Review: Eaglemoss ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Future USS Enterprise-D XL Model Is All Good Things

The Joy of Eaglemoss

Those of us deeply into spaceship porn have had a willing accomplice to our habit in Eaglemoss collectibles, which has reproduced somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 spacecraft from the Star Trek television series, movies and other venues over the past several years. Their line of Trek ship models began with a subscription program but you can also purchase any of these reproductions individually if you act quickly enough (quite a few of them have sold out at this stage).

Eaglemoss went in with the intention of reproducing every spacecraft ever seen in a Star Trek production and while a few obscure background vessels may still be undone they’ve managed to get awfully close, with a lot of subjects that casual viewers would be hard-pressed to identify (there’s even a model of a model—young Jonathan Archer’s toy spaceship from the pilot of Star Trek Enterprise).

After the initial line of quite affordable and compact ships (usually measuring 4-5 inches in length), the company launched the “XL” companion line of deluxe, larger versions of some of the most popular vessels averaging around 8” long. Once you start collecting these things it’s difficult to stop, and you’ll be surprised how quickly they start filling up your shelf space. And it’s not just Trek subjects—Eaglemoss has added lines from Battlestar Galactica and The Orville along with character figures so while certain lines will end, the list of potential subjects seems to keep on growing.

Eaglemoss XL “All Good Things” Future Enterprise-D

Future U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (“All Good Things”) XL Edition (1/2900 scale)

One of the latest XL releases is a reproduction of the “Future” U.S.S. Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s swan song, “All Good Things.” This ship is best-remembered for its surprise appearance under the command of an aging Will Riker, blasting through some Klingon vessels threatening Beverly Crusher’s U.S.S. Pasteur vessel in an alternate, future timeline Jean-Luc Picard is experiencing thanks to the machinations of John DeLancie’s Q character. To keep costs down, the future Enterprise was a modification of the 6-foot Enterprise D miniature used for many of the familiar shots of the Enterprise D seen throughout the series. Since the intent was to keep the original Enterprise D miniature intact, add-on pieces including a central, third warp nacelle, a massive, underslung phaser cannon that traverses the full length of the saucer section, some projecting antennas or weapons and other machinery on top of the saucer and some added fins extending the warp nacelle pylons were attached to the Enterprise miniature to create a visually distinct but recognizable future version of the starship that could be seen alongside the original Enterprise in at least one shot.

Future Enterprise-D in “All Good Things, Part 2”

The Future Enterprise has been reproduced in a number of earlier toy versions although there has never been an official model kit of the subject. One of the great things about the Eaglemoss models is they give you the detail and authenticity of a model kit without all that annoying building, painting and decaling. Eaglemoss’ Future Enterprise D reproduces all the details of the original miniature down to the raised lifeboat panels and the subtle light green Aztec pattern over the duck egg blue color of the hull, as well as some extremely delicate red striping details all over the ship.

Detail on Eaglemoss XL “All Good Things” Future Enterprise-D

The three bussard collectors and the impulse engines are done in clear red plastic which gives them some nice depth. At around 8 ¾ inches in length the ship is a nice, chunky size—I haven’t been able to find exact dimensions for the ship but it’s slightly longer than the original Enterprise D due to the placement of the third nacelle, so I came up with a rough scale of around 1/2900. Scale model collectors will gripe that these ships are in scales that are all over the map (standard model kit scales are 1/350, 1/500, 1/650, 1/1000, 1/2500 etc.) but the idea is to keep the model sizes in a similar range so they can all be displayed together.

Eaglemoss XL “All Good Things” Future Enterprise-D

The final challenge of most Eaglemoss ship models is figuring out just how they sit on their display stands, which consist of a metal black oval and a clear piece that locks onto the model and connects it to the metal oval. Eaglemoss has been fairly ingenious about creating these clear stands to support all the oddball shapes of the Star Trek ships, from Starfleet vessels to Klingon attack ships to Ferengi transports. One constant factor as far as any version of the Enterprise is it’s going to be top-heavy and extremely susceptible to tipping over.

Eaglemoss XL “All Good Things” Future Enterprise-D

Most of the Eaglemoss ships come with collectible magazines full of photos and schematics of the subject, as well as a little note about how exactly the model fits on the stand. My Future Enterprise D model did not come with a magazine, however, so I had to divine how the ship sits on the stand all by myself and it was a real intelligence test. If you look at the stand, there’s a lower cradle that fits the outline of the secondary hull, and two upper prongs that fit onto the back of the main saucer, on either side of the impulse engines. So you need to slip those two prongs up around the secondary hull so they extend up between the hull and the warp nacelles and then slide the whole thing forward so it fits onto the rear of the primary hull saucer. Got it? Be careful, because the weight of the ship will probably knock the clear stand off the black base a few times while you’re doing this, because that’s the way the universe works. Once you’ve got it on the stand it’s fairly stable.

Eaglemoss XL “All Good Things” Future Enterprise-D

At $75 this is a nice, chunky collectible that will give you a very accurate reproduction of this fan-favorite ship without taking up too much of your display space. You can pick up the Future U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D at the Eaglemoss shop for $74.95.

More Trek ships from Eaglemoss

Reportedly Eaglemoss is getting to the end of the line for their reproductions of older Trek ships but with all the Trek TV shows in production, it’s doubtful the company will be running out of Trek subjects any time soon. I’m still holding out for some ships from The Animated Series, which has some of the coolest designs in the franchise but has evaded reproduction by Eaglemoss so far. Give me an aqua-shuttle!

Coming up next, TrekMovie will be reviewing two new Eaglemoss models from Star Trek: Discovery: The XL Edition USS Discovery and the Section 31 Headquarters.

More images of Future Enterprise-D

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Something is telling me this is the Model will that show up in Picard. Can’t wait to see it! Captain Worf? Captain Rom? Captain Torres?

This time will be costly. They will not be able to show Discovery’s bridge.

How could it show up in Picard? The Ent-D was destroyed in GENERATIONS. The version we saw in “All Good Things” was an alternate timeline where GENERATIONS never happened.

This Enterprise must be back for a reason.


Eaglemoss’ schedule has nothing to do with broadcasts, aside from the relatively speedy introduction of ships from Discovery. These retro ships have come out seemingly randomly over the past several years, and this one is just notable because it’s the first time we’ve seen the AGT Future Enterprise in the XL scale, and die-cast. It’s previously been released in a smaller scale (both regular and Mirror Universe versions), and other versions of it have been released over the years by Takara (Micro Machines) and, I think, Furuta (Japanese blind box items).

As stated, the Enterprise-D can’t show up in Picard because it was destroyed so, at best, we’d see the Enterprise-E (presumably captained by Worf) in Picard.

That said, how about seeing an upgraded version of one of the -D’s sister ships (U.S.S. Galaxy?) in LDS?

My apologies. I know what happened, but bringing this Enterprise back (now) just made me think about what we will see next in the new shows.

I remember how amazing was watching the finale for the first time. And this Enterprise was the coolest ship at that time. Emotions ran high during that time. =)

There needs to be at least one Enterprise in the Picard show at some point. There have been FIVE versions of the Enterprise in various TNG productions (original in Relics, C in Yesterday’s Enterprise, B in Generations, and of course D and E). Not to mention this version of D from All Good Things.

I honestly don’t care what version we see, but there needs to be an Enterprise somehow, some way. I’d be ok with a new version of the F captained by a Harry Kim or Alexander Rozhenko or Ezri Dax.

I really hope that if we see a Galaxy class ship in Picard, that it is not a refit, and certainly not this horrible kit-bash.

I’d love to see them visit a Galaxy class or else give us some TNG era flashbacks, maybe take the opportunity to show off some of the parts of these ships that couldn’t be shown with 90s effects and budgets. Show us shuttle bay 1, the full arboretum or sickbay. Since LDS has canonized cetacean ops, maybe revisit that concept.

My friend, Mendon, says the windows don’t look right on teh Eaglemosses. Is this still true? Is Mendon right about the bad windows on the little ships?

If you zoom in on the pictures in the article above you can see that there seem to be additional window slots on the saucer section that aren’t painted black like the other windows. Some of these are aligned with black windows while others are not. Not sure if these are production errors or intentional.

Pretty sure it’s a production error as this has been a fairly common occurrence with Eaglemoss ships. I’m not sure if the paint is applied by hand or thru some automated process, but it often does not line up with the window indentations.

I’ve never understood the love for this version of the Galaxy class. It looks like what it is, a hastily-conceived kit bash.

The Galaxy class is all elegant lines, and this breaks those lines in the clumsiest ways possible.


yup, it looks like a shoddy refit / frankenstein ship. Starfleet should’ve gutted the D and rebuilt it if they were gonna refit it with new engines and weapons, like they did the original

Oddly enough, I liked the AGT version. The standard version always seemed to have odd proportions with the oversized primary hull, mini warp nacelles and relatively small secondary hull. While I could take or leave the phaser cannons on the top of the primary hull, the addition of the third nacelle gave the ship a more aggressive profile that I actually found interesting.

Within the context of the story, this ship existed in an uncertain time where the Federation’s relationship with the Klingons wasn’t as cozy, so additional weapons and possibly speed were most likely necessities and the look fit that timeline.

I agree that the heavy weaponry makes sense, particularly in that alternate timeline. It’s just horribly executed in my view.

Can’t agree on the design of the Galaxy class- I always loved it. My all-time favourite.

Bad enough Enterprise D was an ugly design o begin with, sticking a bunch of other scifi looking weaponry stuff to it and plopping a third unneeded engine on it’s back to portray it as some future refit explanation made it even more hideous to behold. Kind of ruined a sort of OK send-off for the series, proving it’s faulted turn as its motion picture extension destroyed the ending of this series even more.

LOLOL None of the hero ships were ugly until new trek, Discovery hideous, La Sirena hideous, Lower Decks ship Hideous.

The Enterprises from NX to E were all great to watch, as well as the Defiant and Voyager.

That’s not true, Defiant is the ugliest starship ever. Discovery is prettier than Defiant or Voyager. La Sirena, yeah I could take it or leave it. It’s not ugly, but it’s also not pretty. It’s an inoffensive, forgettable, stock spaceship.

Now, the CopyPaste class from Picard- I think we can all agree those are nasty.

Disco is prettier than Defiant, but certainly not Voyager. I love Voyager’s design.

Na, the Defiant was as ugly as it gets. Disco is a beauty from some angles while she isn’t from others because she’s too flat.
La Sirena is a soulless run-of-the-mill design that cannot even compete with Serenity, Lucy or Rocy though it tries to emulate that sort of ship…

The E-D was NOT an ugly design. She’s the second-prettiest beauty in the Trek universe, only second to the one and only big E.

1 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 / NCC-1701-A (all Primeline versions)
2 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
3 USS Voyager NCC-74656
4 Enterprise NX-01
5 USS Discovery NCC-1031
6 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
7 USS Cerritos NCC-75567

8 USS Defiant NX-74205

9 La Sirena

Lovely model! But… please, TPTB… Kelvin 1701-A please. How is it we got the weird “skinny refit 1701,” the Franklin and the drone ship, but not that gorgeous new Enterprise from the end of the film?

I guess if we use this new AGT Possible Futureprise as a standard for Eaglemoss’ schedule, we should expect one by 2046. I’m sure 70+ year old me will enjoy finally seeing it then.

I have to admit I recently gave up on collecting the Eaglemoss models. Just too many, far too many ships. I used to buy almost everything for years, but it’s started to get absurd. Now there are models from Star Trek Online!

Back in the 90s – when we had to collect Micromachines – I thought it would have been awesome to get models of EVERY ship. But that was when DS9 had recently launched. With five more series, half a dozen of more movies and countless unrealized model designs, there are simply too many ships.

I certainly will get some of the more interesting models, but I cannot complete this collection.

They should do a single XXL hyper special edition ship once a year since Diamond Select seems to have abandoned actually releasing new Trek ships.