Watch: Mark Hamill Duels Patrick Stewart For Uber Eats

Fans have debated Star Wars v. Star Trek for decades, and now Uber Eats has brought in legends from each of those franchises to face off on an entirely different debate for a new ad campaign.

It’s Hamill v. Stewart for Uber Eats

The first commercial comes in a 30-second and 45-second version (as seen below) and features Star Wars star Mark Hamill and Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard star Sir Patrick Stewart engaging in an age old debate, but not the one you might think.

In a second 15 second spot, the pair face off again, playing air hockey.

And finally, another short commercial features the pair playing Connect Four.

Bats and tomatoes on social media

Stewart and Hamill have also extended their campaign war to social media, and Uber Eats is having fun with it, requesting that Sir Pat’s next daily sonnet feature tomatoes.

They have also winked at replacing Hamill’s trademark lightsaber for a baseball bat.

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Okay, these are funny…..

Legendary. Absolutely legendary.

LOL… I had Arby’s for lunch using DoorDash.

Food delivery apps are the best.

Star Wars and Star Trek baby, that’s so funny!

um… that was fantastic… now i need Mark Hamill to show up on Picard… seriously like why hasn’t that dude been in star trek?

I’d pay money to watch that….oh, wait, I already am.

Make it so.

I want to see that

yes, I wanna to see also

Make it so!
I have spoken.

I LOVE IT when big stars poke fun at their most iconic character/role!

This ad will be iconic.

The thing that’s fascinating is that while the two competing franchises are implied, nothing is said directly.

It’ll be interesting to see if it works as an advertising tool for the client.

This ad is brilliant. Smart advertising and marketing

This isn’t the first time Mark and Patrick worked together on something. The 2003 videogame X-Men 2: Wolverine’s Revenge featured Mark voicing Wolverine and Patrick voicing Professor Xavier. Although I don’t know if they actually recorded lines together at the same time or recorded them separately for that game.

Speaking of which, does anybody know whether Hamill and Stewart recorded the commercial separately or (in person) together?

Somehow this made 2020 okay again, even if for a moment. Welcome Luke to the Trek Universe, sorta. The Enterprise has already visited your world. Bravo, you two!

This commercial is more “delightful” and funny than the first handful of LOWER DECKS episodes.

are they the mirror universe versions of themselves? (they do have the goatee)

The pandemic hasn’t made me give in to food ordering apps yet, but this almost makes me wanna…

You want cheese with that whine? LOL awesome!

Dang it. I’m well known by my family, friends and coworkers for hating tomatoes! Why couldn’t it have been Patrick Stewart who held them? Now I have to take sides with Skywalker over Picard, ha!

Kinda surprised it Stewart and not Shatner, given that the latter banters with Hamill on Twitter a lot. Maye he was too expensive…

Not really. Stewart is a bit more recognizable these days.

Stewart’s tone with the line “Careful, Hamill. Daddy’s not here to save you.” Masterful!

Ah, f*ck that stupid geo blocking. Then I won’t watch your stupid content! There, take it! ;-)

Why the heck would they geo-block an *ad*??

When I hear Hamil’s voice I ALWAYS think of The Joker in Batman:The Animated series.

It actually sounded like he was specifically using his Joker voice when he said “Ooooh! Sir!” at the end of the third video.

Absolutely hysterical, love it. Reminds me of ‘Old Kirk” v “Old Gorn” in the commercial for the PS3 Star Trek game. I love it when the icons come out to play.

All videos showing as unplayable, yay…
So, what countries are allowed to view?

I thought the Nimoy/Quinto Audi ad was a lot more fun, but this is still kinda cool. :-)

I think Uber’s tweet to Hamil wasn’t a reference to lightsabers, but about his role as the Joker, where he would call Batman “the bats.”

I’d forgotten how menacing Patrick Stewart sounds when he drops into that voice.

I finally got around to checking this story out. Maybe not as good as the Spock vs Spock Audi ads that Nimoy and Quinto did, but this was pretty funny.

What a great commercial. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.