The World Of Star Trek And Beyond Celebrate Patrick Stewart’s 80th Birthday

Today is Sir Patrick Stewart’s 80th birthday. This morning TrekMovie took to our social media to wish the star of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard the best on this milestone, but we were far from alone. We have gathered together some of the special birthday wishes offered today on social media, so as his Jean-Luc Picard might say, let’s make it so.

Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars show their love for their captain

UPDATE: Party at Rick’s

On Monday night Star Trek: The Next Generation executive producer Rick Beeman sent out a photo of a birthday gathering that includes Stewart along with his TNG costars Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, and LeVar Burton, all wearing masks.


The day kicked off with Sir Patrick’s Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Gates McFadden honoring him by taking a page from his own book, and reading him a Shakespearean sonnet.

Jonathan Frakes offered up his wishes and a nice behind-the-scenes photo of the pair from the set of Star Trek: Picard.

LeVar Burton had a cool message and a recent selfie with his former captain.

Wil Wheaton offered up bedhead birthday wish this morning.

And TNG co-stars Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner were also on Twitter to wish Sir Patrick the best.

Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard guest star Jonathan Del Arco jumped on the official CBS All Access message to Stewart, which included a video of the cast and crew of Picard singing him happy birthday a year ago today, on board a Borg Cube no less.

More Star Trek celebrations

Star Trek’s William Shatner had a bit of fun with his Star Trek: Generations co-star, noting a typo from the New York Times that made Stewart just a bit older.

And Star Trek’s George Takei welcomed Stewart to the 80s.

Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew had a cake, just for Sir Pat.

…and beyond

Of course, Sir Patrick has touched many people’s lives, and so his birthday wishes came from many other fans and colleagues. One of whom was Kyle MacLachlan, who starred alongside Stewart in the 1984 film Dune.

Rage Against The Machine frontman Tom Morello, a big Star Trek fan and appeared in both Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Voyager, gave his love to his captain, while sharing Stewart’s own birthday eve sonnet.

Better Call Saul‘s Michael McKean (also a vet of Star Trek: Voyager) replied to that same post, complimenting “Sir Dude” on being ageless.


Finally, with family

Stewart’s son Daniel (who guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Kamin’s son in “The Inner Light”) shared a lovely picture of the two of them together.

And his wife Sunny Ozell shared a nice picture of the couple with her birthday wish.

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Happy 80th my love.

A post shared by Sunny Ozell (@madameozell) on

And finally, Stewart revealed how Sunny arranged to have Stewart’s lifelong friend Sir Ian McKellen take over duties for Stewart’s #SonnetADay series.

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He’s only 11 or so in dog years!

Happy Birthday to Sir Patrick! Glad he is back for Star Trek Picard! Health and happiness to a great Captain!

Live long and prosper Sir Patrick Stewart.

Happy birthday Patrick! You are my captain.

Putting the entire elderly cast in one place is terrifying. The virus can take out the entire cast of TNG in one hit.

Happy 800th! May it be as good or better than 799 was! Make it so.


It’s still not only crazy we have Picard and this era of Star Trek back but to be doing it at 80 years old is inspirational. I’m half his age and I don’t have the energy lol.

It’s nice to see so many of them still together and like a family. Hopefully we will see all of them in season 2!!!!!!


I first saw his picture in 1987 in a Time Magazine article about the upcoming TNG.

Does he have a painting of some old dude stored in his house somewhere? Because he hasn’t aged a day in 33 years.

Happy birthday!

When I see how vigorous and determined he is to still make a contribution to society through his work, I really feel challenged to keep pushing myself at my age.

Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart! Thank you for being such an inspiration, in real life as well as on screen.

Happy Birthday Patrick. Now that you are a kick-ass android I hope in season 2 you won’t under any terms accept the elder abuse that you regularly received in season 1.

Happy Happy Birthday and many more ….
God bless

and Gates McFadden looking way lovelier than she did in Insurrection and Nemesis!!