Watch: Impressive Deep Fake Puts Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley Into Trailer For Kelvin Star Trek Movies

A few months ago we shared an impressive “deep fake” video that inserted a young Leonard Nimoy into a scene from the 2009 movie Star Trek. With the AI machine learning behind these improving all the time, there is another that is worth sharing that brings a number of original Star Trek actors’ likenesses into the Kelvin movies for a whole new trailer.

Star Trek: The First Generation

Futuring Machines has taken images of the original Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and McCoy (De Forest Kelley) and used AI tools to insert them into the performances of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban from the three Kelvin movies. Together with some footage from the original TOS movies, this makes for an interesting new Star Trek trailer that has almost 200k views in just a couple of weeks.

Bonus: Datazucc

This isn’t the first Star Trek project from Futuring Machines. After so many noted a resemblance between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerbert and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Commander Data, they decided to put those ideas together with some of Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony.


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Those are wild!

So fantastic! Would be great to see all 3 Kelvin movies in their entirety with all original actors deep faked!

That’s like 5 million just for the electricity cost of the GPU’s training the neural network. The guy should make a Kickstarter. Oh, I forget that’s an instant lawsuit.

To think there might be someone sat in front of their computer doing thst right now!

Imagine it for New Voyages/Phase II with all their cast changes


If only someone would have added Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike…

NO KIDDING! I’m surprised they didn’t. Great idea.

Uncanny valley

Pretty good, but they’re supposed to be younger in the JJ movies than they were in TOS. Can they please use younger images of the actors?

Khan was awful. Benedryl Cucumberpatch has a weirdly shaped face and overlaying Ricardo Montalban didn’t work at all. Evidence corroborating my head cannon that it wasn’t really Khan; he was lying, he was another of the 72 augments.

Zachary Quinto still seems way too emotional to be Spock. #NotMySpock
Maybe deepfake Nimoy’s voice too?

TM didn’t make these. They just found them online and posted them.

Jeeze. Don’t get too upset by it. It’s simply a video by somebody trying something out or looking to display proof of concept. Chill.

“Benedryl Cucumberpatch”

Ha ha!

Not sure if you’re aware of it, but Spock in the Kelvin Timeline is LITERALLY and intentionally not the Spock you grew up with.

Also, IDW’s ‘Star Trek: Khan’ miniseries is really good. You might like it. It does a good job of bridging the gap between Ricardo Montalban’s Khan and the Khan that the USS Enterprise crew picks up on Qo’noS. In the Kelvin Timeline, ‘John Harrison’ is responsible for the destruction of Praxis ;)

I saw the deepfake Spock and was horrified. Even Nimoy would be if he was alive. He liked the new Spock. Nimoy became abassador Spock
Let us leave it that way



How much color footage do you think is available of the actors pre-TOS? I think you’re being a bit too critical of something that was done for fun.

I don’t know. Some of the scenes above had Shat looking pretty dang young.

Why would anybody want to see Shat et al in the 09 travesty or the other JJ directed disaster? Legitimizing garbage doesn’t stop it from being garbage.

The Data deep fake video is hilarious! Things you can do today.

That is neat and I applaud their efforts, but it just shows how good TWOK is, especially compared to the JJ movies. TWOK is a masterpiece movie, while the JJ movies are, well, what they are.

Yes, crap.

It’ll never be useful until they can do the voices.

hire Alec Baldwin, he and one of those character actors who does Christopher Walken so well (Jay Mohr?) can probably do all of these voices without verging on parody.

It would be interesting to see what happens when you combine deepfakes with something like Descript’s Overdub AI speech synthesis (basically deepfake for voice).

now it is possible to make fan films with the faces replaced. It would be interesting to update Star Trek Continues … of course this is not a criticism for the job of good old Vic

There are some clips of Star Trek Continues deep fakes on YouTube. Check them out on the Deep Homage YouTube channel.

Look, I get that the genie is out of the bottle and is never gonna get stuffed back in, but … deepfakes are a horrifyingly dangerous thing. It’s only a matter of time until somebody does irreparable harm with one; might already have happened, for all I know. So I don’t think it’s cool at all for this site to help normalize them.

Apologies for the old-man-shouts-at-cloud moment, but that’s how I feel about it.

I’m curious, what “harm” are you referring?

One could end up getting a power, like the romulans, involved in a war with, let’s say the dominion ;)

I was just about to mention the same.

I guess Bryant referres to the possibility of creating false evidence of people doing or saying something that could be used in bad faith. How long do you recon some politicians would wait, if the technology was so good that you could not find proof of tempering, to create videos of their opponent saying something that would destroy their chances to win an election. Or imagine you find yourself in a video of someone committing a crime with your face being put on the guy who does it. Without a waterproof alibi, good luck at court.

I belive that already happened a lot. Every time we thought Trump said something about veterans or women it really was Alec Baldwin in deepfake. We must inform Fox & Friends and Kayleigh McEnany. Everything makes so much sense now.

Yes, for sure, what harm could possibly come from a technology that seeks to seamlessly replace one person’s face with another’s? Crazy talk.

See? This is why normalizing this technology is a bad, bad thing.

Não tinha pensado por este lado, mas se a perfeição deste tipo de tecnologia cair em mãos erradas o estrago pode ser grande mesmo.

Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, hat sich Erich Kästner schon 1956 mit ähnlichen Thematiken in seinem spekulativen Stück “Schule der Diktatoren’ beschäftigt. Orwell hätte an der Entwicklung sicher auch seine “helle Freude”.

Es ist wirklich erschreckend, wie real diese Dystopien geworden sind. Überhaupt ist das Jahr 2020 sehr seltsam. Auch was Star Trek für die nächsten Jahre vorausgesagt hat, scheint real.
Disturbing, how real these dystopias nowadays seem. Even the predictions of Star Trek seem to become real soon.

Yes. It is a great thing for movies but very dangerous in the wrong hands. People have been already manipulated by media in the last decade, but this is a very giant leap.

Most impressive. Now, if only they could have placed young Kirk’s hairwave parted on his left side.

This technology is impressive but also a little concerning. The ability to further manipulate audiences and public opinion is much easier now. I also wonder what rights actors have over the use of their likeness? Cool stuff though.

I’m also really interested in how this will play out with likeness and ip rights in the courts. It’s a philosophical paradox because of how the technology works.

This technology could in theory facilitate a brand new season of TNG with the original actors faces put onto younger actors on the stage and nobody would care to notice at home.
Never again would Hollywood have to worry about the aging of actors in a long running series’. It almost seems too good to be true.

Deepfaking is getting better, for sure, but the editing of this alone is just superb. Great video!

fun… love these… but it reminds me how well cast the new movies are (plus being pretty darned good)… even without the deepfake they all really really fit the parts

How dare they not have pasted Burnham’s face onto every actor. Call this Star Trek?!

Perhaps this is how they can get a young Lt. Kirk, played by Shatner, in SNW. Shatner does the voice work with his image “deep faked” and applied to a younger actor’s face and body.

First off, very impressive. Second, these Deep Fakes really bring my attention to all of the reasons that I truly don’t care for Quinto as Spock. He seems like a hell of a guy and he’s a fine actor, but outside of sharing some physical features with Nimoy (I guess,) he doesn’t capture the man’s presence AT ALL. And more than anything, it’s the voice. The voice is totally wrong. It has none of the resonance and none of the gravity. I’ve got to hand it to Ethan Peck — he’s no Nimoy — that can only be earned in time, but he’s really a more than decent Spock.