sorry back in 2015 I signed up to CBS.com as CBSAA didn’t exist until later.

I’m not sure that broadcast availability in the United States was all that universal for anything not on the affiliates of the big three networks. I suspect more that people have hit the limit with the total fees for their video entertainment and information.

When I was in the US, I was able to see really fuzzy versions of the 90s series on UHF with an antenna, but friends in another neighborhood couldn’t get anything without basic cable.

Like many Canadians, I’ve had cable or satellite most of my life. Can’t imagine not being able to get the US networks and border stations. But the monthly fees whether cable, satellite or streaming are very high now, and wouldn’t make sense for a single person.

I never thought it was free. I was under the impression it was part of a cable package. Hence, it’s pretty easy to get in Canada. Here in the US we have to jump through hoops to get CBSAA.

It is ironic when it was announced Discovery was going to Netflix so many people were ecstatic about it because they thought they were getting the better deal; being on a service most people already had and actually cared about unlike AA.

But now, it does look like in the long term people in America may be the ones who benefit since it’s guaranteed all the new shows will end up in one place at least. There is not that same guarantee internationally now.

That said LD could still end up on Netflix or Amazon and I think it will end up on one of those. But if it doesn’t then it will anger a lot of people. At least the ones who are interested in it.

This is welcome news. Now waiting with baited breath to find out where the rest of us will be able to see it.