Get Back To School In Style With Licensed Star Trek Merch

In our ongoing collaboration with TeePublic, we’ve picked our some of our favorite back to school items from the officially licensed fan art collection available in TrekMovie’s TeePublic store. With two sales this month, what’s stopping you?

Here is the August sale calendar for purchasing Trek swag:

  • 14th August (today!) – $13 t-shirts and everything else up to 35% off
  • 26th – 28th August – $13 t-shirts and everything else up to 35% off


The battle between tote bags and backpacks has been a long one. Sure, backpacks equally distribute the weight on both shoulders, but tote bags are the sleeker more discreet version of the two.

And check out the full line of totes here.


Move to the head of the class with licensed Star Trek notebooks

And check out the full line of fan art notebooks here.

Fan art tapestries

Trick out your dorm with cool gear.

And check out the full line of tapestries here.


Get an A+ for style with licensed Star Trek apparel.

And check out the full line of T-shirts here.

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I’m going to college really soon so the back to school merch is really nice. Got a lot on my plate.

College will be very different this year because of COVID-19. The pandemic is not over yet. Wearing my mask and washing my hands with hand sanitizer. My goal is to stay safe and healthy.

Most of my classes are online. Studying in my dorm on my laptop this fall semester. Not going to parties, that’s for sure. That’s fine by me.

I don’t feel comfortable attending classes in person anyway. Maybe things could go back to normal next year.

Then you’re already a whole lot smarter than Trump’s core followers.

I am a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supporter. Trump and his base can go to hell. You got political so there’s that.

Hey, guys. No worries, I got a cure for you! Look around: can you see any walls nearby? Okay. Pick one. Face the wall, walk right next to it, close your eyes and swing your head forward as hard as you can. Repeat until you feel the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) leaving your body.

On the rare occasion it doesn’t help, at least you will now have an actual clinical excuse for bringing your presidential preferences into a Star Trek discussion. :P

I find posts like this funny and ironic when it was literally people like Trump who created the Obama Derangement Syndrome. Remember that? Wasn’t Trump a BIRTHER who fueled those flames and even created an ‘investigation’ to look into Obama’s citizenship status and people like you had no problem with that (I don’t mean you specifically but I do mean Trump voters).

Were you telling people like Trump that they should calm down over their derangement of Barack ‘Death Panels’ Obama when he was the President?

Hmmm, let me guess? ;)

NOW the shoe is on the other foot and you people can’t handle it lol. It’s sooooo ironic it’s people like Trump who loved pointing out why Obama was the devil when he was in office and now he can’t take the same scrutiny because UNLIKE Obama who is a mature adult and upstanding person Trump is a man child and acts out like a 70 year old baby anytime people point out his corruption, lies, unfitness, stupidity, immoral behavior and on and on and on.

Obama had to hear it for 8 years!

The good news for Trump, with any luck, he’s only going to hear it for 4 years. ;)

Don’t do it Faze Ninja, the last thing you need is to be rolling up to your first day at college rocking a Starfleet Academy sling bag and a Captain Picard lunchbox! ;)

In my high school, I would’ve literally been beat up for carrying any of this stuff lol. College, not beat up, but definitely wouldn’t be invited to any parties.

When I was at school many years ago, one of the teachers used to make fun of me and call me a ‘Warp-Drive Weirdo’ in front of the other kids, all because I used to wear a TOS Starfleet insignia pin on my jacket.

Teachers can be incredibly mean and cruel towards children..,

Haha It would have been exactly the same for me!

Well, he doesn’t plan on going to parties anyway. Not getting invited means you don’t have to actively decline ;-)

See, cash-grab crap like this is why franchises like Star Trek get such a bad reputation.

Dropping a line here to say that the face-masks and mug I ordered during the last promotion showed up on time and were good quality.

The masks were from New Zealand in fact.

We’ve had several of the t-shirts for various family members over the years. They are better quality than many we pick up at cons, and better than the STEM-themed ones we’ve picked up at museums over the years.

I like that independent artists get to share their works, make some money but respect licencing and IP.

I was a little disappointed with the quality of the two t-shirts I ordered. For the price the quality is OK, but I wish I could have paid a little more for a higher quality shirt. The design on the shirt is fine and it was exactly as advertised.

I like the merch.

At least they sell masks.

Yes, hopefully this tacky commercialism doesn’t reach the rest of the entertainment industry. They have high standards to maintain.

A back to school merch article in the current context is inappropriate.

All these products can still be used at home.

The high school I teach at started up last week. All in person teaching. No zoom classes or anything like that. Kids and teachers wear masks during passing period. We eat lunch in our fifth period classes. I dont see anything inappropriate with mentioning Back to School stuff.

would love to see some lower deck character shirts eventually

When I went to grade school back in the 70’s, this would have been like carrying a neon sign saying “Beat Me Up.” Wow, how things have changed, I’ve actually lived long enough to see Star Trek become cool.

Boring, too much TOS.

But where are my DISCO and Picard and Lower Decks action figures????

Where are all the new Star Trek action figures? We need a new 6-inch Star Trek action figure line similar to Black Series or Marvel Legends.

Yeah. A few years back, like around 2017, McFarlane Toys announced they had the license and it covered everything except the Kelvin films. They were going to the entire DISCO line and a phaser. They initially released only two figures, a Kirk and Picard. The DISCO phaser ran into problems because of it being a gun, so they pulled it. But I dont see why they should have stopped the action figure line with just two figures. Apparently they no longer have the license. The only company that also has a Trek action figure toy license currently is Diamond Select… but their license excludes all the CBS ALL ACCESS shows.

You had the foresight to plan for the 2020 school year and you didn’t include a mask in the lineup?? What is this, February?