All Access Star Trek Talks Shelved Movies, New Docs, And Georgiou Vs. Culber In “The Sanctuary”

All Access Star Trek episode 18 - TrekMovie

[Episode review starts at 18:30]

Tony and Laurie are joined this week by Neil, who previews the new book The Art of Star Trek: Discovery. They also talk about the status of Star Trek movies (with an update about Noah Hawley’s version) and the new Voyager documentary currently in production. Then the trio reviews “The Sanctuary,” the latest Discovery episode: Thumbs down for Osyraa, but thumbs up for the pairings of Detmer & Rhys and Culber & Georgiou.

Links to topics discussed in the pod

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‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Documentary Production Has Resumed, Will Be Different From DS9 Doc

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Review: ‘Star Trek: The Artistry of Dan Curry’ Offers Behind-The-Scenes Magic

Exclusive Book Preview Of ‘The Art Of Star Trek: Discovery’

Other mentions:

A ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Novel Points To A Theory For What’s Going On With Georgiou

Anyone else shipping Saru and T’Rina?

Preview clip for next week from The Ready Room: Kovich is back

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Tony: Trekdocs on Twitter

Laurie: Video Review: ‘Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium’ Is A Bar Book Fit For A Trekkie

Neil: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: French Horn & Trumpet Cover

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Not my favorite episode but season 3 is okay. The Mandalorian is another show I watch and that is wonderful.

Star Trek can be Star Trek and vice versa. It is a good time to be a Star Trek and Star Wars fan. Let’s be gentlemen here.

Last season Gabrielle Burnham said she knew exactly which Georgiou she was talking to and that she’d seen Georgiou sacrifice herself for Michael many times. Then Georgiou promises to look after Michael. I think this Georgiou cares deeply for Michael. She also seemed peculiarly bothered by the slavery situation last week. Maybe all these idealists are rubbing off on her. Very much looking forward to next week’s episode and some answers.


I’d forgotten about that conversation!

My favorite scene* of this episode was The Grudge discovering Andorian life :)

* That I watched

Ha! I also thought that was fun.

I’m relieved that Laurie is calling Disco out for it’s lame writing. Tony sounds like he’s trying really hard to keep enjoying it. Maybe he doesn’t want TrekMovie to get on Secret Hideout’s blacklist. Probably dodged a bullet by not having The ShuttlePod review this season. I think those guys (and gal) are getting tired of constantly being letdown by this point.

It’s not all bad, just 75% crap or so. Season 3 started out so promising with the first episode. This latest episode made me wonder why I even still call myself a Trekkie. Maybe it’s because I was just a kid when I got into TNG, TOS, DS9, and VOY. But those shows never struck me as so thoughtless and uninspired as most of Secret Hideout’s output. Disco S3 is making me feel old. Glad I’m Canadian so at least I don’t have to feel ashamed of myself for having to actually pay for substandard “nu”-Trek.

You are not alone with that feeling.

I have to be honest, I’m still really enjoying Discovery. I think this is its best season yet. (And if I didn’t enjoy it, I certainly wouldn’t be co-hosting a podcast that reviews every episode!) I do get frustrated with some of the choices they make, mostly because I see all these great ingredients and don’t always love what gets made with them. I pick some scenes apart because I think they could be better, with all the same ingredients. (And everything is subjective.) This week I loved watching Ryn and Detmer, Ryn and Grudge, Michael and Book (I could watch a whole show about their year together), Culber and Georgiou even. And every week, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Another fantastic podcast. I am LOVING this welcome addition to the expanding galaxy of TrekMovie content. Please keep up the hard work — it’s well worth it. I agree with Laurie’s reaction to the use of colloquialisms. Why put a shelf life on your show? It’s nearly as jarring as the out-of-place f-bombs. The only one I can recall readily from TOS is LaSalle’s, “I’ll bet you credits to navy beans…” during “Catspaw.” (We all know that navy beans were destroyed during the Eugenic Wars since they produced gastric distress in Khan. Just saying.)

SQUIRE OF GOTHOS — which I don’t think I’ve re-seen yet this century — has a tag with Kirk talking to Spock about dipping little girls’ pigtails in ink wells. I think was out of date even before it was written! I remember at age 12 in 73 thinking that is VERY strange thing to hear on the bridge of a starship, even when it comes time for everybody to laugh together there at the end of the show.

Geordi had a s1 TNG line about beau coup trouble that seemed very anachronistic, as though it had been written in the 70s.

I remember that inkwells comment vividly. I had the same reaction as a kid, wondering why a starship captain was talking about inkwells! If you think about new viewers watching for the first time… they must think the show is even older than it is!