Watch Patrick Stewart Lead The Paramount+ Team In New Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl LVIII is coming on Sunday, February 11. Expected to once again be the most watched television event of the year, the game will air on CBS and stream on Paramount+. Of course, Paramount will use the opportunity to promote its streaming and they just released an extended version of the ad they plan on running and it features Star Trek: The Next Generation icon Sir Patrick Stewart.

Sir Patrick’s Hail Mary Pass

Like previous “Paramount Mountain” spots, the new ad features several characters and celebrities that can be seen on Paramount+. Sir Patrick both narrates the ad and leads the team as they make their way up the mountain.

Of course, Sir Patrick represents Star Trek and the Paramount+ original series Star Trek: Picard. Joining him are Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Drew Barrymore (of the Drew Barrymore Show), Jeff Probst (Survivor), and Thomas Lennon (Reno 911). Also on the team are the animated characters Arnold Shortman (Hey Arnold!), Dora the Explorer, Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog), and Peppa Pig, along with the Master Chief from Halo. The band Creed shows up to add music to the spot, with Sir Patrick and others singing along to their hit song “Higher.”

The San Francisco 49ers play the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, Feb. 11, starting at 6:30 p.m. ET. The game will air on CBS and stream on Paramount+. There will also be a special kids-focused broadcast on Nickelodeon.



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He is probably a better QB than Mac Jones.

And more resilient that Tua.

Anyone got a link for those of us outside the Alpha Quadrant?!

*Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Finally, a Star Trek-like animated crossover that is really funny and doesn’t try to pretend it’s canon! Great job, Patrick and Paramount!

Hmm, despite Picard ending and there are no confirmed new Star Trek movies or series starring Sir Patrick, P+ is still promoting him. I know he is a popular actor, but it doesnt make sense unless they are planning something new. Bring it on!

There’s a potential PICARD film in the works. Stewart has said in interviews that a script is being written.

Most comments I’ve seen of Stewarts comment were calling it bulls**t.

Dude, you should start your own fan website called, “Phil’s Star Trek Development Hell.” I’d be a reader and commenter for sure.

We’ll see.

They must have filmed this over a year ago

Seeing that Paramount Global just ponied up a ton of money for a Super Bowl ad, we know that P+ will remain in operation for at least two more weeks…..

It’s hilarious how man fan’s here say P is paralyzed financially and Trek is in a holding pattern, but now we see this very expensive Super Bowl commercial…lol…whoops!

Hardly dispositive., the poster child for the first dot-com bust, advertised heavily during the Super Bowl.

Apples and oranges.

Paramount Global wastes a lot of money, and much of it to still look like its a contender – a friend of mind there gave me a rundown of what they go through and spend on for those silly investor day presentations – it’s staggering. Doesn’t mean it’s a smart business move, but they do have the Super Bowl this year so it’s easy to argue the exposure is savvy to use this way. And at least this time it was a funny ad.

Paramount+ could hire a new Creative Team. These ad campaigns are so….meh!

I love these adds…and they are a lot funnier than our cartoon sitcom.

Good. Enjoy.


can’t see it Canada.Too bad

and…Creed’s here.

Color me surprised – this actually was pretty good this time, and Stewart nailed the comedy. “We throw the child!”

Agree! That made me chuckle.

Of course, Jean-Luc Picard wants to throw a child.

Drew Barrymore’s line should have been delivered by Wesley Snipes.

And they pay millions of dollars to air this $hit?

That ad is the best proof ever that Paramount+ needs to be shut down. A motley collection of who-cares characters in a painfully unfunny ad that is wasting immense amounts of money.

That, was offbeat and very funny, imo. Sir Patrick has an excellent sense of humor. Great delivery.

This is actually really funny!


Haha that’s a pretty unhinged ad

That commercial was so much fun!

The one with Optimus Prime is still my favorite. “You must always warm up.”

Move it, Football Head!

Oh geeze what a terrible commercial and I’m a Trekkie. I can only imagine what the common folks think. Who’s that wrinkly old guy? Am I supposed to recognize him?

Shari, just sell the studio to Skydance and let them make Star Trek shows and movies. License the shows to Netflix, they have 260M subscribers to shove Star Trek in front of. Paramount+ will never get there.

Ese deporte ni siquiera es fútbol de verdad.

OK I laughed!

And it’s about time someone put Barrymore in her place.