Review: Eaglemoss Goes For The Gold With Special Edition Enterprise-D Model

U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) Gold Model Starship
From: Eaglemoss Hero Collector
Price: $64.95

One of those things TNG fans obsess over is that wall of gold-painted Enterprise models at the back of the conference room behind the bridge of Jean-Luc Picard’s Enterprise—profiles of the “original” (i.e., Kirk’s) Enterprise (although that has since been historically superseded by Archer’s NX-01), the Excelsior-style Enterprise B, the C (although Andy Probert’s design as seen on the wall was heavily modified by the time it appeared in “Yesterday’s Enterprise) and Picard’s D. Updated and “shinier” versions of these models appeared in Star Trek First Contact where an angry Picard lashed out and destroyed them, causing visiting earthwoman Alfre Woodard to declare, “You broke your little ships.”

Gold Enterprise-D model in Star Trek: First Contact

To my knowledge, no one has ever reproduced this display of golden miniatures for a licensed product, but Eaglemoss Hero Collector actually goes one better with this version of the Enterprise-D plated in real, 18K gold. This is an iteration of their “regular”-sized Enterprise D measuring about 6 inches in length (an 8.5-inch XL version convention exclusive will be made available in January 2021 if you happen to have $200 burning a hole in your pocket).

Eaglemoss U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) Gold Model Starship

The Hero Collector Gold Enterprise-D model boasts all of the raised detail (lifeboats, phaser banks etc.) of the original model but of course the solid gold plating eliminates any painted detail, so this one is all about the bling. It comes with the standard Eaglemoss display base that is more or less an intelligence test in terms of affixing the ship onto it (the two clear forks clip onto the back of the saucer but you’ve got to slip the engineering hull into the little cradle below perfectly to get it to fit).

Eaglemoss U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) Gold Model Starship

The gold plating gives the model a satisfying heft and this makes an eye-catching little desk knickknack, especially after you tell your friends what it’s made of. It’s designed a bit more for the Ferengi in all of us (can a gold-pressed latinum version be far off?) than the Federation citizen who’s long since outgrown outmoded concepts like money and wealth, but as a unique spin on the Hero Collector line of Star Trek ships it’s pretty cool. Just make sure not to let an angry Jean-Luc Picard anywhere near it.

Final Verdict: Grade A

Available now

The Eaglemoss U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) Gold Model Starship is available for $64.95 from Eaglemoss. You can also pre-order the XL version for $199.99.

It is part of the larger of Eaglemoss Starship Colllection. which is also available as began with a subscription program.

If you want to expand your golden collection, Eaglemoss also has the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in Gold for $64.95.

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Can I put it on a gold chain chain, and wear it around my neck?

It’s only 6 inches long so why not?

hehe… the article says “Picard’s D”

“Gold Enterprise-D model from Picard’s ready room in Star Trek: First Contact“ It was actually in the conference room. :)


Damn it, now I’m thinking about it…..

Best thing about this is that you don’t have to think about that age old Eaglemoss problem of having the windows paint misaligned.

That was my first thought!

Actually .. there was a limited run of gold Enterprise D models from playmates in the 90s.. I gave my uncle one back then which he still has flying in his office

In TNG the ships were carved out of the wall- that is, they were only half-ships. In First Contact they were full models. Also, TNG had an aircraft carrier and First Contact didn’t.

Oooof. So many factual errors in this article, which is uncharacteristic of stories posted at this site.

If only Eaglemoss made every Enterprise in scale with each other.

That would be a killer set – the lineage in scale!!!!

I wish Eaglemoss would do a XXL series since it seems Diamond Select has basically abandoned releasing Star Trek ships anymore. I bet between the three scales you could get something kind of close to “in scale with each other” across all the ships. Original and Refit from the standard line, B and C from the XL series, D and E from a XXL series… probably not quite exactly in scale but the increase in size as it progresses would be probably convey the sentiment pretty well.

I love my little Eaglemoss collection, but I’m a little frustrated that they seem to recycle a few models with variations (paint, mostly), or they’ll make models of the most obscure ships from all the TV shows and movies – things seen on screen for maybe a few frames! – but still, it’s nearly 2021 and no Alternate Reality Enterprise-A… neither the model used on-screen nor a Probert-style ‘concept design’ version based on Sean Hargreaves’ work.

Your post doesn’t make much sense…. you start off complaining about Eaglemoss making obscure ships then you suggest they make an alternate reality Enterprise-A (a vessel I’ve never heard of) or concept art-based ships. Sorry, but obscure is obscure.

Maybe the Kelvin Universe Enterprise A? Not sure either.