Preview “Caves” With First Images From ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Episode 408

This week the fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks gets closer to the end with the eighth episode out of ten. We have details and the first images.


Episode 8 of season 4 is called “Caves.” The episode was written by Ben Rodgers and directed by Megan Lloyd. It arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 19.


The Lower Deckers go on a classic cave mission.

New images:

Jack Quaid as Brad Boimler, Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner, Eugene Cordero as Rutherford and Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi (Paramount+)

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford, Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi, Jack Quaid as Brad Boimler and Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner (Paramount+)

Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner (Paramount+)

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford and Gillian Vigman as Dr. T’Ana (Paramount+)

Noel Wells as Tendi and Tawny Newsome as Mainer (Paramount+)

Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi (Paramount+)

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford and Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi (Paramount+)

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford, Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner, Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi and Jack Quaid as Brad Boimler (Paramount+)

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford, Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi, Jack Quaid as Brad Boimler and Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner (Paramount+)

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Not quite sure whose sock that is on his face but that first image is so cute. Brad Boimler is so cute.

Lol Boims is super cute when he’s yelling like a wild man!

Just have to ask this: where’s T’Lyn been?

Why are they still using those old TNG phasers? Oh right this show overdosed on nostalgia.

I bet you’re super-fun at a party.

It’s like there’s some weird clout chasing contest to see who can prove they’re the least capable of joy. This is why I don’t believe opinions expressed here are particularly representative in any meaningful way.

Here’s another observation — I see it time after time after time here that anyone saying anything negative about this series get’s hammered on by multiple fans of the show.

This level of hypersensitivity is silly, and frankly it’s smacks of people who lack confidence in their “99% always positive” views on this series.

It’s been four seasons, all basically consistent in look and tone. It isn’t breaking news that there’s a nostalgia element to it. You know if you like the show or not. You’re an adult. You probably know if this show’s vibe is for you by now. It is what it is.

This can be said for every Trek show lol. Some will love one, others will loath it. Some will be very critical of it, others will defend it to their very last breath. I can’t think of any shows or films that didn’t have this contingent of fans, including all the new stuff.

But your’re right, there will just be some shows or movies not for some people. There is enough Star Trek today to just focus on what you like if there are a few you just can’t get into no matter what.

Yeah, the trick is to be live and let live. After a while, though, people should know what they’re getting from a show. We’re not in season 1 here.

I also don’t buy that everyone with internet access is a serious critic. Most people don’t spend years on shows they don’t like. At the end of the day we’re all adults and this is just a silly show that was never meant to be for everyone.

If folks like the back and forth that goes on here, that’s cool. But is it really a microcosm of fandom? Hardly.

I never understand why people get so triggered one way or the other? It’s just TV shows, none of this is important.

I absolutely love LDS, but not once have I ever got on anyone’s case who don’t like it or says bad things about it for four years now. I just never cared. But same time I have definitely said things about shows and movies I think sucks and people have attacked me for saying it. Some people even try to censor you from saying anything negative and those people I ignore.

For me people should just be free to say what they want, good or bad, but you can’t have it both ways when you constantly dump on one show but then whine when people say negative things about the show you like. That happens a lot.

But if I truly hated a show that much four years later I would’ve stopped watching it. Some people just like to hate watch though.

As for LDS, most people seem pretty positive about it here, a big reason I started posting. There seems to be way more fans than haters. Same with Trekcore and Reddit, those places has huge LDS love and support. You don’t even see any arguments about the show anymore on those boards. With Discovery though it seems to be the opposite. 😂

Same with Trek-core and Red-dit, those places have huge LDS love and support. You don’t even see any arguments about the show anymore on those boards

Trek-core — Mary — 5 days ago
I didn’t like this episode, myself. It just seemed pointless. The “trying to rehabilitate computers” at the Daystrom Institute seemed silly. Worse yet, I didn’t like the “deus ex machina” where Badgey suddenly sees the error of his ways and breaks off his attack. In fact, I didn’t buy the redemption of any of the evil AI’s. It all seemed too easy.

Red-dit — Krennson — 5 days ago
Starfleet computer security CAN’T be THAT bad, right? if nothing else, basic randomization should provide SOME defense…..

And for both of these comments above, yes, other fans disagreed and comment as such, so that’s arguing by anyone’s definition.

Whoops! :-)) Lol

Ah bro we weren’t supposed to be responding to each other remember. 🙄

You do this all the time. I wasn’t talking to you. You’re too annoying to talk to as half this board reminds you on a daily basis.

And I didn’t say people loved every episode genius, even I complain about episodes I don’t like lol. That’s normal and part of just being a fan. And I said there seems to be more fans than haters on these boards. So A. I’m acknowledging there are still people who don’t like the show, right? But B. they seem to be in the minority these days, I’m also right on that too..right?

The time it took you to scrounge up TWO comments who didn’t like an episode you could’ve saved yourself the trouble if you just read more closely. 😉


And what I was actually saying is there are no arguments over if it’s a ‘legit’ show anymore or people arguing if it’s canon or not. Most people accepted the show as a true Trek show (even if they still don’t love it) unlike you who four seasons on still whining that it even exists or canon.

You spend all your time moaning over a show no one is forcing you to watch to the point you’re probably on your way to getting banned again because even the owner here has had enough of your whining over it and put you on notice. Has anyone else here who don’t like the show has been warned they could get banned over it? Just you. Why is that you think? It’s sad but funny. 😂

You just can’t help yourself guy. That’s why you’re annoying and a hypocrite on top of it.

Are those your alter egos on the other sites?


No, I don’t post on either of those sites.

How about those who have your view follow your advice and “live and let live” regarding the frankly kind of rare negative opinions on this show? I mean, 90%+ of the comments are so positive, but when that small 10%- of fans dares to have a negative opinion, they are pounced on here like a Piranha feeding frenzy?

The problem is the hyper-sensitivity from many of the fans of this show who are hardly ever critical of it — and it’s ganging up on people with a less than positive opinion, time after time. That’s just lame and immature

This from the guy who used to try and bully and insult anyone who said how much they thought Discovery sucked. You’re the last person who should be talking about this lol.

And yeah the comments are 90% positive. That should tell you something chief. But who is insulting you here because you have issues with the show? Who is getting on your case about it? Who are these evil posters ‘pouncing’ on everyone? And for four seasons now? NAME THEM please. Draw up a list so they can be reported so you can stop whining. It’s certainly not me lol. Can you name 3 people? I bet you can’t. 😉🙄

You’re the most hyper sensitive person here lol, that’s the irony. And always looking to play the victim like right now. No one cares you don’t like the show bro. As others have told you grow up and get over yourself. It’s a 24 minute cartoon you can simply ignore it and no one will care but you can’t just let go or just have a normal conversation with people. Why you been warned by the guy who created the site. He’s even got tired of you.

My mistake for not noticing who I was responding to.

Thanks for all the insults though. Rather sad how you hold a grudge for so long though.


This is why you are close to being banned. Always lying and constantly trying to start fights with people… people who have asked you to ignore them for over 3 years now.

You honestly expect me and everyone here to believe you spent digging up quotes on various websites to make a ‘gotcha’ but you somehow missed the person you were responding to? Did you close your eyes when you hit the reply button?

You’re beyond pathetic and lie worse than a 9 year old. 🙄

And I don’t like talking to trolls and bullies and you’re both.

Dude do you just cut and paste this like twice a year when we end up conversing? Because it’s getting so old and it’s so childish.

And I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but I did not pay attention to who it was and it was accidental that I responded to you.

But keep on with the personal insults and congratulating yourself — you’re so good at it.

Bro what gets old are are your same responses every time you talk about this show lol.

And no one with an IQ above 20 believe you somehow didn’t realize you were talking to me when you responded not once but twice. This is why you’re so pathetic. And this is not the first time you responded to me. All those were accidents too? 🙄

Look in a mirror guy, per usual you’re arguing with multiple people here because you can’t stop lying or ever admit you’re wrong. Ever.

Just read all of your posts to me here — they speak for themselves in terms of your level of maturity.

Says the guy who gets into petty fights with people daily here lol.

How many people, besides you do I get into fights with? And you can’t even admit you responded to me on purpose. You’re not THAT old man.

I ask you to just leave me alone. You can’t even do that.

“I ask you to just leave me alone. You can’t even do that..”

Lol, it’s like you completely forgot how two months ago out of nowhere you starting attacking me in a thread and broke that agreement yourself?

I suppose you won’t even acknowledge that now, right?

Of course I remember it’s all here lol. And that’s because you were making up BS and I called you on it. But I know I was wrong and never bothered you since. What’s annoying about you is you constantly pull this naive act and always attacking me in your posts. You don’t think I know who ‘those two dudes’ are? You’re obsessed with people here.

This is the third time man, the THIRD time you pretended that you didn’t know you were replying to me. 🙄

Who else has my handle? No one. Stop playing stupid no one is buying it. At least be a man and admit it.

I don’t like you and what’s sad I used to like talking to you until you got obsessive and creepy with everything I said. I think half the board don’t like you. You’re toxic and why people keep calling you out and keep getting warned for trolling. Leave me alone.

Stop pretending like you don’t know you’re responding to and leave me alone weirdo. 🙄

How about this – instead of writing a “term paper length essay” that’s all over the place and throws out your business ad usual personal insults against me, how about instead just taking accountability for what you did, like:

“Yeah you’re right. I have a different set of rules for others than myself when I make an agreement, because I admit that I just can’t help myself sometimes”

You don’t need to spend a thousand words of misdirection to just take accountability.

You see, that’s a difference between you and me. You pointed out in a couple of posts here about my troubles in the past and I’ve taken accountability and admit those problems I’ve had. However, you refuse to take accountability because you think the rules don’t apply to you

No you’re toxic and I’m only talking to you because you responded to me and now pretending like you didn’t know it was me. 🙄

I already said I was wrong so what are you talking about? You’re the one who is LYING about not knowing it was me. How stupid do you think people are here?

But I’m bet you’re regretting it now. Good. You’re nothing but a useless troll.

Just leave me alone and go away. If you ‘accidently’ respond to me again then I’ll really start getting truthful.

Are you starting this up again? WTF, I thought we wrapped up this nonsensical waste of time hours ago?

Move on, grow up, stop addressing me please. Sheesh!

Dude, I’m not taking any sides here but I remember you talked me down a few months ago when I went through a similar back and forth and want to return the favor. I think just let this one go. You know it’s pointless. Just my advice.

But yes this is why there should be an ignore button so these threads don’t get constantly derailed. OK, I’m done now.

Actually that post was my final response to him. I just want the sociopath to ‘accidently” stop responding to me. I know he’ll never admit it and why half the board hates him and he’s such a troll. But this thread has been detailed enough.

It’s time to get back discussing Lower Decks! And this episode was awesome! 😎👍

No, this is your newest personal attack on me by not so cleverly putting it in a response to another poster — and everyone here can see that’s what your doing — you are not fooling anyone.

I don’t want to converse on this anymore and had thought we had both moved on yesterday afternoon, but then you posted that personal attack again last night, and another one here today by using another person, which is pathetic.

I was done with this BS that is obviously embarrassing both us 24 hours ago, but you just can’t let it go. The last thing I want to do is continue this nonsense, but you just can’t help yourself to keep this up, WTF, man?

Enough already, and please stop using others for your demented grudge-revenge personal attacks.

Don’t “accidentally ‘ respond to again weirdo or you’ll get this again. You’re probably on your way to being banned again anyway.

Take it easy! 😎

Your trying to get me to overreact and reduce myself to your level of personal attacks to get me booted has failed 100%. I will continue to defend myself against any BS personal attacks like this.

Have a good evening 😊

LOL good to know!

And yes LDS was great this week. Really enjoyed it. I just love weird and trippy Star Trek stories the most and this episode didn’t disappoint lol. And the ending was very sweet as well. :)

Bro I laughed so hard with every flashback! 😂

Just so much awesome craziness on every story. I think Rutherford was easy the craziest and Dr. T’Ana always crack me up with that vicious mouth. Ending was really nice too. Love this show. ❤️

The problem is we just aren’t sure if this is part of Star Trek’s future history whether we like it or not. If only someone would constantly remind us that it is.

Who cares if it is or isn’t?? Nobody… except for you… who CONSTANTLY brings it up over and over. It’s a cartoon about a fictional show. Get over it!

That’s…probably not the person who constantly brings it up.

enough already is 100% correct. Some people can’t let go of it when I bring it up and it gets into all kinds of back-and-forth when it could’ve been me simply just making one statement and him just ignoring it if he didn’t like it,

Spoke isn’t saying that, just reflecting other posts.

Agreed. Every time I bring it up he just goes on and on about it with his responses. He can’t let it go with me just having my quick say — it’s always a big deal for him.

This is the type of hypersensitivity I’ve been talking about— thank you!

He wasn’t agreeing with you and you know it. Just more trollish behavior per usual from you.

Guy is such a weirdo and obsessed nerd. It shouldn’t matter either way, just that people enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it. think it’s silly and childish, cool, I can respect that. But then stop watching if you’re this bothered about it to the point you look like a crazy person online.

Do you feel better now after that third personal attack?

Dude I said I made a mistake by responding to you. But now you got multiple posts personally attacking me?

Jesus it’s like middle school again. — are you proud of these comments?

You’re the one who keeps responding to me when I’ve asked you multiple times not to. And now you’re claiming it’s a ‘mistake’. Do you think anyone buys that? This is why you’re a troll.

And I’m not out to get you. I just don’t want to talk to you. I even defended you when Tiger2 accused you of attacking him and me a few months ago, do you remember that? He probably was right too because you just can’t help yourself at all.

And you keep throwing out digs as if you think I don’t notice. I let those slide because you come off a sad little man who can’t help but to be obsessed with people who disagree with you on anything. You keep calling out Phil because the guy happens to just be right over the films being dead for like 7 years now but you take it as some personal slight towards you. And per usual people called you out over it.

You have some deep psychological issues. Everyone here sees it and barely wants to talk to you. You can make all the sock puppets you want to try and talk to people, it’s still sad you literally have to trick people to talk to you as you did multiple times with me.

Very sad.

Just read this? Dude, are you like 13?

You are the one who act like a 13 year old. How many sock puppets did you make again to talk to me when I constantly put you on ignore? How many people do you fight with daily here? Look in a mirror.

Any objective person looking at your posts and my posts since last night would know who is behaving like the triggered pre-teen here

Go back and read your comments to me since last night with all the insults and old grudge material — your comments speak for themselves.

You insult people all the time. You tried to insult me when I wasn’t even talking to you.

How many troll warnings have you gotten? Your comments always speak for themselves. That’s why you can’t have normal conversations with people.

You every heard of “brevity?”

Jesus, did you really just write this huge psychological essay on me?

I think I’ll wait for the Cliffs Notes version. Lol

Keep avoiding the question how many troll warnings have you gotten? You don’t ever look in a mirror to your behavior. You were even banned. You shouldn’t even be here now.

Stop ‘accidently’ responding to me weirdo. This is the third time now.

I will just say this and that fans are passionate as they are with every show and movie and that’s part of every fandom obviously along with having very direct opinions over it, good or bad.

This has been part of Trek as far back as TOS and continued through the films and later spin off shows. Today it’s more amplified because we now have sites like this and social media to express ourselves as much as we want 24/7 which I believe is (mostly) a good thing.

But I will agree at some point if you just know a show or film is just not for you and never will be then maybe it’s time to just walk away. But as you know, that’s easier said than done in any fandom, especially for fans like here who has been invested for decades now.

And I tit’s been said, most people seem to at least like the show and the ones who still don’t should definitely feel like they can freely express it even if it’s a minority view. I come to hear all sides and I sometimes find myself agreeing to the opposing side if their argument is well reasoned enough. That’s a good thing.

But when it just falls to shouting and name calling then that’s when I wish we just had an ignore button so we wouldn’t have to read it like other places. Unfortunately we do not.

There are blocking features on every site I go to except this one unfortunately although I actually rarely use it. But it’s nice to know it’s there if you are dealing with toxic people who can’t just disagree or move on but want to constantly fight with everyone.

Most people are really cool here though. I get along with practically everyone. Never once been warned by the mods here about what I say and I certainly been negative (although I been way more positive lately which is weird for me lol).

But it’s not people who share a negative opinion that is the issue. It’s when they constantly spam it everywhere and want to bully people and constantly telling them they are wrong for feeling differently. That Alpha Predator guy did it constantly and they finally booted him for it. Maybe they need to boot one or two more here so people can just post in peace, regardless if their opinion is positive or negative.

Agreed. As I said, I WANT to hear all sides, that’s not really the issue. It’s only when you get certain personalities that harp on the same things over and over again it starts to get tiresome and repetitive. Even worse when they constantly want to make the same arguments to the same dozen people. This is a small community and everything stands out more. Ironically if we were in a place like Reddit, it gets drowned out because it’s so big. Or people can just repeat themselves but with so many threads it doesn’t have the same impact.

I really love TM and most of the posters here, even the ones I fiercely disagree with from time to time. But an ignore button would go a long way to solving some of these issues and the constant off topic arguments some people seem to constantly do here.

So your three personal attack posts above are of course not bullying… you get a free pass since I am evil apparently. Sad!

How many warnings have you gotten on this board all the times you been here? You were also banned before. Whose fault was that?

Get a hint man and look in the mirror. I’m not your your problem. None of us are. You are your own problem if you still don’t know how to have conversations with people without being marked for trolling or being a dick.


Again I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but I accidentally responded to you without paying attention to who it was. Now I’ve got 10 posts from you trashing me every which way you can.

Whatever. You just continue to be you.

Didn’t answer my question. You’re a troll and a liar. People are sick of your nonsense. You don’t get banned and constant troll warnings for nothing guy.

You didn’t accidentally respond to me. Does anyone believe this guy didn’t know he was responding to me?

You got issues and display them daily here.

I’ll say it again, I was not paying and did not intend whatsoever to poke the bear here.

Do you think I enjoy your cut and paste “trip down memory lane” multiple slams on me? You’re the only one having fun here — your multiple emoticons show how much you covet being able to slam me here. You know it’s wrong and claim that’s it’s me who’s the bad guy. but it’s so freaking obvious that you relish this — and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think everyone else here can see that.

I would be the first person here to admit that I have made some mistakes and it’s gotten me in trouble — I freely acknowledge that and take accountability for it.

One thing I don’t do is personally attack people though. Nor do I behave like a petulant little teenager who self-congratulates themselves at every opportunity. One thing you never have to worry about is anyone accusing you of being “the adult in the room”

Bro you attack people all the time. That’s literally why you’re on ignore.

And now you want to play dumb and pretend you didn’t know you were responding to me??? Really?

You’re just toxic and want to argue with everybody. Why were you banned last time then?

You make PERSONAL attacks, and you even self-congratulate yourself all the time when you do it.

I’ve made attacks regarding Star Trek issues and I admit that I can be annoying as hell to people here, but I don’t do that personal BS that you do. And dude, others may be afraid to say it to you, but everyone can see how your relish and enjoy this.

At least I admit my faults here. You don’t take accountability for your PERSONAL attacks — in fact you do the opposite — you personally congratulate yourself for those attacks. How sick is that?

Some people do find it easier to complain. Negative feelings can certainly trigger an easier stream of consciousness than positive ones. I’ve fallen into that pattern at times – a couple sentences when I love something, multiple paragraphs when I think something’s not working.

It’s fine and healthy to dislike things and disagree, but there are better ways of going about that than some people choose here, which is when it gets childish and unpleasant.

“but there are better ways of going about that than some people choose here, which is when it gets childish and unpleasant”

Agreed, as the examples above from one commenter clearly illustrate.

Well, it is not a great reason for a LDS chat to have nearly 100 posts. It’s uncomfortable to see happen and I’m sorry you are both locked in a conflict and hope you can find a way to leave each other in peace.

I would say though that the way you phrase your criticisms or make your points often doesn’t make it easy to simply disagree and move on.

I hear you and I don’t disagree with your observations. Obviously, I can and should do better.

I appreciate that.

No, it’s because it becomes tiresome hearing the same thing from you guys over and over again. Do you just copy and paste your whiney comments? We get it, you don’t like the show. We get it, you don’t like the nostalgia aspect of the show. So stop watching and stop commenting on a show you don’t enjoy.

100% agreed! When someone sees a comment that they think is negative or repetitive they should simply just move on and not respond to it. there’s no reason we need all of us back-and-forth — if someone is all positive on a show they should be able to ignore any minor criticism and just move on.

Remember your post here when DIS S5 comes out and people react negatively to it. You’ll have throngs of over-sensitive posters getting all offended and hysterical calling people racists and bigots. But that’s ok right?

Doubtful, since I really didn’t like discovery season four.

You’re assuming they get invites to parties…

I get invited to parties (I don’t know why) and none of the Trek fans I meet are walking Trek encyclopedias.

Actually (pushes glassed up) it’s because it’s set 2-3 years after the end of Voyager and all of the 90s era Trek (TNG, DS9, and VOY) used those phasers.

That is like asking why does the ship use LCARS or have phaser strips or why is Rom the Grand Nagus.

If I want to be charitable, I would assume he’s asking why they’re using the TNG version and not the “Dolphin” variety used later. To that, I would just say the Cerritos doesn’t get the most up-to-date equipment.

Good call. Someday the might upgrade the whole ship with T-88s too!

This guy gets it.

Great Point!

Agreed! LDS is following continuity.

“Nostalgia is when a show set in the same era uses the same technology” is the kind of great content I expect when I scroll down to the Trekmovie comments section tbh.

We saw in Season 1 that the USS Cerritos does not get the latest and greatest equipment. Boimler and Mariner were excited about seeing fancy new Tricorders from another ship.

I think you meant Tendi and Rutherford excited about getting advance tricorders but I agree. The Ceriritos is a workhorse and doesn’t get the same red carpet treatment like Galaxy class ships

They get the newer stuff in time, but it probably just funnels down slower.

You want the Nemesis-style dolphin phasers we barely saw enough to register? Or dolphin Voyager style?

The argument they don’t have all the latest tech is perfectly valid if so.

I guess this just proves I’m not the super Star Trek nerd like others because I couldn’t tell the differences in 24th century phasers to save my life. I have no idea how the VOY phaser differs from the TNG ones. And up until this thread started, I thought they been using those phasers the whole time lol. Sure I know they have used others and newer ones, I just assumed those were being used as well from time to time on every show in the 24th/25th century from TNG to Picard. Guess not.

I noticed because they made the change on DS9 in season 4… but also on Voyager for season 2. While they could have had schematics for the sleeker phaser (and Tricorder and First Contact phaser rifle) in their database, it was a little odd to see the new tech Starfleet was introducing in the Alpha Quadrant suddenly show up on Voyager at the same time.

I definitely noticed when they started using different weapons, I just thought the old ones were still around as well. And I’m just now learning Voyager was using First Contact weapons lol. Yeah that is definitely a weird one but I guess the props department felt they spent way too much money on them to just sit on a shelf in the Alpha quadrant. ;)

Oh for sure. They are slick props. But yeah, the First Contact phaser gets one helluva debut on Voyager – it’s part of when Janeway gets kitted out in Macrocosm when she goes full Rambo. So at least it comes across as being a special weapon.

OK, good to know. Now I have to watch that episode again lol. And I GUESS you can argue in your head canon they had those weapons all along just never used them until now for some reason; especially since FC came out less than two years when VOY premiered.

I didn’t know the difference between a pre Nemesis and a post Nemesis phaser either. Wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me anyway. That’s not what drawing me in.

I’m also the kind of guy who thinks fans have wasted too many hour arguing about Klingon foreheads, but that’s me.

As someone who spent hours arguing about Klingon foreheads I have to agree. Sure I did it but I’m not proud of it lol.

I guess I’m a bigger fan than you. 😉

Give me your address so I can mail you your cookie. ;)

Dude!!! Seriously???

Yes Seriously!!!

As long as they don’t bring Travis, they should be fine.

How is Dr. T’Ana firing that phaser?! Isn’t the button on top, for your thumb?

They have an auto fire mode?

Dude, don’t go suggesting non-canon solutions…. you’ll quickly become cannon fodder in these parts! :P

Not non-canon though. Wesley used it in TNG.

T’Ana is the last person who should be given an auto firing phaser!

This one looks like its going to be trippy weird Star Trek mode and if so can’t wait!

Spent a lot of time in caves back in the Berman era.

Boldly go where no one has gone before. And caves. Gotta get our money’s worth on that expensive cave set.

Oh yeah very true lol. I’m assuming they are going to make fun of every cave trope they can although LDS has actually had episodes in caves as well and they don’t have to build any sets. But I guess it’s part of Trek lore now not to do a few of them.

This sounds like it’s going to be great! 👍

Agreed!!! :)

Honestly! This episode was super cute and very sweet

I loved it too my friend! 😃

A lot of fun and crazy moments. Loved all the flashbacks in it. This show always find a good level of heart and laughs.

Agree with both of you. This episode was exactly what I wanted which was a weird trippy story and boy it was very weird and very trippy lol. I liked all the stories but Rutherford’s (no spoilers) was the best IMO.