Watch: Star Trek: Voyager’s Robert Picardo Sings A Lament About Not Being Brent Spiner

In May Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard star Brent Spiner released a fun music video on social media, all about how Hollywood now wants him back. Today Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Picardo released a sort of response.

Bob Picardo’s “Spent My Life An Actor”

Announcing his new music video, Picardo says, “A few weeks ago, my friend and colleague Brent Spiner tweeted a hilarious musical spoof of himself that inspired me to do something in my characteristically more sophisticated manner, as an homage.”

Picardo the YouTuber

This new video is part of Picardo’s brand new YouTube channel. The channel features videos of Picardo at conventions, singing opera for the Cassini probe, and clips from many of the roles that made him famous including The Cowboy from Innerspace, Forster from Gremlins II, and of course The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager.

There are also some new videos with Picardo reprising his role as the Italian gigolo Alphonso from the 2011 short film Ask Alphonso.

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His YouTube channel is so cool.

Sorry, Mr. Picardo. You were great — truly excellent — as The Doctor, but your video isn’t as funny as Mr. Spiner’s was.

It is.

Its just a different style. If the world wants Brent back so much, theres gonna be someone whos jealous. Amirite?
And the lines from ‘if i were a rich man’ were hilarious.

I loved both characters and actors. Including their brief 80s roles. ‘innerspace’ n ‘night court’.

So no Picardo in Picard S2, eh? The best use of Picardo and the Doctor would be a short Trek, possibly set in the Disco S3 (+?) era with the Backup Doctor finding the Doctor.

Picardo’s return in season two was announced a while back.

As far as I remember there were only talks about him possibly appearing in season 2. It wasn’t announced that he would get a part.

Trek people are a pretty fun bunch! Somewhere Picardo probably has remarked that Spiner is easier to rhyme than Intiraymi (Manu) . Nice production too!

Spiner is also a much nicer and less problematic person than Intiraymi.