Leonard Nimoy’s Family Releasing Set Of Collectible Digital Trading Cards

Today is the 6th anniversary of the passing of a Star Trek legend. Leonard Nimoy’s family chose today to announce they will be sharing never-before-seen photos from the family’s personal collection as digital collectibles, with some of the proceeds going to a cause important to Leonard.

Leonard Nimoy digital collectibles are coming to the WAX Blockchain

In March WAX will release a special series of digital collectible cards featuring Leonard Nimoy. These intimate photographs from Leonard’s family life and career have never been seen before outside of the family. This release will be similar to the one done by William Shatner and WAX last summer and will be in the form of digital collectibles, called NFTs. They go on sale on March 25 2021 at Noon EST.

Sample of digital card

Mr. Nimoy died in 2015 due to complications related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the collectibles will be going to the UCLA Medical Center towards the work on COPD. Mr. Nimoy was treated for COPD at UCLA and was a big supporter of the program, and the cause is near and dear to the hearts of his daughter Julie and her husband David Knight. Their commitment to continuing his message and contributing to his cause has led them to the WAX Blockchain.

The first series of Leonard Nimoy collectibles on WAX will feature 255 unique trading cards in 6 different rarities.

The 6 rarities of the Nimoy collection

The Nimoy family is very excited to join WAX in commemorating him.

“Dad was passionate about photography and he loved technology,” says Julie. “My husband David and I are thrilled to be partnering with WAX Blockchain! It’s absolutely the ‘logical’ place to share some intimate photos chronicling my father’s life and legacy! One of my most treasured photos was taken at his vacation beach home in Malibu, California –shortly before he passed away on February 27 2015- this was the last photo of us taken together. As WAX Blockchain is forever, our hope is that future generations will remember and appreciate him not only as Mr. Spock from Star Trek but also as a loving family man and a wonderful friend who had many passions and interests.”

Sample card

The collection also features a collecting and trading system called “sharding.” Cards are composed of three different shards. When you combine the three matching shards for any given card, the full card and its rarity is revealed.

There are two pack sizes: A pack of 10 NFTs will sell for $9.99, and a pack of 30 NFTs will go for $24.99.

Once collectors have NFTs or packs, they can sell and trade them on WAX-powered marketplaces and apps. Single WAX NFTs have sold on secondary marketplaces for over $65,000. Blockchain technology allows collectors to buy and sell digital Leonard Nimoy’s collectibles, and launching on WAX marketplaces means his fans can buy the packs with a credit card, not just cryptocurrency. Buyers can then easily trade them with others, showcase their inventory on various WAX marketplaces, and share on social media.

10 pack

Past NFT pack sales on WAX have sold out as quickly as 9 minutes, and very high demand is anticipated for Nimoy’s first-ever NFT sale, as there was for the Shatner sale last year.

Packs of Leonard’s NFTs will go on sale on March 25, 2021, just in time for Leonard Nimoy’s birthday; he would have celebrated his 90th birthday this year on March 26th. To celebrate his birthday, WAX is giving away a special birthday NFT memory. Read more about it and learn more about the release at wax.io.

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Hang on. Question.

Is there one that showcases that Australian character he played on an episode of Mission Impossible? Because if there is, it needs to come with a QR code on it that links to a video clip of his scenes.


Whatever that accent is, it is most certainly not Australian. Possibly Nimoys’ only failure as an actor.

Wonderful photos, but I can’t imagine that the environmentalist Nimoy I know from Visit To A Sad Planet and ST4 would be untroubled by the vast amount of electricity spent on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

OMG, what a silly comment .


Blockchain will push our society over the next decade to greater solar advancements to account for blockchain processing and the mining farms of Nvidia 3090 cards…

I will admit I don’t really see the point of cash-grab collectibles like these, but hey, it’s other fans’ dime.

Yeah, maybe I’m showing my age… I would probably be all in if these were physical trading cards, but I just don’t understand the digital collectible marketplace. But this is from a guy who values his collection of TV shows on DVD…

Agreed. Even if they were physical cards, still a little weird.

This seems kinda weird to me.

very strange and not a good look IMO

It seems like an awkward invasion into the personal lives of Nimoy’s family. These photos would be good for a documentary but feel like stalking by collecting them individually. I feel like Star Trek fans should, and would want to, stick to the episodes for collectables. The photos are beautiful and maybe should be part of a Nimoy Tribute web page in a biographical section.

Is it an invasion if the family invited you in? Apparently, this collection of pictures was put together by Nimoy’s family.


Apparently trolls needing to attack posters never seem to go away.

Just curious: Is this a reply to a post that was deleted? Or do you consider my post an attack on you?

the Shatner/Nimoy ‘favoured nation’ clause continues..

Cash grab.

no spock photos? no mission impossible? no In Search Of? Seems like it’s just photos of him in everyday life. Not sure i want to invest in photos of Spock hugging his dog or brushing his teeth